Friday, 1 February 2008

( nr. 105) Charlotte Iserbyt has a wealth of information (and I am reading just four articles of hers), which provides a background and explanation to many events, some of which concern me personally.

Thus, a bit of a delay with the article I am writing for the ( I am wondering now if I am yet to find out "how it all started").

Just yesterday, as I "watched" the "content and dynamics" of the course at the Baptist (?) Church in Rowner Lane, I realised that The Nuffield Foundation research into "Students' reactions to Undergraduate Science" (Physics) can be read between the lines as a ground preparation for the takeovers of scientists/science education/scientific establishments.
During my sabbatical year 1986-87 in London KQC, I was invited to take part in the "Intuitive Physics" research, conducted by Joan Bliss and Jon Ogborn.
My host/supervisor was Prof. Paul Black. Prof Lalage Bown at Unilag was at that time busy with the "Life-long Education" project.
(the book: ( First published 1977) ISBN 0 435 69583 5)
My next post - Monday, 4 February 2008.


Hadrianus Woller said...

Galina - this course in gosport sounds really interesting. You were there, what did you think? - I hope you don't mind me asking?

Galina Antonovna ANIKEEVA said...

Well, the course, which is designed not for me/my case, but which I had to attend for presumably technical/administrative reasons, is just not better, than all other courses subcontracted by the DWP or JobCentrePLUS network. Being in an unwanted or improbable situation or place is something that I have to camp with. What I do is try to be there doing my own research, observations and experiments: unhindered by funding or deadlines.
As for my opinion about the course, I could write a report about why it may even be counterproductive for people it is designed for. That is, apart from the doubts about who really it is designed for and by whom.
Just how being there has inadvertantly helped me make my discovery is another story. Maybe, the lecturer at some point reminded me of Joan Bliss, may be I have picked the book lying around (by accident ?) just to 'kill the time' at the course - which all led me to re-examine past experiences at KQC.