Friday, 11 August 2017

Addenda Nineteen.

( nr 381 ) - Three scans of four photographs posted, going down:

1. STS Defence Ltd. (red car by entrance) -
the company name came out very pale on photograps I took.

2. Castle Tavern Pub (also by Gosport Ferry) with a "Tiger" -painted car/taxi opposite.

3. FAREHAM: Two photos on one scan:
Café Tusk  and recently opened Snuffels - dogs' hairdresser/grooming saloon.
[ Mon. 14 Aug. 2017] - I bought 3 Sunday papers yesterday and 'cropped' about two thirds to throw away (which I did immediately). To my surprise I made a mistake and discovered I had a 'throw-away' part in one paper, meaning I disposed of the good/readable part.
I think it had to do with Virginia events report from USA.
Another quirky detail: I saw a word/letter play on a suspect Russian Toy company. The website ... ToyRus.Ru (??) was rendered with capital letters R and U standing out, as if 'close' to acronym for Right Unite ... . Russian Toys were discussed/mentioned on Madeleine McCann forum  years ago.
Posts 218, 245 and 374: 06 17 archive.html (url ??)

Smth. is wrong with the first link to post ( nr 218)  - go to year 2009, Wed. 17 June please.

( 12:30 - second attempt) - another detail: I started this post last Friday not in the Gosport Library main bld., but in the Museum part, where I am now. I was advised last Thurs. by the staff (a young blond lady) to go to the Museum part, as the scanner was 'broken'.
I write this because quite unexpectedly, in the word café - café Tusk ( even now ) letter e came out differently.
I did talk about fonts/ASCI codes and implications, such as de facto creating another file.
Human vs machine intelligence. Stats: Ukraine far ahead of other countries.
Russian Ambassador in America KISLYAK ( born in Moscow to Ukranian parents) served also in Brussels, Belgium and NATO.
Israel EPSTEIN was born in China to Jewish Polish/Russian parents.
[ Thurs. 17 Aug. 2017] - NEWS: ref. Natalie HOLLOWAY vanished in ARUBA in 2005. Now private detective T.J. Ward says ... .
I read the news on the Dutch news website which gave reference to NBC News.
 I did not find the news on NBC News website, and now it seems to have disappeared from .
Was N.H. from Charlottesville?
NB: Dividing people into Black and White is simply not valid, a gross and ridiculous oversimplification. Three cute babies on Obama tweet (?) is also ridiculous - too simple to represent "races". Race is not defined and censored. The 3 'races' happen to coincide with Soviet textbook poster: Mir I Druzhba (Peace and Friendship).
Interestingly official questionnaires in UK ( quite often) mess up so-called ethnicity, geography, nationality, citizenship and skin colour, and I often made my remarks about it.
Race is a biological characteristic, there are dozens of classifications. More than Three Races. Many more ... . And in each group opinions and political stands differ.
PS: There was a Holloway Prison in London for WOMEN.
[ Friday, 18 August] - The theatrics (prof. and S-theatre) this week and Wed. in Fareham (hairdresser's appt. at 2 pm) had some interesting similarities to earlier scripts and costumes. Indicators: Soviet, Jewish, Polish, Israeli, pre-1917, diamond heist actors, bus route Fareham-Portsmouth, Alexandra hospital (old gran wanting to stop the bus), Nat. Express actors, etc.
Mad Women ever active? There was a rather provocative post on RMN (Naomi Wolf?) approx.: "... Now or never! ... Rosa Parks day ....". From a private conversation (ref. Skipton, North Yorkshire):
Evrei zanimayutsa Afrikanskimi semiami.
BROTHER men in Gosport made me wonder if there was more than one group under that name.
My post from 2007:
Strange and seemingly useless flash mob hobby in America as reported online about 20 years ago was a training/rehearsal for riots.
[ Sat. 19 Aug. 2017] - ANDY ( or Andy ) on RMN forum reported HOMOSEXUALS in London on the last Pink (?) Saturday (5 Aug?) displaying GLBT+ signs with letter P for Pedophiles or Pedosexuals added to the acronym. That post ( I searched by subject) and other posts by Andy have disappeared.  I now saw their acronym "renamed" to include Q for Queer, long forgotted name (vs Straight).
 Saw 3 people-characters (ref. participation in theatrics - witting or unwitting): an old man (Ukranian?) from St. Matthews, a Russian/Ukranian (?) of about 30 y.o. who gave impression of a "military" style appearances and the man who sat by the copy machine upstairs in the library. People can have twin brothers, of course, and use make-over and make up.
There was one ....Roman (?) Polansky or his relative (?) among the informal crowd at the  MGU ( Moscow State University) , - Journalism Foreign students (plus) community.
When I collected my Soviet (Foreign) passport in OVIR Moscow, I stopped at (Gruzinski?) market to do shopping and my passport stolen. Smb. telephoned soon after to say they found my passport. So I was glad to have my passport back and pay money as reward/Thank You (not an unusual situation). Thinking back, I suspect KGB/Mossad was involved.
British Commonwealth: In the Hague I was elected to be a Secretary (exact title: Membership and Financial ?) of the Commonwealth Club. Surprisingly, as I was the only non-British member, the link being Unilag - British Commonwealth University. I resigned, when one member suggested I phone British Commonwealth HQ in London and speak to one woman - without giving me any reason to do so. I thought it wasn't done, I was not going to do it.
TV-set "ULTRA Bermuda" model (1960s) is on display in Fareham Museum upstairs. Made in Ruislip, Middlesex.
My post Life, Lies and Crimes:
[ Tue. 22 Aug. 2017] - Epstein + Four WOMEN:

Did find "Andy" on RMN, it's AndiV: 
Criminal PROVOCATION in Charlottesville:


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Addenda Eighteen.

( nr 380 ) Two scans of  My Rewards Chart large glossy chart posted. Bought in Gosport High Street, in Zodiak Discount shop, - next to Catholic St. Mary's Church.
[ Thurs. 20 July, 2017 ] - One of the reasons they (The CABAL) are so afraid of and paranoid about free speech is that it potentially is a "spanner in the works" or sabotage of their MK or NewSpeak technology.
NLP , NVP, NAP, NSP (ref. language, vision, audio, semantics etc). While they push their nonsence on us, what is also very important, perhaps, is that they block, deceive, divert our attention from the obvious.
French General Pierre de Villiers resigns:
MK Ultra Reality Control:
15-min video: Jordan Sather - '7.17 - A Haitian Official ... :
Some online difficulties:
1. A map of St. Judah Ward in Portsmouth is blackened, literally ...
2. Website of British Constitution Org. is 'down'.
3. Melissa Dykes (link above) search result - zero.
[ Friday, 21 July, 2017 ] - Two scans posted: the blackened out St. Jude Ward on Portsmouth map and 2016 May St. Jude Ward elections candidate - Prof. Tony CHAFER of Social Sciences Dept. Portsmouth University.
I attended some of their public/open lectures and seminars, which were highly interesting, around 2006-2010. There was a special research group or section about Jews in Belorussia in ww2.
 Women and uniforms, WW2, a German (by name) EU researcher or reader made his presentation, in which he made some strong statements not to be found in his official booklet, such as a new "European History" was to begin after ww2, etc. Some serious questions were raised about the rationale of POLISH military in Britain during ww2, etc.
I was surprised Tony Chafer gave me a non-verbal negative response to information about LATVIAN homosexual Robert MICHELSON, who sexually abused over hundred young children in Amsterdam nursery. The youngest was 19 days old, boys and girls, although he had preference for boys. British media de-facto was silent about the case. RM was already on police register in Germany and had worked in Kenia as a volunteer in orphanage.
BLAST from the PAST: July 4, 1940:
US politics and security.
Some lingo-cultural notes about Two Russians (from Russia):
Name Rinat Akhmetshin may be Central Asian or Caucasian: Akhmet or Ahmed.
I only heard N. Veselnitskaya speak Russian ( to American journalists?), and
"sidit v telephone" does not sound like Russian being her first language.
ISRAEL: 10 min. video from Really Graceful- reader George- youtube -
1992: KGB Journalist Victor Louis, Dies - The New York Times -
[ Sat. 22 July, 2017 ] - Any comparative statistics ? Boys and Girls births:
 - the article above was difficult to print: "suspended" - new Orwellian message. Another new or recent development is crackling noise interfering with videos ( sound), pretty much like radio jamming.
That RUSSIAN (?)  woman lawyer N. Veselnitskaya may have links with NATASHA KUHRT and other RUSSIAN or ex-SOVIET women in King's College London, UK.
Some are from Central Asia - names and behaviour. More next week.
I also remembered now who N.V. ( on some photos I have just seen )  vaguely reminds me of. My ex Victor Udom had a friend in Moscow - Chakovskaya (first name ? ...) who married an Armenian man and had a young daughter. We later heard that she died in a car accident.
By the way Moscow University foreign students of JOURNALISM were .... bothered for want of a better word by Victor Louis ( see above).
[ Mon. 24 July, 2017 ] - Computer-generated TEXTS are to be found on a number of websites ( that are prolific and sip into newspapaers ) , which are un-realistically PRO-RUSSIAN and aggressively ANTI-AMERICAN. Time to examine the role of BRITAIN now and in historic past.
By the way, at the time of Portsmouth Uni. VC Prof. Craven, there was a military training for BRUNEI people - horrid lot, unless there was an Israeli presence, as I remember.
The Sorcha Faal and Company fall into that category. I remember years ago (when I wrote on Expatica) I had a strong feeling that people running What-Does-It-Mean website (there were constant ref. to it) were very 'close' - in Gosport, Hants, UK.
 The site is registered in CANADA, just like Henry Makow's website.
Who called Canadian Indians (pretty much like American Indians) First Nation(s) ?
Another lingo-crime.
There was a visiting team from Riga University and visitors from  St. Petersburg with Prof. Ton Ellermeyer ( at Physics Teacher training Dept.)
  Interest shown in computer simulation micro-plates which were developed there for simulation of Physics Experiments.
Photo of Robert Michelson - homosexual from Riga, Latvia ( computer expert) in my post of 11 Dec. 2010:
POLO club, Lagos, Nigeria. A high-rank Nigerian Military Officer:
" I am from a Slave Tribe. The British have promoted me, but my people don't accept it. Etc. "
[ Tue. 25 July, 2017 ] - British Navy ? - Bruce PARRY began his adult life as an officer and Physical Training instructor in the Royal Marines.
He left to become an expedition leader, then worked in the film industry. Home in Ibiza.
Two scans posted - front cover of the book (2007) ISBN: 978-0-718-14918-5 and Contens page listing countries visited: Gabon, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia (3 times), Mongolia, Venezuela, Brazil, Bhutan, Solomon Islands, Russia , Tanzania, Malaysia.
Scan of Robert Michelson police photo added. THANKS to FBI !
Complaints of mothers of abused children were rejected, etc. Only identification of a young boy from child pornography photo by FBI helped to arrest Robert Michelson.
Re-reading "Russians in Belgium" (in Russian) which I bought in University of Leuven. History before 1917 Revolution. ISBN 5-02-009564-8.
[ Wed. 26 July, 2017] - Mother of an abused boy speaks out to AT5:
Robert Michelson told young boys to undress and touch or sit on each other's genitals.
Tampliers: compare different types of saddles:
The so-called Russian/Pro-Russian websites (Sorcha Faal and Co.) that indicate the text being approx. translation from Russian into English, strangely avoid publishing  the original Russian text ... . What does "Deep State" mean ?
Marie Costa - educated in NIGERIA,
came to England in 1957 to train as a nurse and midwife, joined the Board of Governors of University of Portsmouth in 2006.
Two scans of her entry in the Board of Governors Portsmouth Univ. (on the purple background) from my printout dated 14/11/2013.
[ Thursday, 27 July ] - Nigerian President BUHARI has been away from Nigeria in LONDON, for about 80 (eighty) days for medical reasons.
 Today 7 Governors visited Buhari in Abuja House, London to find out about the nature of his illness. Exclusive VIDEO (1m 1s)  
"7 Governors in London for Buhari" is on the Guardian website:
My posts from 2010, 2016 and 2017:
British Military and Sexual abuse of School Children - CADETS were 150 years in 2010.
Parents and children were advised NOT to make reports to Police:
Ref. BBC Panorama documentary.
[ Sat. 29 July, 2017 ] - OGUGUA is the middle name of Marie Costa: Marie Ogugua Costa. I remember there was a Da Silva family in Lagos, but never came across Costa.
A long list of "Nigerian Medics" includes Soviet/Communist trained doctors and nurses.
GPS does not work Under Ground. South Limburg:
Persistent 'sabotage' of printing articles: about Debbie  Wasserman-Schultz, and "California uses dogs to sniff ..." - all recent from RMN forum.
Col. Ernest FORTUNE: mysterious British commander who handed British soldiers to the Germans in WW2 (ended in AUSWITZ camp) . Story told ( first hand) by WW2 veteran Griffiths from Stubbington, former neighbour of my daughter. I wrote about it on this website.
Yesterday I noticed that a story about FORTUNE hospital in Gosport (Laes Lane?)  disappeared from the interior 'decoration' of E2 bus (Eclipse, Fareham-Gosport). "Pirates, rebels and traitors ... American Civil War, etc." Years in 1700 and later. I wondered about some word play with 'pirates' only a couple of days ago. Ref. Gosport Society.
Dogs to sniff out ... Soy-free eggs...:
Cold War, Moscow, USSR: foreign students in Patrice Lumumba University, Moscow State University, Academies - Frunze (military) and Timiriazev (agriculture) as I remember.
I was surprised Nigeria imported Chicken Feed from abroad. I was told it made hens lay eggs without male presence. There was also some experimental soya work in International Inst. of Agriculture (UN ?) in Ibadan. Recent visit to Victoria Park in Portsmouth: the happy family of Cock and Hens laying eggs in a small 'house' disappeared. I saw a miserable  and sick-looking cock placed in a cage with ... rabbits and guinea-pigs. In North Yorkshire a pond with ducks was turned into a horror theatre: the only female with ducklings was attacked by numerous male ducks. One chick less every day ... . Must be part of "Princeton experiment":

WOMEN getting away with murder and many other things ...
I asked a non-question a few months ago: Are we to choose between Jews and Homosexuals?

I remember the RMN forum went rather quiet after Barak Obama 'fired' a number (how many?) of Jews from his cabinet, as he was under great pressure or 'orders' from them to appoint/promote people from their lists.
Dismissed with immediate effect (In Dutch: ontslag op staande foot). RMN user(s) later posted fake news about Obama being impossible to work with, thus people leaving his government en masse. Interestingly, JEWISH WOMEN escaped his wrath.
 Jewish culture is matriarchal: women rule over men, control them.
What about Michelle Obama? ...
[ Mon. 31 July, 2017 ] - Topics and questions this last weekend:

1. Are Royal Marines manipulated and exploited in a similar fashion to Ireland?
    They were given Freedom of Charter (?) - freedom to buy land, etc.
2. Are some people collecting passports, land, property, mining rights? ...
3. Is  Albion a secret manipulator of current international events ?
4. Polish and Hungarian Mafia? Ref. two people on Gosport Ferry: We are NATO - Hungary. Badge Tiger-Tiger and "Up-Close-and Personal" on a yellow ribbon, which they quickly removed.
Found out only today that there was an article about Portsmouth clubs Tiger Tiger and Prysm in The News by Ben Fishwick (Wed. 5 July, 2017). Polish, Polish and Polish today ... I may still have Grazhina (sp?) and Aart Hunenstein's address in Groningen (to forward). Diana's friend Pat Lowe has Polish daughter in law and one of her sons works as a psychologist in UK prison.
More tomorrow.
Former DUTCH Police Boss Gerard Bouman died in US during vacation:
[ Tue. 1 April, 2017] - Jamming of sound on Debbie-Gate video ( 1and 1/2 min):
- Imran Awan had access to EVERY member of Congress - SOLD SECRETS to Foreign Agents.
I recently wrote about Hungarian names having Surname first, before the First (Christian) name. Thus SOROS George, not George Soros (in Hungarian style).
I definetily saw 'Emmanuel Udom'  years ago. Surprising to see only recently 'Udom Emmanuel' in contrast (?) with names of other Nigerian State Governors.
[ Wed. 2 August, 2017 ] - Difficult to log in to Hotmail. Shall send a postcard.
Three photo scans posted on my website Spot-a-Gosport:
"Polish-Polish" theatrics (S-theatre) this Monday in Portsmouth had a surprising twist on Commercial Road near WHSMITH and Boots as I walked past: I saw a quarter profile of a look-alike of a British Tory polititian (Cabinet Minister in M. Thatcher gov. ?), on my left-across-forward.
AI breaking point? ... .
Football Clubs contracts: " ... club's decision not to sell him this summer ... " - ref. Virgil van Dijk case. Who and when drafted those contracts? Law Society approved?
Philip and Nicola Cookson of Beech Grove Alverstoke in Gosport were the first to ask me if I knew Russian woman IRINA, adding a recommendation to get to know her.
Nicola attends Alverstoke St.Mary church, but Philip one Sunday by the Gosport Ferry told me he was on his way to his Church, - The Real thing (old, original) as he put it, - in a private residence.
[ Friday 4 August, 2017 ] - STS Defence Ltd.
A "woman" - the one in black, smoking went into the reception entrance - today: read update on
Moscow - USSR: foreign students also in MEDICAL Institutes ( 1st and 2nd ) and 2CHEMISTRY Institutes. One was called Institute Tonkih Himicheskih Tehnologiy - ref. to (strange name at the time) possibly to homeopathy, nano-tech. or so-called smart materials. My guess.
From ADDENDA (2 pages) in my Oxford Dictionary of 1980 reprint of 1976 Sixth edition:

1. child. ~ benefit, State benefit replacing family allowance.
2. gay. -homosexual.
3. holocaust. (Esp., H~) w.ref. to mass murder of Jews by Nazis 1939-45.
4. paedo-, *pedo-, ~phile, -person displaying paedophilia.
5. Rastafarian ... (Member) of a Jamaican sect regarding Blacks  as a chosen people. [f. Ras Tafari, title of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia d. 1975, venerated by the sect as a god, ..
6. sex. 1. Hence ~ism, prejudice or discrimination against people (esp. women) because of their sex; ~ist (2) n.
7. snake. 1. the ~, system of interconnected exchange rates for currencies of E.E.C.  countries.
8. tranny n. Transistor radio ...

PS: Ethiopia having historic links to USSR ( Tech-Mafia) and pre 1917 LIBERALS. 
GOSPORT: "Jamaica 1975 Cottage" in Jamaica Place (Street).
Reverse or dyslexic reading of 75 is 57.
[ Sat. 5 Aug. 2017] - Not sure about "number" of Chemistry Institutes in Moscow ( Institutes renamed Universities). The mother of Leonid Timochouk worked in NII (Sc. Res. Institute) of Information... (computer?) Systems smth.
I remember reading in Moscow paper about Belgian Royal(s) visiting Aircraft Plant (Aviatsionny Zavod) where his father worked.
2002 : Commonwealth Secretariat (British of 1966 Act) has two offices in London.
C. Secretary-General : His Excellency Rt. Hon. Donald McKinnon. m. Clare de Lore.
European Telecomm. Satellite Org. (Paris Office) has one name:
Mrs. Birgitta. Naslund. Exec. Secretary. (2 dots seem like typing error).



Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Addenda Seventeen.

( nr 379 ) - ULTRA:
I bought yesterday (in the Tourist Info shop by Gosport Ferry) a book "Memories of Ultra" by Geoff O'Neall and Mick Laming (no ISBN) first published in 2014 by Chaplin Books (1 Eliza Place, Gosport PO12 4UN tel: 023 - 9252 9020). Scan of half fron cover posted.
Ultra: RADIO and TELEVISION plant - opened its first factory in Gosport in 1955 (which closed in 1992).
1987: Ferguson brand was sold off to French company Thomson (under pressure from Japanese competition).
A man (Chris) who worked in Ultra factory in Gosport, owns a (Retro) radio and television shop ( run by his son James).
C & S ELECTRONICS  & RETRO TECHNICAL CENTRE (50 years experience) at 67, Stoke Road, Gosport. They work online and also open to visitors, especially on Saturdays. VHS- dvd conversion, etc. They have Soviet Zenit radio and one Soviet-made Rigonda.
My posts from 2010:
and 2011:
Early 1986: The British Council conference in London University (KQC - King's Queen's Chelsey plus Institute of Education ) was called "Training of Science Teachers Trainers".
Total disappointment for many of participants. We were asked to make reports/accounts of systems of education and teacher training in respective countries. Organizers told us they would learn from us,
Their research projects in Physics Education notably incl. Intuitive Physics, Misconceptions in Physics, etc.
Train-the-Trainer: UK trains over 5000 Ukrainian military:
[ Wed. 12 July, 2017] - Abnormal heat subsided ... .
Five scans from " Memories of ULTRA "on green background posted: pages 54, 64, 82, 83 and 84.
On Saturday there was a green double-dekker bus "Gosport Ferry" on display outside Gosport Library ( 1944-1950 ?). When I told the man (bus driver) that bus conductors should have never been 'removed' from buses, as drivers needed to concentrate on driving, the man responded as follows: Oh, yes, it was nice to be chatting to the woman (conductor), as it was otherwise quite lonely in the drivers cabin.
[ Thurs. 13 July, 2017 ] - Added another scan of the .... distant look-alike of Vladimir Putin - from page 83 (VIP Norman Townsend).
Too many look-alikes about town of Gosport: KGB chief Kruichkov, General Lebed, etc. All in the vicinity of Naval Medical Laboratories.
[Friday 14 July, 2017 ] - I remember Raphael COHN vigorously defended  the traffic crossing/lights  arrangement in Gosport, which I criticised, - the one between Liddle and Samaritans (?) house. Today I had a chat with the so-called LollyPop lady at the road crossing near Spring Garden Hotel. Her UNIFORM (yes, another woman in uniform) in bright yellow and orange has two logos: Hampshire County Council (has close links with other Counties: Lancashire, Yorkshire, etc.) in front and THINK logo at her back. I asked her if Think was a charity. She told me it is a sign/message for the drivers to stop.
NewSpeak coincidence? Some controversy and scandals in Holland associated with DENK party and their people. Denk is Dutch for Think. American tourist remembered Gosport as TURK-Town.
American Naval wife Kay GRIGGS: They take sons of the Generals (real leaders, rulers, honest people) and turn them. Take children from their parents .... . A bright Engineering student (the son of Alhaji Mutallab of UBA in Nigeria) is in prison: brain-washed, scandalised, by CIA-MOSSAD direct involvement.
An old (!) metal lattice in the road (for water drainage) just at the crossing between Gosport MASONIC Hall and (formally) St. Matthew Church has number BS 497. The 'slits' are about 30 cm long and ....6 cm wide ! Wide enough for a small foot to get into.
Leonid Timochouk told me he had a Jewish aunt, when we wondered into Jewish Quarters in PARIS.
A young blond Jewish boy in traditional attire was watching us.
Moscow Railways University (Moscovskiy Institut Zheleznodorozhnogo Transporta ?) was known in Soviet times as Jewish. Any history there? Apparently Leonid had very good Mathematics and Computer Science teachers (ru: prepodavateli).
POLICE - Women in Uniform: Cressida Dick promoted by Amber Rudd.
Local: RUDD, Surgeon Rear-Admiral Eric Thomas Sutherland. C.B.E. 1954.  Medical Officer - in - Charge, Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar.
Portsmouth; Hon. Surgeon to the Queen since 1955, etc.
ZENITH - radio and television and .... COMPUTERS, SPACE technology.
Can't find info in Russian on Wikipedia.
Post ( nr 365 ) -

[ Mon. 17 July, 2017 ] - Waitrose supermarket in Gosport this morning 09:13. Just an inkling ... The woman opposite and my cashier ( a young blond man ) .... Links to Uzbekistan, Kazarstan ... ? That look in her eyes ... .
Reminded me about the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan. Forgot his name. The MI5-6 and torture camps.
ASDA supermarket yesterday: I think they 'lost' it. Gosport 'family': man (did he remove his earring?), woman and child.  Staff Paul and manager David, who had two military badges and a torn ear. Time about 12:44 - 12:47.
I am in the Fareham library now and my comp. 21 has white arrows ( on the right)  painted wrong way round: all four directions. The staff does not know/has not noticed this before.
Just another way to 'sabotage' systems ?
Child Sex Abuse Inquiry. "Rudd &May pay rule flout" by Matt Dathan: " THERESA May and Amber Rudd broke rules by handing six-figure salaries to figures on the child sex abuse inquiry, it emerged yesterday." - Sun, Sat. 15 July, 2017.
ZENIT TV- sets were produced in Moscow plant (so-called Pochtovy Yaschik, - P.O.Box enterprise ), where my father worked. Not far, there was an aviation plant, where Leonid Timochouk's father worked. Small world.
[ Tue. 18 July, 2017 ] - Just posted 3 scans on a dark green background:
1.  May-Rudd-illegal-payments to members of child sex abuse inquiry ... Sun Article.
2. Two Rudd entries in 1958 Who is Who: c/o Lloyds Bank in Gosport given as Address; Another address: H.M.'s Supreme Court, Nairobi, Kenia.
ANGLO-SOVIET Lloyds Shipping INSURANCE ? ...
The key-board defect I wrote about yesterday echoes my earlier stories: Dutch sudents' prank with calculators and my 'discovery' of possible fake forum users ref. fonts and registrations in computer programmes.
By the way, what I wrote about cash vs bank transactions does not mean cash is bad per se.
The so-called digital/internet banking is potential disaster. Total disaster considering present HR and management. Any high-tech development simply should never destroy/exclude low-tech and human sense base.
Disappointed in not finding "UZBEK" comments by Craig Murray about anthropological and psychological issues of RUSSIAN lawyer Veselovskaya and lobbyist/spy ... What's His name?
Printer stalls half-way as I try to print recent posts by CM (as from Dr Who). Did I see ...smth THINK ? After BIG society nonsense ? ...
Serious questions about Middletons and British Royal Family. Possible links between Winchester Jewry Street incident and two ASDA Gosport incidents.
KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA.  Plus MI5, MI6 "partners".

Monday, 3 July 2017

Addenda Sixteen.

( nr 378 ) - "Prisoners in Java" scan posted,  ISBN: 978-0-9547228-8-3.
 [ Java  FEPOW 1942 Club 2007 Reprinted 2012 ] - 326 pages.
CASH nonsense:
 Even major newspapers incl. FT substitute word MONEY with CASH.
CRIMINALS love CASH as it is anonymous, unlike legitimate BANK transaction, which registers who pays whom and for what. Bank account holders ( private - business - org. ) have their identities and backgrounds on record and checked.
If cash is 'propagandised' as good money, criminals will have no need for money-laundering.
And of course, money/funds have been for years a superficial answer and panacea to all problems: we need more money, etc.
A list of (Dead) STAR WAR scientists is on TEXTFILES.COM
Another list is on RENSE.COM.
Yesterday as I looked through the list of Marconi Scientists Mystery ( 1980's plus): and marked yearly distribution, I noticed a peak in 1987.
Belgian (?) website Bende van Nijvel
has THREE periods on their tijdlijn (timeline) in atlas (site map) with the 1980-1989 period missing: 404 Error ... Page Not Found:
[ Wed. 5 July, 2017 ] - English verb come - all meanings and usages (whole page) in
The OXFORD dictionary (sixth edition) does not have "come out" as homosexuals use it:
" ~ out, go on strike, emerge from examination etc. with specified result, emerge from clouds, be revealed, declare oneself ( for or against ), be satisfactorily visible in photograph, be solved, become covered in (rash etc.), be published ( comes out on Saturdays ), make debut on stage or in society;
 ~ out with, utter; ......"
[ Thurs. 6 July, 2017 ] - Words Traffic/Road Accident are now called .... CRASH.
 Gosport: "CRASH" happened on Stoke Road Sat. 17 June 2017 at 23:47.
CRASH- financial and/stock exchange is what they don't want us to remember?
Year 1987 - crash of financial markets (those markets ...) surely "changed people's lives".
King's College London: emergency staff meeting was called in May 1987.
In 1986-1987 I was at KQC as an Honorary Research Fellow -  by invitation for my sabbatical from University of Lagos, Nigeria.
My general impression was that the "Ivory Tower" was under siege. There was a shocking "dumbing down" situation, which at first I ascribed to Cultural differences. A Romanian physicist from Strand (Ross?) told me he was also often accused of "complicating or making things difficult" whenever he had questions or criticisms. What my Nigerian undergraduates did not consider difficult, was judged too difficult for postgraduate level. The Dept. of Philosophy and Logic of Science was closing down (ref. Prof. Hans Post).
The refrain about PM Margaret Thatcher was: She is selling the country to the dogs. I did not ask who the dogs were.
 At the staff meeting we heard, that basic University funding was cut by a ...whooping 20 or 25 per cent. Many lecturers with tenure would have to retire early, etc. Immediately (!) smb. proposed a solution to financial/funding crisis: to introduce study fees for private students from overseas, whose rich parents would be only too happy to pay. The proposal was accepted and a search team was to make an international tour.
ABF event team (military) in ASDA supermarket made me wonder what the matter was.
 They seemed upset or nervous about smth.
Sgt. Delin wants to pass printout with image/videos of Brian Gerrish to their Press Officer. I look forward to hearing from them.
ABF stands for Army Benevolent Fund (as from 1944-1946).
FT today: The London CITY banks want a special "digital visas" (ref. Brexit).
So, after slaughter/suicides of BRITISH defence engineers, SDI and computer scientists ... foreigners are wanted ... to keep standards or smth.
Actually, the question arises about who stepped into the "shoes" of dead Star War Scientists ?
Some innocent or unwitting people might have become elements in a grand conspiracy. Did they fare any better than their predecessors?
By the way, Nigerian Military Government(s) as I remember introduced a clause in business contracts with foreigners (who had to be employed)  that by the end of their contract local workforce would be trained to replace them.
[ Friday, 7 July, 2017 ] - Wrong- upon wrong- upon wrong: Un-merry Go-round ... .
Could veritable mess/sabotage/panic about Brexit (engineered) be in part due to that SPECIAL arrangement UK (Margaret Thatcher?) made to pay less to EU? If some "new" contract was signed without a clause about stopping that contract - a must for any contract.
  For example, in Dutch banking an authorisation to make automatic/periodic payments from the account has (on the same form) the counter-instruction to stop payments ( with immediate effect) - terugtrekking machtiging.
The DUMBING - down (down and out) through so-called simplification (or popularisation) was done a few years ago at a JOBCENTRE+ training seminar in Basingstoke (for mature professional "job seekers"). The woman trainer, citing her father in sales recommended  that the language should be simple enough for a 9 year-old to understand. Example for smb. doing marketing: "He talks to people and sells things". Would fit a drug/porn distributer. He/she, Thug and Hooker Team would be happy to blend in, to be seen as doing business, as professionals. Plenty female pimps and male hookers.
My post Addenda Fourteen:

British Council - King's College London 1986 ( March?) conference photo at the bottom of:

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Mylene de la HAYE.

( nr 377 ) - Mylene de la Haye, whom I misnamed as Maylene, is a Dutch investigative journalist, singer and writer. On her website in Holland ( she posted her solo singing with male musicians group and smth. very important: her report about British Air Show (in Newcastle?) - the story with photographs taken there.
 One was a group photo of Dutch/British pilots where she is held horizontally by the men in front row, another - a group of children ( boys about 8 years old, blond. blue eyes) who were there to take autographs from ....
men like F-16 pilot captain Chris VANEKER.
The scan on a yellow background is from 28 April 2011 about " F-16 pilot KGB spy! " by Charles Sanders.
Captain Vaneker was arrested in the Hague on 17 march 2011. The KGB in Belorussia did not change its name to FSB. Air-base VOLKEL, escadron 313, doing business with a resident of Belorussia, A. Lukashenko, S. Sukarenka (in Dutch: Stsyapan Soekjarenka), Gadaffi, etc.
When I wrote KGB=Mossad=Mafia I used KGB as a collective name for Soviet/Communist security agencies: FSB, SVR, GRU, NKVD, etc. plus agencies of Communist Block countries, which admitted only recently to have been under KGB control. Still controlled by KGB, Mossad, Mafia?
Yobos ... Nice boys ...

Ex-PM David Cameron had an awful experience of being spat at by a teenager.
Two teenage boys in Gosport Library (were they Russian ?) spat furiously in a lift on a 1-2-3 buttons the moment I stepped in and they ran out. The library staff refused to identify them or follow it up.
A man (father, trainer?) seemed to have been there with them. Next time when I came out of the lift they sat facing the lift as if challenging/ appealing to me.
It all happened shortly after I wrote online in RUSSIAN about severely abused and damaged Russian children. I used English letters to transcribe the text.
Portsmouth Football - POMPEY.
 British "footbalers" ?
They should keep their hands off Young Talent.
Today Mark Catlin (looks like a Russian/Ukranian) in our local paper declares plans ... etc.
By the way, Michael Eisner (does not look Russian, looks Jewish) reminded me of a photo of Chelmsford MP, who stepped down recently.
The horror of mass abuse (sexual, physical, psychological) of young footballers is made worse by
a stalemate in investigations.
So-called WOMEN and CRIME.
[ Sat. 17 June, 2017 ] - CHILDREN of Chernobyl and CHILDREN of Beslan are based in GOSPORT. Thus generations of ... refugees, child refugees.
KGB Lebedev ( i - paper) thinks it a good idea to publish article about NAOMI  KLEIN's rubbish about Corbyn vs May. How ugly she looks !
I went to Amsterdam years ago to hear Naomi Klein (No Logo fame), not knowing she was a LESBIAN . I quickly noticed that there were hienious (sp.?) women in the audience.
Another woman (British or American) who raised questions about children, was ignored.
By the way, I haven't seen tortoise figurines in Charity shops of recent. KGB Evg. Skoblikov collected them. Well, he said his father was a KGB. He said 'my sotrudnichaem' about Dutch secret services. He was surprised to have people coming forward to work for KGB without any effort to recruit them. I heard term experimental psychosis * from him for the first time.
He often used to say: Ya - Russki Muzhik!. Skoblikov talked about his underaged daughter working as 'a model' in Paris (he had a Dutch wife), getting some inheritance (in France?) and prostitution being a legit. occupation. He also talked about WORK and EMPLOYMENT: the only chance/possibility of work was in 'silovye structury' - police, military, etc.
Satanic MIND (+body) control includes NLP or NewSpeak. I remember reading about American attorney (?) with Italian name, who proposed removing the word MAFIA from legislation, because according to him MAFIA did not exist any more.
The MK is affecting people globally, 'thanks' to High-Tech.
There were psychotic reactions to my speaking about Latvian Pedo Michelson (years ago), the first being a woman who worked in Fareham library. I stood just outside, and she ran out, saying I should not use the word paedophile, as 'people get very upset'.
The post about American Police women (? - why were their faces blurred?) reminded me about excursion/tour on board HMS Victory, where a woman guide (naval uniform) scared a group of children - blood drained from their faces. NLP psychopath programming.
False executions and torture ? Psychopaths at work.
* I remembered now - Skoblikov (ref. Delft TU) said: Experimental NEUROSIS (nevros). That was his response to my phone call and I think he was smiling at the other end of telephone line. I had a troubling experience at KTI ( Mann subsidiary?) in Zoetermere of a Dutch manager (HR) walking into my office to say Russian woman (there were two at the time) took out a gun/pistol from her bag to coerce him to extend her contract. I was in turmoil, as I felt I was expected (?)  to deal with her. What was expected of me? The answer was: Razoruzhit ! (to go and disarm her). I definitely had friction with her already and she was not 'under my command'. She was incompetent, provincial and came free-lance (?) as a CAD (computer aided design) engineer (?).
And a couple of years ago here in UK I came upon the photo of the other (younger Russian, with Dutch husband) as a manager at KTI in Zoetermere. Librarian at Portsmouth Central Library (a young jew, who made me think about Fishman family in Kazan) while looking through my print jobs (they do that in Portsmouth) got excited and angry and told me that I did not need that website page print (Why?! You don't need that! Smth about the website being ..etc.)
[ Mon. 19 June, 2017] - My KTI work was via agency in Mariahoeve Winkel Centrum and was very different (ref. Management) from ABB Lummus experience. KTI, if I remember correctly, was a subsidiary of German Mannesmann, and not Mann as I wrote above. Mann is linked to David A. Larsen case (torture with remote control). Also 'experimental' came up later when I read about Soviet Psychiatric hospital, which was closed to foreign visitors.
[ Tue. 20 June, 2017 ] - What I did not say or elaborate on today:
1. From foreign tourists appearances: it seems French/American/etc. men of middle age (and higher) wear clothes of a more decent/dignified design than here. We almost got used to 'fashion' that makes both women and men ... ugly and socially degraded.

2. Two days ago on Saturday, there were some interesting ... SPANISH (?) tourists or visitors in Gosport. Did not hear Spanish spoken, but there was that Latin temperament and theatre.
NHS medical mafia? Cuban links? They turned their faces away. 
The JFK or  John and Robert Kennedy murderers linked to (KGB=MOSSAD=Mafia ):
Belorussia, Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, Moscow, Communist (Warsaw Block) countries.

3. Otto Frederick Warmbier died in Cincinnati, Ohio hospital.
German Wikipedia entry gives not only German translation of Otto's plea, but the original text in English. Onuora Nwuneli  (ref. Lynn Nwuneli and children) went to Korea (North or South?) as an American or International student. Told us about the horror of Korean transvestite prostitutes who tried to break into their hotel suit/room.

4. End of 2001: International POLICE conference in (SOUTH) KOREA where some high-tech MKultra  tools and methods were advertised. To be used against (would-be) criminals?
Used against police and children, of course. Link to Ch.4/Tim Rifat article somewhere.
European HEAT WAVE ? - It's OK as long as we are not 'microwaved' .... .
Another Dutch journalist and cameraman in trouble:
[ Wed. 21 June, 2017 ] -
17 Photos:
Radio frequencies used for torture with remote control.
WHO are those CIA contractors ? -
High-Tech in the hands of Big Criminals.
German website Microwave Terror -
Parents (!) of Otto Warmbier request that NO AUTOPSY is carried out on the body of their late son:
[ Thurs. 22 June, 2017] - Some 'trouble' with online translations (incl. Russian) and etymologies.
CINCINNATI ... ??? - no explanation.
University of Portsmouth: The Head of Dept. of MUSIC studied in Cincinnati - I checked after he suggested I sent my questions by e-mail (no time to meet).
It was about the date of 6 May 2012 and his somewhat ... artistically Proletarian mode of dress during a concert in Trinity Church Gosport. Former VC Prof Craven and some Georgian/Jewish (?) countess was there.
Grandiose THEATRICS ( incl. vandalism) on that day in Gosport. Trinity Church in Gosport has a STAR of DAVID instead of a CROSS on top. 'Dutch' musicians, ICONOCLASTIC anti-Christian theatre, OLD ORGAN was not restored as planned.
Dutch politician Pim Fortuin (sp?) was assassinated 6 May 2002. He was Jewish and openly homosexual. He advocated radical change in relations between men, women and children.
Sunday 6 May, 2012 was also Second Jewish Passover. The Head of Music ( a young man) told me there was no significance in the date, etc.
"It's a Wonderful Life " American film was 'edited' in a jubileum brochure enclosed with a VHS. There text contained 'revision(-ist)' and the face of the honest banker strangely looked like .... Roman Abramovich. There is a post and a scan on this website. Romanian Gen. Pacepa mentiones Pig Farms built by Israel in Romania.
 David Cohn's face lit up with joy (very expressive character ...) when I mentioned ( during visit to Bradley village in North Yorkshire) smoked sausages imported from Israel sold in a supermarket in Arbat in Moscow ( a new development). He is a staunch supporter of Conservative Party in UK. He also tried there and then to extract a pro-Putin commitment, as I tried to be evasive/diplomatic.
A scan posted on a bright green background: - the website of Dutch journalist Maylene de la Haye
 "... is parked for FREE, courtesy of "
[ 23 June, 2017] - Elena Timina - her contract in Holland ends 1 July and is NOT extended:

[ 27 June, 2017] - Turkey, Israel and Russia ( KGB=MOSSAD= MOB)
were involved in CHILD trafficking organized crime ran by men and WOMEN - the Woman Mafia boss was a middle-aged Russian woman in a Wheelchair . Early nineties. They also did DRUGS.
There was a Dutch TV doc. about a young Pole, who, while thinking he was a 'drug mule', actually was used to carry radioactive materials. He lifted his shirt to show extensive erosion. He was dying and decided to speak out.
I shall scan and post pictures I took yesterday ( ref. Parker Torrington Ltd ) of a very suspect arrangement: fire without 'barbecure' plus huge screen ( with text) plus big wet wooden blocks in a Morrisons trolley). Fire Safety inspection sheet (gray A4) disappeared from the notice board the day Grenfell Flats went on fire in London.
CANADA: Jewish doctor from Moscow Institute of Space Medicine Dr. Galina Edwardovna Ismailovskaya ( KGB Russian husband, two daughters) talked about visiting (Russian speaking) couple in Canada.  She was disappointed not to have been invited by an Armenian woman in the Hague ( photo somewhere by a WW2 monument to Russian POWs). She also said her father 'disappeared' at the end of WW2.
They control both/all sides.
They do everything for more than one reason.
High-Tech fire plus screen/app may be a beacon or signal communications with sats.
[ Wed. 28 June, 2017 ] - Fire Safety ? Playing fool/mental ?
Four scans of five photos posted.
Bob from flat 22 downstairs told me that he did not go to see/identify the body of his son, who committed suicide; his ex-wife did. He also went to FAREHAM for some kind of "dealing with death" help.
Spoke to a blond Russian woman this morning downstairs in the library. The one who spoke to me near Gosport Ferry while having her leg in a cast, which made me remember Natalia Abramovna (Leonid's mother), whom I spoke to on the phone only (she had her leg in a cast).
[ Friday 30 June, 2017] - The blond Russian woman (shall I 'denote' her BRw ?) was all smiles as I entered the library.
She addressed me by name at the Gosport Ferry (Galina! What are we going to do?!).
Russian+Military conjecture on my part remained un-answered, she literally 'ran off''.
And, of course, as American Naval wife KAY GRIGGS says in her video,
 They Were Never Enemies with the Soviets.
By the way, JFK acronym omits assassination of ROBERT KENNEDY.
The 'younger version' of Onuora Nwuneli yesterday in the Gosport Library (comp. opposite mine) was definitely an ..... assignement for women by .... Jewish women in US and Russia (?).
Nigerian women associates? ...
UNILAG :Onuora Nwuneli once came back home to tell us a story: journalism students (boys and girls) decided to get exam QandA ( questions and answers) by sending a girl who upon entering Onuora's office ... took off her blouse.
Text - Words - Pictures: global high-tech spreads Mind-Control and 'makes mistakes' - people come up with words and concepts that are clearly "machined" and were used before (historically). Writers and their nationality can be traced. Shall give examples later. Absolutely wrong kind of people have interest in gifted children.


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Addenda Fifteen.

( nr 376 ) - Trump's Lawyers Kremlin Connections by CGI's Christ:

Jared's Russian Banker - FSB:

Soviet jargon: words French and Lawyer ( ru: On frantsuz/yourist) were used as metaphor/code for Jew/Jewish.
August 2002:
 Manchester - Cambridge - Military Base - Sadistic crimes against
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman -     
My post ( nr 293 ) -
[ Thurs. 1 June, 2017] - NO REPLY from Natasha KUHRT (Dept. of War Studies, KCL) -
[ Friday, 2 June, 2017] -
[ Monday, 5 June, 2017] - Four Arab lands break dipl. rel. with their neighbour:

The grandson of David Rockefeller is Jacob Greenberg aka Mark Zuckerberg:

Another 'Debbie'? - read about Debbie Wasserman Schultz:
[ Tue. 6 June, 2017 ] - Women getting away with murder ? ...

London Bridge HOAX - POLICE caught (2 videos):
So, there is even a Women's Equality Party in UK? How disgusting.
ENERGY is LIFE. The Law of Conservation and Transformation of Energy is taken off school/university curricula. I was surprised when Leonid Timochouk asked me about Open vs. Closed Systems .
So-called PRIVATISATION should have never been allowed in respect of NATURAL resources: oil, gas, water, uranium, as well as the MILITARY and SECURITY sectors.
So-called Zero Hours Contract is travesty and humiliation in one. Who invented it ?
Two posts from last year:
[ Wed. 7 June, 2017 ] - Just spoke to a man, who brought smb.'s CV to me, thinking I left on top of the printing machine (under the top cover). I told him the story of a RAF (British Royal Air Force) document having been planted on  me years ago. He said he remembers the old copy machine with a central bay. The man looks familiar to me, but I can't remember where/when I saw him.
Torture with Remote Control - ref. DAVID A. LARSON from California:
When his site was 'hacked', a Japanese (?) website in its place had some Russian words in its WHO-IS text. New site about his case I saw recently mentions only 2(?) out of four names. The text/style was like topical info from RU.NET years ago.
Soviet, Chinese, Albanian, Yougoslav, Chechoslovak, etc. :
Nelson and Lloyds ? -
The auto-reply (acknowledgement) from NRC Dutch paper to my e-mail has two curious details: the name of the tech.staff (?) - name of Slovene politician (shall check) on whose bio online there is a Rodina (Russian for Motherland) as if superimposed online (in different font). Rodina/Ordina mentioned in the post above. RMN ( forum) is similar to RNM - remote neuro monitoring.
Online info ( tomorrow: CBS - Comey- ....) does not print.
[ Friday, 9 June, 2017] - Our local paper The News has no Election results of yesterday this morning, not yet.
 Labour Party on ENERGY: Gradually take energy back into public ownership by legislating etc.
     The scanner is not working, but I have the NRC e-mail, it is from Stefan Stasko, Medewerker Klantenservice NRC Media ( Black and white printout of Wikipedia bio for politician Stefan Stasko looks a bit different from the color version (ref. font above) and it actually seems to 'belong' to:" Rodina - Manzelka - MUDr. Janka Staskova ".
The entry in Eastern European Language SK does not name the country: ... born (*14, marec 1959, Sobrance). May be one family with Stefan Stasko of NRC online (?).
Pity I don't have the NRC paper, perhaps it was not on display: out of sight - out of mind.
The colored (rogue?) horizontal lines of text were seen on British Police websites months ago: I printed them out and may be scanned . I remembered it when smb. on RMN forum wrote about "over-riding frequencies".
[ Sat. 10 June, 2017 ] - Just posted front page results from Sun (of yesterday) and a bit from the NRC auto e-mail reply (see Stefan Stasko). Two bits from Stefan Stasko Wikipedia entry added: note place of birth and Rodina for Janka Staskova.
 The NRC e-mail ( noreply  [at] ) was sent Wed. 31/05/2017  12:46.
Was reminded yet again yesterday about some foreign students at TU Delft (onze Chinese cameraden - Nashi Kitaiskie tovarischi), Slovak students, etc.
 Some time ago my mobile was hacked by a 'source' linked to Ukraine and CHINA.
 Chinese presence in Portsmouth University linked to ISRAEL and RUSSIA (former Communist Block countries).
Again: KGB=Mossad=Mafia (Mob).
350 years ago ... British vs Dutch Navy:
U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence -
A link to Opening Statement ( by James B. Comey on June 8, 2017) there leads to pdf doc:

Thursday, 11 May 2017

May 11 plus.

( nr 375 ) - Today is 11 May 2017. I shall post the link to my post at the Dutch Expatriate forum EXPATICA "Read before MAY 11 - internet safety !"
So, Ten Year anniversary today - posted in 2007 (part from page 6 below).
The date May 11 was simply the end of registration for my old website (in 2006), which I decided not to extend,  plus (or minus) one or two days to cater for time difference for registrant and readers. My user name: "hatser" for Hants/Hampshire. Here is the link to page 6 :

Currently collecting material on MEDICAL MAFIA ( KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA).

Open questions about G. E. Izmailovskaya (and family), Olga Patta (and family), Nigerian Medics (and their families), etc.etc.
[ Mon. 15 May, 2017] - Obstruction of JUSTICE ? (ref. sacking of James Comey - Chief FBI ).

James Comey wants to tell all on Russia - but only in PUBLIC, not behind closed doors. See scan of article on orange paper from Sunday Mirror of yesterday.
Local S-theatre: minutes after I wrote about Medical Mafia (above), a man from 93-95 Stoke Rd. shop walked briskly in front of me and upon entering Waitrose supermarket, said smth. to an African man, who, next time I was there, said 'Hello' or similar to me, which had never happened before. The African man sort of 'replaced' another conspicuous figure in Waitrose: a Jewish man, who looked like a brother of the one in launderette near Domino Pizza.
British media Oopla: ..  NHS should 'Remain Robust' - came from a woman police officer ( head of National Crime agency) who recently appointed another woman police officer CRESSIDA DICK to be head of Metropolitan Police in London. I remember computer specialists complaining in Holland, that faulty software was never 'set right', but reps were supposed to offer customers 'Even Better' new versions.
By the way, smb. on RMN noticed frequent power failures recently. What I wrote about my accidental discovery of 'merged duplicates' in any URL website address happened during PC going off - either power off or 'my time' off. The post then was in only one of the two duplicates ( http:// with or without www). There was helpful time on the printout: hour, minutes and seconds. The IT Hampshire soon after that removed time from the settings and left only date (day). IT Hampshire placed UK gov. websites on .... Chinese server(s).
Very poor and divergent info about current Global Cyber Attack. British Medics have a lot to hide/explain. North Yorkshire NHS has to explain in what capacity one Dr. NEMTSOVA was present in the maternity hospital when my first granddaughter was born, why parents were given a paper to sign for some mysterious Experiments with Blood to be conducted. No copy or documents explaining those experiments. And much more.
[ Wed. 17 May, 2017] -
 New York court case against  Epstein et al
(et al stands for Four WOMEN ): 
the link is at the end in my post "January 2017" via RMN:

Some names and books I 'discussed' yesterday in Gosport Library:
1. Scientific & Medical Network publication "Wider Horizons" (isbn 0953-53330-1) gives Chronology of ( 105) Meetings 1973-1998.
2. ( ref.) Name Lougovoy, C. (with Huisman, D.) in the Dutch book "Public Relations" by A.J. Ruitenburg (1989).
3. In "Mind-Reach" by R. Targ & H. Puthoff (1977) - [isbn 0 586 08288 3] :
Kholodov Y.A., Keeler William W., Kogan I.M., Tyminski Walter, Cox Bonnar(Bart), etc.
Elizabeth DILLING travelled to Soviet Russia in 1931. Published : Red Network, Octopus, The Plot Against Christianity (renamed Jewish Religion), etc. Lists of names and organisations.
Had serious difficulty this morning printing her works (contents pages) from American Archives online.
[ Thurs. 18 May 2017] - First/fleeting impressions sometimes do count. So, I have two points today:

1. Still to read docs about James Comey. Not versed in American legalese, but "most wanted" and "to turn over all materials" seem a diabolical choice of words. Would not be surprised if PR/NLP consultants are behind it. Those behind "remain robust" or "even better", perhaps some people of Cultural Logic consultancy.

2. I wonder about Louise Mensch ... . I take it that there is only one (high profile) Louise Mensch.
MOSSAD ? ... I remember reading years ago about her family matters, her sons, Afro-American musician, a discovery of an identity of an online pest, who turned out to be an old Jew. It was all high drama. Then, having quite forgotten about her, I 'saw' ref. to her 'twit' on the RMN forum,  and the figure of a quarter of a million of her followers. By the way, 'Crystal River' on RMN made a third or forth ( serious) mistake in my opinion. Someone wrote that RMN is run by women. Her [ LM's ? ] wiki bio was updated today and I printed it out to read.
Name Ornstein also came up in "Mind-Reach" book. Shall check.
[ Friday, 19 May, 2017] - amazing show of 'miniscule' dogs on my way back to the library. When I went back home at about 10:30, there was not unfamiliar S-theatre near St. Matthews: 1, 2 .... Number 3: questions about the woman I met downstairs. From upstairs?
Dr. Robert Ornstein is in the "Mind-Reach" book.
There are several versions about president Vladimir Putin's early life in public media. There was an industrialist (?) Putilov in St. Petersburg, ref. Putilovski zavod. This post went off-air first time. This is my second attempt.
[ Sat. 20 May, 2017] - S-theatre, Gosport Theatrics ... When Middletons (parents) for the first time had their photos published in local paper, I exclaimed that a man who spoke to me in front of Gosport Library (who I thought was Russian/ex-Soviet) looked very much like the father, and the mother also looked ex-Soviet (Jewish). Then came Huta-Maki (?) factory in Gosport. Relatives?
Names Litvinenko and Lugovoi (among other 'familiar' names) were in JTEP journal (ref. Physics).
Krieg - German for WAR.
Tania Krieger? German POWs, their children and grandchildren?
Wrote earlier (in Russian):
Inogorodnia suka Tania -
Rachia i sobachia !
[ Mon.22 May, 2017] - the scanner is being used now (a man at comp.terminal 4), so I shall post my scans asap, - today or tomorrow.
 Scans posted of Carol and Michael Middleton, Russel Targ, Harold Puthoff and one page of 1994 article from Journal of Personality and Social Psychology "Evidence for Universality and Cultural Variation of Differential Emotion Response Patterning" (7 major emotions: joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and quilt; research done in 37 countries on 5 continents).
Seth Rich Possibly Killed at the Hospital :
[ Tue. 23 May, 2017] - Just added a scan of the cover page of "Mind-Reach" book.
Time and Space ! Why don't police announce the exact time and location of an incident, such as an explosion in Manchester. Did it happen last night? Useful information may come from people who may not be 'witnesses' in the strict sense.
Just rememberd that Susan Durojaye was from Manchester (?). Saw obituary of her husband Prof. M. Durojaye, who died in West Indies (Barbados?). No info about Susan or the children.
Should write to Pat Oke ref. Holloway Sisters - she might know smth. about the phenomenon.
[ Friday, 26 May, 2017] - Sent a comment to NRC article "Trump gelast onderzoek na lekken foto's 'Manchester' -
[ Sat. 27 May, 2017] - "Russian Ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret channel with Kremlin" - link to Washington Post article (long) in article:
Volkskrant: Dutch Police works 'closely' with Russian FSB: