Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Polish Drivers.

( nr 340 ) Before I travelled to Skipton on June 10th, I noticed that the Dutch News report about the arrest of 68 illegal immigrants in Harwich on June 4 listed the passengers, but did not mention the FOUR POLISH DRIVERS. I did write and spoke about The News local paper announcing (in 2005?) arrival of POLISH BUS DRIVERS in GOSPORT, as British Bus Drivers could not be found at this British Naval Base, which also trains MI6(?).
Returning to Gosport, I noticed the change in shop window arrangements in two Electro/Appliances shops in North Cross Street. Polish owner? Quite a bit of theatrics or S-theater as I call it in that area.
Yesterday I could not find even that original report on  . Even Harwich and Hook van Holland did not work as search words.
WASHING MACHINES were also not mentioned in Dutch reports.
Any links with Polish Plumbers ? .... . (NB: beeps in electric cupboards started again ).
Communists ? -
Yesterday I received 'unavailable' notification about my request in the Central Portsmouth Library to borrow or buy:

"DISINFORMATION: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion and Promoting Terrorism" by Mihai Pacepa, Ion (Romanian General).

Quote: The British Library are unable to supply this title. It may not be available for retail in this country. Private copies may be available for purchase through online retail outlets.
I wrote about a man who asked me about "Russian woman Irina" a year or two ago. Last Sunday the same man (?) by the same newspaper display in Morrison supermarket talked to me again.
It was a "hard talk" chat on my part. He remained 'stoic' as budda and did not react to what I had said about IRINA+ network. Called himself John Bull. Gave me an URL of a website that his wife had helped him with. As I said before, a Romanian woman ( Health food shop) is part of the IRINA+ network, in whichever capacity. Romanian/English dictionary is laid out to be seen in Gosport Library.
[ Friday 26 June, 2015] - From today's presentation: Parker and Torrington residential company manager (John Parker?) pointed his finger at the word DRUGS in my letter (report plus proposals)  ref.  events at the St. Matthews Court (21-32) on Sunday 6 May, 2012 and said to me:
 We can't have this in writing.
Another man (owner of flat 26) was also critical of my letter/allegation in a more round-about manner, not so direct.
[ MONDAY 29 JUNE 2015] -

 Instead, ad hoc and posters (small and medium) for July and August.

[ Tue.7 July, 2015, 18:10] - After another refusal in the Portsmouth Central Library and 'no good luck' in the Blackwell bookshop by the University Library, I finally succeeded in ordering "DISINFORMATION" book by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai PACEPA { ISBN-13: 9781936488988 publisher: Midpoint Trade Books, Inc.} in the WATERSTONES bookshop in Portsmouth.
Order number 40291, twenty pounds, up to one month waiting time.
On the Bus 3 from Portsmouth to Fareham in the Kingston/London Road area, an old man made a short ride. I didn't see him very well, but he resembled/reminded me of another passenger at the time of Diamond Theft (heist?) a few months ago. The old man ( bold) then had a heavy gold ring with a stone and a younger 'bouncer' man nearby. They were artistically 'underworld' types. They looked Polish. Right now, behind me, at the terminal 7, sits a woman, who at that time gave an impression of "Miss Maple". There was quite a lot of theatrics then, not least a "MosGas" analogy. I also wondered if smth. important was happening elsewhere.
And not to forget, elaborate and misguided approach of the same man (?) in Morrisons by the newspaper stand, who earlier had asked me about IRINA (!) The website is Chaplin Books in Gosport, and it's a giveaway. [ sp. diamond corrected ].

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Scouting for Girls not in Gosport ?

( nr 339 ) "The News" local paper has SHAMBLES headline: No firm venue, no licence and now headliners Scouting for Girls and James Arthur pull out ... Gosfest (Gosport Festival) is becoming a SHAMBLES. ( by Gosport reporter Ellie Pilmoor). James Arthur and Scouting for Girls are now booked for other festivals over the same weekend of August 1 and 2.
Quotes/reactions follow from Modest Management, Chloe Palmer, director of Eventures Int Ltd., local activists Dean Keating and Ade Jupe.
Global Mind Programming ( aka Mind Control, MK, Brainwashing, etc.) was mentioned by General Alexander Lebed as Psycho-Semantic mind programming, very dangerous phenomena, that encompass Personality Change, Zombi-like behaviour (scientific term is AUTONOME), psychosis, neurosis, so-called radicalisation, etc.
Around year 2002 I brought a proposal/subject of Neuro VISUAL Programming on a Russian ( lang.) Forum, as in addition to NLP (Neuro-Lingual Programming), visual and other senses are used/exploited in MK.
How interesting, that even NLP, so widely known, is obscured/displaced by Natural Language Processing.
MASS BRAINWASHING is what is happenning around us.
Some word-play:

Ignite! - educ. company, incl. COW - Cow on Wheels product.
Explosion! - name of a Naval Museum.
Tourist sign depicts a man walking fast ...TOWARDS Explosion!
A printout of Portsmouth Ignite Trading Ltd address in Portsmouth depicts "Mun+" next to their office, accidentally, of course.
The two words get introduced to newspapers: explosive topic, ignite price smth. etc.

[ Sat. 6 June, 2015 ] - The D-Day anniversary is almost lost today among other topics/exhibitions.

As I said yesterday (for the first time) I see some links, connections between two major cases -
Relevant topics:
- Russian/Soviet+ emigration
- White Army/ Russian aristocrats organizations
- Masonic Lodges of Russian Empire
- Polish (Women ?) Masonic Lodge
- December 1825 events in Russia.
- General anti-Christian, anti-Family (men, women and children) nature of Communism during periods  " before and after Stalin government ".
Next Speaker's Corner presentation in TWO WEEKS - 19 June 2015.