Tuesday, 17 March 2009

( nr 200 ) NEWS from AUSTRIA : Child Porn computer network smashed. The website operated in Croatia ( images of naked children uploaded in Estonia ) was visited by 12 million users from 172 countries in 3 days.
Read MumOma's post:

Children can be and are abused and 'shock-pain-drug hypnosis' controlled as so-called Manchurian candidates.

Lavrent Pavlovich Beria ( who was a predatory pedophile himself ) on Brain-Washing and Psychopolitics:
Thanks to Kenneth Goff ! Did other people make similar revelations about "Lenin University" ?
'Sexpol' and other parts of Geo-politics (in Beria's interpretation) are mentioned as part of the training apart from Psychopolitics. [see note NB below].

Manchurian Candidate OPEN/CLEAR EYES programming in 5 Levels as described by an Austrian officer in the second half of the text: http://rumormillnews.com/operation.htm
[20.3.2009 - 2nd half of Part One].
[16:14] NB ! I just noticed that the link above to Psychopolitics text does not have Editorial Note by Kenneth Goff. Here it is:
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