Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Corrupt(-tion) document.

( nr 308 ) Gosport Borough Council sent out a corrupt voter registration form - see six scans above. For how long have they been using it ? WHO designed and approved this document ? What about other local councils in Hampshire/Britain ?
PS: MK-ultra must be actually written as M(B)K - ultra. B - for BODY, as well as MIND. The most vulnerable victims of the on-going sadistic control/experiments ( by Cabal International) are CHILDREN and young people. They prey on the young.
MOTHER GOAT and Wolf fairy tale updated:
Mother Goat is accused of discrimination against Wolf, who insists, that he must be judged by what he does and not by what he is. Mother Goat: NO. I don't have to wait, till you eat one of my children!
Remembered this modern version when watching 'Collapse' video about Michael Ruppert, where a tale about Tortoise and Scorpion is told.
On the aangirfan blog, a comment appeared (12:18 pm) suggesting that JAPAN( ha-ha), and not STALIN is behind the Soviet Jewish Republic existance. http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/jews-divided.html
CNN: Who is Dr.Lynne Fenton? -
Going to Skipton: 2-9 August, 2012.
[Wed. 1 Aug.] :
British Psychiatry article by Anton Chaitkin - www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/27a/247.html
Voodoo, juju, shamanism and their high-tech simulations apparently 'popular' with alphabet agencies.
Skulls and Bones are shown as fetishes in a Juju House in West Africa - 1873 illustration found in a Wikipedia entry:  Juju.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


( nr 307 )  STAR WARS or SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative, since evolved into a cascade of acronyms, was surprisingly difficult to search for ! Long lists of films, videos, games, etc. came up, with the high-tech military global project at the very end ... . The scans above are from Wikipedia entries of Strategic Defence Initiative and Directed-energy weapon.
Cabal International got their hands on the most advanced military technology. Fluoride, chemtrails, vaccines, microwaves, lasers, etc. - all used by psychopaths.
The Black Cross or Anarchist Black Cross (see two previous posts) symbol can now be seen on Anarchist Black Cross wikipedia entry, and it is so Anti-Christian. Some names/characters on the List of Jewish Anarchists (wikipedia): Dmitry Bogrov, Olga Taratuta, Carl Einstein, Noam Chomsky - coincidences, I suppose. Olga Taratuta (wikipedia) was anarcho-communist and founder of the Ukrainian Anarchist Black Cross.
From 'On This Day' book : July 19, 1969 - Senator Edward Kennedy in automobile accident with passenger secretary Mary Jo Kopechne ( Kopechne - East European name ?) July 19, 1848 - the first women's rights assembly begins at Seneca Falls, New York state.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

JETP - Soviet Physics ...

( nr 306 )  Cabal International - Communism - Sodom - PHYSICS ! Who would have thought of such bizarre links ? Not me, not untill now. Top scan is a 1955 photo of 2 Tory MPs - baroness Joan Vickers and Ray Mawby, a former electrician, who spied for Communists to fund his addiction to roulette.
The group photo below is from a CENTENNIAL issue of JETP (January 1973) - history of the society by Yu. M. Tsipenyuk (p. 1-24). The remaining scans from JETP - published / copyright AMERICAN INSTITUTE of PHYSICS. Something of a Sam/Tam-Izdat: the spelling and TYPOGRAPHY is neither Russian, nor Soviet! Some strange marks and symbols. Some dual/different spellings of authors' names.
At a glance, amazing collection of names, echoeing - Lebedev, Medvedev, Litvinenko, Lugovoi, Perelman, Maltsev, Melnik, etc.
MOLDOVA issues: : General Lebed, Avigdor Lieberman, Israel, Ukraine, Anna Azari, Moldovans issued with Romanian passports, NO-VISA regime between Russia and Israel. Institute of Applied Physics, the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Kishinev, Moldova - had some difficulty trying to print pages from the web. MOLDOVA is one of the destinations of an agent-provocateur Paul Cameron Ph.D. - I posted the scan of the e-mail on my BREIVIK website.
GOOD NEWS from HOLLAND: vereniging MARTIJN (similar to NAMBLA in North America) is declared ILLEGAL by a Court in Assen.
Cryptogramm: Sunday 6 May, 2012. Pink Hat. Barren Organ. Trinity.St. Matthews. Ikonoklastic. Israel. Young Jewish woman. Maestro in jeans. Golem gone beserk. Goylem in smart wear. Earrings, tattoes. Yobs in taxis. Brighton, not Southampton.
Homosexual mafia in the military.
PS: next week in Skipton, North Yorkshire.
[ Thurs. 5 July, 2012]- tried to add the 7th scan here of a page from JETP Feb. 1976 where Marketing Services of American Institute of Physics advertise 53 titles, periodicals including Medical Physics, Chinese Journal of Physics, Physics in Medicine and Biology, British Journal of Applied Physics, etc. Shall try again.
6 MAY 2012 was the 10th anniversary of the assasination of a controversial Dutch politician Pim Fortuin. There was a Gay parade in Brighton (Beach?) in UK 6 May, 2012. (sp. Fortyuin ?)
Former Dutch PM Ruud Lubbers suggested to a young Pim Fortuin the idea of going into politics (Elsevier interview). PM Ruud Lubbers was with the Israeli Ambassador when El-Al plane crashed into a tall building near Amsterdam. See DUTCH 911 on my website http://www.october-four-92-93.blogspot.com/
BREIVIK website with a provocative e-mail I received: http://www.breivik-case.blogspot.com/
ZWARTE CROSS - BLACK CROSS ... So-called Farmer Festivals organised by a granny (!) Tante Rikie - www.nos.nl/op3/video/256606-15-zwarte-cross-met-tante-rikie.html
Their LOGO reminded me of  a strange decoration used in 1995 in a concert for www2 veterans in Moscow, namely archs of black and orange balloons.
STONEWALL riots started in US in a MAFIA-owned pub called Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village near New York.
"West Side Story" musical was originally called by the creators " BANG ! ".
They were persuaded to change it.