Friday, 19 June 2009

( nr 219 ) The scan of DT article "Mystery list of British soldiers found hidden at Auschwitz death camp".
I added four photos to People and Places file in
The top photo is of Vincent Pennock - an outing to Noordwijk or Noordwijk-aan-Zee.
The two scans on top are from "Propaganda in de Tweede Wereldoorlog" by Zbynek Zeman.
News heard today on the radio: Marlene Dietrich was not so popular, and was actually banned at one time from singing the Popular War song. What about other singers? We know little about them.
The widow of Alberto Calvi, the 'God's Banker' said her husband did have many enemies. He argued with people. She said: if they see that you are against them, they kill you.
A construction worker interviewed the other day, who was blacklisted for years by his employers, said that you don't have to be a "trouble maker", it's enough just not to get along with somebody. Call it vibes or the gut feeling ... .