Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Who is What ? ...


( nr 316 ) Sunday Telegraph of 25 Nov. 2012 has published shocking REVELATIONS about the next Church of England New Archibishop : Secret life of my 'alcohol-dependent' father. Bootlegging, forged identity, Italian friends, etc. Top scan: new archibishop and his wife ... .
SERGEY NALOBIN is on the second from top scan, which  also shows ( British) Conservative Friends of Russia in DUMA in Moscow.The Guardian on Saturday 1 Dec. 2012 ran : Revealed: how the Kremlin got its diplomats to woo the Tories. Sergey Nalobin's father, Nikolai ( KGB general), was also deputy head of the FSB department investigating economic crimes. 'Sergei Nalobin's brother also worked for the FSB before entering private business, reports from Nalobins' home region, Tyumen, claim'. Nikolai Nalobin was the boss of Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko, according to his widow Marina Litvinenko. What about the wife of Nikolai Nalobin ? Other women in the family?
VREDITELSTVO is a Russian word for doing harm, damage (on a large scale) in society. The two scans above are: 1. The Soviet Encycl. Dictionary of 1986 does not have vreditelstvo entry. 2. The search on Google for Vreditelstvo shows RUSSIAN article on several websites about Vreditelstvo i Sabotazh in (primary and secondary) school education with the Mathematics Textbooks as an example.
THEY ARE ALL BLOCKED ! Reasons stated: pornography, hacking.
The Times of 26 Nov. 2012: Secret church memo on women demands U-turn. The threatening demand came from William Fittall, secretary-general of General Synod. Who wants ultra-feminists and lesbians in the church? Not me.
Daily Mirror of yesterday: Lethal X-ray machine at dentists (TEN times the normal level of radiation).
The court papers on American government website about DAVID LARSON case are blocked here in Britain.
Strange death of Oxford Astrophysics Professor Steve Rawlings. Check his family,colleagues, his publications.
Next post 19 December or earlier.
[ Wed. 5 Dec.2012] : Made small corrections above. David Larson's website went at some point of time funny or phony - must have been tampered with, if not David Larson himself. Torture by remote control using amateur radio licences. Read post ( nr 248 ) of Monday, 8 February 2010 and post ( nr 245 ) of 18 Jan. 2010.
From post ( nr 287 ): an 11 year-old boy was drugged after abduction by a 45 year-old homosexual man Adams in LEEDS; aunt Claudette Lewis thinks her nephew had been "brainwashed", etc.
My post LY plus ( nr 309) of 15 August 2012 has been at the top of the reading statistics for some time.
[Thursday 13 December 2012] - MOSSAD is a CRIMINAL organisation.
When I wrote: KGB=Mossad, it was 'violently' hacked in Portsmouth Central Library. MOB is part of that equation (see nr 268 ). The Guardian vs Russian Embassy affair is a revelation. Two articles by Luke Harding about Conservative Friends of Russia are inoffensive and factual. They definitely do not warrant an opus of a Press Statement, widely criticised on Internet for stale content and bad English. It's definitely an overreaction. Hmm... There must be smth. there 'to be hidden'. I just read Malcolm Rifkind entry in Wikipedia. Russian Embassy, KGB (Mossad), Kensington, Chelsey, Lithuania.
Lithuanian/Russian prostitute and her husband (in Royal household) story which appeared in
NEWS of the WORLD, was not included in the tribute report for NoW published by MoS (?). News of the World criticised Theresa May for her stand/role in  relaxation of checks on people wanting to work with children.
I did write about it on this website. Who ordered British papers NOT to write about horrendous sex-abuse of babies and toddlers in Amsterdam nursery by a Latvian homosexual Robert Mikelson and his Dutch partner? Theresa May revoked the British citizenship of a Russian Spy Anna Chapman. It was a high drama move, reminiscent of Russian PM Evgeniy Primakov making a u-turn in mid-air and returning to Russia.
But it was also in a sense a hush-up, as we did not hear precisely what her espionage activities were. She worked at one time in Barclay Bank, but the bank denied it. Someone wrote on Internet that she sold ... child-sex tours to Russia for western businessmen. Name Sergey came up in that story. The information online about Sergey Nalobin is ludicrous. I call it PLAY FOOL.
Yes, the language used is neither good enough English, nor a mediocre translation of good or standard Russian. AI, NLP ? Peter Viggers was a Conservative Gosport MP for ages.
[Friday 14 Dec. 2012] - 2 corrections above: May and reminiscent. My search for Nalobin on Russia Today website 2 days ago produced zero results. So-called Russia ... . Should check spelling of Latvian Mikelson (Robert), who actually was trained computer encryption expert and used different/false names.
[ Tue. 18 Dec.2012] - The date for my next post on this website is moved from 19 Dec. to 30 January 2013 ( or earlier).
Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year !

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Complaint number Three:

( nr 315 ) Portsmouth Central Library Internet is under Melanie Burns, Head of Information Service (in the Portsmouth local government ), whose office sent an automated "out of office until 26th November" reply to my e-mail as follows:

 Complaint number Three:

To: Mel Burns - Head of IT/IS.

On Tuesday 13 Nov. 2012,  I could not access the Dutch website (archive) of PNVD party, the political party of pedophiles, as it was blocked by your department. Their programme is an eye-opener to the current BBC pedo-coverup investigations and an on-going anti-social engineering.
My two previous complaints refer to:
1. Hacking of my post " KGB = Mossad " on my personal website ( link below),
2. Blocking of "The Truth about Moscow" by Henri Beraud, 1926 (ref. history of Communism/USSR).
Thank you,
Galina Anikeeva.
The next post December 5 or earlier.
Shall add links here later.
13:20 - My e-mail and auto-reply are of 15 Nov. (10:51:22 and 10:51:41)
Links: www.pnvd.nl
This website has a search window (top right) where my posts could be found with key words PNVD, KGB, Mossad, JETP, etc.
More links: David KHMELNITSKII : www.tcm.phy.cam.ac.uk/~dek12/
www.tristarmedia.com/bestofrussia/kgb.html (plus kgb2 and kgb3 pages)
20 Dec. 2002  interview with SVR boss Lebedev:
Reading Wikipedia entries for Alexander Litvinenko, Espionage Act of 1917, Stennes Revolt. Interesting to compare 'same' content in different languages.

Monday, 29 October 2012


( nr 314 )  Martin Towers, former head of MIDWIFERY, lecturer at University of Leeds (58 y.o.) had 2000 child porn images on his computer, discovered by police at his home in Churchfield Lane, Rothwell, Leeds January 15 last year. Towers and his wife were both school governors at the time of the offences.
Youngest victim two years old. Towers , father of two children, pleaded guilty to 21 offences of MAKING indecent images of children. Of 1,986 images 65 were at level four, the second most serious kind.
- from Yorkshire Evening Post of Friday September 28, 2012.
[ Tue. 30 Oct. 2012] - Dangerous psychopath or toxic degenerate Jim Savile of BBC raped and abused under-age girls, boys .... and now DEAD BODIES. The claim is made by fellow DJ Paul Gambachini on Radio 5 interview (from Daily Star Oct. 24, 2012). Predator Savile had penthouse flat in block at Roundhay, Leeds. The scan below is a photo of Martin Towers from Yorkshire Evening Post. The next scan is of a disgusting product from Morrisons supermarket - GINGERBREAD (!) 'Grisly Skeletons.
Hell-o-win trash... BISQUITS shaped like BONES are sold annually in an ancient Italian town PERUGIA during Festa dei Morti or Festival of Death/Dead - see the next scan of a page from "Death in PERUGIA" by John Follain and the book's front cover.
There was a Rothchild family photo exhibition in New Forest a few years ago. An Italian woman Marie PERUGIA from an old Jewish family married R. in 1881. She was a daughter of Achille Perugia, who lived in Trieste, Italy. I could not find who her mother was, as I searched Internet yesterday. Since in the matriarchial, matrilineal Jewish society women inherit according to "how well they control their men", I thought smth. important may be missing. I was also surprised to find three Perugia festivals in the Wikipedia entry do not include Festa dei Morti. Also surprised to see Amanda Knox listed as Known (?) Alumni.
The Communist Party of Britain (Yorkshire  branch) has a Post Box Address in LEEDS. One daughter (from the first marriage) of an Exxon-Mobil British expatriate who was killed in Brussels two weeks ago lives in LEEDS. British Iraqi scientist-engineer who was murdered with his family in France worked in nuclear industry and was a specialist in high-resolution satellites. STAR WARS, high-tech ESPIONAGE, surprising surge in interest in Astronomy, while PHYSICS is almost 'extinct' as a subject, and increasing numbers of people claiming to be Physicists being wildly at odds with the logic and culture of true science.
Next post Monday 12 November or earlier.
[ Friday 2 Nov. 2012] - I removed 'Sadam Hussein family' above (grammar mistake). MoS of Oct. 28 : "The tensions began after Saad Al-Hilli's father [Kadhim] was struck off the list of beneficieries of the former Iraqi dictator". The Bent Coppers book also refers to a controversial top police officer of Iranian discent with a highly placed family in Iran. There is a case also for Israeli, ex-Soviet and British Jews with relatives in Iran. My post KGB=MOSSAD (also Mafia) was hacked in Portsmouth Central Library a couple of years ago. I wrote it as MO-K-SS-GB-AD, which also reads in Russian. Swiss accounts? Swiss family Blank related to Lenin (Ulyanov) family in Tatarstan ( + Revolutionaries/Terrorists in Kazan University). I was surprised to see mistranslation of Russian word KRYSHA (lit. ROOF or cover, protection) in The Times (July 9, 2012) article "Billionaire 'with mafia links spied on rivals'". Also wrong to spell Russian name as Cherney - obscures the roots, which made me wonder about Mit Romney ascendants.
 I remember Dr. M. Stern in Amsterdam speaking somewhat positively about Mormons. ABB-Lukoil photo can be seen on my (open-doc) website next to the Moony Jos conf. photo. As for the BND, German Security Service ( East German -West German) , which "spent decades monitoring money transactions between the West and Iraq" (same MoS article Oct. 28),  I wonder if they  know where the USSR Communist Party funds have flown to .... .
SATURDAY 10 November, 2012: My next post is not ready.
The date Monday 12 November moves to Monday 3 December, 2012.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

( nr 313 ) Manchuria. Manchurian Candidate. American POW brainwashed in Korea. MOON brainwashing. UN: Ban Ki Moon. POLICE had International Conference in South Korea end of 2001 !
I have booked scanner no 24 in Gosport Library yesterday, but the option of scanning/getting picture from the scanner to a temporary file (from which the scans can be posted here) has disappeared. So, the two scans, which I can't post now are: one is my photo, which can be found in CONFERENCE+ section of my website http://open-letter-doc-gaa-001.blogspot.co.uk . There I sit next to a priest. It was an International Conference titled "International Professors Peace Academy" or similar, organized by MOONIES in Jos - University of Jos in Nigeria. We all received flattering letters, addressed as "Professors", invited to contribute to "World Peace", all expenses paid. The last day of the conference was optional, dedicated to those who wanted to know more about Moon org. Most of us did not stay, but, as I remember, Alistair Mundy-Castle and Bob Bundy did stay. Do Bob and Sally live now in Southend ? I was surprised to see their names on UN projects, also that of Susan Aradeon. Moonies certainly had a shady reputation then, with some cases against them in America. I also remember Onuora telling us about his going to Korea as a student delegation member. American/international students were horrified to have doors of their hotel rooms banged on as male prostitutes/transvestites tried to break in.
The second intended scan:  quote from page 434 of "Bent `Coppers" by Graeme McLagan : " Recognition of the Met's achievements in tackling corruption since 1993, when the idea of a ghost squad was first floated, were spelled out at a number of international conferences closed to the public. At one, in South Korea at the end of 2001, Superintendent Mike Taylor, the former head of the anti-corruption unit's intelligence cell, CIBIC, said the Met had developed a 'comprehensive armoury' to prevent and detect wrong-doing. This included a highly effective intelligence system and a high-level capability to conduct covert and reactive investigations, using 'cutting-edge' methodology and technology, which was so new that even the most experienced corrupt targets would be unaware of it."
BRIAN GERRISH, talking about brainwashing in one of his videos, says one woman came to him saying her husband, a police officer, has changed his personality after one of the training courses he attended.
She did not recognize her husband. CP - Common Purpose/Communist Party.
Feb. 2001 article by Tim Rifat about zombification of Britain's Police -
Poisonous waterstoffluoride leak at South Korean chemical plant:
Wed. 10 Oct. 2012: corrected some minor mistakes. The link to Tim Rifat's article above does not work, but I found it by typing URL. "The TETRA System: Mass UK Mind Control Technology and the Zombification Of Britain's Police is Now A Reality" by Tim Rifat - Transcript from CH4 News, Feb 5th, 2001.
"The new Home Office microwave system called TETRA is to be the mainstay of British police force communications and will be placed in every major population centre.
The British Government is spending 2 1/2 billion pounds on a 400 MHz pulse modulated microwave transmitter network which broadcasts 17.6 Hz into the brains of all Britain's police and anyone living near the planned 30,000 transmitters.
The first place these transmitters will be deployed is Glastonbury. The effects of these transmitters, which entirely duplicate CIA research in optimal mind-control technology, are:
1. Destruction of short and long-term memory by disrupting calcium reflux from synapses, due to the effect of the 17.6 ELF.
2. Disruption of synaptic neural networks, leading to behavioural and character changes. ...... The TETRA system ... is essentially the Pandora Project funded by the CIA in the late '60s and early '70s. .... This system will be used by all UK police and emergency services by the end of the year, as the Home Office has sold off all police frequencies, so they are forced to use the new system.  .... "
[Monday 15 Oct.2012] : BREIVIK sexually abused by HIS MOTHER.
Police brainwashing in Moscow mentioned in my post ( nr 187 ) in Jan. 2009.
Clay figure goes mad .... in the 1915 German film "Der Golem".
Public lectures of the Portsmouth and District Physical Society (founded in 1952):
10:37. Next post Monday 5 November 2012 or earlier.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

October 4.

( nr 312 ) Twenty years ago - Dutch 911.
Nineteen years ago - massacre of Russians by Cabal International.
Some photos and video today on the Dutch news website:
She-Evil in "The Parasite" - 1894 story by Arthur Conan Doyle -
www.gutenberg.org/files/355/355-h/355-h/.htm or www.gutenberg.org/dirs/3/5/355/355-h/355-h.htm

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

( nr 311 )   Birth and Death Certificates. Family Companies. Inheritance. Police Corruption. Organized Crime. Communist Underground. Women Police Constables (WPC). The book "Bent Coppers" (2003, 2004 ed.) documents one case with 3 women involved: WPC Anne Lobb, former policewoman Sarah Topping and her lesbian lover Melanie Leighton from Treasury unit. Would Anne Lobb have reported the crime if the solicitor did not say 'he was unhappy about some aspects of the [forged] will' ?
About 2 and a half years ago, in FAREHAM library a talk for Older People was held by a legal-financial team of experts. When I asked one of them about a badge/symbol he was wearing (I thought it was Masonic), he said it was of a Hospice (Rowan Hospice ?). The information that came forth had a shocking advice: we were told that a BABY could be written in a Family Company as an EMPLOYEE with a salary.
I questioned the idea and a "job description" for an impossible "employee". I did not get an answer, but the man said it was possible.
There was a strange 'flipover' of two compartments in the red post boxes in Holland around Millenium. Local-national-international changed AND on the night (1999-2000) there was a spooky notice there about where "Rouwbrieven" (sp?) should go. Was there more than the bogus Millenium bug going on?
I was unhappy about Birth Certificates as written out in the Dutch Charity SHAM-AMA, as mentors (I was one of them) had to accompany young women to maternity hospital.
The ad "BABY you can drive my car" - "How fatherhood saved Alan Davies from his demons" is very wrong in text and picture ( published in The Mail on Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012).
Daily Mail, Wed. Aug.29, 2012 published "Police fear 90 cases may be tainted after crime scene officer is arrested". Stephen Beattie, was arrested in May last year.
ANNECY Alps massacre. The Independent on Sunday (16.09.2012) writes on news page 23: " ... Former SAS author Chris Ryan has an intriguing take on the Annecy killings. Ryan knows the area well .....
Ryan thinks the make of gun used, a Skorpion, is highly significant. ' It's a gun that was much used by the Serb hit squads'". By the way, I remember in the BBC documentary "The Death of Yougoslavia" a journalist talks to a woman survivor in a muslim village about "Serb murderers", and she said: "We don't know who they were - they wore balaklavas."
The cyclist who was gunned down Sylvain Mollier (45) lived in the area and worked in the nuclear industry. His family wanted the body cremated, but the French Court ruled against it -
Vibrations and resonance .... http://nos.nl/artikel/420424-bak-glazenwasser-oorzaak-triltore.html
Yes, that South African non-fiction writer ( name ) wrote about a fatal accident with the gendarme whistle  (i
Tue 25 Septemer to Tue 2 October - in Skipton, North Yorkshire.
[ Fri. 21 Sept. 2012] Lyall Watson described properties of some very low frequency vibrations in his book "Supernature".

Thursday, 13 September 2012

( nr 310 ) NUCLEAR laboratory, physicists and engineers. Two scans above are from THE PEOPLE newspaper of 9 September 2012 : " NUKE LINK TO ALPS KILLINGS - Massacre dad worked at top-secret lab - by Nick Dorman. The report is from Mark Williams-Thomas, an ex-murder squad cop, now working as a criminologist and TV expert. Saad al-Hilli (50) wanted to reclaim engineering firm in Iraq, which his family  had owned. He came to UK in 1978. Special Branch watched him at his £1million home in Claygate, Surrey. By the way, Does OLEG GORDIEVSKI live in Surrey? " Rutherford Lab. in Didcot, Oxon, employes 1,200 staff and provides support for more than 10,000 scientists and engineers. In May one of its former physicists Dr. Adlene Hicheur was jailed for five years for plotting al Qaeda attacks.
THREE WHORES from Russia - with satanic hatred, depravity and ..... support of Boris Berezovsky ?
The woman judge in Moscow was given police protection on the eve of judgement day, as she had received THREATS.
The top scan shows the video url already obscured by the title of the Dutch News (nos.nl) article: UEFA censored TV-record from EK (European football championship). The JOKER is the disgusting Joachim Low (Germany Coach ?) who assalted (homosexually)  the boy during the first half of Holland-Germany match.
I shall be posting here weekly, just as I hold my weekly "self-appointed Speaker's Corner Presentations" at 11:00 on Mondays, in front of the Gosport Library, that is when I am 'in town'.
Fri. 14 September: the Dutch news link (see the top scan here) is:

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

LY plus

( nr 309 ) LYBERRY club in Portsmouth attracted my attention because the word Berry was discussed online: Russian Berry, Blackberry, Cherry Marine, Klubnichka (Russian for Strawberry), etc. I later wondered about two RUSSIAN letters YL (or UL) on a logo of a Jewish organization Bnei Akiva - seen in post  nr 301 ( 9 Jan 2012) : http://galina-a-anikeeva.blogspot.co.uk/2012 01 09 archive.html . With only two letters, not much comes to mind. Lenin Universities was the name of a subversive secret COMMUNIST training bases in America, started/run by Lavrenty Beria from Georgia, Soviet Union. Notes of his lecture on Psychopolitics are available online. After visiting Russian Tea Room ( Emporium ?) in Skipton, Yorkshire, I noticed bit.ly on their Facebook ref. I first thought ly refers to language/country. Indeed, LY turned out to stand for ... Lybia !
Bit.ly has now changed to bitly and the current CEO is one Peter Stern. I also brifly saw on wiki a ref. to a language (ly) listed along with other two baltic languages - Estonian es and either lt or lv. The alphabet looked fantastic, like some ancient language or an artificial language. Could not find that entry again.
History of The Russian Coffee-House in nr 301 ( 9 Jan 2012) : http://galina-a-anikeeva.blogspot.com/2012 01 09 archive.html . RUSSIAN TEA ROOM found on Wikipedia. Russian Tea Room in Skipton: www.russiantearoom.co.uk .
The New York website http://russiantearoomnyc.com is designed by Ignite Hospitality Consultants.
Ignite! is found on Wikipedia. Neil Bush, Boris Berezovsky ... Wayne Madsen wrote about their meeting in Riga, Latvia: www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=5689
 We are getting a ... BANG ! IGNITE ! and EXPLOSION ! There is a Museum of Naval Firepower called Eplosion! here in Gosport. I was shocked to see a street sign showing a man walking fast ...towards (!)  Explosion! Charlotte Izerbyte talks about a provocative line in a textbook rhyming Torch and Porch.
Royal College of Defence Studies visitors to Crimea are shown in a VLADIK SHIBANOV post on the aangirfan website: http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/vladik-shibanov.html and links to: www.detirf.org/news/238/ and http://robertmentzy.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/wow-more-about-azov-by-andy.html
[ Thurs. 16 August, 2012 ] - A man in Holland had his healthy prostate removed -
Some areas where microchips are implanted (by Cabal International, medical branch) are shown in my post nr 247 ( 21 Jan. 2010 ). Echelon in North Yorkshire: read my posts nr 186 and 187 ( 26 and 27 January 2009 ). I do not give the links for the 3 ref. above, as it seems the links given earlier do not work. The same archive format is OK in earlier posts.
Promotion of homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity in Communist Goals (1963) -
[ Tue. 21 August 2012] - Sadistic Lesbians ? Yesterday I watched a video interview posted on Guardian website, where the three young Russian women (girl band Pussy Riot) sitting on stage, coloured dresses, balaclavas (supposedly in hiding ? ) talk about their causes. One said ( in Russian): My- feminist hlysty. [ we are feminist whips]. Hlysty is Russian for Flaggellants (?) or Whips. Another girl came up with the English word: whip, but mispronounced it as wep. So, the first one repeated: feminist wep. In Tzarist Russia there was a heretic, pagan, anti-christian sect (in Siberia) HLYSTY (emphasis on the last syllable), literally meaning whips. Ref. orgies, beatings, (self-)castration. Sado-masochism. Sadistic lesbians aka witches.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Corrupt(-tion) document.

( nr 308 ) Gosport Borough Council sent out a corrupt voter registration form - see six scans above. For how long have they been using it ? WHO designed and approved this document ? What about other local councils in Hampshire/Britain ?
PS: MK-ultra must be actually written as M(B)K - ultra. B - for BODY, as well as MIND. The most vulnerable victims of the on-going sadistic control/experiments ( by Cabal International) are CHILDREN and young people. They prey on the young.
MOTHER GOAT and Wolf fairy tale updated:
Mother Goat is accused of discrimination against Wolf, who insists, that he must be judged by what he does and not by what he is. Mother Goat: NO. I don't have to wait, till you eat one of my children!
Remembered this modern version when watching 'Collapse' video about Michael Ruppert, where a tale about Tortoise and Scorpion is told.
On the aangirfan blog, a comment appeared (12:18 pm) suggesting that JAPAN( ha-ha), and not STALIN is behind the Soviet Jewish Republic existance. http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/jews-divided.html
CNN: Who is Dr.Lynne Fenton? -
Going to Skipton: 2-9 August, 2012.
[Wed. 1 Aug.] :
British Psychiatry article by Anton Chaitkin - www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/27a/247.html
Voodoo, juju, shamanism and their high-tech simulations apparently 'popular' with alphabet agencies.
Skulls and Bones are shown as fetishes in a Juju House in West Africa - 1873 illustration found in a Wikipedia entry:  Juju.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


( nr 307 )  STAR WARS or SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative, since evolved into a cascade of acronyms, was surprisingly difficult to search for ! Long lists of films, videos, games, etc. came up, with the high-tech military global project at the very end ... . The scans above are from Wikipedia entries of Strategic Defence Initiative and Directed-energy weapon.
Cabal International got their hands on the most advanced military technology. Fluoride, chemtrails, vaccines, microwaves, lasers, etc. - all used by psychopaths.
The Black Cross or Anarchist Black Cross (see two previous posts) symbol can now be seen on Anarchist Black Cross wikipedia entry, and it is so Anti-Christian. Some names/characters on the List of Jewish Anarchists (wikipedia): Dmitry Bogrov, Olga Taratuta, Carl Einstein, Noam Chomsky - coincidences, I suppose. Olga Taratuta (wikipedia) was anarcho-communist and founder of the Ukrainian Anarchist Black Cross.
From 'On This Day' book : July 19, 1969 - Senator Edward Kennedy in automobile accident with passenger secretary Mary Jo Kopechne ( Kopechne - East European name ?) July 19, 1848 - the first women's rights assembly begins at Seneca Falls, New York state.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

JETP - Soviet Physics ...

( nr 306 )  Cabal International - Communism - Sodom - PHYSICS ! Who would have thought of such bizarre links ? Not me, not untill now. Top scan is a 1955 photo of 2 Tory MPs - baroness Joan Vickers and Ray Mawby, a former electrician, who spied for Communists to fund his addiction to roulette.
The group photo below is from a CENTENNIAL issue of JETP (January 1973) - history of the society by Yu. M. Tsipenyuk (p. 1-24). The remaining scans from JETP - published / copyright AMERICAN INSTITUTE of PHYSICS. Something of a Sam/Tam-Izdat: the spelling and TYPOGRAPHY is neither Russian, nor Soviet! Some strange marks and symbols. Some dual/different spellings of authors' names.
At a glance, amazing collection of names, echoeing - Lebedev, Medvedev, Litvinenko, Lugovoi, Perelman, Maltsev, Melnik, etc.
MOLDOVA issues: : General Lebed, Avigdor Lieberman, Israel, Ukraine, Anna Azari, Moldovans issued with Romanian passports, NO-VISA regime between Russia and Israel. Institute of Applied Physics, the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Kishinev, Moldova - had some difficulty trying to print pages from the web. MOLDOVA is one of the destinations of an agent-provocateur Paul Cameron Ph.D. - I posted the scan of the e-mail on my BREIVIK website.
GOOD NEWS from HOLLAND: vereniging MARTIJN (similar to NAMBLA in North America) is declared ILLEGAL by a Court in Assen.
Cryptogramm: Sunday 6 May, 2012. Pink Hat. Barren Organ. Trinity.St. Matthews. Ikonoklastic. Israel. Young Jewish woman. Maestro in jeans. Golem gone beserk. Goylem in smart wear. Earrings, tattoes. Yobs in taxis. Brighton, not Southampton.
Homosexual mafia in the military.
PS: next week in Skipton, North Yorkshire.
[ Thurs. 5 July, 2012]- tried to add the 7th scan here of a page from JETP Feb. 1976 where Marketing Services of American Institute of Physics advertise 53 titles, periodicals including Medical Physics, Chinese Journal of Physics, Physics in Medicine and Biology, British Journal of Applied Physics, etc. Shall try again.
6 MAY 2012 was the 10th anniversary of the assasination of a controversial Dutch politician Pim Fortuin. There was a Gay parade in Brighton (Beach?) in UK 6 May, 2012. (sp. Fortyuin ?)
Former Dutch PM Ruud Lubbers suggested to a young Pim Fortuin the idea of going into politics (Elsevier interview). PM Ruud Lubbers was with the Israeli Ambassador when El-Al plane crashed into a tall building near Amsterdam. See DUTCH 911 on my website http://www.october-four-92-93.blogspot.com/
BREIVIK website with a provocative e-mail I received: http://www.breivik-case.blogspot.com/
ZWARTE CROSS - BLACK CROSS ... So-called Farmer Festivals organised by a granny (!) Tante Rikie - www.nos.nl/op3/video/256606-15-zwarte-cross-met-tante-rikie.html
Their LOGO reminded me of  a strange decoration used in 1995 in a concert for www2 veterans in Moscow, namely archs of black and orange balloons.
STONEWALL riots started in US in a MAFIA-owned pub called Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village near New York.
"West Side Story" musical was originally called by the creators " BANG ! ".
They were persuaded to change it.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mad Women cont.

( nr 305 ) Latvian Anarchists ? Yesterday on Wikipedia, the links to Anarchist Red Cross twice diverted me to Anarchist Black Cross. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louise_Berger
My wedding picture was published in Red Cross magazine, which must have been the end of 1972 or early 1973 issue. Magazines UNESCO etc. were available in the Soviet Union on a limited subscription or sale, with Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University being one of the subscibers (?). Search for "Latvian"  on this website shows six posts (nr 205, 295, 296,288,289 and 303). Handwritten 'Latvian' in nr 290 and  ref. 2006 registration of Party of Paedophiles in post nr 211:
Olga Patta ? ...
PS: Some scans from my websites seem to be missing. Shall do the check. Perhaps the unwanted and changing gaps between paragraphs obscured the change in the lengths of some posts.
[ Sat. 5 May 2012] - Sadistic. A disturbing word which should never have found its way into books and lexicon about PREGNANCY is " Bump". Mad women's theory about "worker bees" ( see previous post Mad Women) and those who have invested interest in it may be behind it. Mad women and those who hate women working together.
More links:

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mad Women ?

( nr 304 ) Do so-called mad women aka radical feminists like communist Alexandra Kollontai or Elena Blevatskaya &Co have something to do with ' Revolutions' in Middle East ? Have they (in secret) brought up generation(s) of men whom they completely control ? In my post nr 302 of 6 February 2012 you can see scans of Egyptian figurins in a Charity shop near Waitrose in Gosport. I thought that kind of heineous man-hating rule by 'women' was long past in Middle/Ancient Ages. A current proposal in Egyptian Parliament is to legalise/allow so-called farewell sex/intercourse of a husband with .... a dead body of his departed wife for up to six hours after her death. National Womens Council filed its objection. The photo shows Coptic women in the news article on the official Dutch News website:  http://nos.nl/artikel/366659-vrouwen-egypte-tegen-sexwet.html  Matriarchy in (Greater) Israel ? Communist Party of Israel ? Mossad women ?
When Col. Gaddafi hired female bodyguards, I thought smth. was wrong. My post with KGB=MOSSAD was hacked by Big Brother (or Sister?) in Portsmouth Library about 2 years ago. LGBT agenda?
CIA women, MI6 women, etc. Those women, whom Kay Griggs, American naval wife calls in her video interviews "BAD, VERY BAD !" ?
At the lecture of Prof. F.L.W. Ratnieks ( last Tuesday in Cafe Scientifique in Portsmouth) about his new Lab. named 'Apiculture and Social Insects' (!) I/we learned, that worker bees who have to 'give up their sexuality' and slave for a queen bee, can actually lay eggs just like the queen, but if they do, other worker bees .... kill/murder those eggs. The suggestion was made that it's a kind of a social control of anti-social or selfish behaviour. We heard that Prof. Ratnieks' father taught Russian in a Gun House (?) in Portsmouth during WW2. I was shocked to hear that Metropolitan Police has expressed interest in the research from the point of view of methods against antisocial behaviour.
A couple of years ago on Radio 4 it was reported from a Chicken Farm somewhere, that newly hatched MALE chicks are ...decapitated on a conveyor belt. Man haters are behind  the idea, that men and fathers are not necessary? ... Goal 23 (?) from a Communist Programme of 1963 (Communist Underground in America, Lavrentiy Beria's Lenin's Universities)) states: Present Homosexuality, Degeneracy and Promisquity as normal and healthy. Shall watch Psycho (by Hitchcock) again. There is some  psychology there.
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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

( nr 303 ) Back from Yorkshire. Keighley News celebrated its 150 years. Prince Charles, Princess Margaret .... George Galloway on the front page of Yorkshire Post on Monday, 2 April. He won elections in Bradford and refers to the Tory, Labour and LibDem as " double talking, double dealing three lame parties".

From "On this Day" (2011, Bounty Books): On February 2 in 1665 New Amsterdam became New York. Dutch Royal wedding took place on Feb. 2 in 2002.

On April 10 in 1810 ... "Dragon Lady" Zheng Yi Sao (pirate chieftainess) surreders herself and the 1800 junks under her command to the Chinese authorities.

Pederast Chaikovsky ! ... I heard for the first time that Peter Chaikovsky "liked boys" from a Russian Canadian emigrant in London in 1986.

(Wed. 11 April) - EDUCATION .... People who should not be allowed near children and young people are running the show. Psychopathy "legalised".

April 10 is a 'reverse' of October 4 : 10-4/4-10.

I have a website where some events on these dates are highlighted - http://www.october-four-92-93.blogspot.com/


[ Sat. 14 April 2012 ] - like never before, my halve a dozen (!) attempts at "proving that I am not a robot" - i.e. copying stylized letters so that a comment is published, were invain.

On aangirfan.blogspot.com I wrote: I still wonder about "aangirfan", who (like ALL British papers) never even mentioned the mega-crime of a young ex-Soviet sodomite, Latvian Robert Mikelsons, who sexually abused 83 (?) babies and toddlers in Amsterdam nursery.

Yesterday was 13 April. An Anti-Semitic League was founded on April 13 in 1882 in Prussia.

They were primarily against Jews, Masons and Communists. The information is very scarce.

On an American forum a year ago I asked why anti-jewish sentiments are called not anti-jewish but anti-semitic, and received no answer.

[ Friday 20 April ]: Just noticed today that this site's url seems to have changed from .com to .co.uk - I typed in dot com twice and it has changed to dot co uk.

Interesting history in Holland: www.landgoedeerde.nl/Krishnamurti.htm

Link between PSYOPS in Gosport, Portsmouth and Yorkshire ? -

DUTROUX+ ..... Yesterday in Belgian Parlement MP Laurent Louis has shown photographs of Julie and Melissa which contradict the official report (?) about those girls having died from starvation when abandoned in Dutroux's prison cell. The photos testify (?) that the children were abused even after they died. He also brought list of PEDOPHILES/PERVETS in high places.

The Dutch Prime-Minister Rutte rides a bycicle for women ? (damesfiets) -

Dutch Royal couple Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Maxima (born in Argentina) bought a villa on a Greek Island Kranidi. For neighbours they will have Vladimir and Ludmila Putin, Sean Connery among others. A previously chosen island was not approved by the Dutch security services.

In 2000 (?) a Dutch Charity for young refugees presented it's staff with the following Christmass present(s) - a Dutch book "Islands" and a pocket short-wave radio.

April 23 - St. George's Day !

[ Sat. 21 April] - Dutch article, video and audio on MP Laurent Louis and shamed parlamentarians ... http://nos.nl/artikel/364293-kamer-belgie-vertrekt-uit-protest.html

Links to PP Manifest ( Manifest van de Personenpartij ) do not work from the public computers in the Gosport Library, renamed Gosport Discovery Center.


Monday, 6 February 2012

( nr 302 ) Christian King George VI, died at about 4 am on Wednesday, February 6, 1952. The first person to know this was King's under-valet, who brought tea in at 7:15am. There is a photo+ exhibition " King George VI " in Gosport Library (renamed a Discovery Center) courtesy Mr. Fred Walters. The famous photo: ' Three Queens. Three Women. One Grief. ' depicts three individual expressions of grief of the daughter, mother and wife of King George VI.

The special free edition of Daily Mail of Thursday, 7 February gave a detailed account of the historic event. The King was out shooting on Tuesday and seemed in good health.

In 1995 in Moscow there were grand celebrations of 50th anniversary of the WWII victory of 9 May, 1945.

Among many foreign guests was British PM John Major, who received from the hands of controversial Russian President Boris Eltson ... the sword presented to Joseph Stalin by King George VI.

CONAN DOYLE, a medical doctor and famous writer, was a member of the Literary and Scientific Society in Portsmouth. The Chairman or President of that Society was the prototype of the evil doctor Prof. Moriarty. It turns out, that none of Conan Doyle's children had children, thus, sadly, there are no descendants of Conan Doyle. One considerable private collection is now being Disney-fied in Portsmouth (as someone had found the right word for it).

The 1945 film "The woman in Green" is based on Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Evil Prof. Moriarty linked to gruesome murders and mutilations, wherby honest people from good families are set up, hypnotised, led to believe they had commited vile murders during some lapse of insanity, which they remember nothing about. When I was searching for Lydia Marlow(e) character, there was a brief appearance of Marlow Films company, but it disappeared again.

Two photos of an Egyptian display of statuettes (made in China/Korea) which shocked many people, including myself. The Rowan Charity shop in Gosport, near Waitrose, has volunteer pensioners working there. One woman at the till during Egyptian exhibition surprised me by saying that it "may be dangerous" for me to wear the name card (the badge with my name and url of my website). I asked about the gender of one warrior, who had very broad shoulders, but strange triple skin folds (?) and received no explanation.

Turkish President in Gosport - front page of The News paper Friday, Nov. 25, 2011. The case against Joris Demmink in Netherlands stumbles: http://nos.nl/artikel/336692-geen-onderzoek-naar-demmink.html

PEDOGATE - Ombudsman Financial Services in Holland, Mr. Wabeke, resigns without explanation. Interesting discussions: http://klokkenluideronline.nl/artikel/3793/pedogate-wabeke-opeens-vertrokken.html

Interview with Noreen Gosch: http://www.whale.to/b/fass1.html

Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy" - goal 26 from Communist Goals (1963). The deadly science/med/tech. side of it all is not even mentioned, however. The first time my post was hacked was in Portsmouth Central Library a couple of years ago, when I wrote: KGB=MOSSAD or MO-K-SS-GB-AD. So-called Lenin Universty(s) network of secret communist agents training run by Lavrentiy Beria ( search Psychopolitics )abroad was investigated in US. What about other countries?

Southampton 20 years ago: Sharon Ship was lucky to to fight off attempted abduction of her baby son by two men and a woman in Kent Street. Another woman had her five-year old daughter abducted by two teenage girls. The child was found in Manchester. From Thursday, Jan.26, 2012 Daily-Echo paper, True Crimes Files.

I did not know that Skoda cars was a division of a defence company and linked to SEMTEX plastic explosives:

Such is life ! Police Chief arrested for driving under influence:


[ Tuesday 7 Feb.] - I made some minor corrections/clarifications above and removed the dotted lines separating sub-topics and paragraphs - in the attempt to get rid of unwanted gaps. So, the text is not one continous story. I hope it stays compact.

Smth. about encompassing so-called star-wars high-tech and secret facilities:

1. When secret military underground bases are mentioned, the underground spaces and facilities under supermarkets, shopping centers, houses, etc. are not mentioned.

2. When mil. high tech was discussed (more than once), 3 levels were mentioned - ground, above ground and space. Underground level was left out.

3. From the realm of dual/dubious use and misuse of technology: laser surgery is well known, but space or portable laser weapons can be used to cause accidents - major and minor ones.

A force applied to a small area results in cut/puncture. Someone described (in Russian, I think) how a high-tech force can push/pull or literally beat someone up - with an 'invisible hand'. Dynamic equilibrium or delicate static conditions can be maliciously upset. Newton's Laws. When I went online searching for more information (about a year ago), the search produced only ridiculous 5-min. unscientific videos (dumbing-down). Plus microchips, of course.

P.S. NEXT WEEK - in Skipton.



Thurs. 29 March 2012 : Next week - in Skipton.

Monday, 9 January 2012

( nr 301 ) Christianity and Islam are two major religions categorically condemning homosexuality. Christianity and Islam are under long and sustained attack.

[Tue. 10 Jan.2012] - scans/images going up: Sat. 17 Dec. 2011 - supposedly "carol singing" and "for chidren" by people who call themselves "Churches Together". They have chosen Catholic Church on High Street Gosport. A few months ago they they were there announcing some play/meeting group on a Millenium (site?) behind Trinity Church ... smth. like 2-4 on Sunday (?). I went there to see how it'd go on, but nobody from that group had turned up.

As for carols, ... their heineous black velvet curtain and ugly puppets were not for children/Christians. I think I saw some of them in the Trinity Church in Gosport, where I went to find out why the church has a Star of David, instead of a cross on its pinnacle (wrote about it on this website. I stood quietly there mostly not listening and not looking, but a joke one them told in the end was rather strange: smb. asked another person smth. (I did not hear what), and then the first person responded : "You are tense" - which the man telling the joke repeated at least twice. Still, nobody laughed.

The next two photos are of a Madelines Pub in Gosport which maybe is closing. I posted that announcement on a forum discussing Madeleine McCann's abduction - in my topic "Gosport LEADS ? ...." in a Debate Section of jillhavern.forumotion.net on Dec. 30 in the morning, I think. Soon thereafter, the whole topic disappeared, as well as other posts.

The next photo is of a "pub" in Portsmouth (5 min. ferry journey from Gosport) called LYBERRY and a logo of a Zionist Youth organisation called Bnei Akiva - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bnei_Akiva . Russ/Russberrie was another word discussed ref. toy manufacturers/paedophiles The two letters on the zionist logo happen to look like Russian alphabet letters Y (u or ou) and russian L , if read left to right. Next are scans of two entries in a Soviet Encycl. Dict. 1986: one is for Yakovlev ( real name Epstein ) and the other - for family Maltsov. One Mr. S. Maltzoff appears on the next scan - four pages from my 1984 diary. He is an Asst. General Manager, Head of Organisation & Data Processing Division of the UBA - United Bank for Africa Ltd. MOSSAD=KGB ? Next scan is of a google find of a wrong photo of the the leader of an inernational NUDIST-paedophile network run from Portsmouth. I made note of it - http://002-gaa-draft-notes.blogspot.com/2011/12/wrong-photo-of-robert-hathaway.html And finally, the top scan is for RUSSIAN Coffee-House - over 200 years ago in London - from "A Dictionary of the Underworld" by Partridge, 1968.12:47.---------------------------------------------------------------------[Thurs. 12 Jan 2012] - I have just created a new blog of mine for re-posting what has disappeared from Internet , beginning with my posts on forums discussing all aspects of an International case of Madeleine McCann abduction. I first chose name AGAIN, which was reported as unavailable. I then went for again123, which was OK. However, I see now AGAIN as registered, with pale 123 on/off. Posted the scan of my first post last August there. It looks like again.blogspot.com was created and not used. If you click on my "View my complete profile", you will see the new blog AGAIN and get there. How to correct this url ? 12:37 I hopefully corrected the mistake. It's again123. How to make scans more readable? 13:06.
15:43 ( 12 Jan) - Have made copies of (dict. entries) for Ogarkov Nik. Vas. and Kraepelin, whom I came across reading about Tavistock agenda, Full Spectrum Dominance and Military Reform. This morning I was throwing away a packet of sweets, which must have been a free addition or a 'filler' in a packet of smth. else.
What I found on the sweets' wrappers and on sweets themselves is horrible. Reminded me the Photo/T-shirt Print shop in Portsmouth Centre (next to TESCO), which displayed nasty 'logos' on tiny sized shirts for babies and toddlers, such as ... sexy, red lips, etc. That was around year 2006, when European Pedophile Party got officially registered. Not a single British newspaper reported this scandal at the time, not even the ANTI-EURO political parties ! Don't remember Vladimir Bukovski making any issue of it. Now, the sweets (shall scan later) are of trade mark/manufacturer Swizzels Matlow Ltd., New Mills, High Peak, Derbyshire Sk22 3 HA. Writings: DON'T CRY - MY BOY (on a blue hart), TEXT ME - E-MAIL ME - RELAX - FIRST LOVE - BE MINE - GREAT GUY - etc. Vaieties of sweets: LOVE HEARTS, PARMA VIOLETS, FIZZLERS. Multilingual distribution : Australia, French, German, Denna, Svenska, etc. 16:08. [Sat. 14 Jan. 2012] - slightly amended the text above. My topic " Gosport LEADS ?...." was taken down soon after my last post there on Dec. 30 (see two photos of Pub Madelines in Gosport above): Links: http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t3410-gosport-leads and http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t3410p10-gosport-leads 11:09

[ 23 Jan. 2012] went this morning to Portsmouth Crown Court to see the sentencing of North Yorkshire man ref. Robert Hathaway and Melissa Noon international nudist/incest/homo/pedo network. I was the only one in the public gallery. Two local correspondents were there. There was a video link with Durham Prison. My website was blocked today and is unblocked now. The blocking message citing "Adult/Mature Content;Blogs/Personal Pages" had at the bottom of the monitor on a grey/blue background : generated [ 23/01/2012:14:34:05 GMT] by HPSN2 -WCF - PO63TH-PX1 for Later messages cited, etc. The postcode PO63TH is for Portsmouth. I am in the Gosport Library( code PO12 1BT), and IT Hampshire is in Winchester. Shall continue now posting scans of my posts removed from Madeleine McCann Forum on the new site: again123.blogspot.com.