Saturday, 27 September 2014

Nelson and Lloyds ?

(  nr 326 ) Sent my third e-mail to Dutch Consulate yesterday ref. renewal of Dutch Passport. Going to Hythe, Southampton on Monday for 12:00 appointment.
History links Admiral Nelson, Lloyds Insurance, Anglo-Soviet Lloyds Shipping Company, Rothschild and Perugia families. More recent events: Nelsons Pub on Gosport High Street is owned
by flamboyant Arthur Caraccio, who had asked: "Is this some kind of a joke?" ( the headline of local paper "The News" yesterday) on hearing that former Gosport Mayor Wayne Ronayne is coming to sit on Gosport Borough Licencing Board.
Since I 'switched' (?) my bank account from Barclays to Lloyds, the money from Dept. of Works and Pensions comes to my account two days ( 48 hours ) later. Time is money.
The so-called Scottish Minority moved South and renamed itself  PIE - Pedophile Information Exchange :
Keesing's Archives show a map of West Africa in June 1957: French Overseas Territories.
Smth interesting and linked to Biafra Civil War, I believe.
L.I. Brezjnev's Biography (in Dutch AO'82) mentions Dnjepr-mafia. River Dnepr is missing from the index of World Atlas (John Bartholomew & Sons Ltd. Edinburgh , MCMLXXXIV ). River Don is mentioed once - as a river in Scotland.
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[ Wed. 1 October, 2014 ] -
I submitted my application for renewal of my Dutch passport two days ago. The Consulate confirmed, that they accept cash only, and passport 'costen' are 120 pounds and not 104, as their website indicates. They pointed out to me, that it includes Special Delivery by Royal Mail, and the number, which I can trace online is ZI 2049 7028 9GB.
Hythe near Southampton is just a few miles from Lyndhurst and Beaulieu in New Forest, places of ancient piracy, contraband and Rothschild-led Secret Operations during WW2 ( BlackOps ? ).
Mussolini declared war on Mafia, and Italian mafia got involved in Resistance/Allied efforts.
Read my post LEEDS to ITALY  nr 314 on this website:  During WW2 there were foreign pilots fighting Germany with the Soviet Air Forces. From the Soviet school history books: Italian pilot/team Castello and French Normandia-Neman. There was a Soviet hero pilot Maresiev, who, despite amputation of his legs, continued his active service.
This Saturday, October 4, there will be ww1 commemorations in Gosport: 10am to 2pm.
Oleg Rakito is mentioned 3 times on this site. He is also mentioned in online story about fathers of American POWs visiting Russia as a Russian quide, who spoke very good English.  (nr 136)  (nr 202)
Oleg Rakito on my wedding pictures - another blogspot website of mine :
Manchuria, Korea, Nigeria, USSR, USA ...  (nr 313)
"The News" today writes about American Coast Guard engineers asked to help British Navy in Portsmouth. Somewhere on this site I wrote years ago about an independent candidate for Gosport elections, a retired engineer. I scanned and posted his letter/leaflet. Don't remember his name.
[ Thurs.2 October, 2014] - International New York Times of yesterday reported on its front page "Europe vows tougher laws to foil jihadi recruitment" by Steven Erlanger from Birmingham, England. " Already this year, Ms. May said, she has stripped the passports of 25 Britons who have traveled or plan to travel to Syria, and the police have arrested more than 100 people for 'offenses relating to terrorism in Syria' ". 
Hmm ... Just how do you strip a passport ? The spionage cases of Gary McKinnon and Anna Chapman (her maiden name is Ukranian) come to mind. Ms May personally took charge and sabotaged (as I called it on this website) both cases. No investigation and no defence was allowed.
The leader of the Russian Spy Network was arrested ( in Greece/Cyprus/Hungary area ? ) and allowed to escape. Same week in Southampton a young Hungarian woman was murdered by a man she lived with.
By the way, the Dutch Consulate officer left his desk and came to my side of the counter (into the corridor) to take the 120 pounds cash and give me a photocopy of the Special Delivery plastic envelope. He was calm and polite Monday morning. I had to go and get money from Lloyds in Hythe, as I was unsure what the answer to my e-mail was (about amount/cheque/cash). I had the impression that the man did not know, that my e-mail was in fact answered early that morning, perhaps by his female colleague in the next room.
Legalese and procedures are very important for Law and Justice. As I remember, REGISTERED POST is very important. The British Royal (?) Mail does not have this category any more. WHY ?
[ 4 october 2014 ] - events in Holland and Russia in 1992 and 1993:
 As I wrote earlier, Bilitis is an anagram of Tbilisi. From Soviet school history: queen (Tsarina ) Tamara had a long line of suitors. After a night spent with tsaritsa Tamara, many were beheaded in the morning, until she found the right man.
Russian films Brat and Brat-2 (I don't have further series) are full of symbols, roles and scenarios.
In that film with variety of 'types' of men and women, there is not one positive role of a Russian woman. One nice young woman appears on the scene, but our hero has a blind spot for her, going after older women, other men's wifes, prostitutes and drug addicts.
Ordina  ( Ordina is an anagram of Rodina - motherland in Russian ) company in Holland is under investigation for cases of fraud in construction industry, military and industrial spionage, etc.
The update of my website  two days ago is called
 'Abused by his mother' .
Yesterday I mentioned the story of Dr. Michail Stern ( Ukrainian Soviet Jewish dissident, Amsterdam,  early nineties) who spent some time in University of Madrid and attended a conference with his wife, where, unknown to many people, ALL participants were homosexual, although they did not look that way. He was involved with  Friends of Nobel Laureats ( Stichting/ Vereniging ?)
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