Wednesday, 16 January 2013


( nr 317 ) Spionage and Communism are two subjects that are repeatedly censored or disapproved of in a variety of ways: on- and offline. Cabal International hiding in the open. Right now the upload of scans is presenting problems (upload image window is pale/desactivated).
HAMMOND, HAMMOND & HAMMOND ... (very different).
1. The British Ministry of Defence is now under fire from MPs and the Media. Philip Hammond is the Defence Secretary
General Sir David Richards is the Chief of the Defence Staff
2. OXFORD - HAMMOND -publishers of the ATLAS of the WORLD (ed. 1959, ....1993 ..)
3. Eric Albert Barrett Hammond (1929-2009) was a General Secretary of the EETPU union 1984-1992.
See Wikipedia entry for Eric Hammond and EETPU.
 EETPU stands for Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunications and Plumbing UNION.
Fuel leakage from a RAF super jet during air-to-air refuelling ref. RAF Brize Norton (
WATER leakages all over new POLICE HQ in Southampton !
Reported by Daily Echo newspaper. KIER is involved in this scandal. KIER-Gosport Borough Council white vans are all over town, involved in what I call(ed) S-theater. They are something else ... . Front page news in the Daily Echo by Jenny Malkin last Saturday Jan 12, 2013: " LEAKING LIKE A SIEVE. New £30m police HQ is riddled with faulty water pipes. Contractors Kier have admitted full responsibilty." The Gosport Borough Council website announces ' Kier Repairs Smart Phone Application Launches in Gosport'. Yesterday and the day before yesterday there was a Kier vans beehive around The Clarence Wharf Industrial Estate on Mumby Road - next to Plumb/Parts Centre, Auto-Service, Norwegian Schat Harding offices and St. Matthews Court just opposite.
More links: 2011 opening of the Police HQ :
Dutch F-16 pilot Chris Vaneker 'Omelet' arrested (2011) for spying for KGB Belorussia F-16 PILOOT KGB-SPION.html
This morning a helicopter crashed in Central London
Daily Echo two days ago: BOILING WATER TERROR headline (by Luke Tugby and Julian Robinson): hundreds of gallons of boiling water pored through (residential) block of flats.
In June( 29th) 2012 Daily Mail wrote about Ray Mawby, a former electrician and a Tory MP having spied for communists. PKK as I remember stood for (in Dutch) Communist Party of Kurdistan. All Media now refers to PKK as Kurdish Workers Party.
Daily Mirror (Wed. 9 Jan. 2013): LESBIAN COUPLE 'TORTURE GRANDAD TO DEATH' ( by Louie Smith) - He lay dying for 48 hours. Sunday Express (Jan 13, 2013): SAVILE WAS PART OF SATANIC RING, exclusive by James Fielding.
Ukranian Canadian Helmut Oberlander, 88 years old taken to court for the third time:
FRENCH against "homo-rights" -
Abductions ? -

NUDIST SWINE : from "Animal Farm" by George Orwell:
No animal shall wear clothes. - the 3rd of the Seven Commandments.
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PS. ( thursday 17 jan ) - about a year ago, roughly when controversial Water Meters were advertised, home water taps started sporadically leaking - just drip or a drizzle (for a minute or so), usually at night, during weekends.