Wednesday, 9 December 2009

( nr 240) A British veteran was exposed in Daily Express wearing too many medals and in a wrong way. I shall scan/post the articles in future post(s) [ed. 4 January 2010].
There was also a big 'row' about Arctic medals in Gosport a few years ago.
Medals mean a lot as symbols and still more to men in general.
Why is it allowed to sell, auction medals?
My recent searches: 'cooperation' between Mossad, KGB and Dutch AIVD.
S-theatre I wrote about are the same as manufactured in SHAPE (The Hague, Holland). The ideology, scripts and actors are all on public display and on record.
Translators are given souveniers after conferences. I have a nice Urals marble box from LUKOIL. I wonder whether a badge "KGB Belorussia" souvenier was given out in good faith [corr. 10Dec.] or, was it a 'set up' ?.... (EU police and home security conference in Appeldoorn, I think).
Lavrov-Livni COOPERATION in arranging for a NO VISA Israel/Russia regime poses too many questions.
Interesting! I found a record of United Nations foundation dated 1943 ( I think) on and wrote about it on this blog. When I checked that website again, the record was not there. I just finished watching THE WORLD AT WAR documentary video. There, The UN is formed after the war, ref. Nurenberg Trials. Keesings Archives give a good graphic map of United Nations vs Tripartite/Axis Powers (scan posted here recently).
I am convinced they hide a lot about the WWII.... .
The World At War videos now reveal the terrible psychological (sadistic, perverse, insane) aspects of the war. Towards the end, by someone behind the scene (the real war makers who escape any punisment or exposure) future war makers are almost given a tip about what/who (what kind of people) would go and fight - delinquents and perverts.
The real reason for normal people to go to war - defending their family and their country - is something that they cannot too easily control and are weary of, it seems.
What I personally noticed this time round, is that ALL WARRING SIDES (they finance both sides, don't they?) are given a bit of ... praise, flattery, which fits in with a clandestine 'warming up' for another, next war.
Sceptical, sarcastic? No doubt about it.
By the way, I noticed that Stalingrad was pronounced with SH and not S. Very strange.
And, as for the Stubbington in WW2 day last month, which I attended, I must say, from a cultural point of view, imho, there were tactless bits (towards veterans).
What did they really do to MILLIONS of people in the last war? MILLIONS of prisoners of war, civilians, children?
They are doing it again.
By the way, the drug distribution networks are in place for micro/nano-weapons distribution and 'planting' - microchips or poisons. They would not know the difference.
More dangerous is a real possibility of good people becoming carriers without suspecting anything. And of course, not just people, but objects can be targeted and marked.
Does all the paraphenalia up in the sky heat GAIA planet and turn it into a microwave+ oven?
The four Nevada (?) police were shot at while they were working on their laptops. Were the laptops also shot at? The shooter is obviously a MK patsy/robot(?).
More tidbits: Madeline' abduction in Potugal. In the early reports, it was mentioned, that the girl was a look-alike of a (step)daughter(?) of one of the main characters.
The first law Bill Clinton introduced was about allowing homosexuals in the military.
Was Hilary Clinton active in that legislative direction?
There was then a campaign about her own Health Care Reform proposals. Or, was it on behalf of the Democratic Party?
Chilcot Inquiry, Sir Lawrence Freedman .... Was I at KQC at about the same time? It's a small world. And Sir John Scarlett was in Moscow 1974-6 (?).

Saturday, 28 November 2009

( nr 239 ) Three scans above: " F e r i " (one form of sodomite witchcraft) extract from Wikipedia and 3 pages from "Supernature II" by Lyall Watson. The suppression and subversion of his research is not just intolerance from inferior/ignorant scientists. The Military Mob (listen to Kay Griggs interviews) monopolized the research into all the dark forces, harnessing all old evil and 'enhancing' it with high tech for MKultra and all so-called nazi science research projects.
Mind, Body and Soul control and destruction by sadistic degenerates.
Sadistic degenerates and common criminals are recruited en-mass.
The tragedy is they are "experimenting" on children.
Klimov's theory needs updating - ref. bio-chem. and psychological warfare. plus a better classification of degenerates AND their controllers or masters.
P.S. Is TheTruthSeeker. 'cracking up' ?....
Gosport: as our Cambridge man, Sir Peter Viggers is about to retire, the Conservative Party has four candidates, all so politically correct (on brochures), that one hopes they are more interesting in real life.
Ruth Evans and Cheryl Heron ...
The headmistress of Bridgemary School in Rowner, Gosport is leaving for either Devon or Dorset next month.
Controversial 24/7 + Age does not matter Project was very strongly supported by our outgoing MP. Will it continue? I did write about it on this site with a scan of the article, which had evaporated from The News archives.
As I searched for Markit exec. Rony Grushka, Lance Uggla and Caroline Lamley, I wondered if Comminications/IT specialist from Israel Rony Grushka is the same as Accountant of 15 years experience Rony Grushka. Found nothing about Caroline Lumley.
Is there some common denominator in people who are so spectacularly successsful in the money making business? Must be in astrology .... .
The pig-bird flu attacking the same person twice? Read RMN forum post 161293.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

( nr 238 ) Scans above: four news items from Sun of 12 Nov.2009 (Sex peril in plastic, Portsmouth veteran Bob McGowan, Family tragedy, Moscow Zoo), three articles from Mail on Sunday of 22 Nov.2009 ( Flu letters, Moon and epilepsy, Agnes Wong - the baby killer in hiding).
And, on top: "Markit goes from barn to £3bn sell-off" from The Mail on Sunday, 22 Nov.2009.
Another article about MARKIT appears on RMN forum (with a link to

Thursday, 19 November 2009

( nr 237 ) Trivia: scans above are 3 examples of a faulty sudoku puzzle, hence without solution.

The defects are not always so obvious and can stay hidden till 'the end'.

There are of course puzzles with more than one solution.

The "NANO-WEAPON HOPE" defies comment - see The Times(!) article scan above.
A book on the history of witchcraft, which I bought two(?) years ago in Gosport, may be misteriously lost. In the introduction, the author compared (and almost defined) medieval witchcraft with phenomena described today as lesbianism and paedophilia.
There was also statistics of predominance of women in this 'business', followed by men, followed by children. Google Books search was invain.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

( nr 236 ) Ten scans above in the order of scanning/numbering and posing (by me):
1-2: Christian grandmother accused of hate crime.
3: German occupation issues. Author Madeleine Banting.
4: P.Griffiths is a local Dunkirk veteran who worked on a farm (near Auswitz camp) with Russian/Polish prisoners and took part in the Death March. NB: Currently British Post Office is on strike. His address: 4 Beresford Rd. Stubbington, Hampshire UK.
5-6: October 3-4 1993 Moscow uprising, written about by Veronika Kutsyllo, a journalist who was inside the "White House".
7: One of the three books about Inquisition I borrowed in the library and looked through. About the same time Henry Makow had a Torture Wheel picture in his article about Marano Jews posted on The Truth Seeker ( website. The coincidence is just one example of quirkiness/proximity/? of website and "Dr.Henry Makow".
8-9-10: Pages 90-95 from "SUPERNATURE" bestseller by Lyall Watson. On the subject of sound and e-m waves: ultra/infra and alpha, beta, delta and theta frequencies and resonances.
I have misplaced a copy of an article from the front page of The Times (a few days ago) where NANO WEAPONS words figured as a reference to a new magic cure for cancer !....
I shall scan and post it when I find it.
I am visiting my daughter in Skipton Yorkshire 9-17 November.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

( nr 235 ) Eleven scans (cont. from nr 234) are not in the sequence I posted them (just as, for instance, in the last post) so here is the summary:
- More photos of Princess Anne.
- Gosport War Memorial case of Dr. Jane Barton.
- Michael Jackson: "doctors regularly moved in and out of Jackson's life", Edward Chernoff - Dr.Conrad Murray's attorney, sister La Toya said Michael was "controlled" by people surrounding him, Joe Jackson (the father) denied ever beating or physically hurting his son Michael and a group photo with Michael Jackson, Al Malnick with his son Shareef, Serena Williams and two other persons.
- Mexico/World: Olga Alanis with a photograph of her missing daughter Monica. "It was a Thursday in March when Monica, 18, disappeared - one of 30 girls to have gone missing in Ciudad Juarez this year. ...Most of the victims were between 16 and 18 and of similar appearnace and economic circumstances. Most disappeared in the city centre. ... between 1993 and 2005 about 400 young women were killed. Many were found dumped in ditches, bearing signs of torture and rape."
- Father Sergey is not against John Elton taking his son Lev to Britain, provided he can go to Britain, too.
- A poster of WW2 day in Stubbington and December 1933 entry in Keesing's Contemp. Archives: ITALY.- Law on Corporations. The Fascist Grand Council issued a document about Fascist Corporative system.

Monday, 26 October 2009

( nr 234 ) Eight scans above: 4 from many pages of local reports about Princess Anne's visits;
Camilla talks to Craig Wood; Lord Lieutenant Dame Mary Fagan has picked a Southampton teenager to be her cadet. The two top scans are the police matters: a former Hampshire village bobby has been charged with sex offences against three boys and the Southampton police not happy with the 26-year old Dave MacLean, the boss of Atraks, which launched a private patrol service in Southampton.
News of The World yesterday reports on "love-match made in hell". Two monsters, Rose West and Tracey Connely (the mother of Baby P.) struck a lesbian affair, "they kiss and grope each other every chance they get".
The Times, 20 Oct.2009: Gordon Brown will call today for civil partnership ceremonies to be held in the Palace of Westminster.
The Times, 8 October 2009: "... 30 miles of the river Trent were polluted by cyanide and sewage. ... Agency officials are checking local companies that have permits allowing the limited release of substances such as cyanide. It is used in metal-plating, agriculture and mineral extraction and by pharmaceutical companies."
The Sun 8 Oct.2009: Ukranian former drug addict Sergey, 31, brazenly suggested Sir Elton might pay for him and 15-months-old Lev to live in Britain. Elton can have Lev... if I can come, too.
The Times 23 Oct.2009: Hanna Strange writes about young women disappearing in Mexico again. Between 1993 and 2005 about 400 young women were killed in Ciudad Juarez.
Barclay's Bank " touch screen" Statements machine did not work, I was told, because I had (thin) gloves on. Is it a biosensor technology?... Are fingerprints in the memory somewhere?
Alvin Malnik, who claimed to be an executor of Michael Jackson's will in the commentary by Seamus McGraw dated 7/1/01 on plus more :
Lyndon LaRouche: a lot to read on Wikipedia and
Around 1981 ( ?) there were signs of "change" in the Soviet diplomatic service. First, Soviet women abroad were asked by a visiting lawyer about any difficulties and wishes they had, which was unprecedented. Etc, etc. Then there were rumours that many Soviet diplomats were caught smuggling drugs. Were they?
At the time marriages to foreigners were allowed, but travel abroad was still an officially sanctioned business: tourism or government service. So, a foreigner did not have any privilege of residence in the USSR due to a marriage to a Soviet citizen. Among Nigerian (post-) graduates with Russian family in 1975 only one got a job in Radio Moscow and could stay. Soviet wives like myself were issued automatically with "vyezd na postoyannoe zhitelstvo" exit vizas. The formula was of the JEWISH EMIGRATION, while marriages were apolitical. There was de facto no legal provision for an international marriage. Nobody complained.
With a Soviet passport, one had to apply for a Soviet visa to visit parents in Moscow. There was a distinction: if your husband was from a capitalist country, you could visit your parents once in two years, if from a Socialist country - once every year. Third world countries were regarded as moving towards socialism, so one could visit annually.
A link there to "The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to corrupt".

Friday, 23 October 2009

( nr 233 ) The four scans above are: Sex offenders in charities (The Times, Tue.20 Oct.09), pickpockets caught red-handed in Fareham (The News, Sat.17 Oct.), gifted Jemima Phillips 28, Royal harpist, is charged with four burglaries ( same issue of Times) and Georgi Arbatov's profile from
Star Wars- SDI- Strategic Defence Initiative story in "SDI and the Jailing Of Lyndon Larouche" by Paul Gallagher :
YouTube video of Dr. Gary Null in rmn post:
By the way, in Britain the new chair ( from April this year) of GMC - General Medical Council, is Prof. Peter Rubin, who is the editor of "Prescribing in pregnancy" book.
What does he think about current professinal and public concerns?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

( nr 232 ) Continued from nr 231 of yesterday: corrected scan of page 364 from Soviet Encyclopedical Dictionary (SED) 1986 showing the absence of Movement of Left Radicals entry.
Four scans from a booklet KNIGA ZHALOB I PREDLOZHENIJ from 1973. The word ZHALOB is changed to OTZYVOV (opinion) on the cover and the first page. The original wording however can be seen everywhere on the Instructions pages (I outlined some).
I have seen a few posts on RMN and elsewhere about some Frankestein LRAD (?) acoustic devices which emit HIGH-pitched sound that can damage hearing. What about the really dangerous LOW-pitch? Infra-sound was recorded on some post-volcanic islands, where people or visitors quickly get depressed and do not stay long. It was blamed on post volcanic earth tremors. And they are beyond human hearing, while some birds and animals can hear them.
Last week The News reported the arrest of a French woman in Portsmouth in connection with the smuggling of Vitnamese refugees, and that as it turns out, the woman is a polititian, a local councillor in France.
Ref. nr 231: the radio programme I have written about was surprising to me in more than one aspect. I did not know, for example, that, as was stated by the participants, that South Africa was far ahead of other countries in terms of homo-emancipation (?).
Well, the tragic death of a teenager precipitated Winny Mandela's loss of her husband. In that case, the boy was accused (in the first instance?) of "sleeping with a white man" and being used as a "spy" .... . Was this allegation followed up? Who was "the white man"?....
I shall watch DVD "A decade to remember - the 1950s" again. There was an interesting report about "officially unofficial" visit of Anastas Mikoyan to America. He had a meeting with bankers and caused costernation of his bodyguards, when he entered a toy shop alone - to buy presents for his family. The DVD is from "The Universal Newsreels Collection".

Monday, 12 October 2009

( nr 231 ) Scans above: three scans from SED ( Sov.Enc.Dict.) 1986 showing LEFT RADICALS entry directs to Movement of Left Radicals, which is ... missing! [sorry for one page scanned wrongly].
Four scans from two books about Mitrokhin (by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin) with photos including Andropov, Shelepin, Mitrokhin and brothers Gordievsky - Vasili and Oleg.
A dead body by the bus stop (Morrisons) last Thursday, 8th of October reminded me of Lagos and had a touch of S-theater. Two women phoned police and medics came (10.30-11.30 am). I have not seen anything (yet?) about it in the The News local paper.
Reading about Lyndon LaRouche with amazement. I did not know about his turbulent past and the SDI.
In Soviet shops there were booklets hung by the cashier booth, where any customer could write a complaint or a suggestion. It was openly displayed for anybody to read. It was called KNIGA ZHALOB i PREDLOZHENIJ - Complaints and Suggestions Book. A copy I bought in Moscow a few years ago had a "EDITED" version, i.e. the word Complaints disappeared, replaced by Responses... or feedback. The real FEEDBACK in fact was removed from the System. I may scan it in my next post.
About four weeks ago on BBC Radio 4 Sunday morning a few personalities incl. Matthew Parris (?) were discussing persecutions of homosexuals, etc. The following came out: just like homosexulas were hunted down before, so are "people, called paedophiles by some newspapers".
How disgusting! ... [Mon.19 Oct. quotation marks edited].
Shall try to read about M.Leon Blum and his Left Front Parties in France (1935-6), as well as German refugees queston in League of Nations.