Thursday, 5 November 2015

Addenda One.

( nr 346 ) - The title "addenda one" is yet another idea to minimize what seems like a weakness (?) of the blogspot design. I started numbering my posts (not realising for some time that nr is actually a Dutch, not English abbreviation for number).
One is somewhere between topical writing and current, diary-like records. When I did not have a "title", I discovered that the first line of text went in automatically as a title, which at the time was monotonous, for example: the three scans above ....(etc).
May be a more serious defect with the software that is being used by NEWSPAPERS  (I noticed it mid-nineties in Holland, when I subscribed to European) is due to the same design or default settings: the title to a group of articles comes as the wrong one, because THE FIRST LINE of the first article is rendered in large font, appearing as a "title".
So, in this post I shall concentrate mostly on details and references to the previous post 345.
Early morning today I heard on the radio, that among security experts, invited to look at the wreckage of the Russian Metrojet plane in Egypt, only FBI made their report public. They did not find evidence of a bomb present. Metrojet was formaly Kogalymavia(is). Registered in Ireland, from Hanty-Mansy autonomous region in Western Siberia.
I checked the RUSI website yesterday and discovered that it went "fuzzy" - the United Services are not named (unless hidden somewhere). I remember also seeing a Russian name in SPACE department. I wondered at the time if that was another prank online.
IT Hampshire: (my past complaints).
Hammond: In post 319 (21 June 2013) :
SDI or Star Wars:
[ Friday 6 Nov. 2015] -
RAF fuel leakage and NUDIST SWINE:
I have written above the name of Kogalymavia with the ending (is). Without the brackets, Independent newspaper online wrote: The crashed Kogalymaviais Airbus A321 at Domodedovo intern. airport, outside Moscow, Russia, on 20 October (under photo).
 So, that was confusing. Needs to be checked.
14 year-old cadet Jonathan: his death UNDERinvestigated ? -
... and Gosport PIZZA -
By the way, there was a display of old photos of many British TV-celebs in the launderette next to Domino Pizza in Gosport. Photos with autographs. There seemed to be some "coordination" of people and events between Cohn family members in Skipton area, North Yorkshire and owners of Gosport launderette (an old Jewish man and a woman, who said he was her father).
Mexican prison video of GUZMAN ( el-chapo) escape:  and similar:
I did not find 'Independent' article with Kogalymaviais (from incomplete printout), but there is a Metrojet association with IS-BAO where IS stands for International Standard.
Russian military delegation headed by General Nikolai Bogdanovsky hold consultations with Israeli colleagues in Tel-Aviv ... (last month) :
[Sat. 7 Nov. 2015] - Two Vatican expose books published this week:
1. "Merchants in the Temple" by Gianluigi Nuzzi.
2. "Avarice" by Emiliano Fittipaldi.
Madeleine McCann and her parents:
My post "Gosport Leads?" on a forum discussing Madeleine's abduction in Portugal, was taken down, old pub Madeleine (sp?) was soon closed ( Tesco is housed in the same building) and I could not log in at the forum again. The website (registered in Israel) with a sinister logo depicting the face of Madeleine also was closed -
My post of 1 September 2010 about Cohn family members in Yorkshire:
[ Tuesday 10 Nov. 2015] -
THE BLOOD TESTS of Russian athletes were first reported to be UNUSUAL. A new dimension of corruption was then reported as medics expecting or demanding payments from athletes for those findings not to be reported. How "unusual" ? ...
I understand that in his younger days labour MP Mike Hancock had all his bood changed in Moscow, for which purpose the party collected funds.
In my post, which was discussed on the website that went down, and which has had that sinister logo with Madeleine McCann's water mark face (link to post nr 290 above) I did raise the issue of BLOOD GROUPS, although indirectly. What are they doing with our blood?... .
Alert at
The printer stalled when I tried to print post 31794 from the RMN forum (see link example above).
80 per cent of migrants say that they were born on 1 January 1995 or 1996.
the link is to slides show by Reuters/Pixsell - from VL (vecernji list) with heading (wouldn't print):
Cak 80 posto migranta kazu da su rodeni 1. sijecnja 1995. ili 1996.
[ Wed. 11 Nov. 2015] - Bogus Environmental theories and so-called Care for the Environment are meant to make people not see the obvious: Total War waged by the "CABAL international" against humanity, against human civilsation, against God and Nature.
WARFARE :  conventional (?), nuclear, chemical, biological, psychological, ecological or environmental (ref. UN ban convention of 1976), etc.
1992 presentation or lecture by Prof. D. Corydon Hammond about Mind Control, Hypnosis and Ritual Abuse -
Summary (6 pages) :
Full text:
My post ( nr 313) of 9 October 2012:
[ Thur. 12 Nov. 2015] - Never too late to learn: I thought War of Attrition meant total destruction or ' scorched earth(?), but it means a sustained attack, wear smb. out. I suppose there can be a psychological attrition as well.
1945-1950: Eisenhower's Death Camps:
Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists.
By Colin A.Ross MD :
So much is written, or rather, what we do get to know, is about CIA projects. The projects and the people do spread to Europe and beyond. Not least to USSR, with its history and almost unlimited space and people under centralised and strict control.
Dr. Rauni Kilde in her famous article about Microchips and Mind Control does mention Sweden and USA (shall check later). Here is a quote from "Secrets and Lies" by Gordon Thomas, page 270:
" Meanwhile, Buckley was busy in New York checking that the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology had removed any links from its files between Dr. Cameron and overseas research institutes in Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Burma and Israel. "
Utah University page of D.Corydon Hammond, Ph.D. -
HABITAT or living/life space ( Lebensraum in German) belongs to the Theory of Human Ecology.
[ Friday 13 Nov.2015] - "Today's supertechnology, connecting our brain functions via microchips (or even without them, according to the latest technology) to computers via satellites in the U.S. or Israel, poses the gravest threat to humanity."
 - from the 2000 online article by Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD (originally published in Finnish Journal SPEKULA in 1999)  "Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics" :
I remember seeing Mexican (sombrero) logo of the SATUDARAH motor club. It seems to have disappeared. I now see more of American Indian and .... 1% (!) symbols. A few years ago I noted online how a photo with some biker types ( 1%) incl smb of a different ilk went down. It was a so-called update online of a British Daily (DM ?) article. Was name Tobin mentioned?
Travel to Skipton, North Yorkshire tomorrow.
Hmm, just a coincidence, I suppose. On my Facebook page I have Tobin (a woman) - a friend and colleague of Diana Pidwell in Blackpool, who wanted me to meet her, but Tobin must have forgotten about the appointment. So, having accepted her as a Facebook friend, I have an "empty" ikon, which does not open for me to see info. She however, was not the "friend", who I wanted to "de-friend" (my general q. on Facebook). It was a young woman from Holland, who declared that two lesbians can bring up a boy wonderfully.
The bikers in England with the "mentor" from another walk of life, had smth. in common with the S-theater in Gosport (Ferry) during the Diamond Safe robbery, where plumbers (?) used an underground tonnel(?). Part of the Theatrics was a woman (Morrison, Gosport Library), whom I  identified via Comp. number in the G. Library some time ago.
I now remember she must have been 'the one' in anothwer case: Gosport pensioner who distributed "extreme-right" and offensive pamphlets with some young man or men. I went to the court in Portsmouth only to see it was all FALSE, fake, S-theater. Yet it was front page news locally - in The News paper.
Prof. Lalage Bouwn (sp?) is in the University of Glasgow, I think. She spent most of her life in Africa and was for a time in University of Lagos in Nigeria. She adopted two Nigerian Yoruba girls (twins). Is she a lesbian? I knew something was wrong, when she gave me that strange unfriendly stare. She did not like Lynn Nwuneli coming with a friend. Lynn came to my place and asked me to come along (she had to bring dept. meeting papers, I think). It was soon after we got to know each other via our husbands. Lynn actually said Lalage was "flaunting her sexuality". My English was not good enough at the time, but it was evident to me, that 'sexuality' was a problem.