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( nr 300 ) Football Scandals - Penn State in America and Portsmouth Footbal Club in UK,; Iran accused of being at the root of anti-semitism at the European Jewish Congress; human eyes and memory ...

The photo of an old man taken from National Geographic November 2007 article on MEMORY.

A severe loss of memory is not obvious .... "He laughs a lot. He seems at first like your average genial grandfather."

1984 .... 5 December 1484 - Catholic Church declares war on witches and heretics - Summis desiderantes affectibus by Pope Innocent VIII.

More in my 4 Nov. 2011 post " Templars Satanic .... " on

[Wed. 7 Dec. 2011] - From Summis desiderantes affectibus:

" ... many persons of both sexes .... by ... horrid charms, enormities and offences, destroy the offspring of women and the young of cattle, blast and eradicate the fruits of the earth, the grapes of the vine and the fruits of trees. ... Furthermore, these wretched afflict and torment men and women ... with pain and disease, both internal and external. They hinder men from generating and women from conceiving, whence neither husbands with their wives nor wives with their husbands can perform the sexual act. ... at the instigation of the enemy of the human race they do not shrink from committing and perpetrating the foulest abominations and excesses ... they ... are a cause of scandal and dangerous example to many others."


The National Geographic 2007 Nov. article is "Memory. Why We remember, Why we forget" by Joshua Foer, photogr. by Maggie Steber.


There are 1230 (!) comments to the video "Intelligent student is interviewed ...."


[ Thurs. 8 Dec. 2011] -

The parking garage sinks in, block of flats evacuated in Holland:

There was one or two misterious sink holes in Germany a few months ago. Smth. wrong underground or way above ... Just guessing.


Spy technology for all ....


Tragedy: one of many unexplained and suspicious suicides:

22 year-old Ilya Zhitomirskiy in US -


A website called Russian Mafia is about practically all ( ?) politicians and businessmen/women:


Hmm .... There were posts a couple of years ago on rmn forum about still unsolved crime - vicious murder of a female student on a university (Yale?) campus a few years ago. Key words: her father - a PHYSICIST, director of a Research Institute in GERMANY, strange visit ( mentioned) on a Sat. evening - a teen visiting middle-aged ac. couple, her mentor - a Dutch naval intelligence officer, her research - involved BOSNIA, etc. Can't find the ref.


Found in a "Dictionary of the Underworld" by Eric Partridge (1968):

Russian Coffee-House, the.

The Brown Bear tavern and night-house: 1800, The Oracle ....

in 1812, ...'A name given by some punster of the family, to the Brown Bear public-house in Bow-Street, Covent-garden'. ...


Very very interesting ! The Vice-Chancellor of University of Portsmouth Prof. John Craven was the founder of University Alliance (?), promoting BUSINESS/ funding interests (from Wikipedia).

The Student Union paper is called PUGWASH.


8-12-2011, 12-56


[ Friday 9 Dec. 2011] -

Hmm ... Chancellor- Vice-Chancellor -Visitor of British universities list ( see Wikipedia: List of British university chancellors and vice-chancellors) indicates that Nick Clegg, MP is Visitor to 12 universities.

------------------- -ROBERT MIKELSONS .... Dutch Ministry of Justice Joris Demmink .... read more on


Something strange on FACEBOOK ... Gillian de Hoedt had invited me to join the group of child protection and exposure of paedophilia. I agreed to join. I remember a name of a Polish woman there as one of the founders. After a while, I could not find the link/group any more. I asked Gillian to send me the link again. She did, but it disappeared again.

I am looking at the printout of Stopeg Facebook group and see that the url is simply - without the necessary identification.




[ Friday 16 Dec. 2011] - Vladimir Antonov ( ex-owner) of Portsmouth Football Club has a court hearing today (?) about his extradition to Lithuania.

HILLARY CLINTON was in Lithuania last week. She was there last July as well.

And a couple of days earlier she proclaimed "rights" of homosexuals to adopt children in Geneva, Switzerland:

As for international roots, there was one Max Rosenberg (?) from Russia in the 'family picture' as well.

[ Sat. 17 Dec. 2011] -

Key word Lithuania:

- 21 year-old Lithuanian prostitute (with a Russian name) Victoria Voronova - my post nr 212 of 26 May, 2009 :

- Anna Azari - current Israeli ambassador to Russia, emigrated from Lithuania to Israel with her parents in 1972. In my post nr 288 of 24 Feb. 2011 the link does to an interview on Ukranian site does not work any more (article can't be found). I give a 'draft' translation there of her answer to question 5 out of 14, where she says El-Al plane was the first to leave US on 11 September 2001.

Another article about her in a RG paper:

- Lithuanian citizenship ? Robert van Voren (Dutch) - post nr 293 of 22 June 2011:


Front page of the local paper The News on Friday 25 November, 2011 had 2 photos and news items: Vladimir Antonov (held in police cell) and The Turkish president Abdullah Gul visiting Gosport Naval cemetery where there is a 1850 Turkish site. The president and his wife met Queen Elizabeth II, and national papers 'highlighted' the First Lady's high-heeled shoes.


How so-called sex-education was forced on civilised society:

Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World.

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