Wednesday, 26 May 2010

( nr 264 ) Scans upward:
- The Guardian (24 May 2010) has published EXCLUSIVE material about 1975 (!) top-secret meeting on March 31 between Shimon Peres and PW Botha (defence ministers at the time) about the purchase of NUCLEAR weapons.
- A model student from the University of London, 21-year old Roshonara Choudhary .... stabbed MP Stephen Timms in an apparent state of AFFECT (?)....
- Afua Hirsch writes about the legal side of psychological torture.
- HYPNOTIST Roger Allen, 66 is the new Mayor of Gosport.
- Interpol hunting Christopher Lockwood, born 23 February. 1948 (ref. Mossad murder in Dubai hotel). He is wanted for "crimes against life and health".
"Lockwood's father is thought to be a Jewish Palestinian who migrated to the UK just after World War I. "
Records have shown that no one named Christopher Lockwood was born in Glasgow or any part of Scotland.

Friday, 21 May 2010

( nr 263 ) Scans going up:
- British MP Stephen Timms recovering from from a knife stabbing attack by a young woman in London.
- February 2001 article about Mind/Body Control technology:
- A report by NRC about an illegal dental practice closing. About a month ago there were more news about ... medical mafia (?), such as a highly qualified dentist with criminal record. One item on about fake passports and cash found at a dentist's office disapppeared quickly and could not be found in archives.
- AFRICAN DIASPORA day at the British Museum tomorrow.
- A new search engine: by Omar Marcel Gashi.
- UNDERDIAGNOSED .... a very good article from The Lyme Disease Sentinel Blog. Food for thought about definitions, classifications and procedures.
The OverDiagnosis is another matter of growing importance today - can stem from ignorance or criminal intent.
Another article that disappeared very quickly from the Dutch news site was about a naked youth found hiding in the .... some part of the electric fire place/mantel piece (?) in smb's sitting room.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

( nr 262 ) Scans going upwards:
- Sunday Express: " ...ODD TO SEE HIM ON BEACH ALONE" (Maddy case). A few years ago as me and my daughter went for a walk (coastline from Titchfield to Solent) we were both surprised to see a man walking fast with a baby in a white blanket (covered? ...) as it was a lonely place and he had nothing else like a bag, etc. with him. More recently I am inclined to think it might have been a holographic image: smth. eery similar to examples of holography posted on Internet.
- The day before May 6 elections The Sun paper had ... Simon Cowell on its front page and an article about Mexican mafia. Local Domino Pizza (next to Washeteria) offered 'Mexican Sizzler' and there is some Mexican cousine in the Waitrose supermarket. I think it's a global promotion, which started some years ago.
- In Russian BLUE (goluboy - lighter than navy) is a jargon for homosexual. 3 scans from The News about "Blue pride worldwide" football campain Blue Day supporting Tom Prince Cancer Trust. Another global promotion? I wonder about other languages and accidental connotations.
- The death of a 14-year-old cadet in Gosport invesigated: two articles from The News and one from The Sun papers.
- The dramatic survival of a nine-year-old Dutch boy in a plane crash in Lybia: the photo from The Mail on Sunday 16.5.2010 is rather different from one I saw elsewhere. Passenger lists in air crashes are normaly published. Aren't they?
Images in the brain bypassing the eyes - visual cortex 25 Hz, etc.

Still 'under construction': as I wait for my daughter to visit me soon - in 2-5 weeks.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

( nr 261 ) Four scans above - going up:
- a Russian Forum ( post dated 27.10.2000 "Who recruits who???..." about Security Services and Police contracting real criminals and 'recruiting' fake/false or non-existent agents, so that the real agents could do their work undisturbed and under cover. The post has some jargon unknown to me.
- 2007 article from the Isle of Wight newspaper about satanic disruption in the church.
- LORD KAGAN - the picture is not in the archived article on the (I checked yesterday).
- A MUST READ DATA collected from 37 countries on 5 continents on 7 major emotions (joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and guilt) from university students.
Klaus R. Scherer and Harald G. Wallbott "Evidence for Universality and Cultural Variation of Differential Emotion Response Patterning" (1994).