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Addenda Twenty.

( nr 385 ) - A mad woman, one of the "Girls in Blue" with her right claw on the little boy's genitals/thigh ... . The scan is from Irish Independent of 27.9. 2017.

Dublin - Lord Mayor Micheal Mac Donncha and 8 months old Ollie Kearney from the Navan Road.
Article by Ian Begley and Photo by Steve Humphreys.

Mad women and mad men have been doing it here in Britain for over TEN YEARS - publicly.

[ Mon. 9 Oct. 2017 ] - Tirana, ALBANIA - RAF News of 6 October 2017, NATO changes news.

 [ Tue. 10 October, 2017 ] - JUSTICE under Attack ? -
1.  I had difficulty printing AFTAPWET compilation of reports. Nevertheless, having signed previously a call for/referendum against ALL communications being recorded and 'saved' by Police or Security in the Netherlands/EU ( the initiative came from Dutch Universities), I am now strongly against current move or referendum to outlaw 'surveillance of ordinary/normal citizens' for reasons of PRIVACY. I also noticed that original petition from Dutch Universities came mostly from HUMAN RIGHTS departments and Social Scientists. The Computer Science and Criminology people were not represented in that understandable but very emotional stand.
2.  Legal Profession and Police are already infiltrated by Organized Crime.
Dutch Journalist and Investigator Peter de Vries came under attack ( one of many) when he made a documentary about sadistic murderer of young women and girls.
Sadistic murderer was a HOMOSEXUAL, who had sexual relations with a Senior Judge ....
The Lawyer representing Sadistic Degenerate brought charges of PRIVACY of his client in prison not being respected... .
LEGALESE not perfect as it stands. The notion of information/evidence "being not legally obtained"
 is useful to criminals/degenerates. The real issue is: Is that info/fact true or not true?
3. Democracy and Elections poorly serve the original idea of representation of Majority.
Dutch Gov. is ( for months) in so-called Formation: Formatie2017.
Interesting Analogy (?) with controversial BELGIAN Afkoopwet that involved MAFIA international. Org. Crime Waves in Belgium on the website Bende van Nijvel:
3. EXTENDED Russia Investigations by FBI in America  should include   RUSSIAN BBC org. criminal activities. The telephone calls from a Senior BBC journalist (Russian Woman) Natalie Vowles (orig. from Petrozavodsk in North-West Russia) may also reveal State-Sponsored attempts to undermine current Case in New York Southern District Court:
By the way, as electronic/digital passways are not 100% secure ( just like historic low-tech ), could it be, that alleged "deficient filing" of Doc. 58 ( see pacemonitor entry above) was the result of weakness and deficiency of the System?
 Corrected the URL of (just above).
CASE filed on Jan. 26, 2017 before Judge John G Koeltl -
DEFENDANTS: Jeffrey Epstein, Lesley Groff, Sarah Kellen, Natalya Malyshev and Ghislaine Maxwell.
[ Wed. 11 Oct. 2017 ] - The overwhelming high-tech video/sound+  recording (many times over plus feedback) in the hands of Org. Crime is open to its own undoing: a hidden microphone is supposed to record what smb. says/thinks and trigger "punishing" chain of events, if the thoughts are not "correct".
 All is based on a faulty assumption that normal people are not aware of the microphones and shall be scared and silenced.
The degenerate puppets/actors are either given a false assurance of their "privacy" and get scared out of their wits by people who take their pictures, or simply ordered to act aggressively and violently towards journalists and anyone recording their crimes against children and their identities/behaviour.
By the way, some puppets have been theatrically clicking cameras around me in High Street, which does not bother me at all.
On the contrary, the multiple surveillance is recording them and what they do.
It can also be used by anyone as a loudspeaker of sorts and as a 'photocopier' to make facts and history indestructible.
IMHO the so-called digitalisation of justice and police systems is intrinsically unsafe, according to my own research, most of which is observation and accidental discovery.
[ Thurs. 12 October, 2017 ] - Printer started new way of blocking unwanted (?) information: stalls first (keys do not work), then printer goes off, then rebouts.
Two Sisters - A woman journalist Ayla Albaytak who works for Wall Street Journal and has dual nationality - Finnish and Turkish, is sentenced to two years and one months for 'spreading terrorist propaganda' in TURKEY. The WSJ front page shows headline:
The Two Sisters Who Ran Public Companies :
The rogue (?) button on Internet Explorer - blue circle with a left to right diagonal, now vanished (?).
The text was: some info is blocked to protect your privacy/identity (!).
Pornographers and other CRIMINALS would really appreciate that ... My wild guess: those who put (empty) icon/smiley with Russian name BALABOLKA on 'desktop' of computers in Portsmouth Central Library, may be behind this 'service'.
 Just posted scan of the Dutch News article with WSJ front page. The arrest is linked to her report about conflict in South-East Turkey between Kurds and Turkish government.
More than hundred journalists are under arrest and two hundred media organisations are closed - ref. Fethullah  Gulen and a failed coup of last year.
 1933 - the scan of photo above: Radclyffe Hall - an open lesbian ( on the right) with Lady Trowbridge ( left) at the Lyric Theater in London.
Org. Crime in New Russia (early 1990s): mafia figure - An OLD WOMAN in a WHEELCHAIR.
Dutch documentary about org. crime, which involved CHILD abuse and trafficking: women involved, countries: RUSSIA, ISRAEL and TURKEY.
Hmm ... Names and Words - Jewish - Russian - Turkish ? -
ELEN (or Ellen?), Gulen, Pleven, Duren, Koren, etc.
[ Friday, 13 October, 2017] - See my entry about PRINTER going offline at the start of my post of yesterday. For a year or two printer would stall or glitch when I tried to print specific news articles - from UK or International Media. The staff would then turn the printer off and on again. The article in question could often be made printable by turning it into a Word doc. Some time ago ( a couple of months? ) the computer went suddenly offline, as I composed a text/post on this site. It reminded me of an "emergency" shut-off when I wrote: KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA in Portsmouth years ago.
Recent weeks: printer would go off and rebout, which I thought was new programming to avoid lengthy glitch/manual turn-off.
The so-called Privacy Button (erase digital footprints before they spread like lightning ? ) seems like stories of Dark Net (?) operators sometimes burning/incenerating hard discs from which vile/spionage/secret info had been up/downloaded.
 I use metaphoric language here as I am not a specialist. By the way, MODEMS were used with early computers. You could tune into an online 'station' just like tuning radio in.
I recall here my own accidental discovery of MERGED DUPLICATES: as power went off or my own allowed time finished (just as I pressed POST) I discovered that the text was posted on ONE and NOT the OTHER of two URL variants: one with www and the other with http only.
An example of How the DEGENERATE system works/is operated.
1. I have used the word CLAW at the beginning of this post - ...mad woman ...her right claw ... .
2. The following morning in the Post Office on High Street a young woman, who looked normal (!) and even innocent, behind the glass/shutter counter by the Photo Booth did smth. strange.
I picked up the stamps. Then, instead of ( also) placing the change (coins) into the counter groove under the glass shutter, she squizzed (with difficulty!) her left hand under the glass with coins in her palm (held upwards), so that I .... had to "claw" coins with my hand from her palm.
1.  LAMBERT .... The name is seen on the EMPTY (?) Gosport Police Station building.
2. Name of the BANK ? - money laundering in Brussels  -
3. Cohn Family in Yorkshire: ELAINE COHN told me emphatically/theatrically that her maiden name was LAMBERT. She also mentioned/displayed Some RUSSIAN (old émigré ?) names.
More 'theater': pointing to the marble/granite tabletop which she used for drawing, she told me it came from a MORTUARY (table for dead bodies). Rather horrid French painting/trick, overemotional use/presentation of the word PEACE ... .
Unexplained Death of Monica Petersen who investigated CHILD abuse/trafficking in Haiti :
Never heard of AJWS - American Jewish World Service (rights of women, LGBT people and sex workers). Monica Petersen:" ... can't actually find their office/outreach here in Port-au-Prince."
Kim Wall also travelled to HAITI for Vodou waterfall - from an interesting Gardian article of yesterday written by her journalist friend Caterina Clerici.  " ... Kim had fallen in love and was about to move to Beijing with her boyfriend."
Spanish POLICE intercepted a huge cocaine shipment near CANARY Islands, coming from COLOMBIA. Street value estimated at over 200 million Euro.
King of Jordan cancelled his state visit to The Netherlands:
ELAINE COHN said her father or grandfather was community nurse.
[ Mon. 16 October, 2017 ] - I wrote recently about W8 area of London, where both Russian and Israeli embassies are. In fact 20 embassies share that post code area.
From 2002 list: embassy of Italy has different section located at six different addresses.
Dipl. names that stand out: It. Mario Fortunato ( Father Fortunato in Russian Church in London), Carla Bruno, Carmela Panetta;  Fr. J-P. Landau (Sov. Phys.);  Belarus: Mrs. Zoya Kolontai (Radical Bolshevik diplomat in SWEDEN;  Argentina: M. A. Bednarski ;  Commonwealth Telecom org.. Mrs. N. Bayliss - Manager, Tech. Assistance Programmes, (Russian woman Elena Bayliss in SHELL ref. Lagos, London, Hague), etc.
Post from  July, 2014:
November, 2014:
More Dipl. NAMES: Jamaica - Miss Ann-Marie Pinkney ( Olivia Pinkney in UK Police ?).
[ Wed. 18 October, 2017] - MORE 2002 dipl. names:
1. PANAMA: woman ambassador HE Senora Ariadne Singares Robinson (m).
The rest: 5 women and 4 men.
2.GERMANY: Herr Jorg Schmidt and Frau Tanja Schmidt ( mad Bolshevik woman Prof. Scmidt who advocated Sex Education (rape) of children and so-called Love Houses.) A match for mad woman Kollontai - ambassador of Soviet Russia in SWEDEN.
3. GREECE: Thomas Thomopoulos. Alex Thomopoulos in Lagos Nigeria: from Port Harcourt, environm. engineer, mother from Ghana, SA neighbours (butterfly collectors), Holy Grail society, etc.
4. CAPE VERDE: amb. vacant, one staff  Mrs. Clara Manuela da Luz Delgado.
5 . CHILE : Air Attache Colonel Ivan Rafael  ... GALAN.
I did speak and wrote(?) about top UK Police Woman ... Victoria  Galan.
North Yorkshire? SKIPTON ?
Black British ? Carribean ? Israeli? ...
Personal info about her was suspiciously short: "she was brought up in SCOTLAND".  
Chile has a very high gradient between high mountains coast and a very deep part of ocean floor.
Spanish teacher for Carlos (son of Dutch Princess IRENE) was from Chile.
One of my little granddaughters was for some time inexplicably interested in Chile, wanted to go there ... .
Kay Griggs, American Naval wife spoke about BRITISH Security Services ran by WOMEN and MI5 ( .... Fiver ?) standing for communist/satanic star, while MI6 stood for Israel's Star of David.
MI5 dir. Andrew PARKER ..... Familiar face? ...
Gosport PARKER and Torrington Ltd. in GOSPORT.
POLICE Masonic puppets in SKIPTON ...
SKIPTON Police Office: visitor's register where I was writing my name was snatched and taken away from the counter. They refused to take my report/statement.
Gosport/Hampshire POLICE did not contact me about the Fire and High-Tech Laser Gun shooting, although Councillor Burgess visited the crime scene and has had  a meeting with the Police. The shots were made at me as I stood in the dark room with certains drawn/closed.
Two scans: Andrew Parker MI5 -
 Michael LANE -  
[ Thurs. 19 October, 2017 ] - My post from 2014 -


Monday, 2 October 2017

16 April, 1956.

( nr 384 ) - Apart from WW1 and WW2 (great turning points or changes for all countries) there are very important years of change for RUSSIA: 1917 - 1953 - 1993.
The year 1953 is in Soviet Leksikon "before and after Stalin" - the meaning different according to which side our parents and great-parents were. For many Russians or Soviets it was the return to Orthodox Christianity values, which was at the core of "Stalinism". Stalin himself was a student at the missionary (?) Christian Orthodox Seminary in Georgia in his younger years. He was Georgian by birth, and not Russian. Republics Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaidjan (with numerous tribes and languages within) were initially one Caucasian (Kavkazskaya) Republic.


as the British Mandate for Palestine of 25 years ended.
1951 - 16 April: British Submarine "AFFRAY" disappeared in Channel Islands area. Memorial in Gosport is one minute walk from Gosport Ferry. 
On 15 April "Affray" went past Gosport on its way to Alderney.

1956 - 16 April: Israeli Embassy in Moscow holds

Israel Independence Day celebrations attended  for the first time by top Soviet officials: M. Molotov and M. Mikoyan. It was reported on April 15 that about
300 Soviet Jews were allowed to join their families in Israel in the past two years, etc. 
1956 - 19 April:   Commander Lionel Crabb

(OBE GM  RNVR) went missing in Portsmouth Harbour during Soviet Government visit.
"Frogman" L. Crab was last seen near Soviet military ship Ordzhonikidze. See scan of a photo posted here. The book mentions one Soviet Navy Leut. Korablov.  Korabl in Russian means Ship. So, Korablov or Korabliov may be 'translated' as Ship-man.
Why did the date of Israel Independence change from 14 May to 16 April? ....
[ Tue. 3 October, 2017] - WWW2: European Governments in Exile in London returned to their countries after May 1945. POLISH government stayed till the end of 1990 !
My post of 2016:
My other BlogSpot website dedicated to two major events in Holland and Russia that occurred on the same date 4 October (tomorrow) in 1992 and 1993:
Control and manipulation of personal lives by "Alphabet Agencies" (favoured by CABAL):
My post 278 from 2010:
Ernest FORTUNE, who handed British soldiers to Germans (D-Day?) without warning, remains elusive. Gosport Mil. Hospital Fortune .... The story told by one of the soldiers (veteran in Stubbington, formerly neighbour to my daughter and Ray Stone) and told by me before.
Found in Obituaries (Keesings): Died on Jan.2, 1949 Major-General Sir Victor FORTUNE (65) : commanded 51st (Highland) Division, which was encircled by Germans at ... (Fr.) in 1940. Was in 1940-1945 POW  in Germany. ...Black Watch: 1914-1918, British India ....
ISRAEL 1949: Amnesty to all on Feb.10 except those on life terms in prison, thus Stern Gang members Nathan Friedmann Yellin and Matatiahu Shmulevich, who got 5 and 8 years were freed.
Israeli immigration: 30 000 of 80 000 Turkish Jews moved to Israel.
[ Wed. 4 October, 2017] - Word-play? Just remembered that the father of Malik, son of Raisa Buzovskaya in Moscow, is from MALI.
The DUTCH Minister of DEFENCE is out:
In 1957 Soviet KGB/NKVD (?) organised 'entrapment' of many International Students, who were sexually compromised in a variety of ways.
Year 2010: David COHN, Zenith Radio, 14 year-old CADET died in GOSPORT, etc. -
Refusing to get printed: ( the version has been updated?) -
[ Thurs. 5 October, 2017 ] - 75 officers presumed dead (?) on board of British submarine "Affray".
57 is the reverse reading of 75.  Soviet School prank: hold your hand behind with two fingers crossed making an X sign, which means you are lying, everything you say should be taken with a minus sign, in reverse. On a Russian forum around 2000 only one version of so-called Reverse Reading was propagandized: read every line right to left. Right to Left and not Left to Right is actually a characteristic of some Languages, such as Hebrew.
[ Friday, 6 October, 2017 ] - 15 stab wounds found on the body (remains of) of Kim Wall, Swedish journalist gone missing from Danish Submarine. It happened in August, about 3 days after a video was posted on RMN forum of CHINESE fashion/lingerie show with very young children - 5 year-old boys and girls. Last year (?): an unexplained death report of Monica Petersen ( American post-graduate) in HAITI, who investigated child-trafficking and child-abuse.
Back in Lagos I noticed some 'clusters' of car registration numbers and colours/designs of business and visiting cards. What I know of Cohn family car reg. numbers: 57 (David Cohn) and 51 (Raphael Cohn - twice). Gosport: Jamaica 1975 Cottage, etc.
WW2: CHANNEL Islands were occupied by Germans. Secret V2 (?) rocket project on Isle of Wight.
The German Head of the Secret Tech. Projects ( TODT ?) was assassinated somewhere in POLAND in the middle of ww2.
Women and Crime:
PS: V. LENIN famously said that Deti Kuharki budut upravliat gosudarstvom !
Transl: children of female domestic servants shall be at the head of government.
There is a surprising (?) literal/concrete meaning and ( high-tech) implementation. One example of many: a Nigerian house-girl who theatrically sneaked out of master-bedroom and later had the audacity to tell madam: "You are not the only woman in the house!" was dismissed with immediate effect and had her things thrown out on the landing (ref: first floor apartment in Obanikoro, LAGOS, Nigeria). A young nanny turned out to be the second wife, and the mother (very young) left leaving her daughter behind.  Another example of deception: children in BENIN were told that a woman who moved in pretending to be an aunt (?) was their "second mummy", etc.
Think of Cinderella, Carmen, Russian peasant lad Ivanushka Durachok ( Ivan the Fool)  who married a Princess (Tsarevna) and became King (Tsar).

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mama Cash.

( nr 383 ) - Scan of a letter ( in Dutch, from Russia Desk in Amsterdam) posted: 
1997 conference in Rotterdam - " Sister of Peter the Great ".
Vincent Pennock invited me to go/come along with him, which I did.
I did speak about the experiences and impressions years ago, such as:  women in uniform, lesbians, business ideas seemingly limited to hair-dressing and beauty treatments, Mothers of Soldiers org., etc.
Russian Member of Parliament (Duma) Galina Starovoitova was assassinated on her return home to St. Petersburg. There were two puzzling moments ref. her behaviour at the conference:
1. As we ( Vincent and I ) sat in the front row, she, upon entering the room on her way to the podium, nodded/greeted me (to my surprise, as I never met or saw her before), but not Vincent. He was very surprised too, as he knew her, but was ignored.
2. She was there in part as an anthropologist, so during the interval, I came up to her and spoke about my interest in cultural differences, but she was absolutely non-responsive.
[ Thurs. 21 Sept. 2017 ] - German Elections this Sunday 24 Sept. 2017. IMHO the German contestant parties and politicians quite appaling! Martin Schultz ( ref. Cohn-Bendit, etc.), AfD (homosexuals!), Die Linke (no comment) .... .
CABAL is international indeed.
Post Addenda Four -
Latush- Latysh- Latvian?
MOSCOW (year 1972?) - Victor Udom told me that Lena Lozhikova (Jewish), contrary to what I thought at the time, was NOT my friend, and that I would see it for myself. Next comes Lena Lozhikova! Enters the room and completely ignores me. It was quite a shock.
Louzh - Lozh - Louzhkov ? ... She did say her name was changed from Loshakova as it alluded to Anton Chekhov's story "Loshadinaya Familia". Louzh-Nik(i)?
We had a teacher (school 803) .... Klavdia Ivanovna Starovoit.
The e-mail from my brother may or may not be genuine. His e-mail is not visible. Shall send another postcard etc. One junk e-mail in my in-box is from ... Dr. Malik Kaplan who has a Hotmail address.
My previous post:
[ Friday 22 Sept. 2017] - SOROS funding is mentioned in the "Lesbian Sisters" type of activities.
By the way, AMSTERDAM is the Mossad European HQ, as became evident during investigation of Israeli Plane Crash near Amsterdam in 1992 on Oct. 4:
Hmm ... Dr. Malik KAPLAN ? How many of them have a drmalikkaplan account at
Riots and violence are EASILY instigated and provoked with a High-Tech gadget/app(liance). I have seen that "trick" a few times in Gosport used on military or prison inmates.
It's a Delgado Bull experiment with a "reverse" switch idea: makes smb. suddenly and extremely upset and/or violent, then, also suddenly, back to quiet and passive state.
My post (nr 377):
[ Sat. 23 Sept. 2017] - Belgian (?) website about Bende van Nijvel has info gap about 1980s, which I noticed earlier. 1985 is the year of the SPY.
Medical Mafia . KGB=Mossad=Mafia. (= CIA=MI5=MI6=etc.)
There is a post here about a Russian/Latvian KGB defector in Britain, who alleged that MI6 tortured him and ..... (shall check). As Kay Griggs had said, "they (degenerates) were never enemies with the Soviets". Torture with remote control can simulate/cause pain, symptoms and subsequent real/pretend/unnecessary treatment/surgery. My aunt, who has had several ops to remove kidney stones, had asked the doctor (stones shown): How do I know it's mine?
"They" can simulate anything ... .
1985 - KGB Vitaly Yurchenko defected to CIA Aug. 1 and defected back to Soviet Union 3 months later. Some details: .... he believed that he was dying of stomach cancer and hoped for treatment in the US; ... medical investigations revealed that he only had a stomach ulcer. Soviet diplomat's wife ( in Montreal or Ottawa?) Svetlana Dedkov(a)
was another "motive". - From the book "The SPY" by Paul Simpson, in which I looked for Tomlinson of MI6, but found only David Shayler. Online: VY on retirement in Kaluga? Kaluga - Kali-Yuga ? One of the female KGB+ rats in Gosport Library has put/displayed book with KALUGIN face/mug on its cover.
One missing (?) line from recent post:
Maloletnie bliadi stanoviatsa mnogoletnimi.
Radio Frequencies and TORTURE with Remote Control: David A. Larson of California (bio-medical engineer?) won his case in court. His website LM: had a lot of medical and technical documents. Two pages can be seen in my post 246 (just before smb. took it down ?) and my post 247 shows anatomical map of microchip implants. JAPANESE website (with some RUSSIAN words in reg. data) took his url name to advertise DOG (hair-dresser) GROOMING:
Post 290: GOSPORT- April 2011 -
[ Mon. 25 Sept. 2017 ] - SWIFT ? .... Dr. Kaplan's e-mail has SWIFT attachment.
 Scan on blue background posted.
Laser gun with Infra-Red Sensor on Sat. night 23.9. 2017.
Going to Fareham to develop my photos. For a split second this morning I remembered KARADICH and his transformation from Serb "hero" to Kabbalistic Jew ... .
It was certainly a woman who quickly 'cleaned up' at the back of the St. Matthews Court (21-32 flats) and shifted the table (170 cm length) to cover the burnt grass. Katy walked down the stairs Sunday morning smiling - had her large ear-phones on. Should tell her there was another "Katy" in flat 29.
The woman I saw off this morning did say she had heard THE FIRE ALARM. She did change her tone at the point when I wondered whether she was going to take bus to work at all. She did - bus 9 just after 8am.
[ Tue. 26 Sept. 2017] - I have spoken to Councillor Burgess this morning (right outside Parker Torrington Ltd in High Street) and have taken him to the back of St. Matthews Court block (flats 21-32)  to show him "the crime scene". Bob (flat 22) and Mickel (? flat 23) were at home and came outside. There is a meeting with POLICE this morning. I gave Councillor Burgess a note on my letter-head for further contact and information. A young woman  who passed me (I looked back) just opposite Fox Pub is perhaps a neighbour at flat 30 who is a heavy smoker, but I am not sure.
The woman I spoke to yesterday came out of flat 24 and was in a hurry. She looked to me as she might have been a mother or aunt to Michael. It was the second time I saw her in the building.
I remember discussions with a nice woman neighbour Kay, who lived in flat 23, but moved out (just as Phil from flat 24). I mentioned to her women of some distinct ethnicity, who deliberately dressed  and made themselves to look ugly and even frightening. Liked color black a lot. One entered News kiosk yesterday morning. Horror Theater .... Does she live near Newtown Primary School? ....
A metal pan (tripod) with yellow liquid inside disappeared from the lawn since yesterday.
Last week local paper The News expressed dismay and disapproval at Pro-Legalisation of Drugs stand or campaign of Prince William. There was a report a couple of months ago (in Daily Record?) about the death of a man in a hotel in Ireland (Dublin?) who claimed to be the real Prince Harry and wrote a book about it.
BRASIL - Brazilian Police found machine producing 15 000 bags/sachets of cocaine a day:
Two WOMEN and One Man arrested in San Paolo.
After I spoke about it ( around 12:30) and displayed some photos, two sports jumpers, which hang on a clothing line for the past FOUR days, disappeared: one dark red with yellow bird/seagull and GUL logo. Another American (?) with Champion - Rochester - (!)
The controversial Turkish cleric Gul ... Russian pre-1917 revolutionary and anarchist movement was called CHAIKA (seagull in Russian) just like Chaika Theater (Anton Chekov +).
Word/Name CHAIKA featured prominently in Yorkshire not long ago: to do with restaurants (?), care-homes etc. Since Crimean War GOSPORT got a TURK-TOWN nick-name.
Erdogan and wife visited Gosport a few years ago (I wrote about it: ref. Antonov spending the night in Gosport police station).  Turkish cemetery in Gosport is looked after by Turkish Embassy.
The GUL sports-clothing company in Portsmouth  (online info: Gul International at Gunwarf Guays, Portsmouth  023 9229 3956) could not be found - closed four years ago (?) or hidden camera again? ...
Provincial types (ex-Soviet+) have no idea how they 'stand out from the crowd' .
Historically Jewish Mob (Mafia) in America is linked to 2 unions: trucking/lorry drivers and GARMENT workers, i.e. textile, clothing, fashion, lingerie. Mayer Lansky comes from Polish/Russian GRODNO. His full name is Mayer Suhowliansky.
Acronym SWIFT (see attachment to e-mail from Dr. Malik Kaplan) is a supra (?) network for secure bank transfers. From FBI and computer experts: Jared Kushner and Amb. Kislyak (or other indiv. for US and Russian sides) were contemplating having a super secret lines of communications via BANKS. Some strange signals/calls ( ref. servers ) were registered between ALFA bank in Moscow ( Friedman?) and TRUMP Towers in US.
[ Wed. 27 Sept. 2017 ] - Six scans of ten photos (without color frame/background)  posted:
 ref. St. Matthews Court FIRE outbreak plus LASER-INFRA-RED weapon on Sat. 23 Sept. night.
NEWS ROUND kiosk on High Street: was sorry/shocked to hear that a woman (previous owner: middle-aged, blond, smoker) died three months ago. I was under impression she lived in the White Lion Walk - Fox Pub area. There were major headlines (last year?) in The News about CRIME there.
Three posts from 2015: one in January and two in April:


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

George SOROS TERRORIST Petition:

( nr 382 ) - Declare George Soros a terrorist and seize all of his related organizations' assets under RICO and NDAA law.
Numbers signed 48, 207 ( 29 000 yesterday). Needed 100 000.


US Defence Watch website:

My post Mylene de la Haye:

[ Sat. 2 Sept. 2017 ] - The Petition needs 0 (zero) votes this morning !
There is a list of 206 organizations funded by Soros (born Swartz - sp?) in America.
There I saw Demos. Link to Common Purpose in UK ( ref. Brian Gerrish ).
 CP - Communist Party, whose enormous funds went missing and unaccounted for after "collapse" of the USSR.
Another "woman in uniform" ? Another fake ? She said she was Polish, lived in Gosport for many years and has children. Did she try to speak with Polish accent ? When I asked her about PRYZM, she told me there was no such a word in Polish, it does not exist in Polish. On her mobile she did find PRYZMAT, saying it's a different word and tried to explain (to me !)  what it was using her hands... .
As she said she was "not a fan" of Donald Tusk and repeated it twice, I wondered if she was a refugee and claimed persecution by the government or EU. Knew how to pronounce Pryzm.
By the way, there was Astoria restaurant in Russia before 1917. I also remember The News reported a tragic accident of a child's death from fall in Tiger-Tiger in Portsmouth. I think they had big gaps in railings at the time. I also remember Israeli connection to Tiger-Tiger (football club?).
Ref: Tiger-Tiger vs Pryzm and students in the Portsmouth University.
 The News report by Ben Fishwick.
 Police notice on Astoria in Guildhall.
 Two freaks on the US warship { see correction below: Mon. 4 Sept.} with Tiger-Tiger badges and a yellow ribbon: Up, Close and Personal. Said they were not Israeli, but NATO! Hungary!
Former MI6 agent TOMLINSON described so-called training in Gosport and Portsmouth, the deception they tried on unsuspecting people and  the kind of people who were in charge and who were in their element doing this S-theatre.
Russian newspaper published his report - in Russian. Any translations available? 
The Hairdresser Experience in FAREHAM involved prof. (post-)Soviet actors and an amazing attempt to be 'familiar' and engaging as if I were a simpleton. An angry woman who walked past upstairs in Boots in Fareham (hairdresser?) and my photos with wrong images, incl. "Café Tusk" in Gosport Library. Any links? On the bus: was it John Bull in Ferrari cape? About 1995 there was a pub John Bull in Moscow, near Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Smolenskaya pl.).
DT headline today about National Trust involved in Anti-Hunting campaign and harassment.
When I went on some excursions and with Ramblers org., there were signs of the activists having their own agenda. So were British Friends of the Earth, esp. old Mary (Jewish gran), who was openly hostile.
Prince ANDREW and Princess ANNE at the LITHUANIAN embassy reception in London -
page 6 of Infocentre - free magazine of Union of Russian Speakers, No. 2, 1 August 2002.
Info-Centre: 1-11 Hay Hill, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6 DH.
office [at] eemedia. co. uk
Actors' jargon: Double Act, when actors play different/opposing roles, thus creating a false 'empathy'.
Very false and fake, as it is limited to mimicry (in Russian) or facial expressions post factum only.
Another acting trick: to act as if you and them are of the same ilk, in the same boat, even you just expressed a strong condemnation.
Just posted a scan from 2002 magazine ( no. 2) with Lithuanian Embassy report. British Royals names Pr. Andrew and Pr. Anne highlighted.
Locally: Princess Anne and her Parties for GIRLS ..... .
Lithuanian prostitute Victoria Voronova (21) pimped by her husband (Trinidad and Tobago ?), a body of 18-year-old (missing) Lithuanian girl found near Royal estate. News of the World moral stand and the then Home Minister Theresa May, Latvian horror pedo  Robert Michelson, Estonian Tatiana Aquino/Tichonova and her KGB story, going back to WW2. Gay Ivan and his American boy-friend. "Ivan budet rabotat s detmi!".....
Kids [at] VILNIUS was at the back of the stage in the video about DANISH Peter Madsen , who is accused of sadistic murder of Swedish journalist Kim Hall. Strange vacuum in their background info.
Confessed in a closed court? Kim was to take interview for Wired ?
Sisters of Holloway (prison) ?
[ Mon. 4 Sept. 2017 ] - inserted "see correction" above: The Cruise did not allow people "on board", everyone stayed on The Gosport Ferry. It was crowded, many were taking pictures, but not me.
Just posted a scan of the ticket: USS G.H.W. Bush Cruise (on green background).
Lesbian headmistress in Gosport 2007 goes to CHINA: my posts 37 and 25:
NB: I can see links above with possible "distortions" about dates and numbers ... .
Fellowship of the Minds website: 206 org. funded by Soros in America:
[ Tue. 5 Sept. 2017 ] - TODAY: Kate Middleton Court Case (nl: Zaak Kate Middleton ) -
The report in early May this year -
[ Wed. 6 Sept. 2017] - D'Evil - Devil - Satan - Shaitan. Malleus Maleficarum.
 From Dutch publication by Mr. Dr. R. J. C. Cornegoor: Aan de heksen-processen lag de leer ten grondslag dat er een sekte van duivel-aanbidders bestond, die de hele wereld omspande. 
HEMPEL (estd. 1915) barge/boat is by the Falklands Garden/Gosport Ferry in Gosport. Hemplon is mentioned as a sponsor or donor of Peter Madsen.
Generations (!) of Children of Chernobyl and Children of Beslan (charities) in Gosport.
Gosport 'specialises' in charities, among other things.
N. Veselnitskaya's meeting in White House with Trump Jr. was organized by Rob Goldstone.
[ Thurs. 7 Sept. 2017] -
Dutch Weekly paper ELSEVIER:
New York Times:
French Court decision in favour of Kate Middleton and Prince William (ref. their holidays in South France in Sept. 2012):
Legifrance - French gov. website: (Mme Florence LASSERRE-JEANNIN)
Near Gosport Ferry: memorial to those who died in "Affray" submarine, sunk in April 1951.

British SAS (?) diver Crabbe (?) mysteriously disappeared when Soviet Ship was at Portsmourth Harbour during Nikita Khruschev visit.
------------ of yesterday:

1. New deputy PCC: Ms Flick Drummond and Hampshire PCC Michael Lane - page 6.
2. Front page: Soldier (18) Jack Prebble died in bike crash - by Maria Zaccaro.
19 April, 1956 - Lionel Crabb or "Buster" Crabb (corr. of above entry).
[Mon. 11 Sept.2017] - PUTNEY PUSHER:
 article from The Sun (news 4221780) refuses to be printed.
I find the info very interesting ... .
[ Tue. 12 Sept. 2017 ] - ten minutes ago ( at 16:35)  I went past the Gosport Market Clothes Trader on High Street, whom I spoke to last week. Is a display of a company name or the name of an individual if he or she trades freelance a requirement? Would a proud trader not be happy of an opportunity to market/advertise products he or she sells? He does not think so ! Baseball cap pulled over his eyes, red t-shirt with HE NL (?) white and red truck ( WW?) without logo has reg. number LJ 58 NTT.
HORECA industry/businesses - Hotel- Restaurants-Cafeteria. WAGAMAMA rest. was involved twice: in Winchester (opp. Scottish Pub) in Jewry Street, where there was a many actors scenario and a FAKE POLICEMAN (photo published Daily Echo front-page) who got excited on hearing 'Russian Mafia' and pulled an ID (?) with name ... James Middleton. The woman in police uniform was in charge. WHO WAS SHE ?
WAGAMAMA was part of an elaborate Hidden Camera type of reconstruction in London, when I went to American Embassy, following my tel. call to FBI.
Ref. PUTNEY PUSHER. Was 5 May (7:40 am) 2017 a tenth anniversary of disappearance/abduction of 4-year old Madeleine McCann in Portugal? 6 May 2012 was the tenth anniversary of assassination of Pim Fortuin in Holland and a second Jewish Passover. PF was Jewish and openly homosexual. There was an iconoclastic/proletarian/homosexual S-theatre in Trinity Church Gosport, vandalism etc. on 6 May 2012.
The torso of an African 4-5 year-old boy "Adam" in orange/red shorts was found in London in river Thames on 21 September 2001 - ten days after " 911"  (or 11 Sept. 2001).
Kay GRIGGS, American Naval Wife, had said, that THEY (Mil. Mob) like Booga-Wooga, celebrations, anniversaries.
ESSEX in UK: Chelmsford, Harlow, etc. Strange deaths of Star Wars Scientists linked to MARCONI.
My post from 2014:
[ Wed. 13 Sept.2017] - PUTNEY PUSHER - Why did the bus passengers, the bus driver and others not chase - surround - "citizen arrest " the Putney Pusher ?
[ Friday 15 Sept. 2017] - The SOROS petition has well

over 146 000 signitures now.
[ Sat. 16 September 2017 ] - Market Garden ww2 operation in Holland in Sept. 1944 - part of air programme cancelled due to bad weather:
Germany: arrest of 51 illegal immigrants in a truck on A12 at about 2 am:


Friday, 11 August 2017

Addenda Nineteen.

( nr 381 ) - Three scans of four photographs posted, going down:

1. STS Defence Ltd. (red car by entrance) -
the company name came out very pale on photograps I took.

2. Castle Tavern Pub (also by Gosport Ferry) with a "Tiger" -painted car/taxi opposite.

3. FAREHAM: Two photos on one scan:
Café Tusk  and recently opened Snuffels - dogs' hairdresser/grooming saloon.
[ Mon. 14 Aug. 2017] - I bought 3 Sunday papers yesterday and 'cropped' about two thirds to throw away (which I did immediately). To my surprise I made a mistake and discovered I had a 'throw-away' part in one paper, meaning I disposed of the good/readable part.
I think it had to do with Virginia events report from USA.
Another quirky detail: I saw a word/letter play on a suspect Russian Toy company. The website ... ToyRus.Ru (??) was rendered with capital letters R and U standing out, as if 'close' to acronym for Right Unite ... . Russian Toys were discussed/mentioned on Madeleine McCann forum  years ago.
Posts 218, 245 and 374: 06 17 archive.html (url ??)

Smth. is wrong with the first link to post ( nr 218)  - go to year 2009, Wed. 17 June please.

( 12:30 - second attempt) - another detail: I started this post last Friday not in the Gosport Library main bld., but in the Museum part, where I am now. I was advised last Thurs. by the staff (a young blond lady) to go to the Museum part, as the scanner was 'broken'.
I write this because quite unexpectedly, in the word café - café Tusk ( even now ) letter e came out differently.
I did talk about fonts/ASCI codes and implications, such as de facto creating another file.
Human vs machine intelligence. Stats: Ukraine far ahead of other countries.
Russian Ambassador in America KISLYAK ( born in Moscow to Ukranian parents) served also in Brussels, Belgium and NATO.
Israel EPSTEIN was born in China to Jewish Polish/Russian parents.
[ Thurs. 17 Aug. 2017] - NEWS: ref. Natalie HOLLOWAY vanished in ARUBA in 2005. Now private detective T.J. Ward says ... .
I read the news on the Dutch news website which gave reference to NBC News.
 I did not find the news on NBC News website, and now it seems to have disappeared from .
Was N.H. from Charlottesville?
NB: Dividing people into Black and White is simply not valid, a gross and ridiculous oversimplification. Three cute babies on Obama tweet (?) is also ridiculous - too simple to represent "races". Race is not defined and censored. The 3 'races' happen to coincide with Soviet textbook poster: Mir I Druzhba (Peace and Friendship).
Interestingly official questionnaires in UK ( quite often) mess up so-called ethnicity, geography, nationality, citizenship and skin colour, and I often made my remarks about it.
Race is a biological characteristic, there are dozens of classifications. More than Three Races. Many more ... . And in each group opinions and political stands differ.
PS: There was a Holloway Prison in London for WOMEN.
[ Friday, 18 August] - The theatrics (prof. and S-theatre) this week and Wed. in Fareham (hairdresser's appt. at 2 pm) had some interesting similarities to earlier scripts and costumes. Indicators: Soviet, Jewish, Polish, Israeli, pre-1917, diamond heist actors, bus route Fareham-Portsmouth, Alexandra hospital (old gran wanting to stop the bus), Nat. Express actors, etc.
Mad Women ever active? There was a rather provocative post on RMN (Naomi Wolf?) approx.: "... Now or never! ... Rosa Parks day ....". From a private conversation (ref. Skipton, North Yorkshire):
Evrei zanimayutsa Afrikanskimi semiami.
BROTHER men in Gosport made me wonder if there was more than one group under that name.
My post from 2007:
Strange and seemingly useless flash mob hobby in America as reported online about 20 years ago was a training/rehearsal for riots.
[ Sat. 19 Aug. 2017] - ANDY ( or Andy ) on RMN forum reported HOMOSEXUALS in London on the last Pink (?) Saturday (5 Aug?) displaying GLBT+ signs with letter P for Pedophiles or Pedosexuals added to the acronym. That post ( I searched by subject) and other posts by Andy have disappeared.  I now saw their acronym "renamed" to include Q for Queer, long forgotted name (vs Straight).
 Saw 3 people-characters (ref. participation in theatrics - witting or unwitting): an old man (Ukranian?) from St. Matthews, a Russian/Ukranian (?) of about 30 y.o. who gave impression of a "military" style appearances and the man who sat by the copy machine upstairs in the library. People can have twin brothers, of course, and use make-over and make up.
There was one ....Roman (?) Polansky or his relative (?) among the informal crowd at the  MGU ( Moscow State University) , - Journalism Foreign students (plus) community.
When I collected my Soviet (Foreign) passport in OVIR Moscow, I stopped at (Gruzinski?) market to do shopping and my passport stolen. Smb. telephoned soon after to say they found my passport. So I was glad to have my passport back and pay money as reward/Thank You (not an unusual situation). Thinking back, I suspect KGB/Mossad was involved.
British Commonwealth: In the Hague I was elected to be a Secretary (exact title: Membership and Financial ?) of the Commonwealth Club. Surprisingly, as I was the only non-British member, the link being Unilag - British Commonwealth University. I resigned, when one member suggested I phone British Commonwealth HQ in London and speak to one woman - without giving me any reason to do so. I thought it wasn't done, I was not going to do it.
TV-set "ULTRA Bermuda" model (1960s) is on display in Fareham Museum upstairs. Made in Ruislip, Middlesex.
My post Life, Lies and Crimes:
[ Tue. 22 Aug. 2017] - Epstein + Four WOMEN:

Did find "Andy" on RMN, it's AndiV: 
Criminal PROVOCATION in Charlottesville:
[ Wed. 23 Aug. 2017 ] - The DEGENERATES theatre, police in fake uniform, etc. - all operating their CRIMES openly:
Crisis Cast Ltd. of 20-22 Wenlock Rd. London UK. 
( ref. Earlier today in Charity shop by Waitrose) - Last year (?) comment just at the back of IRINA+ criminal spionage org. was: Nu est prodavschitsa ovoschnogo magazina ! .... I was also right about a young woman in Skipton at the Russian Tea shop (post-Beriozka shop, closed now?) who said she was from ... Novosibirsk (?).
Among "clients" of CrisisCast are NHS, Home Office, G4S, Open University, etc.
"The News" local paper today does not (!) mention Danish/Swedish submarine drama, but has some non-news and smb.'s kind words about a hairdresser, etc.
The "cash in hand" form of payment to generations of British or no-British "actors" may also go with drugs+  traffic.
Online about ten days ago: Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya (sp.?) came to discuss not only 'lifting' sanctions, but also possibility of lifting ban on Adoption of Russian Children in US.
Her pink 3-story house made a visual association with Pink/Blue Ballets in Belgium, run by Russian or Polish ballerinas.
( in 2003? ) A case of a Computer addict leaving his computer and killing his girl-friend did not surprise school-children in Bridgemary School in Gosport. Name Madsen is familiar from local press. Was there a journalist Madsen?...
[ Thurs. 24 August, 2017 ] - Still no info ( today) on Danish/Swedish drama in The News. I bought The Guardian to read a full page 3 report "Torso found on Danish shore ....".
Gosport is a hub of sea/under-water technology and services: STS Defence Ltd. etc.
Royal Air-Force News paper of Friday, 11 August, 2017 - pages 1and 7:
Prince Philip (96) HRH The Duke of Edinburgh had his last public engagement.
" He was appointed as Honorary Air Commodore in Chief of the Air Training Corps - a position he handed on to The Duchess of Cambridge in 2015 as he began to scale down his Royal duties."
[ Fri. 25 Aug. 2017 ] - Postal Service in UK is called Royal Mail - stamps bearing British Queen's portrait. A couple of years ago I was told "We don't do Registered Mail any more". They introduced so-called Special Delivery nonsense instead.
Registered Postage is a must in Legal and Court cases. The person (addressee-sp ?) signs the receipt slip. If the person is not around, a notice is left in the post box about a repeat visit and alternative for the person (to whom the registered letter is addressed) to come to the post office. ID required.
I think I did write about Special Delivery nonsense earlier. Unsafe, good for criminals and subversive to LEGAL processes among other things. I checked Wikipedia and there are signs of corrupt entries.
So-called tracking of postage actually belongs to business/trade, when cargoes and containers are administratively "tracked" for accountability and other reasons.
[ Sat. 26 August, 2017 ] - The Duchess of Cambridge (see entry of Thurs. 24.8 above)
 is Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William (who resigned from Sea-Air Rescue near Portsmouth or military shortly after Cadets/advice not to sue scandal). Prince William is the son of Prince Charles and grandson of Prince Philip. British media was busy reporting Prince Harry having his holidays in Caribbean (Barbados?) with his girl-friend, so Brasilian football team air-crash was under-reported.
 Brazilian electrician, Brazilian footballers and journalists ... Any hidden scenarios?
SATANIC DAY of  Yesterday - Friday, 25 August 2017.
Some of the changes to my posts on this website, which are not of my making, are a giveaway of the Cabal's agendas, secrets, tools and fears.  They also reveal their (inter-) national character.
Baltic States: Estonia-Lithuania-Latvia. Disasters: Estonia Ferry, Kursk Submarine, etc.
 There was a report a few months ago of an unexplained death of a young American woman (postgrad student?) in HAITI, who investigated CHILD-ABUSE.
 Journalist Kim Wall looks like she might have had Asian, European and African background.
RMN Report on 8 August about child-abuse in CHINA (not the only one in recent weeks):
5 year-old girls (or boys) in a fashion show dressed in horrible outfits "Victoria Secret" style:
A deadly mixture of secret military tech. and horrible abuse of young children.
Sisters of HOLLOWAY and women in uniform .... I remember in about 1992 (?) Readers Digest (?) in Russian had a Miss KGB on front page: chief naval engineer on a ship.
PS: Elaine (the one in Gosport, who looks like Diana Pidwell) knows women who might have been Baltic refugees/émigré to Sweden. Moved to Wales? Were involved in Dance group in Gosport (adults and children) which I didn't like.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Addenda Eighteen.

( nr 380 ) Two scans of  My Rewards Chart large glossy chart posted. Bought in Gosport High Street, in Zodiak Discount shop, - next to Catholic St. Mary's Church.
[ Thurs. 20 July, 2017 ] - One of the reasons they (The CABAL) are so afraid of and paranoid about free speech is that it potentially is a "spanner in the works" or sabotage of their MK or NewSpeak technology.
NLP , NVP, NAP, NSP (ref. language, vision, audio, semantics etc). While they push their nonsence on us, what is also very important, perhaps, is that they block, deceive, divert our attention from the obvious.
French General Pierre de Villiers resigns:
MK Ultra Reality Control:
15-min video: Jordan Sather - '7.17 - A Haitian Official ... :
Some online difficulties:
1. A map of St. Judah Ward in Portsmouth is blackened, literally ...
2. Website of British Constitution Org. is 'down'.
3. Melissa Dykes (link above) search result - zero.
[ Friday, 21 July, 2017 ] - Two scans posted: the blackened out St. Jude Ward on Portsmouth map and 2016 May St. Jude Ward elections candidate - Prof. Tony CHAFER of Social Sciences Dept. Portsmouth University.
I attended some of their public/open lectures and seminars, which were highly interesting, around 2006-2010. There was a special research group or section about Jews in Belorussia in ww2.
 Women and uniforms, WW2, a German (by name) EU researcher or reader made his presentation, in which he made some strong statements not to be found in his official booklet, such as a new "European History" was to begin after ww2, etc. Some serious questions were raised about the rationale of POLISH military in Britain during ww2, etc.
I was surprised Tony Chafer gave me a non-verbal negative response to information about LATVIAN homosexual Robert MICHELSON, who sexually abused over hundred young children in Amsterdam nursery. The youngest was 19 days old, boys and girls, although he had preference for boys. British media de-facto was silent about the case. RM was already on police register in Germany and had worked in Kenia as a volunteer in orphanage.
BLAST from the PAST: July 4, 1940:
US politics and security.
Some lingo-cultural notes about Two Russians (from Russia):
Name Rinat Akhmetshin may be Central Asian or Caucasian: Akhmet or Ahmed.
I only heard N. Veselnitskaya speak Russian ( to American journalists?), and
"sidit v telephone" does not sound like Russian being her first language.
ISRAEL: 10 min. video from Really Graceful- reader George- youtube -
1992: KGB Journalist Victor Louis, Dies - The New York Times -
[ Sat. 22 July, 2017 ] - Any comparative statistics ? Boys and Girls births:
 - the article above was difficult to print: "suspended" - new Orwellian message. Another new or recent development is crackling noise interfering with videos ( sound), pretty much like radio jamming.
That RUSSIAN (?)  woman lawyer N. Veselnitskaya may have links with NATASHA KUHRT and other RUSSIAN or ex-SOVIET women in King's College London, UK.
Some are from Central Asia - names and behaviour. More next week.
I also remembered now who N.V. ( on some photos I have just seen )  vaguely reminds me of. My ex Victor Udom had a friend in Moscow - Chakovskaya (first name ? ...) who married an Armenian man and had a young daughter. We later heard that she died in a car accident.
By the way Moscow University foreign students of JOURNALISM were .... bothered for want of a better word by Victor Louis ( see above).
[ Mon. 24 July, 2017 ] - Computer-generated TEXTS are to be found on a number of websites ( that are prolific and sip into newspapaers ) , which are un-realistically PRO-RUSSIAN and aggressively ANTI-AMERICAN. Time to examine the role of BRITAIN now and in historic past.
By the way, at the time of Portsmouth Uni. VC Prof. Craven, there was a military training for BRUNEI people - horrid lot, unless there was an Israeli presence, as I remember.
The Sorcha Faal and Company fall into that category. I remember years ago (when I wrote on Expatica) I had a strong feeling that people running What-Does-It-Mean website (there were constant ref. to it) were very 'close' - in Gosport, Hants, UK.
 The site is registered in CANADA, just like Henry Makow's website.
Who called Canadian Indians (pretty much like American Indians) First Nation(s) ?
Another lingo-crime.
There was a visiting team from Riga University and visitors from  St. Petersburg with Prof. Ton Ellermeyer ( at Physics Teacher training Dept.)
  Interest shown in computer simulation micro-plates which were developed there for simulation of Physics Experiments.
Photo of Robert Michelson - homosexual from Riga, Latvia ( computer expert) in my post of 11 Dec. 2010:
POLO club, Lagos, Nigeria. A high-rank Nigerian Military Officer:
" I am from a Slave Tribe. The British have promoted me, but my people don't accept it. Etc. "
[ Tue. 25 July, 2017 ] - British Navy ? - Bruce PARRY began his adult life as an officer and Physical Training instructor in the Royal Marines.
He left to become an expedition leader, then worked in the film industry. Home in Ibiza.
Two scans posted - front cover of the book (2007) ISBN: 978-0-718-14918-5 and Contens page listing countries visited: Gabon, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia (3 times), Mongolia, Venezuela, Brazil, Bhutan, Solomon Islands, Russia , Tanzania, Malaysia.
Scan of Robert Michelson police photo added. THANKS to FBI !
Complaints of mothers of abused children were rejected, etc. Only identification of a young boy from child pornography photo by FBI helped to arrest Robert Michelson.
Re-reading "Russians in Belgium" (in Russian) which I bought in University of Leuven. History before 1917 Revolution. ISBN 5-02-009564-8.
[ Wed. 26 July, 2017] - Mother of an abused boy speaks out to AT5:
Robert Michelson told young boys to undress and touch or sit on each other's genitals.
Tampliers: compare different types of saddles:
The so-called Russian/Pro-Russian websites (Sorcha Faal and Co.) that indicate the text being approx. translation from Russian into English, strangely avoid publishing  the original Russian text ... . What does "Deep State" mean ?
Marie Costa - educated in NIGERIA,
came to England in 1957 to train as a nurse and midwife, joined the Board of Governors of University of Portsmouth in 2006.
Two scans of her entry in the Board of Governors Portsmouth Univ. (on the purple background) from my printout dated 14/11/2013.
[ Thursday, 27 July ] - Nigerian President BUHARI has been away from Nigeria in LONDON, for about 80 (eighty) days for medical reasons.
 Today 7 Governors visited Buhari in Abuja House, London to find out about the nature of his illness. Exclusive VIDEO (1m 1s)  
"7 Governors in London for Buhari" is on the Guardian website:
My posts from 2010, 2016 and 2017:
British Military and Sexual abuse of School Children - CADETS were 150 years in 2010.
Parents and children were advised NOT to make reports to Police:
Ref. BBC Panorama documentary.
[ Sat. 29 July, 2017 ] - OGUGUA is the middle name of Marie Costa: Marie Ogugua Costa. I remember there was a Da Silva family in Lagos, but never came across Costa.
A long list of "Nigerian Medics" includes Soviet/Communist trained doctors and nurses.
GPS does not work Under Ground. South Limburg:
Persistent 'sabotage' of printing articles: about Debbie  Wasserman-Schultz, and "California uses dogs to sniff ..." - all recent from RMN forum.
Col. Ernest FORTUNE: mysterious British commander who handed British soldiers to the Germans in WW2 (ended in AUSWITZ camp) . Story told ( first hand) by WW2 veteran Griffiths from Stubbington, former neighbour of my daughter. I wrote about it on this website.
Yesterday I noticed that a story about FORTUNE hospital in Gosport (Laes Lane?)  disappeared from the interior 'decoration' of E2 bus (Eclipse, Fareham-Gosport). "Pirates, rebels and traitors ... American Civil War, etc." Years in 1700 and later. I wondered about some word play with 'pirates' only a couple of days ago. Ref. Gosport Society.
Dogs to sniff out ... Soy-free eggs...:
Cold War, Moscow, USSR: foreign students in Patrice Lumumba University, Moscow State University, Academies - Frunze (military) and Timiriazev (agriculture) as I remember.
I was surprised Nigeria imported Chicken Feed from abroad. I was told it made hens lay eggs without male presence. There was also some experimental soya work in International Inst. of Agriculture (UN ?) in Ibadan. Recent visit to Victoria Park in Portsmouth: the happy family of Cock and Hens laying eggs in a small 'house' disappeared. I saw a miserable  and sick-looking cock placed in a cage with ... rabbits and guinea-pigs. In North Yorkshire a pond with ducks was turned into a horror theatre: the only female with ducklings was attacked by numerous male ducks. One chick less every day ... . Must be part of "Princeton experiment":

WOMEN getting away with murder and many other things ...
I asked a non-question a few months ago: Are we to choose between Jews and Homosexuals?

I remember the RMN forum went rather quiet after Barak Obama 'fired' a number (how many?) of Jews from his cabinet, as he was under great pressure or 'orders' from them to appoint/promote people from their lists.
Dismissed with immediate effect (In Dutch: ontslag op staande foot). RMN user(s) later posted fake news about Obama being impossible to work with, thus people leaving his government en masse. Interestingly, JEWISH WOMEN escaped his wrath.
 Jewish culture is matriarchal: women rule over men, control them.
What about Michelle Obama? ...
[ Mon. 31 July, 2017 ] - Topics and questions this last weekend:

1. Are Royal Marines manipulated and exploited in a similar fashion to Ireland?
    They were given Freedom of Charter (?) - freedom to buy land, etc.
2. Are some people collecting passports, land, property, mining rights? ...
3. Is  Albion a secret manipulator of current international events ?
4. Polish and Hungarian Mafia? Ref. two people on Gosport Ferry: We are NATO - Hungary. Badge Tiger-Tiger and "Up-Close-and Personal" on a yellow ribbon, which they quickly removed.
Found out only today that there was an article about Portsmouth clubs Tiger Tiger and Prysm in The News by Ben Fishwick (Wed. 5 July, 2017). Polish, Polish and Polish today ... I may still have Grazhina (sp?) and Aart Hunenstein's address in Groningen (to forward). Diana's friend Pat Lowe has Polish daughter in law and one of her sons works as a psychologist in UK prison.
More tomorrow.
Former DUTCH Police Boss Gerard Bouman died in US during vacation:
[ Tue. 1 April, 2017] - Jamming of sound on Debbie-Gate video ( 1and 1/2 min):
- Imran Awan had access to EVERY member of Congress - SOLD SECRETS to Foreign Agents.
I recently wrote about Hungarian names having Surname first, before the First (Christian) name. Thus SOROS George, not George Soros (in Hungarian style).
I definetily saw 'Emmanuel Udom'  years ago. Surprising to see only recently 'Udom Emmanuel' in contrast (?) with names of other Nigerian State Governors.
[ Wed. 2 August, 2017 ] - Difficult to log in to Hotmail. Shall send a postcard.
Three photo scans posted on my website Spot-a-Gosport:
"Polish-Polish" theatrics (S-theatre) this Monday in Portsmouth had a surprising twist on Commercial Road near WHSMITH and Boots as I walked past: I saw a quarter profile of a look-alike of a British Tory polititian (Cabinet Minister in M. Thatcher gov. ?), on my left-across-forward.
AI breaking point? ... .
Football Clubs contracts: " ... club's decision not to sell him this summer ... " - ref. Virgil van Dijk case. Who and when drafted those contracts? Law Society approved?
Philip and Nicola Cookson of Beech Grove Alverstoke in Gosport were the first to ask me if I knew Russian woman IRINA, adding a recommendation to get to know her.
Nicola attends Alverstoke St.Mary church, but Philip one Sunday by the Gosport Ferry told me he was on his way to his Church, - The Real thing (old, original) as he put it, - in a private residence.
[ Friday 4 August, 2017 ] - STS Defence Ltd.
A "woman" - the one in black, smoking went into the reception entrance - today: read update on
Moscow - USSR: foreign students also in MEDICAL Institutes ( 1st and 2nd ) and 2CHEMISTRY Institutes. One was called Institute Tonkih Himicheskih Tehnologiy - ref. to (strange name at the time) possibly to homeopathy, nano-tech. or so-called smart materials. My guess.
From ADDENDA (2 pages) in my Oxford Dictionary of 1980 reprint of 1976 Sixth edition:

1. child. ~ benefit, State benefit replacing family allowance.
2. gay. -homosexual.
3. holocaust. (Esp., H~) w.ref. to mass murder of Jews by Nazis 1939-45.
4. paedo-, *pedo-, ~phile, -person displaying paedophilia.
5. Rastafarian ... (Member) of a Jamaican sect regarding Blacks  as a chosen people. [f. Ras Tafari, title of Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia d. 1975, venerated by the sect as a god, ..
6. sex. 1. Hence ~ism, prejudice or discrimination against people (esp. women) because of their sex; ~ist (2) n.
7. snake. 1. the ~, system of interconnected exchange rates for currencies of E.E.C.  countries.
8. tranny n. Transistor radio ...

PS: Ethiopia having historic links to USSR ( Tech-Mafia) and pre 1917 LIBERALS. 
GOSPORT: "Jamaica 1975 Cottage" in Jamaica Place (Street).
Reverse or dyslexic reading of 75 is 57.
[ Sat. 5 Aug. 2017] - Not sure about "number" of Chemistry Institutes in Moscow ( Institutes renamed Universities). The mother of Leonid Timochouk worked in NII (Sc. Res. Institute) of Information... (computer?) Systems smth.
I remember reading in Moscow paper about Belgian Royal(s) visiting Aircraft Plant (Aviatsionny Zavod) where his father worked.
2002 : Commonwealth Secretariat (British of 1966 Act) has two offices in London.
C. Secretary-General : His Excellency Rt. Hon. Donald McKinnon. m. Clare de Lore.
European Telecomm. Satellite Org. (Paris Office) has one name:
Mrs. Birgitta. Naslund. Exec. Secretary. (2 dots seem like typing error).