Saturday, 3 October 2015

Earthquakes and Politics.

( nr 344 ) Back in 1938 there was an EARTHQUAKE on 13 June 1938, reported in Keesings Archives as felt in England, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.
I tried this week and failed to find this earthquakes online - on Wikipedia among 'notable' earthquakes and on the list of 1938 eartquakes.
The centre was estimated to be possibly in the Channel. Channel Islands were occupied by Germans during ww2 and there were Labour camps with some secret projects ( Todt ? ) carried out.
Near Gosport Ferry there is a Memorial to a British Submarine "Affray" which sunk near Alderney Channel Island in 1951 on 16 April.
Not only secret projects, but the history and truth about World War Two is being supressed, increasingly suppressed. Examples later.
Back in year 2007, when I started this website, I mentioned October 4 events in my post (nr.50 ) on Wednesday, 3 October 2007. Today is 3 October 2015. Made a special website:
Another tragic shooting incident in Oregon, USA.
Gun control issue?
About a year ago in Thailand (?) the Government actually distrubuted weapons to population after  several senseless attacks in public places. Cultural differences ?
Years ago I wrote/commented more than once on a subject of underground bases possibly and 'conveniently' located under or linked to SUPERMARKETS.
The big size, numerous exits, chaos, temp. agencies staff, shoppers ... How many people come in and how many come out ? Are they the same people?
From Oxford dictionary: PRUSSIA may be linked to Rerugia-Perussia-P-russia (?).
My post (nr 314 ) of 29 October 2012 LEEDS to ITALY.
[ Tuesday, 6 October, 2015 ] - Long ago ... on 6 October 1014, the Byzantine Emperor Basil II won the 28-year-old war with BULGARIA and BLINDED the 15 000 men of defeated Tsar Samuel's army. One eye has been left to each 100th man to ensure that the army finds its way back. Basil had plans to win over SICILY, at the time in the hands of Arabs.
Tomorrow is the 7th of October. The NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY ( NCA) in London was formed on the 7th October 2013.
The arrest of Nigerian woman ex-minister by the NCA four days ago in London is big news, but somewhat under-reported. She is nicknamed DAM: Diezani Alison-Madueke, born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Looks different on different photos. Does she have a 'double' ?
There was a big so-called BULGARIAN FRAUD investigation in HOLLAND quite recently.
Had to do with banks and IT, if I am not mistaken.
Where was Prof. Nicolai Petkov born ? Where was he educated before he came to Germany and now Holland ? I first saw his name in the post of Dyoke van Assum on the during students 'disturbances' in February this year. First I thought Nicolai Petkov was a Russian name. Bulgarian by birth? From a family of Bulgarian politicians/revolutionaries PETKOV ?
He is a professor of Intelligent Systems and Computer Science in the University of GRONINGEN in the northern Netherlands.
I shall continue with key words:  WW2 - Universities- Supermarkets- Organised Crime- Military Mob (as described by American Naval wife KAY GRIGGS). Shall look for links to my posts on the Dutch WW2 forum (STIWOT forum) and the Belgian forum ( Bende van Nijvel) about organised crime in post-WW2 Belgium (supermarkets, sex, politics, military espionage/sabotage, etc.)
By the way, could not find my former classmate Vasil POPOV (Bulgarian) from the 'experimental' (corr. from one) Moscow State School No 710 (Physics Department, 'advanced' Physics with English). I think he is on a photo I posted on one of my websites.
[ Wed.7 Oct. 2015] - I deleted 'no one' above (see corr.) which was meant to be number one.
The school was number one (experimental ?) of the RSFSR Ministry of Education in Moscow. There were 3 departments: physics-mathematics, chemistry-biology and humanities. I recall one reunion in September ( first Sat.?). They closed it rather quickly.
My mother's student Zina Asanalieva saw her (accidentally?) outside and told her interviews would be held the following day. I went there and was accepted.
WW2 and Criminality. Belgian website Bende van Nijvel (I registered as galina-a-anikeeva ) :  I could not log in even after a new password was sent to me soon after registration and posting one question, which was answered by  Ben (Beheerder):
The question is about the author of Strategy of Tension, Psychological war tactics.

The three topics on Stiwot Forum website, where I registered as Galina-A-Anikeeva:
1. WW2 never ended ?
I have resigned from the committee after 2 years.
2. Secret ww2 projects.
3. Veterans Day
I posted in the English section of
Madueke arrest discussed online:
1. She has more than one passport ?
2 Smb. mentioned countries: Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan or Syria.
RESONANCE: one question in 'old' physics/physics problems textbooks was :
Why soldiers on the march are told to stop marching and walk casually when they reach a bridge over the river ? Answer: the bridge may collapse as it may go into resonance.
Another problem was about calculation of distance between bullet holes on the side of one airplane being shot at from another aitplane, given the speeds/velocities.
There was also a question about a bird 'colliding' with an airplane: why it can be dangerous/lethal for the airplane.
A South African scientist LYALL WATSON wrote in his SUPERNATURE book about LOW frequencies associated with fear and panic: a case of a Pacific Island. Two more stories were about French Engineer searching for reasons of his feeling sick in a particular office and a description of a horror accident during an experiment with a French Police whistle model.
Lyall Watson reported harassment and obstructions to himself and his team when their research went into the areas of witchcraft and evil. Was it his last book? I posted a scan here, I think.
He then had a misfortune of drowning (?) in Australia, while visiting his brother.
I always thought that drowning can be easily "arranged", with underwater assasins or kidnappers. Besides, how far would 'science fiction' go? The was a Soviet film: Chelovek- Amfibia (Man -Amphibian). And what about water being a good conductor of electricity?
Hmm ... Diezani Allison-Madueke married retired Nigerian Admiral. Was it the first or the only marriage for both of them? Back in the 1970s in Lagos, I remember the name of a Russian (?) woman working in SHELL in Nigeria - Elena BAYLISS was mentioned to me. In Holland, at the SHELL offices in the Hague, one Elena BAYLISS (could it be the same woman?) on a visit from London (?) was rather rude to me. I later learned that, unknown to me,  I did technical translations faster (! - and I am a slow worker) than some other people.
I wonder if similar, hidden mechanism was behind another rudness from another (ex-) Soviet, who I also met for the first time: IVANOV (forgot his first name) from ABB Moscow Office. My  Dutch boss/manager Peete (sp?) BEEST arranged a meeting with myself and Ivanov present - three of us.
Ivanov, upon entering his office, without any preliminaries, said to P.Beest: I don't want Galina to be present. P. Beest: Galina is my consultant and I want her to be present.
Interestingly, it was about my presence and work again, that a third time 'embarassment' took place: a Russian (or Russian Ingush?) woman translator exploded, shouting: she is writing something! etc. in the middle of a meeting. The photo of ABB-LUKOIL people can be found on my website:
Another memory/association I had looking at the World Economic Forum photo of D. Allison-Madueke is : the mother of Natasha Ikonnikova (photo on the same website) was a sculptor, who phoned me in Moscow to ask about a national dress of an African woman, as she needed to finish a sculpture with a balancing detail. On the same website you see my wedding pictures: V.Udom bought me a wedding dress in London, which was a replica of a dress worn by President Yakubu Gowon's bride. It's a small world ! Ikonnikov(a) is a rare name. One of the Russian inmates (?) during WW2 on Channel Islands was a young chap Ikonnikov, whose photo appeared in the book by a woman author .... Madeline smth. ?
[ Friday, 9 October, 2015] - Is there some NATO plus Conference taking place in Brussels? At the disarmament conference in the Hague (De Burgh) the Russian translator Galina (?) whom I remember talking about her little son (which caused my consternation), I bielive had a Dutch husband in the MoD. She had those rare eyes: contrasing blue and brown or different colours. At some point a Dutch diplomat (?) walked in and tried to 'tell everybody off''. I believe he had a Polish-like name, may be Jewish, - just like a Dutch diplomat, who at the Business Lunch event in London, talked to me as if he was responding to my e-mail (re: MI6, Robinson, harrassment).
Madeleine BUNTING wrote "The Model Occupation"(1995) about Channel Islands in ww2.
Two events ref. ABB and Lukoil: British manager died from a tropical diesease somewhere in Brazil and Prof. Rubinstein decided to pay a visit to the widow and daughter in Wassenaar and asked me to come along as an interpreter. There was an idiotic theatrics in Gosport Library upstairs ( paper turned 90 degrees plus "vovochka" that followed my mentioning his name in a private correspondence.
A top boss from Siberia who came to the Hague, told Pete Beest he wanted to talk to me. In his car he asked me only one thing - if I'd be willing to accomodate his daughter of about 17 or 18 years of age as he wanted her to come to study in Holland. My answer was NO. I could not (and did not want to) take 'parental' responsibility.
LATVIAN criminals: Sidney Street Siege in London in 1911. Peter the Painter aka Peter Piaktow (or Piatkov, Pjatkov, Piaktoff).
I don't know what PETkov means in Bulgarian, but Piat or Pyat/Pjat phonetically means FIVE (5) in Russian.  Piatak - 5 cents (kopeek) coin. Piatka -phonet. foot heel in Russian. So, still looking for mysterious GENERAL DEVYVER, who authored a secret psychological warfare methodology, I wondered if there is a similar etimology in Dutch/Flemish/Afrikaans. The real name could be quite different, of course. The school slang for school 710 students was: semidesiatniki, playing (humorously) on piatidesiatniki - sect ( adj. from 50 or 5x10). Those SPETS - shkoly ( Special Schools) of different profiles are very much alive.
Last year there were minor 'earthquakes' in North Holland caused by FRACKING.
[ Sat. 10 October, 2015] - General DEVYVER (?) might be related to Prof. MORIARTY (tic).
On trial in 1937 (Trotskist) was one George Piatakoff - former Assistant Commissar for Heavy Industries, head of the Soviet State Bank and Soviet Trade Delegate in Paris. He met Trotsky in Oslo in Dec. 1935, etc. (Keesings Arch. page 2439).
There is NO PHYSICS department in University of Portsmouth here in UK.
Oleg Gordievski - his "advice" to leave Holland (the Dutch are like Germans!) was during chat with my English 'friend' Ray BURGESS, whose business card is to be found in my post 271, 6 sept 2010.
[ Mon. 12 Oct.2015] - Yes, Oleg Gordievski (who has a brother in Austria, I read somewhere ) revealed his dislike of Germans and those who are "like Germans". I remember he made no eye contact, not for a split second. Ray Burges behaved strangely to say the least. O.G. came to Wassenaar with a talk.
Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics. RAUNI-LEENA LUUKANEN-KILDE. MD :
[ Tue. 13 October, 2015 ] - The British ABB-Lumus senior manager, who died of tropical disease in Brazil , was ALAN MAPLE (Alan or Ian ?). "The paper turning 90 degrees" as I put it above, was an  A4 (vertcal) photocopy suddenly coming out with a blank bottom/half - place where I wrote about, mentioned the name of Prof. (Senior Engineer) RUBINSTEIN.
As the Dutch report about M17 crash is being presented today, I noticed on their liveblog ( a comment about data collected mostly on the OUTSIDE and UNDERSIDE of the M17, with little or no information about the WINGS and the TOP part of the airplane.
Some relevant info about Channel Islands, etc. on my other website:
M17: the Dutch text (liveblog did not print) might/must have meant the absence of the top part and the wings of the physical reconstruction/model of the airplane, on display at the presentation of the report.