Thursday, 30 November 2017

Dear Mr. Kennard !

( nr 387 ) - I resort to writing an open letter to Mr Kennard, as my landlady seems unable or indeed intimidated (?) by her husband ( my questions remained unanswered).

1. During arranged visit last February to my appt. 26 at St. Matthews Court, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 1AN to check the new boiler, two men came without showing their ID or any Company/business identification. They opened the front cover of the boiler in the kitchen (I don't know what they did), listened to my complaints, took the tech. inspection register in triplicate and left, saying they would come back. They never came back. There were 3 or 4 coloured copy-pages in that journal, with one previous test/certification.

2. The Consumer Affairs journalist from The News local paper, who comes to Gosport Library every Tuesday morning, told me, that the two men definitely acted illegally, and I have a right to take the matter to Police/Courts. He also told me I needed an independent tech. specialist and (later) the check from the Professional Union (?) of Water and Gas engineers or technicians.

3. On Monday morning, 4 Dec., I am informed, Mr. Kennard shall be in the area " to check all safety aspects of the flat ", etc.
I leave significant details of previous communications out for the time being, but with recent disasters in Britain, such as Grenfell Towers Fire and a Mighty Gas Explosion near Liverpool, INSURANCE FRAUD or "separation of property from owners" come to mind. Communist Agenda.
Tech-Mafia: Oxford, Cambridge, ....
Just posted cards to 3 embassies: French, Spanish and American.
[ Friday, 1 Dec. 2017] - The two crooks/criminals were very "theatric", with overalls of Mr. Kennard painted over to make him look like a hard-working man. The younger one had tel. number on his back, but kept turning round, as I tried to write it down. As I told The News journalist, there were Soviet scenarios: crime and one popular comedy actor look-alike.
When I asked Christina Kennard in my e-mail (of 28 February 2017, 12:02):
" Please let me know the name of the company who sent TWO people 2 weeks ago to check/test the boiler at the appartement I rent from you: 26 St. Matthews Court", her answer was in 4 [corr.]  words only:
It was my husband. Earlier a handwritten note signed Christine Kennard with a handwriting/signature drastically different from the one on the Tenancy Agreement, had the same non-explanation: It was my husband.
Mama Cash post: Scans of photos of  St.Matthews Court ( 21-32 ) building, which is a private residential complex, show the fire/arson incident, Morrisons Supermarket trolley with long wooden burnt branches, American University sweater, woman from flat 24 walking away, photos I took of a high-tech LASER gun fired at me, etc. -
Just posted a scan/copy of my post card to Councellor Graham BURGESS ( on a green background ):

Relevant to the chain of events are my enquiries about identities and backgrounds of COHN family members ( Raphael, Elaine and David) made to Russian and Israeli Ambassadors, which were not answered. Thursday last week (23 Nov.) my youngest granddaughter bust into tears (terrified) while on the phone to Skipton, Yorkshire ( call from Raphael Cohn). I post here (also on green background) a scan of my e-mail of 27/11/2015  12:43 -

[ Sat. 2 Dec. 2017] - Hmm ... Do they know each other ? ...  Ref. Sky News shop at 83 Stoke Rd. Gosport. How ridiculous !
On RACISM among other things:
Tech-Mafia-3. -
[ Tue. 5 Dec. 2017] - Mr. Kennard struck a very ... "theatrical" and comical appearance in Gosport yesterday. Went into the Fox estate agents but refused to enter the Parker and Torrington office.
Declared the purpose of his visit as getting "updated contact details for myself and my daughter" (!), forgetting all about "safety checks". Said many things and contradicted himself. There is a Russian expression: zasvetilsa. Mentioned travel to INDIA.
Parker and Torrington sent an e-mail to CHRISTINE KENNARD ref. Boiler Technical certification.
Found my daughter's e-mail in the JUNK MAIL.
PORTUGAL ? .....  
From a book I bought recently: Portugal is the only country where ALL DRUGS are LEGAL.
UN now has a Portugese head, after Korean Banki Moon.
Dutch Mark Dijsselboom (sp?) in EU is to be replaced by ... a Portugese former minister of Finance ?
Disturbing and scandalous news about British Royal family (Prince William?) advocating legalisation of drugs. Strong Protest and criticism was expressed in The News editorial about a month ago.
5 December 1484 - Pope Innocent VIII issues anti-witchcraft bull:
Summis desiderantes affectibus.
[ Wed. 6 Dec. 2017] - The American Republican Party programme, which went "off air" had a point about Constitutional Right for citizens to bear arms (disappeared) and point for support of Israel, which did not disappear, and turned out to be deadly serious ... .
HOLY LAND Palestine is never mentioned, and Palestinians are often/always Arab Palestinians.
The wife of Dutch PVV "extreme-right" leader Wilders is Jewish/ Israeli Citizen. Very interesting family.
Old posts: 
Tech-Mafia, Tech-Mafia-3, Addenda Fourteen:
[ Thurs. 7 Dec. 2017] - Corr. name (ref. Portugal above): Jeroen Dijsselbloem, and Portugese Mario Centeno. "Portugese" India, Goa, etc.
Wondering about CK: Clinton Kennard Associates in Verwood, DORSET:
Plus fishy sounding Intrinsic Mortgage Planning, Intrinsic Financial Planning ....
And what about Indonesia and South-East Asia ?
Petrovich9 presence in Teknik Forex Terbaik :
Baroness Patricia Scotland, Attorney General, scandalized herself in Baby P case. Her roots are in Dominica and Antigua. Solicitor  Alexander Zivancevic - husband of cleaner Loloahi Tapui :
UN votes 151-6 against ISRAEL: from Jim Stone site quoting
Israel - occupying power, no rights in Jerusalem .... 6 votes are from: US, Canada, Israel, Fed. States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands and Nauru).
LYBIA .... I have a post with pondering over letters LY and Y ( Lyberry Club in Portsmouth, etc).
Youth Zionist org. has letter Y in its logo. English, Russian and Hebrew letter(s) Y.
The sound of Russian letter "bl" ( ref. Soviet Comedy film: Operation bl ) is rendered in English letter Y - i.e. MY (we). Mr. Kennard got a printout of photo of 3 Soviet comedians: Vitsyn, Nikulin and Morgunov. He is the lookalike of Vitsyn.
The Soviet film dramaturg/script-writer Gaidai may have a relative in Switserland - ref. porn placed on US pensioners website (2005?), hacked by Eros company (of Vittorio Gaidai ).
LY plus:
[ Friday 8 Dec. 2017] - YL, LY, Christianity and Islam, etc: Post nr 301 :
[ 9 Dec. 2017] - Yesterday: two Gosport people who have been on the Big Brother "Radar" are: The Blond Russian Woman (BRw or similar acronym of mine), who reminded me about Natalia Abramovna, Leonid Timochouk's mother,  and the man I named Rediskogolovy Gebeshnik (KGB Radish-head), who has been 'associated' with horror S-theatre in Gosport over the years. He was a conspicuous 'provincial' passenger in the Hague CS-Mariahoeve on bus 4 and tram 3, with a 'Soviet' briefcase and a bright (for women) Japanese umbrella.
The ( London) Battersea Dog Charity people exposed themselves and the 'Charity'.

So, the high-tech laser gun (with infra-read sight/sensor) which was fired at me by Michael and
Bob was apparently DOWNGRADED to laser pen ... .

The official line of communication was:

 Cllr G. Burgess ( who talked to Bob) and myself ( briefly ) - Police meeting with Cllr. Burgess, who instructed them to contact me and take my statement ( they did neither) - my talk with Parker & Torrington Office Manager last Monday (ref. Mr. Kennard and missing Boiler cert. book) when 'laser pen' was mentioned. POLICE - Michael LANE ? ...
Russian computer hacker NIKULIN is charged in US by FBI. Soviet Comedy trio: Nikulin-Vitsyn- Morgunov. Nikulin family in Moscow.

[ Mon. 11 Dec. 2017 ] - My Hotmail, Lingo On and Off line, Baranov? Tkachev? Russian/Jewish/English racist lingo and racist rap, Year 1651, Israeli-Russian M&S, Moscow dentists: (ru) evrey i russkiy - bratia na vek ! etc. for tomorrow.
From 2013:
I am now sure/positive,  TODAY:   The MEXICAN - looking old man with pony-tail, who came to computer terminal 11, as I sat making today's entry about an hour+ ago from 03 comp. terminal. He also 'prominently' sat at the desk downstairs talking to a woman, as I came to make my Hyde Park Corner / Think Aloud  presentation (in a low voice) about two weeks ago (Tuesday around 12:00 - a window (11:30 - 13:00)  between The News journalist and Needle Work group bookings).
The man, who came to our appt. block after my letter/report ( to Managers of Torrington and Parker Ltd.) about spate of vandalism, etc. He said he was the manager (Parker or Torrington).
While holding a copy of my letter in his hands, he pointed his finger at the word DRUGS and told me: We can't have this in writing.
More tomorrow.
[ Wed. 13 Dec. 2017 ] - Had an additional "Hyde Park Corner" at noon.
NO to Israel: The EU issued a firm rebuke to Benjamin Netanyahu by refusing his request to join the US in recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital. ( Irish Independent, Tue. 12 Dec. 2017).
[ Thursday, 14 December, 2017 ] - Simon Bramhall ? ...
Area 51:
Natasha KUHRT plus BRAMALL:
Addenda Nineteen:
Mama Cash:
ISS space trip: US-RU-IT:

[ Tue. 19 Dec. 2017 ] - After my "Hyde Park Speaker's Corner" or "Think Aloud" (which stimulates thinking) today in Gosport Library (between 12:00 and 13:00) there shall be Christmass and New Year break till Tuesday 9 January, 2018.
Another trivial difficulty with printer, which is telling, as usual.
Can't print/get url of a short video on/via the Dutch News website ( or ) from Israel:
Israeli Police violently push a woman as she gives an interview to a journalist/correspondent from ...
GCTN (?) . Search gives ZERO results. On the printer job list I see:
[ Wed. 27 Dec. 2017 ] - As I said last week on the High Street, Gosport:

1. Satanic Area 51 in NEVADA, US (Ne Voda,  Ne pei voda ) is in UK : Yorkshire, Hampshire, etc.

2. Early Jewish Synagogue in Ukraine in 1651: 5 and 6 for MI5 and MI6. ( ref. Dutch book 'Jewish Wisdom' ).
Lion and Goat picture Jewish Deception (D. on Mossad Logo): identify the vital/important parts/qualities in your enemy, get close, pretend to be 'positive'. In Moscow, USSR: Karl Marx, when asked about most important/valuable qualities (what he liked) in men and women, he answered: manliness in a man and femininity in a woman.

3. I proposed ( years ago) the idea of supermarkets and shopping centres being actual entry/exit sites for Secret Underground Military Bases: many exits/entrances, storage areas, temp. agencies, so that nobody knows how many people go in and how many come out ( and if they are the same people), etc. BELGIAN waves of criminality ( bizzar and blody) started notably in supermarkets and could be de factor distractions, during which people/groups, who were not part of the Underground Projects, gained entry via storage areas. Ref: where judges, etc. were on record NOT wanting to know which secret agency ordered particular crimes, such as theft of NATO documents. 
Masons and Mossad are underdiscussed.
Jef Vermaessen was 'hushed' when he wrote: SECRET AGENCIES !

4. I thought why Margaret Thatcher banned the book by MI6 Peter Write.
 May be because it described a FLASH/POSH MOB made of diplomats wives, etc. which hid a clandestine high-tech operation by MI6.
[ Sat. 30 December, 2017 ] - Kay Griggs, American Naval Wife, testified about moral degradation and worst crimes against children (just like women in  Germany, Italy, etc.) since 1995.
Col. Oliver North, just like Vladimir Putin, was born on October 7 - the day Russian/Ukranian journalist Anna Politkovskaya was assassinated. She investigated how KGB destroyed families and traditions. KGB=Mossad=Mafia. CIA=Mossad=Mafia. The British Secret Services are behind KGB, CIA, etc.
GERMANY: yesterday I looked online for my USSR-GDR (DDR) school pen-friend - Hans Joachim ( or Hans-J.)  Hetfleisch. Our 1960s addresses were:
1. USSR - Moskow G-357, Initsiativnaya ul., dom 13, bld. 2, flat 10.
2. DDR - Hans-J.Hetfleisch, Rekentin, kr.Stralsund, Bezirk Rostock.
Hans wrote to me in Russian with some German words. I remember translating MASON (sp?) as 'kamenotios' and taking it literally as his father's occupation, - rightly or wrongly. About five addresses of East-German children (top students) were given out to the 'top' Soviet children (myself included) at a mathematics lesson during the visit of East German mathematics (?) teachers.
I gathered online yeaterday, that so-called Iran-Contra Affair involved East-West military, political and industrial VIPs with  murder, sabotage, spionage and children sadistically abused/used by the CABAL international. Old story, as Kay Griggs told us.
My Soviet Jewish classmate 'friend' (Victor Udom proved to me that she was not my friend) Lena (nee) Lozhikova told me how her grand-grand (?)  father (a medical doctor) working
on a ship, found it very hard to 'restrain' himself, finding young sailors' nudity during medical examinations 'tempting'. She also told me her family name was changed from original Loshakov(y).
There is a photo of Col. Oliver NORTH in company of STASI ( thus KGB ) people. I also remember seeing photos of East German polititians with (half-) naked children).
Many questions about Angela Merkel.
Dutch Women demonstrate:
[ Tue. 2 January, 2018 ] - Years ago there was a Royal Marines Parade in Gosport. I understood from answers to my questions that the history goes back to AMERICAN Navy that remained loyal to British Monarchy during Colonial times and Independence. They were granted Freedom Charter, that gave them Right to buy/own LAND. There was also an issue of Privatisation of Gosport Ferry, and Ferries go as a ' system incl. adjacent coast land ( I attended Gosport History excursions then: Haslar Hospital, etc.). There was a Black Watch band.
Searle - Searle - Searle :
- Gosport Councillor, Mayor.
- Yesterday News ( Sun paper, Mon. 1 Jan, 2018, page 25) :
  Ret. Royal Marine Stephen Searle (64) arrested for murder of his wife Anne Searle(62) in Stowmarket, Suffolk.
I had a question/argument in Moscow about Russian name FERY-V of an Israeli-Russian Publishers.
It was not clear if the original English word was Ferry, Fairy or Fery.
My Gosport history website by Malcom Dent Digital Media: (cont. to page 02).
[ Wed. 3 January, 2018 ] - Scan of the Sun article by carri-ann.taylor{at} posted. 
The Russian FERY-V might have been FERY-IV, another ambiguity: Roman numbers or ... ?
Feri is also ... "homosexual witchcraft". IV is acronym of Russian Youth Movement Iduschie Vmeste.
Those so deep underground SATANIC secret projects (relying on mining and other geological tech) can also at certain depth turn horizontal and tap into a let's say oil or some other mineral deposit/reservoir in an unsuspecting country. Lots of other possibilities, such as planting explosives.

I sometimes wondered if The News free-lance journalist (Tuesdays, Gosport Library) is related FARAGE (looks a bit like Nigel Farage).

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

501 crimes.

( nr 386 ) - " 501 most notorious crimes "   by Paul Donnelley 2009,  reprint 2014.

 ISBN : 978-0-753725-98-6
Very interesting NAMES:

 Balfour ( page 72-73), Morrison ( page 156-157 0 , De Bono ( page 335) , etc.
BALFOUR: Jabez Spencer BALFOUR (UK: 1843 - 1916). Rags to riches, back to rags.
Was Justice of the Peace, mayor of Croydon in Surrey, Liberal MP for Tamworth and Burnley. Set up many businesses. He was on the point of appt. to the Cabinet, when his empire collapsed.
He created "snowballing" technique. His system crushed in 1892. Balfour owed £ 8 million.
MORRISON: Stepney, Whitechapel in East End, London. Leon Beron was born in Poland in 1863. In 1910 he met another Russian Jew, Stinie Morrison, who came to England in 1898, - convicted criminal who used false names.
DE BONO: The five Messina brothers had a criminal background. Their Sicilian father, Giuseppe De Bono was a white slaver. The family relocated to London in 1934 (?) taking the name Messina.
After ww2 five brothers carried on the family business, importing women from Belgium, France and Spain. They were married to tramps, who were paid and given a new suit to wear at the register office ceremony. By 1940s the Messinas ran 30 brothels in and around Bond Street.
Ostensibly, the family business was dealing in antiques and diamonds.
By 1950s at least 200 of London's most expensive prostitutes were Messina girls.
[ Thurs. 9 Nov. 2017] - Scanner not working. Balfour "was forced to flee the country". Forced by whom? Landed in Argentina. Extradited in 1895 and sentenced to 14 years in prison. B. was released in 1906 (3 years earlier). Died 23 Feb. 1916.
The Wikipedia entry (of yesterday) for Messina Brothers is in 2 lang. only: English and Italian.
Eng. entry has " ... Maltese Messina (Debono) brothers ..." and Italian entry (very short) does not mention De Bono name.
Addenda Two - ( nr 347 ):
On Friday morning (3 Nov. 2017) a seven year-old girl was found dying at the home of
 Robert Peters, 55 in South West London. She died in hospital Saturday morning. Peters, originally from West Yorkshire was married 3 times. He has £1.3 million business with his twin brother Richard living in Tel Aviv, Israel. - from Sun paper of Mon. 6 Nov., 2017, by Jake Ryan "Millionaire held over dead girl, 7 ".
[ Mon. 13 Nov. 2017] - Posted card today to Cllr. Burgess.
Two scans: Book "501 crimes" cover and Sun article about murder of 7-year old girl by Robert Peters, 55.
[ Friday, 17 Nov. 2017 ] - Four scans on purple background just added:
1. PANAMA Papers scandal - British Queen Elzabeth II ( from New York Times International).
2. Balfour (from 501 crimes).
3. Messina brothers (from 501).
4. Morrison ( from 501).
Balfour Declaration:
Centenary of declaration for establishment of ISRAEL (was signed 2 Nov. 1917) was celebrated in London at a BANQUET on Thursday, 2 Nov. 2017.
Participants: Theresa May, Benjamin Netanyahu, and many other guests.
[Difficult to print] -
 Report by Gemma Mullin (5 -7 Nov.2017) of The Sun newspaper:
[ Tue. 21 Nov. 2017] - just posted scan of John LANE Insurance -
Gosport High Street, opposite Gosport Library and next to .... CHURCHERS solicitors office.
So-called Festivals: Fake Festival in Skipton, Mutiny Festival in Portsmouth, etc.
Hmm ... There was this Italian woman from the North Yorkshire Educational Council at Diana's party. It went together with the Jewelry private sales. I remember this heavy (?) metal style and wondered how it sold, as it would require off mainstream dress. I also remembered somewhat similar evenings/afternoon in Guildford - cosmetics sales (Jenny Oduko was interested).
Was that girl (about 8 years-old) a so-called gifted child?
Addenda Four post:
Churchers Solicitors, Gosport:  3, High Street, Gosport, Hants PO12 1DQ. Tel: 023 9251 0055.
Post PACEPA plus:
 Addenda Nine post:
Addenda Eleven post:
[ Wed. 22 Nov. 2017] - A few years ago: Satanic Art Gallery with the oversized picture of the "artist" himself by the Salt -Air (sp?) railway station in North Yorkshire. That 'oversized' depiction preceded 'new' software that major British media/newspapers use, with front page photos being blown out of proportion and sometimes disturbing as a result.
Just remembered that Pat Oke advertised jewelry on Facebook ( which is now even messier than ever before). The jewelry (above) was of an imitation platinum (?) and massive design.
David Cohn thought I'd be interested in visiting an art gallery (close to Bradley village) of some 'famous' artist. No, I was not interested.
Raph Cohn worked in/for Barclay Bank, Indian Military (private?), somewhere in Scotland plus that Insurance vs Geology of flooding Cambridge project (shortly before floods in Yorkshire). Another coincidence: numerous old geological survey maps and journal were piled on trollies in Portsmouth University Library during holidays. Were they ... thrown away? It was around the time of some unpleasant S-theatre, involving construction workers (AMIR?) and some Asian and African students.
[ Thurs. 23 Nov. 2017] - ISRAEL:

1. Israel as HQ of Organised Crime (from leaked American diplomatic mail).

2. Three facts seem to have disappeared from Arthur Balfour wiki biography: that he never married, that he had SADO-MASOCHISTIC relationship with a woman and there was a 'guess' that he was a hermaphrodite. The last 'update' however is full of characteristics that mark a homosexual.
I noticed yesterday a very old (blue paint) sign: H. Howell & Company Ltd. on a wooden building in an open garage between St. Mary's Church and Fox Pub in Gosport. Years ago I had a strange 'long' fall just when a truck 'faced' me that was going into that garage.
[ Friday, 24 Nov. 2017] - The adjacent, bigger open garage might have been the one (see H. Howell above).
Father Christmass : sending my support for Proposal to have real discussions at the right time and the right place ( postcard to Hans Nijenhuis, hoofdredacteur AD - Algemene Dagblad).
[ Monday, 27 Nov. 2017] - Some news:
(4) CNN news about Yevgeniy NIKULIN (aka Chinabig01, dex.007, valeriy.krutov3, itBlackHat)
Romanian Securitate General PACEPA plus :
Addenda Eleven:
[ Wed. 29 Nov. 2017] - China Child Abuse Scandal:

{The e-mail my daughter had forwarded to me last week is not in my in-box. }

"The PARASITE" - by Arthur Conan DOYLE :



Saturday, 7 October 2017

Addenda Twenty.

( nr 385 ) - A mad woman, one of the "Girls in Blue" with her right claw on the little boy's genitals/thigh ... . The scan is from Irish Independent of 27.9. 2017.

Dublin - Lord Mayor Micheal Mac Donncha and 8 months old Ollie Kearney from the Navan Road.
Article by Ian Begley and Photo by Steve Humphreys.

Mad women and mad men have been doing it here in Britain for over TEN YEARS - publicly.

[ Mon. 9 Oct. 2017 ] - Tirana, ALBANIA - RAF News of 6 October 2017, NATO changes news.

 [ Tue. 10 October, 2017 ] - JUSTICE under Attack ? -
1.  I had difficulty printing AFTAPWET compilation of reports. Nevertheless, having signed previously a call for/referendum against ALL communications being recorded and 'saved' by Police or Security in the Netherlands/EU ( the initiative came from Dutch Universities), I am now strongly against current move or referendum to outlaw 'surveillance of ordinary/normal citizens' for reasons of PRIVACY. I also noticed that original petition from Dutch Universities came mostly from HUMAN RIGHTS departments and Social Scientists. The Computer Science and Criminology people were not represented in that understandable but very emotional stand.
2.  Legal Profession and Police are already infiltrated by Organized Crime.
Dutch Journalist and Investigator Peter de Vries came under attack ( one of many) when he made a documentary about sadistic murderer of young women and girls.
Sadistic murderer was a HOMOSEXUAL, who had sexual relations with a Senior Judge ....
The Lawyer representing Sadistic Degenerate brought charges of PRIVACY of his client in prison not being respected... .
LEGALESE not perfect as it stands. The notion of information/evidence "being not legally obtained"
 is useful to criminals/degenerates. The real issue is: Is that info/fact true or not true?
3. Democracy and Elections poorly serve the original idea of representation of Majority.
Dutch Gov. is ( for months) in so-called Formation: Formatie2017.
Interesting Analogy (?) with controversial BELGIAN Afkoopwet that involved MAFIA international. Org. Crime Waves in Belgium on the website Bende van Nijvel:
3. EXTENDED Russia Investigations by FBI in America  should include   RUSSIAN BBC org. criminal activities. The telephone calls from a Senior BBC journalist (Russian Woman) Natalie Vowles (orig. from Petrozavodsk in North-West Russia) may also reveal State-Sponsored attempts to undermine current Case in New York Southern District Court:
By the way, as electronic/digital passways are not 100% secure ( just like historic low-tech ), could it be, that alleged "deficient filing" of Doc. 58 ( see pacemonitor entry above) was the result of weakness and deficiency of the System?
 Corrected the URL of (just above).
CASE filed on Jan. 26, 2017 before Judge John G Koeltl -
DEFENDANTS: Jeffrey Epstein, Lesley Groff, Sarah Kellen, Natalya Malyshev and Ghislaine Maxwell.
[ Wed. 11 Oct. 2017 ] - The overwhelming high-tech video/sound+  recording (many times over plus feedback) in the hands of Org. Crime is open to its own undoing: a hidden microphone is supposed to record what smb. says/thinks and trigger "punishing" chain of events, if the thoughts are not "correct".
 All is based on a faulty assumption that normal people are not aware of the microphones and shall be scared and silenced.
The degenerate puppets/actors are either given a false assurance of their "privacy" and get scared out of their wits by people who take their pictures, or simply ordered to act aggressively and violently towards journalists and anyone recording their crimes against children and their identities/behaviour.
By the way, some puppets have been theatrically clicking cameras around me in High Street, which does not bother me at all.
On the contrary, the multiple surveillance is recording them and what they do.
It can also be used by anyone as a loudspeaker of sorts and as a 'photocopier' to make facts and history indestructible.
IMHO the so-called digitalisation of justice and police systems is intrinsically unsafe, according to my own research, most of which is observation and accidental discovery.
[ Thurs. 12 October, 2017 ] - Printer started new way of blocking unwanted (?) information: stalls first (keys do not work), then printer goes off, then rebouts.
Two Sisters - A woman journalist Ayla Albaytak who works for Wall Street Journal and has dual nationality - Finnish and Turkish, is sentenced to two years and one months for 'spreading terrorist propaganda' in TURKEY. The WSJ front page shows headline:
The Two Sisters Who Ran Public Companies :
The rogue (?) button on Internet Explorer - blue circle with a left to right diagonal, now vanished (?).
The text was: some info is blocked to protect your privacy/identity (!).
Pornographers and other CRIMINALS would really appreciate that ... My wild guess: those who put (empty) icon/smiley with Russian name BALABOLKA on 'desktop' of computers in Portsmouth Central Library, may be behind this 'service'.
 Just posted scan of the Dutch News article with WSJ front page. The arrest is linked to her report about conflict in South-East Turkey between Kurds and Turkish government.
More than hundred journalists are under arrest and two hundred media organisations are closed - ref. Fethullah  Gulen and a failed coup of last year.
 1933 - the scan of photo above: Radclyffe Hall - an open lesbian ( on the right) with Lady Trowbridge ( left) at the Lyric Theater in London.
Org. Crime in New Russia (early 1990s): mafia figure - An OLD WOMAN in a WHEELCHAIR.
Dutch documentary about org. crime, which involved CHILD abuse and trafficking: women involved, countries: RUSSIA, ISRAEL and TURKEY.
Hmm ... Names and Words - Jewish - Russian - Turkish ? -
ELEN (or Ellen?), Gulen, Pleven, Duren, Koren, etc.
[ Friday, 13 October, 2017] - See my entry about PRINTER going offline at the start of my post of yesterday. For a year or two printer would stall or glitch when I tried to print specific news articles - from UK or International Media. The staff would then turn the printer off and on again. The article in question could often be made printable by turning it into a Word doc. Some time ago ( a couple of months? ) the computer went suddenly offline, as I composed a text/post on this site. It reminded me of an "emergency" shut-off when I wrote: KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA in Portsmouth years ago.
Recent weeks: printer would go off and rebout, which I thought was new programming to avoid lengthy glitch/manual turn-off.
The so-called Privacy Button (erase digital footprints before they spread like lightning ? ) seems like stories of Dark Net (?) operators sometimes burning/incenerating hard discs from which vile/spionage/secret info had been up/downloaded.
 I use metaphoric language here as I am not a specialist. By the way, MODEMS were used with early computers. You could tune into an online 'station' just like tuning radio in.
I recall here my own accidental discovery of MERGED DUPLICATES: as power went off or my own allowed time finished (just as I pressed POST) I discovered that the text was posted on ONE and NOT the OTHER of two URL variants: one with www and the other with http only.
An example of How the DEGENERATE system works/is operated.
1. I have used the word CLAW at the beginning of this post - ...mad woman ...her right claw ... .
2. The following morning in the Post Office on High Street a young woman, who looked normal (!) and even innocent, behind the glass/shutter counter by the Photo Booth did smth. strange.
I picked up the stamps. Then, instead of ( also) placing the change (coins) into the counter groove under the glass shutter, she squizzed (with difficulty!) her left hand under the glass with coins in her palm (held upwards), so that I .... had to "claw" coins with my hand from her palm.
1.  LAMBERT .... The name is seen on the EMPTY (?) Gosport Police Station building.
2. Name of the BANK ? - money laundering in Brussels  -
3. Cohn Family in Yorkshire: ELAINE COHN told me emphatically/theatrically that her maiden name was LAMBERT. She also mentioned/displayed Some RUSSIAN (old émigré ?) names.
More 'theater': pointing to the marble/granite tabletop which she used for drawing, she told me it came from a MORTUARY (table for dead bodies). Rather horrid French painting/trick, overemotional use/presentation of the word PEACE ... .
Unexplained Death of Monica Petersen who investigated CHILD abuse/trafficking in Haiti :
Never heard of AJWS - American Jewish World Service (rights of women, LGBT people and sex workers). Monica Petersen:" ... can't actually find their office/outreach here in Port-au-Prince."
Kim Wall also travelled to HAITI for Vodou waterfall - from an interesting Gardian article of yesterday written by her journalist friend Caterina Clerici.  " ... Kim had fallen in love and was about to move to Beijing with her boyfriend."
Spanish POLICE intercepted a huge cocaine shipment near CANARY Islands, coming from COLOMBIA. Street value estimated at over 200 million Euro.
King of Jordan cancelled his state visit to The Netherlands:
ELAINE COHN said her father or grandfather was community nurse.
[ Mon. 16 October, 2017 ] - I wrote recently about W8 area of London, where both Russian and Israeli embassies are. In fact 20 embassies share that post code area.
From 2002 list: embassy of Italy has different section located at six different addresses.
Dipl. names that stand out: It. Mario Fortunato ( Father Fortunato in Russian Church in London), Carla Bruno, Carmela Panetta;  Fr. J-P. Landau (Sov. Phys.);  Belarus: Mrs. Zoya Kolontai (Radical Bolshevik diplomat in SWEDEN;  Argentina: M. A. Bednarski ;  Commonwealth Telecom org.. Mrs. N. Bayliss - Manager, Tech. Assistance Programmes, (Russian woman Elena Bayliss in SHELL ref. Lagos, London, Hague), etc.
Post from  July, 2014:
November, 2014:
More Dipl. NAMES: Jamaica - Miss Ann-Marie Pinkney ( Olivia Pinkney in UK Police ?).
[ Wed. 18 October, 2017] - MORE 2002 dipl. names:
1. PANAMA: woman ambassador HE Senora Ariadne Singares Robinson (m).
The rest: 5 women and 4 men.
2.GERMANY: Herr Jorg Schmidt and Frau Tanja Schmidt ( mad Bolshevik woman Prof. Scmidt who advocated Sex Education (rape) of children and so-called Love Houses.) A match for mad woman Kollontai - ambassador of Soviet Russia in SWEDEN.
3. GREECE: Thomas Thomopoulos. Alex Thomopoulos in Lagos Nigeria: from Port Harcourt, environm. engineer, mother from Ghana, SA neighbours (butterfly collectors), Holy Grail society, etc.
4. CAPE VERDE: amb. vacant, one staff  Mrs. Clara Manuela da Luz Delgado.
5 . CHILE : Air Attache Colonel Ivan Rafael  ... GALAN.
I did speak and wrote(?) about top UK Police Woman ... Victoria  Galan.
North Yorkshire? SKIPTON ?
Black British ? Carribean ? Israeli? ...
Personal info about her was suspiciously short: "she was brought up in SCOTLAND".  
Chile has a very high gradient between high mountains coast and a very deep part of ocean floor.
Spanish teacher for Carlos (son of Dutch Princess IRENE) was from Chile.
One of my little granddaughters was for some time inexplicably interested in Chile, wanted to go there ... .
Kay Griggs, American Naval wife spoke about BRITISH Security Services ran by WOMEN and MI5 ( .... Fiver ?) standing for communist/satanic star, while MI6 stood for Israel's Star of David.
MI5 dir. Andrew PARKER ..... Familiar face? ...
Gosport PARKER and Torrington Ltd. in GOSPORT.
POLICE Masonic puppets in SKIPTON ...
SKIPTON Police Office: visitor's register where I was writing my name was snatched and taken away from the counter. They refused to take my report/statement.
Gosport/Hampshire POLICE did not contact me about the Fire and High-Tech Laser Gun shooting, although Councillor Burgess visited the crime scene and has had  a meeting with the Police. The shots were made at me as I stood in the dark room with certains drawn/closed.
Two scans: Andrew Parker MI5 -
 Michael LANE -  
[ Thurs. 19 October, 2017 ] - My post from 2014 -
[ Mon. 23 Oct. 2017] - Many A&Q about MALTA ( ref. Daphne Caruana Galizia ) as I remembered more details about my visit to Malta De Bono Conference.
Women and Crime:
May 11 plus:
Just added to my profile "About Me": E-Mail compromised ... sorry!
[ Tue. 24 October, 2017].
De Bono conference. A story from a Malta solicitor (retold): a Russian businessman asked to find a good/the best school for his child. Yes, there is a very good school, and another Russian businessman has his child there. Oh! In that case my child shall definitely not go to that school.
Malta is BRITISH. Edward de Bono's "New Thinking" may be linked to M. Gorbachev's "Novoe Myshlenie". On RuNet it was analysed and found that it was all hot air/emotions and practically no substance/meaning. EdB told me his books were already translated into Russian, but I found none in Moscow, although Hitler's M. Kampf was on sale. He said his son had dyslexia and that he bought a private island.
Azerbaidjan ? ... Soviet singer Muslim Magomaev was known to "like boys". Shell oil company, 26 Baku Commisars - all but one (Anastas Mikoyan) executed by the British. Mikoyan took a young homosexual interpreter on his officially unofficial visit to US. Spent some time in a toy shop without security guards.
 STRANGE (idiotic) "40 principles" developed by one Altshuller in Baku in ww2. Top POLICE in UK resigned as 40 principles (forced on them) had nothing to do with police work.
Larisa OKEKE (bewitched? total change of character) and her Austrian Jewish husband (Storrie?)who talked about Ph.D/Prof. of Psychology doing simplistic consumer behaviour study in supermarkets. There was a Dutch Navy Intelligence officer there, who gave me his card, but was taken aback, when I phoned his office. Was I expected to call him at home? ...
I later saw online the name of Larisa OKEKE as a manager of some ... engineering company.
Larisa told me her husband (as if he was some kind of a guru ...) has expressed interest in me, asked questions.
NORTHERN ITALY (!) - A lookalike of ELLEN woman in US gov. , Lilia from some Siberian town, of a rather .... loose beh. talked about her visit to ITALY where ....children competed with adults and that she "explained everything to her daughter". Had a fling with a Soviet diplomat. She had this ... dry crackling voice. Told me how easy it is to 'take initiative' with a young boy, etc.
MEDICAL privatisation in Malta ? Laser eye surgery was pioneered (?) by Soviet doctor Feodorov (?) many years ago. Medical "laser knifes" and high-tech laser guns come close by manufacture.
Diabolical ad and picture from Moorfields Eye Hospital: Lasik Eyes - scan posted.
Ref. Daphnie C.G.: some "temporary blindness from UV light" (!) is found on her blog ....
One Lauren Salerno, a 53 -year-old transgender woman moved to Malta  from UK  about six months ago.
Posts from 2012: 303, 304 and 306:
Scan of 1921 photo of Alexandra KOLLONTAI:
WW2 secret project: blinded children in cages:
[ Thurs. 26 October, 2017] - Website stat. is not reliable if only because of discrepancy between different scores/figures. And, another (political?) sharp drop in Russia 'hits' - zero today after top figures 200-300 for some weeks.
New Dutch Government :
PHYSICS: I posted scans of pages here from a scandalous ( A4, hard-back) Russian Book  FIZIKA - zadachnik po fizike )  by Grigoriy Bentsionovitch OSTER, 1995, publ. "Rosman". ISBN 5-7519-0077-4.
I now noticed a back page with info about a sponsor - Nikolaev A.V. ( uncle Sasha)
 of ESKADO Bank. Their stamp/logo depicts a palm tree on an island.
I bought the book in Moscow around the time I met my former classmate Kostia Ushakov at a conference in Brussels.
Submarines and People. Post 372:
[ Friday 27 October, 2017] - WINTER time change here in Britain: One Hour BACK at night from Saturday 28 Oct. to Sunday 29 Oct.
TORTURE with Remote Control: post 245 from Jan. 18, 2010:
[ Tue. 31 October, 2017] - 500 years ago:  Reformation - Martin Luther- Dutch Protestant Church. - 95 points in English.
Post LEEDS to ITALY of five years ago:
[ Friday, 3 Nov.2017] - Dutch/Intern. News article hard to print:
1. about OPIOID epidemics in US - last week.
2. about court case: UBER vs Waymo - Lidar techn., Levandovski, Kalanick, etc.
- from 
Another new case of Qualcomm against Apple.
Twitter acc. of Donald Trump was desactivated for 11 minutes in the night of Thurs/Friday:
NHS horror: ( D. Mirror-Thurs. 2 Nov.2017) -
Mental Health: ... forcible detentions (incl. locks, straps and medication) in hospitals and care homes had risen 45% in a year,  from 105,000 to 152,000 in 2016/17.
Minister of Health: Jackie Doyle-Price.
Controversial POLISH and Canadian bus./polit. Stan Tyminski  (ref. Tyminski fam. in Moscow) linked to OKO party in Poland (oko means eye), whose founder W. Kornowski set up a network of eye surgery clinics in Poland. Tyminski's latest Wikipedia update is 'fuzzied' - secret service replaced KGB allegation, Canada without state/city, South American Polish assoc. without naming the South A. country. S.T. is a Trade Rep. of Belarus in Canada.
Finnish doctor RAUNI KILDE wrote about microchips, crystals or optical fibers placed in visual nerves [shall check] of US soldiers in Vietnam.
By the way, from another report: London and Tokyo are to be linked via Arctic fiber-glass cable of a company in Alaska. Company not named. HAARP?
Dr. Rauni Kilde:
[ Mon. 6 Nov. 2017] - Smth. important, palpable, (ref. military) here in Gosport - from Thursday morning 2 Nov. (dismissal of Fallon, Defence minister), which I assume is under-reported by the media, - to date.
RAF/Air Force Show in BRITAIN was attended by the Dutch F-16 pilot Chris Vanneker, KGB spy.
 Dutch journalist Mylene de la Haye had a reportage about that Air-show on her website with photos of children - boys of about 8 y.o., blond, collecting autographs. More recently, she received nasty threats after her reports about criminal activities in the FEMALE chapter of a Dutch MC (motorcycle club) -
[ Tue.7 Nov.2017] - last Thursday 2 November was the 100 anniversary of Balfour declaration ref. ISRAEL. Today is the 100 anniversary of "October" 1917 Revolution in Russia (old style 25Oct. = 7 Nov. New style). Post Addenda Seven:


Monday, 2 October 2017

16 April, 1956.

( nr 384 ) - Apart from WW1 and WW2 (great turning points or changes for all countries) there are very important years of change for RUSSIA: 1917 - 1953 - 1993.
The year 1953 is in Soviet Leksikon "before and after Stalin" - the meaning different according to which side our parents and great-parents were. For many Russians or Soviets it was the return to Orthodox Christianity values, which was at the core of "Stalinism". Stalin himself was a student at the missionary (?) Christian Orthodox Seminary in Georgia in his younger years. He was Georgian by birth, and not Russian. Republics Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaidjan (with numerous tribes and languages within) were initially one Caucasian (Kavkazskaya) Republic.


as the British Mandate for Palestine of 25 years ended.
1951 - 16 April: British Submarine "AFFRAY" disappeared in Channel Islands area. Memorial in Gosport is one minute walk from Gosport Ferry. 
On 15 April "Affray" went past Gosport on its way to Alderney.

1956 - 16 April: Israeli Embassy in Moscow holds

Israel Independence Day celebrations attended  for the first time by top Soviet officials: M. Molotov and M. Mikoyan. It was reported on April 15 that about
300 Soviet Jews were allowed to join their families in Israel in the past two years, etc. 
1956 - 19 April:   Commander Lionel Crabb

(OBE GM  RNVR) went missing in Portsmouth Harbour during Soviet Government visit.
"Frogman" L. Crab was last seen near Soviet military ship Ordzhonikidze. See scan of a photo posted here. The book mentions one Soviet Navy Leut. Korablov.  Korabl in Russian means Ship. So, Korablov or Korabliov may be 'translated' as Ship-man.
Why did the date of Israel Independence change from 14 May to 16 April? ....
[ Tue. 3 October, 2017] - WWW2: European Governments in Exile in London returned to their countries after May 1945. POLISH government stayed till the end of 1990 !
My post of 2016:
My other BlogSpot website dedicated to two major events in Holland and Russia that occurred on the same date 4 October (tomorrow) in 1992 and 1993:
Control and manipulation of personal lives by "Alphabet Agencies" (favoured by CABAL):
My post 278 from 2010:
Ernest FORTUNE, who handed British soldiers to Germans (D-Day?) without warning, remains elusive. Gosport Mil. Hospital Fortune .... The story told by one of the soldiers (veteran in Stubbington, formerly neighbour to my daughter and Ray Stone) and told by me before.
Found in Obituaries (Keesings): Died on Jan.2, 1949 Major-General Sir Victor FORTUNE (65) : commanded 51st (Highland) Division, which was encircled by Germans at ... (Fr.) in 1940. Was in 1940-1945 POW  in Germany. ...Black Watch: 1914-1918, British India ....
ISRAEL 1949: Amnesty to all on Feb.10 except those on life terms in prison, thus Stern Gang members Nathan Friedmann Yellin and Matatiahu Shmulevich, who got 5 and 8 years were freed.
Israeli immigration: 30 000 of 80 000 Turkish Jews moved to Israel.
[ Wed. 4 October, 2017] - Word-play? Just remembered that the father of Malik, son of Raisa Buzovskaya in Moscow, is from MALI.
The DUTCH Minister of DEFENCE is out:
In 1957 Soviet KGB/NKVD (?) organised 'entrapment' of many International Students, who were sexually compromised in a variety of ways.
Year 2010: David COHN, Zenith Radio, 14 year-old CADET died in GOSPORT, etc. -
Refusing to get printed: ( the version has been updated?) -
[ Thurs. 5 October, 2017 ] - 75 officers presumed dead (?) on board of British submarine "Affray".
57 is the reverse reading of 75.  Soviet School prank: hold your hand behind with two fingers crossed making an X sign, which means you are lying, everything you say should be taken with a minus sign, in reverse. On a Russian forum around 2000 only one version of so-called Reverse Reading was propagandized: read every line right to left. Right to Left and not Left to Right is actually a characteristic of some Languages, such as Hebrew.
[ Friday, 6 October, 2017 ] - 15 stab wounds found on the body (remains of) of Kim Wall, Swedish journalist gone missing from Danish Submarine. It happened in August, about 3 days after a video was posted on RMN forum of CHINESE fashion/lingerie show with very young children - 5 year-old boys and girls. Last year (?): an unexplained death report of Monica Petersen ( American post-graduate) in HAITI, who investigated child-trafficking and child-abuse.
Back in Lagos I noticed some 'clusters' of car registration numbers and colours/designs of business and visiting cards. What I know of Cohn family car reg. numbers: 57 (David Cohn) and 51 (Raphael Cohn - twice). Gosport: Jamaica 1975 Cottage, etc.
WW2: CHANNEL Islands were occupied by Germans. Secret V2 (?) rocket project on Isle of Wight.
The German Head of the Secret Tech. Projects ( TODT ?) was assassinated somewhere in POLAND in the middle of ww2.
Women and Crime:
PS: V. LENIN famously said that Deti Kuharki budut upravliat gosudarstvom !
Transl: children of female domestic servants shall be at the head of government.
There is a surprising (?) literal/concrete meaning and ( high-tech) implementation. One example of many: a Nigerian house-girl who theatrically sneaked out of master-bedroom and later had the audacity to tell madam: "You are not the only woman in the house!" was dismissed with immediate effect and had her things thrown out on the landing (ref: first floor apartment in Obanikoro, LAGOS, Nigeria). A young nanny turned out to be the second wife, and the mother (very young) left leaving her daughter behind.  Another example of deception: children in BENIN were told that a woman who moved in pretending to be an aunt (?) was their "second mummy", etc.
Think of Cinderella, Carmen, Russian peasant lad Ivanushka Durachok ( Ivan the Fool)  who married a Princess (Tsarevna) and became King (Tsar).

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mama Cash.

( nr 383 ) - Scan of a letter ( in Dutch, from Russia Desk in Amsterdam) posted: 
1997 conference in Rotterdam - " Sister of Peter the Great ".
Vincent Pennock invited me to go/come along with him, which I did.
I did speak about the experiences and impressions years ago, such as:  women in uniform, lesbians, business ideas seemingly limited to hair-dressing and beauty treatments, Mothers of Soldiers org., etc.
Russian Member of Parliament (Duma) Galina Starovoitova was assassinated on her return home to St. Petersburg. There were two puzzling moments ref. her behaviour at the conference:
1. As we ( Vincent and I ) sat in the front row, she, upon entering the room on her way to the podium, nodded/greeted me (to my surprise, as I never met or saw her before), but not Vincent. He was very surprised too, as he knew her, but was ignored.
2. She was there in part as an anthropologist, so during the interval, I came up to her and spoke about my interest in cultural differences, but she was absolutely non-responsive.
[ Thurs. 21 Sept. 2017 ] - German Elections this Sunday 24 Sept. 2017. IMHO the German contestant parties and politicians quite appaling! Martin Schultz ( ref. Cohn-Bendit, etc.), AfD (homosexuals!), Die Linke (no comment) .... .
CABAL is international indeed.
Post Addenda Four -
Latush- Latysh- Latvian?
MOSCOW (year 1972?) - Victor Udom told me that Lena Lozhikova (Jewish), contrary to what I thought at the time, was NOT my friend, and that I would see it for myself. Next comes Lena Lozhikova! Enters the room and completely ignores me. It was quite a shock.
Louzh - Lozh - Louzhkov ? ... She did say her name was changed from Loshakova as it alluded to Anton Chekhov's story "Loshadinaya Familia". Louzh-Nik(i)?
We had a teacher (school 803) .... Klavdia Ivanovna Starovoit.
The e-mail from my brother may or may not be genuine. His e-mail is not visible. Shall send another postcard etc. One junk e-mail in my in-box is from ... Dr. Malik Kaplan who has a Hotmail address.
My previous post:
[ Friday 22 Sept. 2017] - SOROS funding is mentioned in the "Lesbian Sisters" type of activities.
By the way, AMSTERDAM is the Mossad European HQ, as became evident during investigation of Israeli Plane Crash near Amsterdam in 1992 on Oct. 4:
Hmm ... Dr. Malik KAPLAN ? How many of them have a drmalikkaplan account at
Riots and violence are EASILY instigated and provoked with a High-Tech gadget/app(liance). I have seen that "trick" a few times in Gosport used on military or prison inmates.
It's a Delgado Bull experiment with a "reverse" switch idea: makes smb. suddenly and extremely upset and/or violent, then, also suddenly, back to quiet and passive state.
My post (nr 377):
[ Sat. 23 Sept. 2017] - Belgian (?) website about Bende van Nijvel has info gap about 1980s, which I noticed earlier. 1985 is the year of the SPY.
Medical Mafia . KGB=Mossad=Mafia. (= CIA=MI5=MI6=etc.)
There is a post here about a Russian/Latvian KGB defector in Britain, who alleged that MI6 tortured him and ..... (shall check). As Kay Griggs had said, "they (degenerates) were never enemies with the Soviets". Torture with remote control can simulate/cause pain, symptoms and subsequent real/pretend/unnecessary treatment/surgery. My aunt, who has had several ops to remove kidney stones, had asked the doctor (stones shown): How do I know it's mine?
"They" can simulate anything ... .
1985 - KGB Vitaly Yurchenko defected to CIA Aug. 1 and defected back to Soviet Union 3 months later. Some details: .... he believed that he was dying of stomach cancer and hoped for treatment in the US; ... medical investigations revealed that he only had a stomach ulcer. Soviet diplomat's wife ( in Montreal or Ottawa?) Svetlana Dedkov(a)
was another "motive". - From the book "The SPY" by Paul Simpson, in which I looked for Tomlinson of MI6, but found only David Shayler. Online: VY on retirement in Kaluga? Kaluga - Kali-Yuga ? One of the female KGB+ rats in Gosport Library has put/displayed book with KALUGIN face/mug on its cover.
One missing (?) line from recent post:
Maloletnie bliadi stanoviatsa mnogoletnimi.
Radio Frequencies and TORTURE with Remote Control: David A. Larson of California (bio-medical engineer?) won his case in court. His website LM: had a lot of medical and technical documents. Two pages can be seen in my post 246 (just before smb. took it down ?) and my post 247 shows anatomical map of microchip implants. JAPANESE website (with some RUSSIAN words in reg. data) took his url name to advertise DOG (hair-dresser) GROOMING:
Post 290: GOSPORT- April 2011 -
[ Mon. 25 Sept. 2017 ] - SWIFT ? .... Dr. Kaplan's e-mail has SWIFT attachment.
 Scan on blue background posted.
Laser gun with Infra-Red Sensor on Sat. night 23.9. 2017.
Going to Fareham to develop my photos. For a split second this morning I remembered KARADICH and his transformation from Serb "hero" to Kabbalistic Jew ... .
It was certainly a woman who quickly 'cleaned up' at the back of the St. Matthews Court (21-32 flats) and shifted the table (170 cm length) to cover the burnt grass. Katy walked down the stairs Sunday morning smiling - had her large ear-phones on. Should tell her there was another "Katy" in flat 29.
The woman I saw off this morning did say she had heard THE FIRE ALARM. She did change her tone at the point when I wondered whether she was going to take bus to work at all. She did - bus 9 just after 8am.
[ Tue. 26 Sept. 2017] - I have spoken to Councillor Burgess this morning (right outside Parker Torrington Ltd in High Street) and have taken him to the back of St. Matthews Court block (flats 21-32)  to show him "the crime scene". Bob (flat 22) and Mickel (? flat 23) were at home and came outside. There is a meeting with POLICE this morning. I gave Councillor Burgess a note on my letter-head for further contact and information. A young woman  who passed me (I looked back) just opposite Fox Pub is perhaps a neighbour at flat 30 who is a heavy smoker, but I am not sure.
The woman I spoke to yesterday came out of flat 24 and was in a hurry. She looked to me as she might have been a mother or aunt to Michael. It was the second time I saw her in the building.
I remember discussions with a nice woman neighbour Kay, who lived in flat 23, but moved out (just as Phil from flat 24). I mentioned to her women of some distinct ethnicity, who deliberately dressed  and made themselves to look ugly and even frightening. Liked color black a lot. One entered News kiosk yesterday morning. Horror Theater .... Does she live near Newtown Primary School? ....
A metal pan (tripod) with yellow liquid inside disappeared from the lawn since yesterday.
Last week local paper The News expressed dismay and disapproval at Pro-Legalisation of Drugs stand or campaign of Prince William. There was a report a couple of months ago (in Daily Record?) about the death of a man in a hotel in Ireland (Dublin?) who claimed to be the real Prince Harry and wrote a book about it.
BRASIL - Brazilian Police found machine producing 15 000 bags/sachets of cocaine a day:
Two WOMEN and One Man arrested in San Paolo.
After I spoke about it ( around 12:30) and displayed some photos, two sports jumpers, which hang on a clothing line for the past FOUR days, disappeared: one dark red with yellow bird/seagull and GUL logo. Another American (?) with Champion - Rochester - (!)
The controversial Turkish cleric Gul ... Russian pre-1917 revolutionary and anarchist movement was called CHAIKA (seagull in Russian) just like Chaika Theater (Anton Chekov +).
Word/Name CHAIKA featured prominently in Yorkshire not long ago: to do with restaurants (?), care-homes etc. Since Crimean War GOSPORT got a TURK-TOWN nick-name.
Erdogan and wife visited Gosport a few years ago (I wrote about it: ref. Antonov spending the night in Gosport police station).  Turkish cemetery in Gosport is looked after by Turkish Embassy.
The GUL sports-clothing company in Portsmouth  (online info: Gul International at Gunwarf Guays, Portsmouth  023 9229 3956) could not be found - closed four years ago (?) or hidden camera again? ...
Provincial types (ex-Soviet+) have no idea how they 'stand out from the crowd' .
Historically Jewish Mob (Mafia) in America is linked to 2 unions: trucking/lorry drivers and GARMENT workers, i.e. textile, clothing, fashion, lingerie. Mayer Lansky comes from Polish/Russian GRODNO. His full name is Mayer Suhowliansky.
Acronym SWIFT (see attachment to e-mail from Dr. Malik Kaplan) is a supra (?) network for secure bank transfers. From FBI and computer experts: Jared Kushner and Amb. Kislyak (or other indiv. for US and Russian sides) were contemplating having a super secret lines of communications via BANKS. Some strange signals/calls ( ref. servers ) were registered between ALFA bank in Moscow ( Friedman?) and TRUMP Towers in US.
[ Wed. 27 Sept. 2017 ] - Six scans of ten photos (without color frame/background)  posted:
 ref. St. Matthews Court FIRE outbreak plus LASER-INFRA-RED weapon on Sat. 23 Sept. night.
NEWS ROUND kiosk on High Street: was sorry/shocked to hear that a woman (previous owner: middle-aged, blond, smoker) died three months ago. I was under impression she lived in the White Lion Walk - Fox Pub area. There were major headlines (last year?) in The News about CRIME there.
Three posts from 2015: one in January and two in April: