Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Corrupt(-tion) document.

( nr 308 ) Gosport Borough Council sent out a corrupt voter registration form - see six scans above. For how long have they been using it ? WHO designed and approved this document ? What about other local councils in Hampshire/Britain ?
PS: MK-ultra must be actually written as M(B)K - ultra. B - for BODY, as well as MIND. The most vulnerable victims of the on-going sadistic control/experiments ( by Cabal International) are CHILDREN and young people. They prey on the young.
MOTHER GOAT and Wolf fairy tale updated:
Mother Goat is accused of discrimination against Wolf, who insists, that he must be judged by what he does and not by what he is. Mother Goat: NO. I don't have to wait, till you eat one of my children!
Remembered this modern version when watching 'Collapse' video about Michael Ruppert, where a tale about Tortoise and Scorpion is told.
On the aangirfan blog, a comment appeared (12:18 pm) suggesting that JAPAN( ha-ha), and not STALIN is behind the Soviet Jewish Republic existance. http://aangirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/jews-divided.html
CNN: Who is Dr.Lynne Fenton? -
Going to Skipton: 2-9 August, 2012.
[Wed. 1 Aug.] :
British Psychiatry article by Anton Chaitkin - www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/27a/247.html
Voodoo, juju, shamanism and their high-tech simulations apparently 'popular' with alphabet agencies.
Skulls and Bones are shown as fetishes in a Juju House in West Africa - 1873 illustration found in a Wikipedia entry:  Juju.