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( nr 360 ) - Presidential Republican nominee Donald Trump's speech as provided in advance by the Trump campaign: nine scans with numbering from 1/17 to 17/17. Scans got posted, but not in strict sequence.
PS: I am now at terminal 13 in Gosport Library. To my left at computer 12 (elongated monitor) is a woman with, as I put it, a hundred metal rings on her face, ears and neck. Degenerates' theater or S-theater. Interesting to follow up her case.
Shall be sending an e-mail later to Department of War Studies, King's College London.
Have I seen Dr Natasha Kuhrt somewhere? ...
[ Thurs. 28 July, 2016] - Manchurian Candidates?...
Telling discrepancy in news reports about a "third party/person" who strongly influenced the Ansbach ( in Germany) murderer. I am not clear about the details of this very attack, as I write this, but there are TWO conflicting translations (from German or English?) of what the Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann had said about the online telephone conversation before the attack.
The Dutch subtitles on the video of JH interview: Het gesprek eindigte direct voor de aanslag. ( the attack started immediately after the end of the telephone conv.)
The news report ( however, gives a different version: ...eindigt het gesprek .... geruime tijd voor de aanslag. ( ... quite some time between the attack and the end of tel. conversation ):
( Laatste update: 27-07-16 16:38)
A few years ago I noticed and wrote online about shocking censorship/cutting of a British doctor's interview (mass shooting by a taxi driver in Yorkshire) where he said, that children who witnessed murders could not speak (and hear?) for a couple of hours.
[ Friday, 29 July, 2016 ] - SIBERIA: Novosibirsk (Akademgorodok) - of (Soviet) Akademy of Sciences; Khabarovsk (governor Roman Abramovich, friend of PUTIN), Tobolsk, Turuhansk, etc.
Manchuria, Jews in Ancient China, Israel EPSTEIN (Polish parents) and his role in the Chinese Proletarian Culture Revolution. Siberian-Chinese Railways (also Moscow Institute of Zheleznodorozhnogo Transporta), LOGOVAZ - truck auto manufacture (ref. Berezovski), Italian and Check cars factories(?) in Russia, etc.
ANSBACH: was the person, who had a strong influence on young attacker MALE or FEMALE ?
[ Sat. 30 July, 2016] - S-theater: having mentioned/sent an e-mail to NATASHA KUHRT  in this post, on my way back home (near Fox Pub) I see a red (plus black and white) car (reg. incl. 13 - my comp. place) with a woman  driver glancing at me (+) and speeding off with determination. Later, at the same place, a toy car (red+ back and white) was on the pavement - upturned, wheels up. Watching: another woman in a parked car, and there was a big dark green beer truck ( Carlsberg ) close to the Fox Pub. On Expatica Dutch Forum a very good description of what I dubbed S-theater was given by Kat Hack Sung (sp?) who was either Chinese or Korean Expatriate living in America. He wrote that CIA+ works together with the Security Services in his home country, stalking, harassing himself and trying to set his own family against him. His descriptions and observations keep getting/recur online and offline.
A snatch from a radio programme: "'s all about CONTROL ", smth. that Psychopaths/Degenerates are obsessed about.
I was just told that the scanner ... 'got broken', and the one in the building across the road malfunctions.
I have a few pictures I want to scan: group photo of Vietnamese and Soviet military in 1967 (?) with KGB Alexander Shelepin in front, third from left, etc. etc.
Charity shops are amasing, both in interesting finds and as a give-away of Cabal's Ideology.
Israeli shop ( KGB=Mossad=Mob) with some hand-made furniture, yet again Bavaria Socialist Republic (Spartacists = Homosexual Communists), Old Russian (emigre?) toys, publication of Soviet Physicist Skobeltsyn (Skoblikof?), etc. I now know what is wrong with those toys: they are subtly subversive and anti-Russian (Maltsev, Rubinstein, Rasputin and Co.)
Just corrected Carlsberg - not Carrlson!
There is a post on this site PUPPETS+ where I quote Kat Hack Sung.
Call this art? ... Elaine Cohn pointed to the marble table top, where her drawings were laid out and said that the marble slate is ...from a mortuary, where her father or grandfather worked as a "Community Nurse". And that horrid (French?) painting outside her/guest bedroom, where a man's throat with a razor across it was, as she had said a client in a barber shop ... . She said too emphatically that her name was LAMBERT, and some Russian emigre (?) names were mentioned.
David Cohn made a "qick" and vulgar pass at me the day his mother died.

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