Monday, 22 November 2010

( nr 281 ) Dear Lynn, I miss you. Gone too soon! 2 photos above: myself, Lynn and Elspeth in Unilag and a group photo of American women party. Shall look up wordsbody blogspot again.
Going up: Vaccinations in Russia - Alexander Goncharov's statement.
Dutch NOS news about criminal computer ring. The leader escaped arrest.
Hampshire IT blocking websites - the last two examples.
Jos Creese - the IT hampshire boss. I have had some rather disappointing communications with him (ref. missing e-mails).
History: Soviet Lingo. Some examples. The disappearance of "Nationality" from post-Soviet passports was a matter of great concern. Soviet citizens did choose between nationalities of their parents, if different.
Many politicians are of mixed origin, e.g. British Lib-Dem. leader Nick Clegg's father is "half-Russian", so is Russian Lib-Dem. Vladimir Zhirinovski.
Roman Abramovich is (by birth) half-Ukranian (?).
In my post (nr. 213) I have a scan of "It's a Wonderful Life" film brochure, in which somebody inserted a face of Roman Abramovich's look-alike.
Kofi Annan's first wife is Nigerian, his second wife - Swedish (?).
One aspect of KGB/Mossad working together or being 'one' ( MO-K-SS-GB-AD ) is that very many (?) agents are children from mixed marriages.
GOOGLE ! I shall try to post a comment to rmn ... 186876 post. Rontgen ?... Nasty Art, if you ask me. Very unpleasant. The second "logo" popped up when I tried to print out the misleading "theresa may homophobic" search option. She (Head of MI5, home affairs) is in favour of adoption of children by homosexuals (!), which I wrote about in the last two posts.
PETER MOORING blames the Dutch Security Services, who are out of control
His other site is where you can find CBS News video "The Ray Gun In Action".
My next post next Monday or earlier.

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