Wednesday, 15 August 2012

LY plus

( nr 309 ) LYBERRY club in Portsmouth attracted my attention because the word Berry was discussed online: Russian Berry, Blackberry, Cherry Marine, Klubnichka (Russian for Strawberry), etc. I later wondered about two RUSSIAN letters YL (or UL) on a logo of a Jewish organization Bnei Akiva - seen in post  nr 301 ( 9 Jan 2012) : 01 09 archive.html . With only two letters, not much comes to mind. Lenin Universities was the name of a subversive secret COMMUNIST training bases in America, started/run by Lavrenty Beria from Georgia, Soviet Union. Notes of his lecture on Psychopolitics are available online. After visiting Russian Tea Room ( Emporium ?) in Skipton, Yorkshire, I noticed on their Facebook ref. I first thought ly refers to language/country. Indeed, LY turned out to stand for ... Lybia ! has now changed to bitly and the current CEO is one Peter Stern. I also brifly saw on wiki a ref. to a language (ly) listed along with other two baltic languages - Estonian es and either lt or lv. The alphabet looked fantastic, like some ancient language or an artificial language. Could not find that entry again.
History of The Russian Coffee-House in nr 301 ( 9 Jan 2012) : 01 09 archive.html . RUSSIAN TEA ROOM found on Wikipedia. Russian Tea Room in Skipton: .
The New York website is designed by Ignite Hospitality Consultants.
Ignite! is found on Wikipedia. Neil Bush, Boris Berezovsky ... Wayne Madsen wrote about their meeting in Riga, Latvia:
 We are getting a ... BANG ! IGNITE ! and EXPLOSION ! There is a Museum of Naval Firepower called Eplosion! here in Gosport. I was shocked to see a street sign showing a man walking fast ...towards (!)  Explosion! Charlotte Izerbyte talks about a provocative line in a textbook rhyming Torch and Porch.
Royal College of Defence Studies visitors to Crimea are shown in a VLADIK SHIBANOV post on the aangirfan website: and links to: and
[ Thurs. 16 August, 2012 ] - A man in Holland had his healthy prostate removed -
Some areas where microchips are implanted (by Cabal International, medical branch) are shown in my post nr 247 ( 21 Jan. 2010 ). Echelon in North Yorkshire: read my posts nr 186 and 187 ( 26 and 27 January 2009 ). I do not give the links for the 3 ref. above, as it seems the links given earlier do not work. The same archive format is OK in earlier posts.
Promotion of homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity in Communist Goals (1963) -
[ Tue. 21 August 2012] - Sadistic Lesbians ? Yesterday I watched a video interview posted on Guardian website, where the three young Russian women (girl band Pussy Riot) sitting on stage, coloured dresses, balaclavas (supposedly in hiding ? ) talk about their causes. One said ( in Russian): My- feminist hlysty. [ we are feminist whips]. Hlysty is Russian for Flaggellants (?) or Whips. Another girl came up with the English word: whip, but mispronounced it as wep. So, the first one repeated: feminist wep. In Tzarist Russia there was a heretic, pagan, anti-christian sect (in Siberia) HLYSTY (emphasis on the last syllable), literally meaning whips. Ref. orgies, beatings, (self-)castration. Sado-masochism. Sadistic lesbians aka witches.