Thursday, 26 March 2009

( nr 202 ) I have been creating/editing new blogspot sites.

Now the temp. one (what-not-023) is empty, but there is already a lot of material on

The picture above is of me, Lynn Nwunelli and Elspeth Hunponu-Wusu in Unilag - to be found in UNILAG+ section.
Oleg Rakito, whom I have mentioned alraedy (in post nr 136) is on my wedding pictures - he is the one with the microphone, blond, blue/grey eyes.
I do find Margaret Ehiemere on the Internet. Is she back in US ?
I might have lost contact number for Svetlana Kalistratova.
I hope she is doing well.
DWP and Job Centre+ deserve a special space or website. I have written about those already, and shall provide further update and analysis.
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Thursday, 19 March 2009

( nr 201 ) Some scans above from the previous post. British, Dutch ( and Russian ?) media agog with FRITZL stale news ....
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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

( nr 200 ) NEWS from AUSTRIA : Child Porn computer network smashed. The website operated in Croatia ( images of naked children uploaded in Estonia ) was visited by 12 million users from 172 countries in 3 days.
Read MumOma's post:

Children can be and are abused and 'shock-pain-drug hypnosis' controlled as so-called Manchurian candidates.

Lavrent Pavlovich Beria ( who was a predatory pedophile himself ) on Brain-Washing and Psychopolitics:
Thanks to Kenneth Goff ! Did other people make similar revelations about "Lenin University" ?
'Sexpol' and other parts of Geo-politics (in Beria's interpretation) are mentioned as part of the training apart from Psychopolitics. [see note NB below].

Manchurian Candidate OPEN/CLEAR EYES programming in 5 Levels as described by an Austrian officer in the second half of the text:
[20.3.2009 - 2nd half of Part One].
[16:14] NB ! I just noticed that the link above to Psychopolitics text does not have Editorial Note by Kenneth Goff. Here it is:
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Thursday, 12 March 2009

( nr 199 ) Do you know what two-legged rats are up to ? ... On in the English (and not in Russian) section is found "Mentalism and Behaviorism: Merging?" by Vladimir A.Lefebre (USA), 2003. Could not find anything biographical about Vladimir L., something about his childhood, for instance.
Reading again "Microchip Implants, Mind Control & Cybernetics" by Rauni Kilde, MD : The control they seek is of Mind and Body.
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Monday, 2 March 2009

( nr 198 ) The 8 scans above are from the Dutch "Transsibirian Twist" by Tjitte de Vries, 1969.


The top scan is the cover of the scientific report on Sentient (i.e. able to feel, sense) Machines and 'synthetic beings'. Note the special mention of sexual feelings, suicidal feelings and behavior, and even God's Spots plus Highly Hypnotizable Individual's brain scan.
The report (16 pages) should be on


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