Thursday, 16 October 2008

( nr 176 ) The scan above is part of an open letter I received in Holland year (about) 2000. Tens of thousands of 3 editions of letter plus attachments were sent by Dr. George Rouschias of Southampton, the one I have is dated February 1981. He writes about the harassment, an attempt on his life, allegations of him being mentally ill, that he was apparently unemployed (CV attached dated 1988) and that he had received only 2 unsatisfactory offers from abroad at the time.
One quote: "A Southampton professor of statistics, M.H. Quenouille, was apparently the victim of a very similar policy and is said to have committed suiside on 12 December 1973."
Where is Dr.George Rouschias now?
40 core values - ?! Having quoted from 3 Oct. Daily Mail article by Richard Pendlebury "Arrogance, lies and the downfall of a very PC police chief", I looked for the "40 values" copy of the TOGETHER "diversity" scheme document, saw it briefly, lost it and am still looking for it.
I came across smth. else - TRIZ 40 'principles' derived from Genrich Altshuller's work in Baku, Soviet Azerbijdjan in 1940s.
As for TOGETHER, the theme has been 'peddled' to the unsuspecting humanity for some time.
an interesting video of a 12-year old at the Earth Summit Rio in 1992:
Union-Unity-Together- Common Purpose/cause-....
I decided to check what sort of song is behind SAMEN GAAN WE VERDER Dutch song (Corry Konings) as 'Kako ti je sada' is indicated on the CD. Still don't know what it means, but found the (croatian?) song on a lesbian website.
The lesbian and rather conspiratory middle class poetry society 'Daughters of Bilitis' started in 1955 (ref. in USA.
What does Tbilisi mean?
Bilitis is an anagram of Tbilisi.
Wrong parking: Y-122-YBK on Tue.14 Oct.
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