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Tech - Mafia - 3.

( nr 359 ) - Digging deep under-ground and under-sea. [ corr. 2 Dec. 2017].
 I was asked to take part ( privately) in "engineering project" near (very close to)  super-secret Air Base MENWITH HILL in North Yorkshire. More later.
Some history:
1961: in US scientists decided to study propagation of earthquake waves.
Digging over two miles deep off Mexico, Guadelupe Island -
project MOHOLE named after Yougoslav scientist Prof. Andrija Mohorovivic.
1967: Soviet Union comes up with project ANTI-COSMOS, involving eleven mile deep boreholes in five locations:
1. North of Caspian Sea.
2. Kola Peninsula.
3. Urals.
4. Caucasus.
5. Kuriles volcanic range.
Stated scientific aims included studies of the crust of the Earth and Energy/Heat recovery from the depths of the Earth's mantle.
Today I had an opportunity to practice my Dutch: sat opposite three people on board Gosport Ferry, at a comfortable distance and watched their reactions. Roughly when an appointment of a homosexual to a military post of Chief of Staff was announced in US, they (?) made a show of support and encouragement to the man with earrings on Gosport Ferry, whom I wrote about not long ago. Earlier in the morning I "met"(did not acknowledge) former CAB (Citizen's Advice Bureau in Gosport) just opposite the Electro Goods (Polish) store. He was the best, chemical engineer, but simply told me they could/would not handle my complaint: the incident with the RAF (Royal Air Force) document planted on me (gram.?) in the copy machine in the Gosport Library.
FARNHAM in Hampshire is where  International Air Show happens this week.
I remember seeing the name of Dario Fetahovich (univ. of Delft graduate) as employed by Bombardier:
On the list of graduates in The News today I found (Photography) one
Krasimira Petkova Butseva.
Mexican sombrero on the logo of BANDIDOS HOLLAND:
[ Thurs. 14 July, 2016] -

One Percent - extortion/raketeering sign on the Bandidos LOGO.
I wrote about Mexican PIZZA leaflet, coincidental elaborate theatrics of a staff in the Gosport Library (a woman I called KGB and a younger charge I "called" kikimora with her African husband or boy-friend). A book about a Russian KGB general  KALUGIN (living in America)  placed by the the copy machine and smth.  about application for a British citizenship. GORBACHEV made an ad for a PIZZA (HUT?) - his idea of an honest living.
The theatrics dove-tailed into the stories by TATIANA AQUINO/TIHONOVA who may still be working in the University of DELFT, if she did not go to ESTONIA. Her son IVAN, his gay American boy-friend, KGB/mil. intelligence coercing her father (death threat) into one of those ww2 SECRET projects, etc. Her pointed statement: (ru) Ivan budet rabotat s detmi, a potom oni vernutsa k svoim zhenam; (en) Ivan shall work with children, and later they shall return to their wives.
The young woman I asked this morning to help me print NRC article (link below), told me again she has no Russian roots/background. She looks like that strange woman in the Portsmouth Paedophile Court case (ref. HATHAWAY, DAY, nudist clubs, Australia, etc.) who was seen in profile only, with headphones and her face somewhat bloated.
Another big case of a Police Mole arrest:
Many unanswered questions about Family COHN members... .
Mexican Sizzler PIZZA (next to Launderette), WRONG photos of an international homosexual child abuse court case in Portsmouth and more on that blogspot website:
[ Fri. 15 July, 2016] - What a shame I haven't seen Jenny Oduko for a long time. We were good friends. University of Lagos Staff School, Bruton School for Girls. Maybe I should write.
At the "old house" in Guildford I remember Lindsay, her friend and Malaysian friends, Paul from Surinam, the Ph.D. (?) student from South Africa. I remember our discussion about her Ph.D. in Medical/Radiation Physics.
Her father ( parents visiting) once said in the middle of our discussion: Listen! Don't go to Israel.
Nobody - should - go - to - Israel. I wish I asked what he meant. I was not "going", but I think there was to be a conference there.
Gosport CAB experience: there was a sudden "feed" of a Medical Physicist (high salary) vacancy in their database (submarines?) and smb. standing still, visible through the glass door. The 99.9 % of advertised vacancies were on a much lower scale.
[ Tue. 19 July, 2016] - The man seen through the glass door (see Gosport CAB above) I think was councillor Phillpot. I also met another Phillpot in Portsmouth - via Physics Society. He said however that he did not know about Phillpot in Gosport.
Mistake by the bank clerk this morning  - again. Lloyds Bank is historically linked to Anglo-Soviet Lloyds Insurance, linked in turn to MILITARY (NAVY) spionage cases.
Hmm ... Cohn-Cohen-Cohan. I remember (years ago) I searched for name COHN and found it on genealogical website, defined as IRISH name. When I decided to check the name of the owner/webmaster of that site (on that very website), I could find none.
If criminals could write themselves in (offline) into someone's property as owner ( happened to my father in Moscow - ref. LATUSHKIN) , the same fraud is possible online in banking.
When I read about FBI methods, namely LOCKSTEP SURVEILANCE, I imagined (rightly or wrongly) that same formula (applied mathematics) is used by criminals for flash mobbing and harassment. Flash Mobs were described years ago as an innocent fun, games (by yappies?) and involved mobile telephones. I once saw smth in Portsmouth which happenned in a flash, fraction of a second: an old man sitting with a bull-terrier, quickly released dog's leash (just a little) when a young woman with a baby in the pram walked past him, resulting in the dog moving towards the baby.
Victor Udom rented an appartment in UDALTSOVA ul (street) in Moscow in 1974. We had a taxi with two men inside (apparently KGB) being outside the building at (almost) all times. Surveillance can be psychological, they let you know they are watching you. Retired theater actors were in their dacha (we visted them) and rented their flat to us.
GALBRAITH ? I wrote a letter to the University of Portsmouth Vice-Chancellor and got a "remarkable" reply (ref. RICS: Royal Institution of Charted Surveyors).
Portland Spy Ring: Soviet spy ring (late 1950s to 1961 in England. Info from Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment and HMS Osprey at Portland, England, where the Royal Navy tested equipment for undersea warfare.
VASSALL CASE TRIBUNAL (1961) - John Vassal (homosexual) and his minister Thomas Galbraith (and wife), KGB ( GRU ?) Sigmund Mikhailsky, employed by British Embassy in Moscow, etc. etc.
Can't get the sound on a Dutch News video, although I hear my ear-phone plug touching the socket.
How similar (speeches) of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama? -
[ Wed. 20 July, 2016 ] - just posted two scans: the letter signed by "Mr N Palmer Manager" of Lloyds Bank in Gosport High Street of yesterday, confirming, that the payment (22 pounds) should be for Mrs V Cohn and not for Mrs V Cohan, the account details being correct.
TODAY my payment of 207.70 pounds went wrong again - to V. COHAN, although supposedly to the right account.
Just like my earlier criticisms , e.g. anonymasation (sp?) of house/utility [corr. 2 Dec. 2017] bills payments (strangely considered to be Identity Proof), I witness fraudulent procedures enabling potential/real fraud and its cover-up. Today, like yesterday, Confirmation of Payment Slip could not be printed, the authorisation I signed had only my name and not the name of the person I pay money to.
Second scan is a sample of VICTORIA COHAN images online. 
[ Thurs. 21 July, 2016] - Turkey declared state of emergency for three months. France has state of emergency till the end January 2017. May and Merkel meeting takes front pages of British Newspapers, but is almost unreported abroad/in Dutch Media (?). Rather unusual.
Yesterday on a bus to Fareham, I saw a passenger who, I kind of guessed, might have come from Turkmenistan, Kirgizstan or Uzbekistan, although he had a European suit on.
 He was/became nervous (?) A couple of days ago this man was in Fareham library two seats away from me (seemingly pleased with himself) while on my left I had a tall man (African? very dark) who noisily ate chips (crackers) for quite some time.
"KAZACHSTAN-TATARSTAN-BIROBIDJAN ? " theatrics in Portsmouth and Gosport often have a specific ideological slant. I was surprsised to find Russia Institute LECTURERS, researchers and visitors at King's College London being vaguely familiar. Skipton?...
I remember the Dept. of WAR STUDIES just above my office, I was an honorary research fellow (by invitation) during my sabbatical 1986-87.
A group photo of British Council training course at KQC in early 1986 is on my other website:
a photo at the bottom, CONFERENCE +
Turk-Town is an 'unofficial name' of Gosport since the Crimean War (?).
There is a Turkish Cemetry within the NAVAL cemetery here in Gosport, which was visited by Erdogan and wife a few years ago.
[ Friday, 22 July, 2016] - Antonov (ref. football) was arrested and spent a night in Gosport Police station when Erdogan(s) visited.
Posts from 2013 and 2015: about Communists, Earthquakes and Politics -
[ Sat. 23 July, 2016] - FULL TEXT or TRANSCRIPT of the REPUBLICAN
Presidential Candidate Donald Trump (for Vice President: Governor of Indiana Mike Pence) is grossly under-reported. I printed the text from yesterday, the text as provided in advance by the Trump campaign. Today, in the Gosport Library, I have difficulty loading the transcript (AP) from canadian website .
The printout of yesterday has an incomplete URL as follows:
Americanism, not globalism; constitutional Gun Ownership, choice of school, doctor and hospital, trade re-negotiations, veterans, manufacture industry and much more.
[ Tue. 26 July, 2016] - GOOGLE bought BLOGGER (incl. blogspot ) ??? It was reported two (?) years ago, that google and microsoft (?) moved their hq/databases to Siberia ... . Novosibirsk, Birobidjan, Omsk, ... (?).

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