Friday, 5 September 2008

( nr 161 ) Pick-pocketing on High Street, complained about by many, is perhaps perpertrated by women to a greater extent, than people imagine. I lost my 'purse' last weekend, although it contained cosmetics and not money, to the disappointment of someone.

I kept my 3 samples (see my previous post) in that purse, which, luckily, I had placed elsewhere in good time.

And my vacuum cleaner stopped working last weekend.


The two scans above from yesterday's local paper The News.
The "scale models of warships" mentioned in the article "Locusts, James Bond, and now safe jobs" by Matt Jackson reminded me of the late Prof. Hans Post (King's College London) telling us the story of an argument about scale modelling as an example of what turned his interest away from Physics and to History, Philosophy and Mathematical Logic.
On the Tim Wogan (1 Sept.) wrote about the "DNA breakthrough" that allowed to detect DNA even if it is 0.1 % of the sample.
One comment from 'Izzy Von Bluecher' reads as follows:
"Dr. Gill explained that problems with DNA analysis in criminal cases often lie not with the identification of the DNA, but with the issue of HOW that DNA came to be in a particular case."
eg. now anyone can be framed ... even easier than today, as standards of evidence decrease based on "scientific" consensus.
Wrong parking: HJ-57-RXT yesterday.
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