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( nr 285 ) PIE - Pedophile Information Exchange LOGO has disappeared from Wikipedia shortly after I posted it in 2009 - see my post here nr 208 .
Winny Mandela lost her husband after a teenager tragically died . He was accused in the first instance of "sleeping with a white man " and being a spy. Who was the "white" man ?
Was there an investigation?
IT Hampshire blocked link from a rmn post about harvesting human organs.

SUFFRAGETTS .... They were MAD women, absolutely INSANE. It was not about votes for women, they hated men and wanted to take their place. The photo is from "The Suffragetts in Pictures" by Diane Atkinson ( 2010 edition). Their hand/finger gestures are very strange.

... Rothschild women inherit according to how well they control/manage their men. - from a link on TheTruthSeekers.co.uk, if it is still there.

The saying/joke (!) that "the father is never known" is actually a very sick "joke" from a matriarchy regime(s). Boys grow up not having their own father, fathers not sure if children are theirs, etc.
My global view on the Israel 2 - Israel 1 axis that has a North East "Nord Ost" direction, connotes with EuroAsia project, includes war zones and secret underground facilities in mountaineous regions. Israel 1 - Soviet Jewish Republic (from 1920), capital Birobidjan.
SUPERMARKETS ... I noticed that sick theatrics performers/s-actors often emerge from and perform near the back door or storage area in supermarkets (especially a couple of years ago).

.... After my posts about Zenith trucks I remember there was a notable blank, white and without any logos or identification truck at the back of Morrisons (meaning you can't really know if ....?).

About a year ago when Gosport Police Station was to close its detention facility, some supermarkets came up with an extrordinary offer, - to open and run DETENTION CELLS in their buildings.

Playing Devil's advocate: actually, the size and logistics of supermarkets/malls may allow a convenient entry or supply points for a nearby underground facility, if any.
{ Wed. 22 Dec. 2010} CP=Common Purpose/Communist Party.
Communist Party of Israel: founded in 1919 as a Palestinian Socialist Labour Party, etc.
BEALO GROUP SA - whois record from 2004, with the name of Vittory Gaiday. The trouble they caused triggered court cases in America and elsewhere. I started "Read before 11 May ..." topic on the Dutch Expatica Forum.
Two posts translated from Russian. The alphabet agencies (not just Russian KGB) probably behaved this way long before 1995.
Another Galina was a Soviet Jewess who emigrated to Israel, who wrote, among other things, that she misses Russia so much and she'd return to Russia with her daughter. When K addressed me at some point as if I was her, I corrected him. He did not respond (she did not comment either, although her online presence was visible), so I started adding NB: .... After some time, K apologised in a strange way - more of a threat than an apology.
Coincidence - there was a "K-house" just opposite 4 Woolston Court in Gosport.
Dr. Jose Delgado is known for stopping a charging bull with his remote control.
Almost nowhere is this experiment reported for the other possibility : to turn a quiet animal or a human being into an angry, aggressive, dangerous monster.
Reports and experiences dating a few years ago: sudden anger, rage -out of proportions, out of character. Some road rage incidents might have been staged (?).
However, the crisis or outburst (with tragic consequences) may come after a period of extreme stress, hardship, suffering, which outsiders may not be aware of.
Psychological Warfare is about wearing human beings out, finding their breaking point.
The case of Raoul Moat and a more recent case of a young man in Southampton indicate the presence of both family ( note women's behaviour ) and high-tech effects of criminal experimentation on people.
Psychologists in 37 countries conducted ( and are still conducting ) research into their version of 7 major human emotions:
joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust, shame and guilt.
Among the reseach teams - Psychology Dept. of the University of Lagos, which connects a dozen dots for me - in retrospect.
Ref: American Psychological Association, copyright 1994.
"Evidence for Universality and Cultural Variation of Differential Emotion Response Pattering" by Klaus R. Scherer and Harald G. Wallbott. Corresp. address in Switzerland.
The Recent Riots bear hallmarks of "crowd control" technology - actually getting the crowd OUT of control. So are a few of Parliament fights.
On Thursday, when students rioted ( I did not know about it) I was at home and felt very very angry - it lasted a couple of hours.
British press is gagged (?) and unable to report the Robert M. scandal which is still unfolding.
His police photo is in the previous post. He confessed to sexually abusing 64 children in the Amsterdam nurseries. Homosexual from the former Soviet Union, Riga, Latvia. "Married to a Dutch man. 27 years old, previously worked in an orphanage in Kenia.
When Dutch parents complained back in 2008, Daily Mail reported some researchers who advocated .... teaching under 11s "pleasure of gay sex". the scan of the DM article is in my post nr. 166 of 25 September 2008.
American police traced a photo of young boy to Netherlands. Arrests have been made in London, Austria, Romania, etc.
War against Psychopaths was waged a few years ago by Tim Field and his foundation. Is bullyonline.org still there ? One of the aggravating factors reported a few years ago was sexual perversion re: psychopaths.
The Comminists .... Their aims, etc. is a pure balderdash. Interesting, how the word communist was carefully avoided for some time. For example in PKK one K is kommunistische. They also introduced communistic (meaningless). In a rmn post giving link to Bezmenov (KGB) video, the topic is described as Fascist (and not Communist) takeover. In another post about Anti-American activities investigation, there was a mention of Red (communist) and "other" (purple for homosexual) infiltration.
By the way, how many Middletons are there? Warren Middleton is mentioned in Paedophile Information Exchange wikipedia entry, some Middleton woman ( educated in Switzerland? ) was named by Brian Gerrish in his investigation of CP (Common Purpose/Communist Party ) infiltration.
I posted a comment to a "Social Engineering" article (Dec. 10, 2010) on http://www.conspiracyanalyst.blogspot.com/
Documentaire 20e eeuw: 30 April 1909 ..... reed een eskadron huzaren het Maliveld op en even na negenen klonk daar het eerste van de 51 saluutschoten.
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( nr 284 ) Speaker's corner going well. I shall be there may be not daily, but often enough: writing and speaking out does help thinking.

VACCINATIONS worries again ?

I could not find any info about MMR allegedly no more available in three separate injections plus a suggestion that the last preceeding one ( 3rd booster shot ?) is to be included in a single MMR.
Back in October there was a post mentioning the US Supreme Court hearing a major vaccination case plus a video about BAYER ( a separate case from the vaccination one?):

SCANS going up:

Star Wars: HAARP, tasers, lasers, .... - my post to K on a Russian forum six years ago.

{13 Dec.}: I shall write a brief translation of the two scans in Russian tomorrow.

Plus: 2010 is the year of the 51 st Congress of the British Communist Party. Postbus 51 (in Holland), Area 51 .... Is there Agenda "51" ?

From a Documentary about the Vietnam AntiWar protests - a husband and wife protest against


Neither Pravda.ru, nor American forum RMN report the horrible sex abuse of children - age cited as 0-4 years in Amsterdam nurseries by a man from the former Soviet Union, married ( or "married" ?) to a Dutch man. Reports to the police date back to 2008. American police traced sick abuse photos of a young boy to Netherlands. The photo of Robert M. from Riga can be found on http://www.nos.nl/ site. Latvia lies between Estonia and Lithuania. Gorbachev's perestroika started in Baltics. Cold war was a major deception: the real war is not between nation states, but between normal people and the scum international, mobsters in high places, war-makers, medical and scientific mafia.

The so-called sex education for children after 1917 revolution was the dirtiest secret that Soviet establishment did hide. A Bolshevik woman Prof. Schmidt even designed special 'love houses' - hotels where children would learn sex/"love".

"The West" simply colluded: it was always about "lack of freedom" (freedom to travel, freedom to leave Russia, etc.)

The real problem is that people, whose freedoms were limited for very good reasons, now have all freedom to commit the worst crimes - against children.

Somewhere on my site there is a post about Pedophile Exchange org. ( with their logo) which was linked to MI6 and supposedly disbanded itself.

One of my posts here (after which I received threatening 'messages' ) has a scan of a diagram of microchip locations in human body , which include male and female genitalia.

{ 14 Dec.} Extra scans posted going up: 51st congress of the Communist Party of Britain - from http://communist-party.org.uk/ and their aims from http://www.cpgb.org.uk/
Paedophile Exchange LOGO - acronym PIE posted on my website 14 April 2009. MI6 and Communists involved. 1984 extinction ? No.
HRODNA city or Grodno (in Russian) - Jewish Mafia boss and Mossad woman's father Livny are from Hrodna among other people. Russian UN envoy Sergei Lavrov and Tsipi Livni arranged a no-visa special regime between Israel and Russia two ( ?) years ago.
Photo of ROBERT M. - gay man originally from Riga, Latvia - confessed to sexually obusing babies and toddlers (ages 0-4 years) in a nursery in Amsterdam where he worked. He is married to a Dutch man, has a Dutch passport. The gay couple planned to adopt children and open their own nursery. The file of updating material on the Dutch news site, incl. videos:
The news blackout of this scandal can only be compared to a media panic after General John Sheehan made a statement over "homosexuals in the military" in the Congress (?).
Must be smth. very "hot" - near the real Satanic Communism, high-end/high-tech espionage and the world take-over. The most rotten and latest MKultra +
The remaining, posted Dec. 11 scans: photographs from a memorial near White House - the Russian Parlement in Moscow - Oct. 3-4 uprising.
Exactly a year later (?) there was a Dutch "9-11" in Bijlmermeer near Amsterdam when an Israeli El-Al plane crashed into a block of flats. The exact cargo remained a secret, despite a long parlementary enquiry. There was an interesting "semantic" editing over the years: the then PM Ruud Lubbers apparently went to an Israeli Embassy to meet the Ambassador (?), which was "not official". The question was if he summoned the Israeli Ambassador.
Later the report changed to - Q: Has there been an official meeting between Ruud Lubbers and Israeli Amb. A: No.
2000-2001 Membership booklet of the Dutch section of the European Journalists Society -ref.
AGM in Poland in 1998. (I mentioned it ref. Russian Spies in US).
Daily Mail journalist Tom Utley narrates his experience with NHS about a sudden problem with his vision in one eye. Many thanks to him. It must/might have smth to do with high-tech around us, which officially does not exist. Reminded me of an alarming item in British media a couple of years ago reporting a new(?) eye condition in children, whereby they do not see certain words ....
Mossad: Radio 4 interview.
Garry McKinnon ( British Assange) who broke into Pentagon computers and Theresa May (Tory woman, head of MI5/police, who thinks that adoption of children by homosexuals is OK)) - extradition case vs new medical evidence (?).
I shall post the translation from Russian of two texts here (HAARP, Star Wars, KGB recruitment) in the next post -
Next post: Tue 21 Dec. or earlier.
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Monday, 6 December 2010

( nr 283 )

MO - K - SS - GB - AD ..... KGB = MOSSAD.

According to Kay Griggs:
Red 5-pointed Star stands for MI5 and
MI6 is represented and symbolised by the blue six-pointed Star of David.
THE SCANS are: both sides of a scrap of paper and the name card of David Leishman ref visit to Winchester Police Station, my e-mail to Interpol, my registered letter to Ken Gallagher, Head of European Operations, SOCA, London plus registration slip from the Gosport Post Office and the yellow envelope I did not use, because I used a white A4 envelope instead.
The top scan is of an e-mail, sent to some official and private addresses on Wed. 7 Sept. 2005.
The copy machine in the Gosport Library at the time did not have the side tray (on the left) and the copies were collected in the central/inside tray.
The contents of these documents, the timeline and lots of detail in-between ( not shown here ) speak for themselves, illustrate and document events and behaviors that are of great importance to many people today.
I shall continue to read out (some letters) during my daily Speakers Corner presentations. I shall also speak to people outside Gosport.
KGB spies (MP Mike Hancock & Katia Zatuliveter story ) headlines about events in Gosport/Portsmouth are now on national front pages.
{ cont. Tue. 7 Dec.} The local newspaper The News is more reticent about it. Hmm ...
The Chancellor of Portsmouth University happens to have the same surname - Sheila Hancock.
I saw her look-alike, when I came out of Gosport Police station ( 2 yrs. ago?) after they invited me to collect my lost Barclay bank card - a smiling lady, sitting in her car, looking at me. One of those theatrics. There is one Hancock in UN - promoter of gypsy rights, as I remember (from the book "Bury me standing" about gypsies). Soviet images and stories about gypsies were 99% positive, even heroic like in the film " Neulovimye mstiteli".
From pravda.ru story: Katia Zatuliveter (very rare name, is it Russian ?) was a Masters Degree student in BRADFORD (!) researching resolution of conflicts 2.5 years ago.
Apart from Yorkshire Ripper and a recent story of a Bradford University post-graduate student, who is now in prison for murders of prostitutes, there were other "Yorkshire" stories. The taxi driver who went on a shooting spree (from Wakefield ?) was in/near an area, where a Russian woman allegedly a KGB/SVR/NKVD agent - SHELEPINA ( Anatoly SHELEPIN -former KGB boss ) settled with her English husband, a writer.
I feel there are significant if far-fetched links between Wikileaks Assange, Garry McKinnon and
Russian/ "Russian" spies stories.
The key words are: KGB/Mossad infiltration/interference at the highest levels, MK (mind control), man-machine interface, remote mind-control.
The special interest Theresa May (MI5 head, who thinks it's OK for homosexuals to adopt children) took in Garry McKinnon case, combined with the news (Daily Mail+) about some new findings about Asperge syndrome and possibility of Garry comitting suicide and possibility of him being sectioned under the Mental Health Act all make one wonder, what it is all about.
The virtual blackout of info about Haifa (Israel) forest fires is not helpful. Very strange.
The Gardian in UK wrote about a nearby ( Damona ?) Israeli nuclear plant and a deep secret underground base there plus prison where Vanunu (?) is.
Another Chernobyl ? Some real terror act? Nothing happened there?
From a public lecture in Portsmouth University: Chernobyl event was political, not technical.
The S-theater expression, which is mentioned in my post about WHISTLEBLOWER on RMN forum ( ...183548 ) can be also found in my post nr 240 - Wed. 9 December 2009.
The top scan is the e-mail in which I record a very crude attempt to compromise and recruit me by MI6. A secret military document ALMOST got mixed with my papers (people sometimes leave an original on top, not a copy that is not visible in central cavity), the following day the advice "to get to know smb. from MI6", which I indignantly ignored/rejected would have come very helpful (they thought?) for me to avoid embarassment. There was an exaggerated panic about left luggages etc. at the time. It all came from WOMEN in Robinson's office , I guess ( " I did not know, they told me to ... ).
The "retired teacher from Portsmouth" was there and remained silent and immobile, when I tried to ask him if the document was his, as he sat near the copy machine.
Then I gave it to security guard ( 'Brat' film character look-alike).
MASONIC WIDOWS were at the Russian Spectacular concerts in Portsmouth. I think they were in charge.
{ wed. 8 Dec.} The Soviet Jewish Republic ( capital Birobidjan/Birobidzhan ) near Khabarovsk was authorised in 1920 - the same year British Communist Party was formed.
Among the founders of British CP ( CP !) are Tom Mann ( 1856-1941 ), Y. Gallagher, etc.
UNDERGROUND tunnels: Odessa catacombs are 2500 km long - estimate from Russian Wikipedia entry (not in the English one). Donetsk catacombs. Donetsk in Ukraine was formerly called Youzovka - from Hughs family name (original coal mines owners ).
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Monday, 29 November 2010

( nr 282 ) Biological field/personal space depicted: (a) - a normal person - protrusion in front, (b) - field of a violent prison inmate - protrusion behind. The scan above are two pages from 1973 publication (in Dutch) "Personal Space" by Dr. Anthonie Stolk.
- 1974 Silent Sound (hypnotic) device diagram - reproduced in "Microwave Ray Gun Controls Crowds with Noise" article by David Hambling (ABC news 2008) http://www.raven1.net/
Lev Sadovnik and Vladimir Manasson developing MEDUSA - Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio.
Tel-Aviv - Birobidzhan ( Capital of the Soviet Jewish Republic ) AXIS actually has the North-East direction.
Nord-Ost theater play in Moscow (in which year?) ended in spectacular real terrorist event (?) with the audience (included British VIP Jack Straw, his wife and son) kept hostage by so-called Black Widows (moslem women) from Chechen Republic.
S-theater indeed.
- CONSPIRACY: nice art taken from rmn post (not attributed), with a link, that did not work. Shall check my records.
OIL COMPANIES (or geological survey and exploration branch) have the perfect dual-purpose technology for construction of secret underground bases, i.e. 3-D survey equipment, drilling machines, etc.
VACCINATIONS for girls in Russia same as given to girls in Mexico and Iraq ? see previous post scan about Alexander Goncharov.
Top 4 Human Traffic Buyers
Next post next week Wed. 8 December or earlier.

Monday, 22 November 2010

( nr 281 ) Dear Lynn, I miss you. Gone too soon! 2 photos above: myself, Lynn and Elspeth in Unilag and a group photo of American women party. Shall look up wordsbody blogspot again.
Going up: Vaccinations in Russia - Alexander Goncharov's statement.
Dutch NOS news about criminal computer ring. The leader escaped arrest.
Hampshire IT blocking websites - the last two examples.
Jos Creese - the IT hampshire boss. I have had some rather disappointing communications with him (ref. missing e-mails).
History: Soviet Lingo. Some examples. The disappearance of "Nationality" from post-Soviet passports was a matter of great concern. Soviet citizens did choose between nationalities of their parents, if different.
Many politicians are of mixed origin, e.g. British Lib-Dem. leader Nick Clegg's father is "half-Russian", so is Russian Lib-Dem. Vladimir Zhirinovski.
Roman Abramovich is (by birth) half-Ukranian (?).
In my post (nr. 213) I have a scan of "It's a Wonderful Life" film brochure, in which somebody inserted a face of Roman Abramovich's look-alike.
Kofi Annan's first wife is Nigerian, his second wife - Swedish (?).
One aspect of KGB/Mossad working together or being 'one' ( MO-K-SS-GB-AD ) is that very many (?) agents are children from mixed marriages.
GOOGLE ! I shall try to post a comment to rmn ... 186876 post. Rontgen ?... Nasty Art, if you ask me. Very unpleasant. The second "logo" popped up when I tried to print out the misleading "theresa may homophobic" search option. She (Head of MI5, home affairs) is in favour of adoption of children by homosexuals (!), which I wrote about in the last two posts.
PETER MOORING blames the Dutch Security Services, who are out of control http://www.petermooring.nl/
His other site is http://www.stopeg.com/ where you can find CBS News video "The Ray Gun In Action".
My next post next Monday or earlier.

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( nr 280 ) Scans going up:- We used to read atheistic lierature ( in the Soviet Union) in order to glimpse knowledge about RELIGION.
Now I read a book critical of 'witchcraft persecution' in order to learn about christianity vs witchcraft history. Strasbourg ! ...
(cont. wed.17 Nov.)
CHECHOSLOVAKIA Secret Services were behind the ban on film "The Ear" in 1970. The film depicted in detail some methods of psychological terror, threat and intimidation used by the communist regime.
PUGWASH ! Pugwash Conferences united 'eminent scientists' in the struggle for peace, disarmament, international security (safety) and international scientific cooperation. The first conference was in Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1957 and was supported by Canadian banker and industrialist Cyrus S. Eaton. By 1985 - 34 conferences, in 1960 and 1969 - held in the Soviet Union. .....
AANGIRFAN blogspot post Mon. 15 Nov. mentions Herbert 'Pug' Winokur (Winokur is a Ukranian name) - Enron, etc.
Two articles from The News 15 Nov. - one about the attempted abduction of a 12 year old boy, another - about Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock.
- IT Hampshire bans 9 min. video by Brian Gerrish: What is Common Purpose and Why You Should Care.
Common Purpose:
CP for Communist Party, Second Family UK writes it is Freemasonry http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=8390 , Boris Berezovski sponsored controversial youth movement IV (Iduschie Vmeste - marching Together) a few years ago, Our Course (Nashe Delo) - name of the revolutionary underground organisation in Tsarist Russia and Common Cause (sp?) is mentioned on the www.enemieslist.info/list1.php - 8-Morton Halperin -leading executive at Common Cause.
- two events from Gosport Library (renamed Discovery Centre) this month. Tomorrow's one is cancelled.
The Daily Echo paper of yesterday reported the stench in Southampton (my usual note on the margin is not seen as it did not fit the scanner width). I don't know about the Southampton, but the recent trouble with rotten fish smell over Gosport Lake (photo above), which I wrote and have spoken about, in my opinion, was all a SCAM - part of the so-called GAMES.
ASIA physical geograpical map. Tel-Aviv to Birobidjan AXIS is an obvious geostrategic line cutting a huge land mass in two parts. Rocks and mountains .... Safe from floods and earthquakes. Safest (underground) from all sorts of weapon, incl. radiation and cosmic weapons.
Underground drilling/construction plus infrastructure take many years ... .
Manchuria, Korea, Soviet Jewish Republic happens to be just near the Chinese border and an area where Chinese Jews lived (I bought a book "Jews in Ancient China" in Holland a few years ago). More on SOVIET Lingo ref. nationality, citizenship and history in my next post.
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