Thursday, 29 April 2010

( nr 260 ) Cont. from the last post: a better scan of the Gosport Ferry ticket and pages from the website of Peter de Vries
showing sadistic child murderer Koos H. young (when crimes were committed) and old now in his cell, pictures of his (known) victims - the three girls, picture of the late judge Mr.Cornelis Stolk WHO HAD A HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with Koos.H and protected him.
Mr.C. Stolk was a very senior judge - a Vice-Chairman of the Court in the Hague. The VVD member of Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer) Fred Teeven has asked for an urgent parliamentary debate and investigation of evidence present in the three TV programmes over Koos H.-C. Stolk case.
Fred Teeven has prepared 19 questions for Minister of Justice and Home Affairs Hirsch Ballin.
RUSSIA: judge Eduard Chuvashov murdered.
Trade UNIONS demand that lorry/truck jobs go abroad !
HIDDEN PAGES on the Internet:

Monday, 26 April 2010

( nr 259 ) May 6 Parliamentary candidates [for Gosport]: Bennett - BNP, Dinenage - Con., Giles - Lab., Hart - Indep., Hylands - LibDem., Read - Indep., Rice - UKIP, Shaw - The English Democrats, Smith Clare - Green Party, Smith David - Indep.

Above is a scan of a statement from Brian Hart, listing some local issues.
Other scans going upwards:
- Another Gosport Ferry ticket trivia: last Saturday 24 April at about 11:24 - two trips instead of one punched (8 & 9) again. My question was not answered, except mumbling ' I did that because I did this' poking his finger to the ticket, following which he fled out of my sight. His workmate (with brown mustache) would not give me his name, so here goes the description: tall, brown hair, bulky, earring (pederast?).
- Daily Mail writes about Amanda and Simon Mann.
- ARGOS sells Explosive Experiments and .... Blood, Bones and Body Bits ... for children!
Who designs and manufactures this filth?
- A nice diagram about sattellites, microchips and humans from an Italian site that did not load last time.
- Peter R. de Vries is a popular investigative journalist in the Netherlands. The show of undercover video recording of a serial child killer Koos H. (serving a life sentence) talking about his 'relatie' (relationship) with a judge among other shocking revelations was stopped by another judge following Koos H. solicitors' demand for their client's privacy, estimated at 1.000.000 euro penalty.
Found just one page about a friend and a colleague Sandy - Dr. Sandy Oleksy-Ojikutu whom I saw last in Unilag in 1987.
Unbelievable! Prof. Alastair Mundy-Castle is in UK (corr. 30 April) and has a blogspot website. Shall send him an e-mail.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

( nr 258 ) Ju-ju is a native witchcraft in Nigeria.
A picture of a "Ju-ju house" from 1873 shows a display of ... Skulls and Bones !
Have they cancelled the time-honored British institution of a Family Doctor (GP for General Practitioner) without announcement? ...
Let's hope it is a typing/software error.
?? Rivne - Rovno - Rowno - Rowner -Rowan - Royan ... ??
Color pink appears in the text display of a hotmail login window for some time now - some letters are pink in the e-mail address, for example.
I noticed that a bankomat also has some color defects.
Next week - in Skipton, Yorkshire.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

( nr 257 ) A follow-up from the previous post on etimology/politics of names such as Al Malnik:
two scans of pages from the Soviet Diplomatic Dictionary featuring MALIK Adam (1917-84) - an Indonesian diplomat; MALIK Yakov Alexandrovich (1906-80) - the UN Soviet representative, Deputy Foreign Minister, 1953-60 Soviet Ambassador in Britain, etc.; MELNIK Ivan Alexandrovich (1914-76) - diplomatic posts since 1953, etc.
Four scans above :

- ZENITH (mentioned in several posts) in the latest Thomson local business telephone directory.

- three scans of articles from Daily Express of 1 April 2010: depression rises with middle classes the hardest hit; new ESBL hospital superbug and; and news of introduction as from !st of April of a new Prevenar 13 vaccine for children in Britain.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

( nr 256 ) EASTER collection (scans) - photos, postcards and images from "Russia in original photographs 1860-1920" by Marvin Lyons.
Yesterday I have searched/checked for Malnik and Melnik variations of Alvin Melnik's name, and, surprisingly, the variants came up interchangingly in the same text(s).
His Jewish parents came from Russia, so he has some roots there. The word melnik means miller (from mill or melnitsa in Russian), and Malnik stems from mal- root for maly/malenky, meaning little or small. I have no knowledge of Polish/Byelorussian and other Eastern European languages.
There was one Melnik (or Melnick) - a Soviet diplomat in UN around WW2 period (?).
Dr. Murray's solicitor in Michael Jackson's case is Mr. Chernoff - another Russian/Jewish name in origin. 'Cherny' means black in Russian.
On another note, I have met people in UK with Dutch names, who seem not being aware of this.
History of Ethics and Religion is a wonderful subject.