Saturday, 19 December 2015

Refugees gone missing ?

( nr 348 ) I had a new idea about "10 000 refugees missing" (Express paper headline). I have used only one hour today, but clock says I have only 8 minutes left.

Well, 10 000 people might have been 'taken out' and replaced by so-called refugees.
I spoke about it today near Gosport Ferry.
Key words: photoshop, ugly make-up, S-theater, clones, theft of millions (?) personal databases,
Jenny and her "Ukranian" husband in Gosport, CV to begin in childhood and run into dozen(s)  of pages !!! . 
15:36 - My time has been restored.
What about Temp agencies, so-called training, people here and there who are clearly NOT who and what they are ... .
Scottish Communist Party - Scotland plus (post) of  Monday, 4 August 2014
Jenny above was a neighbour when I lived at 4 Woolston Court, Gosport. "Ladies" group met in that area and insisted on my attendance. There were a few Irish women there.
"We did a lot of work with Irish girls" - Masonic Widow gran just behind me at the (horrendous) Russian Spectacular concert in Portsmouth.
I questioned identities and backgrounds: Russian and Israeli Ambassadors received an e-mail from me dated 7 October 2011:
Torture Camp in Poland: post (nr 162) of Monday, 8 September 2008.

Polish Priest Andrew Glazewski -

President ASSAD ? What about KGB and MOSSAD ?

MANCHURIAN candidates:
Sent an e-mail to AISHA ABDULLHI yesterday asking for a photograph.
BOKO HARAM plus. - post (nr 332) of Thursday, 12 February 2015.
Post which only once showed up in statistics - Loeb, Loeb and Loeb.
[ Mon. 21 Dec. 2015 ] -
Two of my best friends in Unilag - Lynn Nwuneli (American) and Ramatu Abdullahi (Nigerian) died too early and, in dramatic circumstances.
They kill parents and go after children ? ...
Ramatu had her Ph.D. in PSYCHOLOGY supervised by OPPENHEIMER - one of them. They ( 'oppenheimers') were interested in the Concept of DEATH and how it was internalised in Islam.
Ramatu might have become smb. who "knows too much", as she would have realised the interest went beyond academic. There was a young English man around (her friend), who seemed very much MI6 type. He asked me once if I wanted my daughter to go to Eaton school. No, I did not consider that, not from him. Very untrustworthy.
SUSPECT letters, SUSPECT e-mails and SUSPECT voice(s) -
 all have definite NLP - artificial intelligence form and content.
Behaviours on and off line also have definite and specific patterns.
The writers profile themselves as well.
One bulky frame walked from the Gosport Ferry to Nat. Express bus ahead of me yesterday morning.
The 7.55  London bus drove off 3 minutes too early, just as I reached the stop. "He" walked back and glanced at me. Hmm, where is the Little Joe e-mail ? Have I left it at the Dutch Church? ...
I went to London with the 031 bus at 8.20.
Unilag Psychology Dept: British Bob Bundy and Alaister Mundy-Castle  both had African wives - Zimbabwean and Nigerian.
I saw once RAF on M-C cv. He researched ... cross-cultural characteristics/differences of how mothers nurse and care for their children.
I thought it was a very strange interest for a man to pursue.
Colleagues said they all took drugs. Never met Mundy-Castle's first (American) wife.
I saw quite a bit, as Bob lived directly below my appartement, and Mundy-Castle came over often.
Bob researched identity:Who Am I ?....
Identity Theft, ID documents and checks were all subjects I wrote about a lot:

1. Blank passports and diplomas sold in Central Moscow - around 1995.

2. My father discovered accidentally that smb. (Latushkin?) got himself written at his address as owner/resident, when police came to search (Latushkin) for illegal weapons. There was a lot of deception and crime aimed at taking old people's property over by different means.

3. I objected early to First names only, to 'advice' to keep personal information secret, to utility bills accepted as identity proof, to anonimasation of gas/electr. bills payments, etc. etc. I remember it all 'started' with removal of 'nationality' entry in passports, which were freely chosen,anyway.

4. Exorbitant personal info asked of citzens (like childhood sentiments above, etc.)
while TOP POLICE like Patricia GALLAN could just be ... anybody!
She "grew up in Scotland" ? Too little and too vague.
Yesterday I wondered if Royal Bank of Scotland is run by COMMUNISTS.
Who was Dan Fife we visited in Glasgow in 1973 ( neighbour of Annette Adefuye nee Wild).
I pactised my English at an International Industrial Exhibition in Moscow - Mashinostroenie - with a Scottish Firm.
One photo depicts me, Lynn Nwuneli and Elspeth Hunponu-Wusu, whose husband was a professor of Public Health and was supervised by Prof Andrew Curran in Glasgow. I think Mind/Body Control experiments were conducted in Scotland early and illegally. Definitely suspect research in British (Science) Education was tracable to AI-Computer research in Edinburg (before 1986).
Portsmouth Uni Vice-Chancellor is a Scottish Engineer, although, after his reply to my letter, I would not be surprised, if DALEK or Manchurian Candidate sits there.
 Lots of irritating burocratic newspeak comes from AUTOMATED online 'replies' . I noticed it about ten years ago. Our letters are not read.
Olga PATTA had her two children adopted and educated in Scotland, while she worked at the Mil. Hospital in Lagos. Why mil. police chased her?
[ Tue. 22 Dec. 2015] - At "Boots" in Portsmouth receptionist upstairs told me:
 1. they can't take my photo-camera for development (usually/last time - one hour) because there is a technical problem and the engineer (visible) is working at it.
 2. She added that it would take at least 3-4 days.
Since when can receptionists tell how long the engineering problem solution will take?
I took a few pictures of a man yesterday morning, also of his very interesting face. He walked along Clarence (?) street, between St. Matthews's and Gosport Library. Dark jacket, light trousers.
In Portsmouth Centre there was some theatrics, or S-theater as I call it, with some actors possibly East European and African.
For some reason (faces, make-up, vibes ?) I remembered a memorable picture (still?) of a Jewish woman in Fareham library with two African boys (8-10 y. old?). It was upstairs, when computer tables were in the far right corner. The woman had a very cold/chilling expression. The boys were very quiet and had this unusual dark complection - very dark, matt and even, which I never saw before, in Africa or Europe. It also reminded me of a "special" lesson given at Bridgemary school by Ruth Evans. Many more associations, memories and insights.
[ Thurs. 31 Dec. 2015] - Looking forward to better tidings in 2016 !

2009:  post 239 -

2011: post 288 -

HISTORY: Israel-Soviet Union ... .

1964: An agreement was signed in Jerusalem on October 7 between Israel and Soviet Union under which Israel bought certain Russian property in Jerusalem and other parts of the country against the payment of $ 4,500,000, of which two-thirds would be made through deliveries of citrus fruit.
The property in question had been owned until 1917 by the Russian Orthodox Society, ...
The Israeli Foreign Minister, Mrs. Meir, expressed the hope ... . [ rep. 20404 Keesings Archives ].

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Addenda Two.

( nr 347 )  A serious faliure of Yorkshire Police and Social Services resulted in  the tragedy of a young mother (24) who is charged with the murder of her daughters (one and three years old). Italian woman Samira Lupidi ( with her children) sought protection  from her abusive husband in the special REFUGE centre for women in Bradford. Looking for details, which seem to have disappeared as soon as the story broke out. Husband's name: Weaver, his aunt: Brittan.
Has Carl Les of North Yorkshire Council put the information I provided to good use? ...
Indications are that he did not. Quite the opposite? ...
Another young woman (also foreign) had stabbed British MP Stephen Timms five years ago :
Was that a state of affect? So called autonome state?
Crime like no other: " Home Office has sold off all police frequencies ..."
Was that under Jack Straw ?
He just happenned to have been in Moscow Theater (with his son?) when Chechen Women strapped with explosives took part in a terrorist siege.
WHO did Jack Straw sell ALL POLICE FREQUENCIES to?!....
Balkanisation of Yorkshire?

Check so called PEACE (!) Parks Projects. Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro ....
Srebrenica massacre still unsolved. I remember  Kosovo Liberation Army thugs looting Christian Monastery and  raping nuns as reported by CNN at the time.
Interesting, how FY (Bosnian?) Muslims who got all the support of European/International community stayed out of ISIS debate. Are they silenced perhaps?
ALBANIA - Chinese Base in Europe? Dutch 1970  report by Ton Crijnen (quoted earlier by me). Some photos there are showing NATION of ISLAM people in Albania. Could also be ... Nigerian.
How many (thousand) AMERICAN MILITARY are in HARROGATE? ... .
[ Wed. 2 Dec. 2015] - Yesterday ASDA in Gosport had a disgusting homosexual porn music blasted, - from their "central" division as their staff had said. ASDA HQ are in Leeds Yorkshire.
LEEDS to Italy:

Before I reached ASDA, I stopped to take picture of the building next to the Library housing DENTAL practice and a Call Centre. Two doctors from Poland in addition to Polish bus drivers:
Mateusz Bisikiewics, Anna Ptak, Jessica Patel and Aruna Thapa.
In Skipton, I noted the reg number of a big taxi cab, which blocked the sitting room window. It had 57 in the middle. Next, as I stood by the Skipton Railway Station, waiting for my grandchildren, I saw  that 3 out of 4 taxis parked had 57 in their reg. number.
Some recent theatrics in Gosport had one, and then two "57-cars" driven by women. At least one was linked to St. Francis Church (in a negative way). I also took picture of a car in the St. Matthew's Court with STICKER-type segments left blank on the reg. plate. Shall check the scanner. Some photos and maps are overdue.
WHO is WHAT ? ....
[ Thurs. 3 Dec. 2015 ] - I have just posted a scan of a photo (from the "ALBANIE - Chinese voorpost in Europa ?" by Ton Crijnen (dated 11-9-1970) where people in the background are not named, only Mehmet Sjehoe).
The second scan - a photo of two cars in Gosport with 57 reg. numbers "refused" to open. Shall try again. Also spoke to a young woman (Amy?) and she had said no one ever told her she had a 'very Russian' face - ref. Court case in Portsmouth, which I did write about on this or other of my blogspot.websites.
"The SUN" yesterday published an article by MIKE SULLIVAN, Crime Editor : Met may get 2,000 more marksmen. Photo depicts Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gallan. While parallels with Paris and Kenia were drawn, my mind went straight back to 7-7 London Underground Terror and unpopular 'tactics' by Cressida Dick. So, where are we now?
CHINA ! Hard Communist Israel Epstein died in Bejing aged 90 in 2005.
 I remembered yesterday, that around the time when another EPSTEIN (Jeffry?) - American pedophile and a friend of British Royals was written about in big media and online, there was a whistle blown by some social workers and doctors about ABUSED WOMEN with CHILDREN in refuge/safe accomodation, who in fact were subjected to unfair, nwo pressures and procedures, which put them in danger of children being taken from them. Could be the last straw for some.
What happened in BRADFORD refuge for mothers and children? (see Samira Lupidi above).
[ Friday, 4 Dec. 2015] - Two "57" cars photo got posted below. Although I tried to avoid taking picture of the two women (we all smiled to each other), one is almost seen entering her car.
I read a detailed ( enough) description somewhere of an organized (sex) entrapment with subsequent blackmail of young people who came to Moscow for the International Youth Festival in Moscow USSR in 1957:

One Shelepina (ref. KGB Shelepin) who married an English writer, settled somewhere in North (?) Yorkshire.
I shall send an e-mail to Dr. David Chilvers, since I did find his e-mail, to point out, that he neither replied to, nor simply acknowledged my letter(s) despite a polite request.
 [ Sat. 5 Dec. 2015] - Sent an e-mail to the Dutch Embassy in London this morning. My first e-mail of yesterday had f[ailed, because the e-mail of The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affars was hacked/corrupted on the printout here in Gosport Library.
I was the only guest and the only witness at the wedding ceremony in Skipton (followed by a lunch at The Black Bull pub). They did not want to see my passport, the room in the Water Street was not 'marked' as the Registry Office, nor was there any sight of office equipment. David Cohn (was in charge) lectured me later: We, English (or in England) do not like papers, if you say you are so and so, that is it. What  I did not like about my witness role is that it was more of a character attestation !
Elaine Cohn: Does Vicky know that Ralph has a 'baggage' ? Who are the two Skipton Council women seen on the wedding pictures: ?
My proposal soon afterwards to have a family meeting with third parties present, was rudely blocked by David Cohn.
Letters to Russian and Israeli Ambassadors are mentioned in my post (nr 331) of 9 January 2015:
1991 plus Star Wars:
Is Metrojet linked to free Metro newspapers? They refused to say who pays for it (ref. business conf. in Cosham and microchipped 'biznesmeny'). Why  so many WOMEN on board?
By the way, what is the distance (range) between an airplane and the SDI/military satellites?
In Skipton next week. 15:52.
[ Mon. 14 Dec. 2015] - I just posted the third scan - of a brochure of Skipton Boat Trips. I enquired while in Skipton, if it is possible to trace passengers on a trip about two and a half years ago. No, it is not. I took my granddaughters on a longer trip (Pennine Trips?) and there were just a few other passengers. One elderly man had his ... 90(?) birthaday, so it was perhaps his birthday present. The music was very interesting - Canadian ? My little girls started dancing ! There was a woman (old man's daughter?) who watched dancing .... too 'closely' or as if it was an auditioning. She might have been an actress or dancer, but I found it disagreeable. When Lord (Admiral?) Bramall hit the headlines, I thought the birthday man looked similar, but perhaps slimmer.
[ Wed. 16 Dec. 2015] - The VATICAN infiltration and crimes may be closer than I thought. Catholic Church in Gosport (High Street) had a Polish Pope poster on the display, when they moved in (gray robes) with a pomp. Where do they reside? In St. Matthews Court? One old nun went as far as standing demonstratively with her back to me, when I did the same to some notorious locals.
There is a branch of Catholicism, which is PRO-COMMUNIST. (9:40).
11:54 - Back in Gosport Library. One of the two workmen, who rang my door bell - older, shorter one, whom I spoke to, reminded me of actors in Portsmouth, the Diamond Heist theatrics. They went upstairs, smth. about the fridge.
The notorious locals I mentioned earlier are from IRINA + network as I call them: old, crime and spionage related dark "cloud".
I mistakenly called PRINCESS ANN princess Margaret in 2012 April post.
What a way to look at the schoolgirl (girl scout) :
Another EPSTEIN in Jan. 2015 post: 1991 plus Star Wars. -

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Addenda One.

( nr 346 ) - The title "addenda one" is yet another idea to minimize what seems like a weakness (?) of the blogspot design. I started numbering my posts (not realising for some time that nr is actually a Dutch, not English abbreviation for number).
One is somewhere between topical writing and current, diary-like records. When I did not have a "title", I discovered that the first line of text went in automatically as a title, which at the time was monotonous, for example: the three scans above ....(etc).
May be a more serious defect with the software that is being used by NEWSPAPERS  (I noticed it mid-nineties in Holland, when I subscribed to European) is due to the same design or default settings: the title to a group of articles comes as the wrong one, because THE FIRST LINE of the first article is rendered in large font, appearing as a "title".
So, in this post I shall concentrate mostly on details and references to the previous post 345.
Early morning today I heard on the radio, that among security experts, invited to look at the wreckage of the Russian Metrojet plane in Egypt, only FBI made their report public. They did not find evidence of a bomb present. Metrojet was formaly Kogalymavia(is). Registered in Ireland, from Hanty-Mansy autonomous region in Western Siberia.
I checked the RUSI website yesterday and discovered that it went "fuzzy" - the United Services are not named (unless hidden somewhere). I remember also seeing a Russian name in SPACE department. I wondered at the time if that was another prank online.
IT Hampshire: (my past complaints).
Hammond: In post 319 (21 June 2013) :
SDI or Star Wars:
[ Friday 6 Nov. 2015] -
RAF fuel leakage and NUDIST SWINE:
I have written above the name of Kogalymavia with the ending (is). Without the brackets, Independent newspaper online wrote: The crashed Kogalymaviais Airbus A321 at Domodedovo intern. airport, outside Moscow, Russia, on 20 October (under photo).
 So, that was confusing. Needs to be checked.
14 year-old cadet Jonathan: his death UNDERinvestigated ? -
... and Gosport PIZZA -
By the way, there was a display of old photos of many British TV-celebs in the launderette next to Domino Pizza in Gosport. Photos with autographs. There seemed to be some "coordination" of people and events between Cohn family members in Skipton area, North Yorkshire and owners of Gosport launderette (an old Jewish man and a woman, who said he was her father).
Mexican prison video of GUZMAN ( el-chapo) escape:  and similar:
I did not find 'Independent' article with Kogalymaviais (from incomplete printout), but there is a Metrojet association with IS-BAO where IS stands for International Standard.
Russian military delegation headed by General Nikolai Bogdanovsky hold consultations with Israeli colleagues in Tel-Aviv ... (last month) :
[Sat. 7 Nov. 2015] - Two Vatican expose books published this week:
1. "Merchants in the Temple" by Gianluigi Nuzzi.
2. "Avarice" by Emiliano Fittipaldi.
Madeleine McCann and her parents:
My post "Gosport Leads?" on a forum discussing Madeleine's abduction in Portugal, was taken down, old pub Madeleine (sp?) was soon closed ( Tesco is housed in the same building) and I could not log in at the forum again. The website (registered in Israel) with a sinister logo depicting the face of Madeleine also was closed -
My post of 1 September 2010 about Cohn family members in Yorkshire:
[ Tuesday 10 Nov. 2015] -
THE BLOOD TESTS of Russian athletes were first reported to be UNUSUAL. A new dimension of corruption was then reported as medics expecting or demanding payments from athletes for those findings not to be reported. How "unusual" ? ...
I understand that in his younger days labour MP Mike Hancock had all his bood changed in Moscow, for which purpose the party collected funds.
In my post, which was discussed on the website that went down, and which has had that sinister logo with Madeleine McCann's water mark face (link to post nr 290 above) I did raise the issue of BLOOD GROUPS, although indirectly. What are they doing with our blood?... .
Alert at
The printer stalled when I tried to print post 31794 from the RMN forum (see link example above).
80 per cent of migrants say that they were born on 1 January 1995 or 1996.
the link is to slides show by Reuters/Pixsell - from VL (vecernji list) with heading (wouldn't print):
Cak 80 posto migranta kazu da su rodeni 1. sijecnja 1995. ili 1996.
[ Wed. 11 Nov. 2015] - Bogus Environmental theories and so-called Care for the Environment are meant to make people not see the obvious: Total War waged by the "CABAL international" against humanity, against human civilsation, against God and Nature.
WARFARE :  conventional (?), nuclear, chemical, biological, psychological, ecological or environmental (ref. UN ban convention of 1976), etc.
1992 presentation or lecture by Prof. D. Corydon Hammond about Mind Control, Hypnosis and Ritual Abuse -
Summary (6 pages) :
Full text:
My post ( nr 313) of 9 October 2012:
[ Thur. 12 Nov. 2015] - Never too late to learn: I thought War of Attrition meant total destruction or ' scorched earth(?), but it means a sustained attack, wear smb. out. I suppose there can be a psychological attrition as well.
1945-1950: Eisenhower's Death Camps:
Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists.
By Colin A.Ross MD :
So much is written, or rather, what we do get to know, is about CIA projects. The projects and the people do spread to Europe and beyond. Not least to USSR, with its history and almost unlimited space and people under centralised and strict control.
Dr. Rauni Kilde in her famous article about Microchips and Mind Control does mention Sweden and USA (shall check later). Here is a quote from "Secrets and Lies" by Gordon Thomas, page 270:
" Meanwhile, Buckley was busy in New York checking that the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology had removed any links from its files between Dr. Cameron and overseas research institutes in Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Burma and Israel. "
Utah University page of D.Corydon Hammond, Ph.D. -
HABITAT or living/life space ( Lebensraum in German) belongs to the Theory of Human Ecology.
[ Friday 13 Nov.2015] - "Today's supertechnology, connecting our brain functions via microchips (or even without them, according to the latest technology) to computers via satellites in the U.S. or Israel, poses the gravest threat to humanity."
 - from the 2000 online article by Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD (originally published in Finnish Journal SPEKULA in 1999)  "Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics" :
I remember seeing Mexican (sombrero) logo of the SATUDARAH motor club. It seems to have disappeared. I now see more of American Indian and .... 1% (!) symbols. A few years ago I noted online how a photo with some biker types ( 1%) incl smb of a different ilk went down. It was a so-called update online of a British Daily (DM ?) article. Was name Tobin mentioned?
Travel to Skipton, North Yorkshire tomorrow.
Hmm, just a coincidence, I suppose. On my Facebook page I have Tobin (a woman) - a friend and colleague of Diana Pidwell in Blackpool, who wanted me to meet her, but Tobin must have forgotten about the appointment. So, having accepted her as a Facebook friend, I have an "empty" ikon, which does not open for me to see info. She however, was not the "friend", who I wanted to "de-friend" (my general q. on Facebook). It was a young woman from Holland, who declared that two lesbians can bring up a boy wonderfully.
The bikers in England with the "mentor" from another walk of life, had smth. in common with the S-theater in Gosport (Ferry) during the Diamond Safe robbery, where plumbers (?) used an underground tonnel(?). Part of the Theatrics was a woman (Morrison, Gosport Library), whom I  identified via Comp. number in the G. Library some time ago.
I now remember she must have been 'the one' in anothwer case: Gosport pensioner who distributed "extreme-right" and offensive pamphlets with some young man or men. I went to the court in Portsmouth only to see it was all FALSE, fake, S-theater. Yet it was front page news locally - in The News paper.
Prof. Lalage Bouwn (sp?) is in the University of Glasgow, I think. She spent most of her life in Africa and was for a time in University of Lagos in Nigeria. She adopted two Nigerian Yoruba girls (twins). Is she a lesbian? I knew something was wrong, when she gave me that strange unfriendly stare. She did not like Lynn Nwuneli coming with a friend. Lynn came to my place and asked me to come along (she had to bring dept. meeting papers, I think). It was soon after we got to know each other via our husbands. Lynn actually said Lalage was "flaunting her sexuality". My English was not good enough at the time, but it was evident to me, that 'sexuality' was a problem.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

UK, China, Russia, Syria, Israel.

( nr 345 ) Chinese State Visit to UK this week significantly falls on 20 October. Back in 1949 ( 66 years ago) on 20th October Britain recognized the People's Republic of China under Chairman Mao. This event is missing on Wikipedia entry for October 20.
Five countries form an alliance BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and Singapour ( I hope I haven't made a mistake). Last week there was a news item on about regular consultations of Russia about the (corr.) bombing/military operations in SYRIA with Israel, Turkey, etc. I misplaced the printout of that article.
Syrian president ASSAD paid a working visit to Russian president PUTIN yesterday:
[Thurs.22Oct.2015] - A couple of weeks ago there was a demonstration of youngsters in Gosport, with police escort. On Stokes Rd. a young man with a nose ring tried to give me a pamphlet about cruely to animals, which I did not take. The marchers chanted : Smth. ...Ochalan! I did get that "Ochalan" from a foreign language, because events in Holland years ago were extensively covered by media: PKK, Ochalan, clashes(?) with police on horseback, embassy siege.
On Wkipedia the number of Uighyr (sp?) militants is given at 3.500.
[ Friday, 23 Oct.2015] - The last sentence above is not finished. English Wikipedia entry for Uyghurs cites 3.500 as 2015 estimated number of Uyghur Turkistan Islamic Party militants and their families in Syria. There was a report (last year?) of a protest by Uyghurs, ( they allege being discriminated against) , who attacked people in public places with ...syringes!
The youngsters, as I called them, seemed to be school children, judging from voices and 'size'. I walked past without looking at them, as it seemed to be very much an S-theater, as I call it. The nose-ringed boy also distracted and confused me, as he seemed to be part of the march. On Madeleine McCann forum doctors, I took it, wrote that Madeleine was petite, as many IVF(?) children are small or 'smallish'. There is a NAVAL MEDICAL INSTITUTE in Gosport. The exact name on the board can be seen on my website:
ELKINS brothers ( David, 60 and Anthony, 69) are found guilty of child sex abuse. At the start of the trial five brothers were in the dock. David Elkins was remanded in custody while Anthony Elkins was conditionaly bailed. Both will be sentenced on November 20. -Front page "Daily Echo" (South)news/article yesterday by Duncan Geddes.
My guess about staged demonstrations as described above is that the same "brains" are behind. I took a picture of another demonstration in Portsmouth:
 Israeli flags were hoisted by EDL (!) :
Hampshire Chronicle link (the article 'refused' to print) about Elkins brothers:
[ Tue. 27 Oct. 2015] - Another Chinese State visit - of the Dutch Royal couple to China is going not according to plan, as Queen Maxima is returning to Netherlands (felt unwell in China, kidney related complaints).
The Dutch Government is going to investigate export of Dutch police/military dogs to ISRAEL:
[ Wed. 28 Oct. 2015] - IT Hampshire or satellites? The background color on computer monitors is changing this week: yesterday in Fareham library it was pink(ish) and now in Gosport - it's green(ish). Also yesterday evening in Portsmouth (went there by mistake for Admiral Nelson lecture) I noticed colours of Spinaker Tower changing (body: red/blue) .Since Crimean War Gosport got a nickname TurkTown.
When I followed/wrote about leaking British airplane and Defence chief Hammond (2 years ago?), I visted RUSI website: Royal United Services Institute in London. There are FOUR services: army, navy, airforce and SPACE. Laser and other high-tech weapons are above our heads and above airplanes.
[ Friday 30 Oct. 2015] - Yesterday I sent the fllowing e-mail at 10:54 to robert_mcclung(at)
Dear Robert Mcclung,
I have been receiving repeatedly (!) e-mails asking me if I had asked for a password change. NO! Are those fake requests sent from my e-mail address? I use public libraries in Hampshire for Internet Access. So, my first suspicion is IT Hampshire and people in Gosport, who undergo so-called training for MI5 and MI6. The format of hotmail has gone a bit 'obscure' of recent. Was there any change? Thank you. Galina A. Anikeeva. Blue link to this website.
Refugees .... I saw a rather disturbing, but on reflection, a suspect text announcing the death of Dr. Rauni Kilde soon after report of Norway not accepting/turning back Arctic (via Arctic) convoy of refugees from Russia, or sent by Russia.
Garry Kasparov (radio 4) stating that dictators (ref. Putin) get a huge tactical advantage from chaos.
Chess master could have done better, you'd think.
By the way, chess playing was introduced in schools in Yakutia, Siberian diamond republic (ref. Gorbachev, Eltsin/Eltsyn/Yeltsin to date).
Mystery list of British soldiers in Auschwitz death camp: post (nr 219) Friday, 19 June 2009.
Breivik - the British Connection: post 295 in 2011:
Puppet politicians! Gorbachev posed in a PIZZA ad ! That was his idea of honest living/work.
Gosport PIZZA (Domino) next to Gosport Memorial Hospital sent leaflets " Mexican Sizzler". I posted the scan in a post with local paper (The News) writing about tragic death of a 14 year-old  cadet, during tall ships celebrations (smth. 500 years?) He fell to his death from a mast in the middle of the night. On Wed. 28 Oct. Gosport Domino Pizza sent a leaflet BIG GAME Banquet, etc.
I reposted then on a photo I took of junks with a dangerous dog, as I realised that was the weekend of 14-year-old boy's death. I had to witness abord Gosport Ferry the dog 'set' on a young mother (anorexic?) with a young boy in a pram. Both mother and child were strangely "immune" to ferocious dog barking into their faces. The three gosport maps I scanned on that website show unclear and secretive depiction of the Frankenstein establishment: Navy Medical Labs. Did George Osborne decide to privatise MAPS/ORDNANCE .."to save money" ?

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Earthquakes and Politics.

( nr 344 ) Back in 1938 there was an EARTHQUAKE on 13 June 1938, reported in Keesings Archives as felt in England, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.
I tried this week and failed to find this earthquakes online - on Wikipedia among 'notable' earthquakes and on the list of 1938 eartquakes.
The centre was estimated to be possibly in the Channel. Channel Islands were occupied by Germans during ww2 and there were Labour camps with some secret projects ( Todt ? ) carried out.
Near Gosport Ferry there is a Memorial to a British Submarine "Affray" which sunk near Alderney Channel Island in 1951 on 16 April.
Not only secret projects, but the history and truth about World War Two is being supressed, increasingly suppressed. Examples later.
Back in year 2007, when I started this website, I mentioned October 4 events in my post (nr.50 ) on Wednesday, 3 October 2007. Today is 3 October 2015. Made a special website:
Another tragic shooting incident in Oregon, USA.
Gun control issue?
About a year ago in Thailand (?) the Government actually distrubuted weapons to population after  several senseless attacks in public places. Cultural differences ?
Years ago I wrote/commented more than once on a subject of underground bases possibly and 'conveniently' located under or linked to SUPERMARKETS.
The big size, numerous exits, chaos, temp. agencies staff, shoppers ... How many people come in and how many come out ? Are they the same people?
From Oxford dictionary: PRUSSIA may be linked to Rerugia-Perussia-P-russia (?).
My post (nr 314 ) of 29 October 2012 LEEDS to ITALY.
[ Tuesday, 6 October, 2015 ] - Long ago ... on 6 October 1014, the Byzantine Emperor Basil II won the 28-year-old war with BULGARIA and BLINDED the 15 000 men of defeated Tsar Samuel's army. One eye has been left to each 100th man to ensure that the army finds its way back. Basil had plans to win over SICILY, at the time in the hands of Arabs.
Tomorrow is the 7th of October. The NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY ( NCA) in London was formed on the 7th October 2013.
The arrest of Nigerian woman ex-minister by the NCA four days ago in London is big news, but somewhat under-reported. She is nicknamed DAM: Diezani Alison-Madueke, born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Looks different on different photos. Does she have a 'double' ?
There was a big so-called BULGARIAN FRAUD investigation in HOLLAND quite recently.
Had to do with banks and IT, if I am not mistaken.
Where was Prof. Nicolai Petkov born ? Where was he educated before he came to Germany and now Holland ? I first saw his name in the post of Dyoke van Assum on the during students 'disturbances' in February this year. First I thought Nicolai Petkov was a Russian name. Bulgarian by birth? From a family of Bulgarian politicians/revolutionaries PETKOV ?
He is a professor of Intelligent Systems and Computer Science in the University of GRONINGEN in the northern Netherlands.
I shall continue with key words:  WW2 - Universities- Supermarkets- Organised Crime- Military Mob (as described by American Naval wife KAY GRIGGS). Shall look for links to my posts on the Dutch WW2 forum (STIWOT forum) and the Belgian forum ( Bende van Nijvel) about organised crime in post-WW2 Belgium (supermarkets, sex, politics, military espionage/sabotage, etc.)
By the way, could not find my former classmate Vasil POPOV (Bulgarian) from the 'experimental' (corr. from one) Moscow State School No 710 (Physics Department, 'advanced' Physics with English). I think he is on a photo I posted on one of my websites.
[ Wed.7 Oct. 2015] - I deleted 'no one' above (see corr.) which was meant to be number one.
The school was number one (experimental ?) of the RSFSR Ministry of Education in Moscow. There were 3 departments: physics-mathematics, chemistry-biology and humanities. I recall one reunion in September ( first Sat.?). They closed it rather quickly.
My mother's student Zina Asanalieva saw her (accidentally?) outside and told her interviews would be held the following day. I went there and was accepted.
WW2 and Criminality. Belgian website Bende van Nijvel (I registered as galina-a-anikeeva ) :  I could not log in even after a new password was sent to me soon after registration and posting one question, which was answered by  Ben (Beheerder):
The question is about the author of Strategy of Tension, Psychological war tactics.

The three topics on Stiwot Forum website, where I registered as Galina-A-Anikeeva:
1. WW2 never ended ?
I have resigned from the committee after 2 years.
2. Secret ww2 projects.
3. Veterans Day
I posted in the English section of
Madueke arrest discussed online:
1. She has more than one passport ?
2 Smb. mentioned countries: Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan or Syria.
RESONANCE: one question in 'old' physics/physics problems textbooks was :
Why soldiers on the march are told to stop marching and walk casually when they reach a bridge over the river ? Answer: the bridge may collapse as it may go into resonance.
Another problem was about calculation of distance between bullet holes on the side of one airplane being shot at from another aitplane, given the speeds/velocities.
There was also a question about a bird 'colliding' with an airplane: why it can be dangerous/lethal for the airplane.
A South African scientist LYALL WATSON wrote in his SUPERNATURE book about LOW frequencies associated with fear and panic: a case of a Pacific Island. Two more stories were about French Engineer searching for reasons of his feeling sick in a particular office and a description of a horror accident during an experiment with a French Police whistle model.
Lyall Watson reported harassment and obstructions to himself and his team when their research went into the areas of witchcraft and evil. Was it his last book? I posted a scan here, I think.
He then had a misfortune of drowning (?) in Australia, while visiting his brother.
I always thought that drowning can be easily "arranged", with underwater assasins or kidnappers. Besides, how far would 'science fiction' go? The was a Soviet film: Chelovek- Amfibia (Man -Amphibian). And what about water being a good conductor of electricity?
Hmm ... Diezani Allison-Madueke married retired Nigerian Admiral. Was it the first or the only marriage for both of them? Back in the 1970s in Lagos, I remember the name of a Russian (?) woman working in SHELL in Nigeria - Elena BAYLISS was mentioned to me. In Holland, at the SHELL offices in the Hague, one Elena BAYLISS (could it be the same woman?) on a visit from London (?) was rather rude to me. I later learned that, unknown to me,  I did technical translations faster (! - and I am a slow worker) than some other people.
I wonder if similar, hidden mechanism was behind another rudness from another (ex-) Soviet, who I also met for the first time: IVANOV (forgot his first name) from ABB Moscow Office. My  Dutch boss/manager Peete (sp?) BEEST arranged a meeting with myself and Ivanov present - three of us.
Ivanov, upon entering his office, without any preliminaries, said to P.Beest: I don't want Galina to be present. P. Beest: Galina is my consultant and I want her to be present.
Interestingly, it was about my presence and work again, that a third time 'embarassment' took place: a Russian (or Russian Ingush?) woman translator exploded, shouting: she is writing something! etc. in the middle of a meeting. The photo of ABB-LUKOIL people can be found on my website:
Another memory/association I had looking at the World Economic Forum photo of D. Allison-Madueke is : the mother of Natasha Ikonnikova (photo on the same website) was a sculptor, who phoned me in Moscow to ask about a national dress of an African woman, as she needed to finish a sculpture with a balancing detail. On the same website you see my wedding pictures: V.Udom bought me a wedding dress in London, which was a replica of a dress worn by President Yakubu Gowon's bride. It's a small world ! Ikonnikov(a) is a rare name. One of the Russian inmates (?) during WW2 on Channel Islands was a young chap Ikonnikov, whose photo appeared in the book by a woman author .... Madeline smth. ?
[ Friday, 9 October, 2015] - Is there some NATO plus Conference taking place in Brussels? At the disarmament conference in the Hague (De Burgh) the Russian translator Galina (?) whom I remember talking about her little son (which caused my consternation), I bielive had a Dutch husband in the MoD. She had those rare eyes: contrasing blue and brown or different colours. At some point a Dutch diplomat (?) walked in and tried to 'tell everybody off''. I believe he had a Polish-like name, may be Jewish, - just like a Dutch diplomat, who at the Business Lunch event in London, talked to me as if he was responding to my e-mail (re: MI6, Robinson, harrassment).
Madeleine BUNTING wrote "The Model Occupation"(1995) about Channel Islands in ww2.
Two events ref. ABB and Lukoil: British manager died from a tropical diesease somewhere in Brazil and Prof. Rubinstein decided to pay a visit to the widow and daughter in Wassenaar and asked me to come along as an interpreter. There was an idiotic theatrics in Gosport Library upstairs ( paper turned 90 degrees plus "vovochka" that followed my mentioning his name in a private correspondence.
A top boss from Siberia who came to the Hague, told Pete Beest he wanted to talk to me. In his car he asked me only one thing - if I'd be willing to accomodate his daughter of about 17 or 18 years of age as he wanted her to come to study in Holland. My answer was NO. I could not (and did not want to) take 'parental' responsibility.
LATVIAN criminals: Sidney Street Siege in London in 1911. Peter the Painter aka Peter Piaktow (or Piatkov, Pjatkov, Piaktoff).
I don't know what PETkov means in Bulgarian, but Piat or Pyat/Pjat phonetically means FIVE (5) in Russian.  Piatak - 5 cents (kopeek) coin. Piatka -phonet. foot heel in Russian. So, still looking for mysterious GENERAL DEVYVER, who authored a secret psychological warfare methodology, I wondered if there is a similar etimology in Dutch/Flemish/Afrikaans. The real name could be quite different, of course. The school slang for school 710 students was: semidesiatniki, playing (humorously) on piatidesiatniki - sect ( adj. from 50 or 5x10). Those SPETS - shkoly ( Special Schools) of different profiles are very much alive.
Last year there were minor 'earthquakes' in North Holland caused by FRACKING.
[ Sat. 10 October, 2015] - General DEVYVER (?) might be related to Prof. MORIARTY (tic).
On trial in 1937 (Trotskist) was one George Piatakoff - former Assistant Commissar for Heavy Industries, head of the Soviet State Bank and Soviet Trade Delegate in Paris. He met Trotsky in Oslo in Dec. 1935, etc. (Keesings Arch. page 2439).
There is NO PHYSICS department in University of Portsmouth here in UK.
Oleg Gordievski - his "advice" to leave Holland (the Dutch are like Germans!) was during chat with my English 'friend' Ray BURGESS, whose business card is to be found in my post 271, 6 sept 2010.
[ Mon. 12 Oct.2015] - Yes, Oleg Gordievski (who has a brother in Austria, I read somewhere ) revealed his dislike of Germans and those who are "like Germans". I remember he made no eye contact, not for a split second. Ray Burges behaved strangely to say the least. O.G. came to Wassenaar with a talk.
Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics. RAUNI-LEENA LUUKANEN-KILDE. MD :
[ Tue. 13 October, 2015 ] - The British ABB-Lumus senior manager, who died of tropical disease in Brazil , was ALAN MAPLE (Alan or Ian ?). "The paper turning 90 degrees" as I put it above, was an  A4 (vertcal) photocopy suddenly coming out with a blank bottom/half - place where I wrote about, mentioned the name of Prof. (Senior Engineer) RUBINSTEIN.
As the Dutch report about M17 crash is being presented today, I noticed on their liveblog ( a comment about data collected mostly on the OUTSIDE and UNDERSIDE of the M17, with little or no information about the WINGS and the TOP part of the airplane.
Some relevant info about Channel Islands, etc. on my other website:
M17: the Dutch text (liveblog did not print) might/must have meant the absence of the top part and the wings of the physical reconstruction/model of the airplane, on display at the presentation of the report.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


( nr 343 ) - Russian slang for Beetles (singers) can be transliterated as Bitly (emphasis on y).
I have just tried to check an apparently junk e-mail in my InBox ref. DHL shipping documents, sent 31 August 2015 13:01:19. What I find interesting is that the attachment led to an url address as follows:
So, reminded me of L and Y, logo of a Zionist youth organisation Bnei Akiva with 'Russian' letters L and Y, LYBERRY in Portsmouth, etc.
My post LY plus of Wed. 15 August 2012:
[ Thurs. 10 Sept. 2015 ] - I first heard Beatles (music and name) in Moscow, assuming the name was about insects: beetles. That must be the reason I misspelled Beatles as Beetles above.
In my Oxford dictionary there is a Beatnik generation, beatnik likened to sputnik and "U.S. use of Yiddish - nik - agent-suf. " (approx. quote).

Early morning posters compare favourably with midday mayhem. I shall extend my summer holidays and keep it casual and informal.

My monologue this morning on my way to Gosport Library fits the above.
What a strange "junk" e-mail in my InBox! Sent: 31 August 2015 13:01:19.
 From: (dhl parcel) (bluebirdtradingent ( at ) To: blank.
1 attachment - DHL_TRACKER_pack.pdf (93.2 KB)
Well, if I am not mistaken, Renya Akwa worked for DHL in Moscow. Was it Price Waterhouse? Or both ? Olga Patta had Datsun Blue Bird car in Lagos. Another 'semantics' in Lagos: 1004 appartement complex where Olga Patta lived ( I mentioned it in my website:
I noticed that even in Keesings Archives STALINS CONSTITUTION - 1936 Soviet Constitution, where homosexuality was again, as it was before 1917, declaired illegal, criminal, is hardly mentioned. Also looking for Scrap metal fraud (ref. Marshall Aid) investigation at some high level. Accusations were international and directed against UK, Belgium and Holland.
New Communist Party of the Netherlands founded in 1992. No exact date. Who are the people?
[ Friday 18 Sept. 2015] - The three Soviet Republics between the Black and the Caspian Sea, were originaly known as one CAUCASIAN republic. There were Soviet anekdotes about Q/A between Georgian and Armenian Radios. No anekdotes about Azerbaijan. I believe the emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel started there: Georgian Jews, Armenian Jews, etc. Nagorny-Karabah, of course.
Armenia was among Soviet Republics independently represented in UN.
Lavrov has some roots in Armenia.
 Anastas MIKOYAN: Armenian with a typically Armenian name. A sole survivor in a massacar (execution of ) "26 Baku Commissars") by the British.
In a US documentary he is shown 'unofficially' visiting US in the 1950s, with a young male interpreter who was visibly homosexual.
I found a caption of about seven photoes ref. arrest of 74 Armenian Power (Mafia) members in US in 2011. The printout did not come out, or I misplaced it. There were TWO women in that selection: the first TATIANA BOLSHAKOVA and another one. I remember O.Teroganesyan was there (similar to Daily Mail publ. of 17 February 2011). Can't find it again. I also remember wondering a few years ago about half a dozen BYELORUSSIAN women on WANTED by FBI page, as they looked so ordinary and not criminal.
 Among more numerous Americans and other Westerners we were three Soviet lecturers on Akoka Campus, Unilag, Lagos, Nigeria: myself, Natasha Nkumah and Saakyan (engineer) who was there with his wife (a medical doctor) and two young sons.
[ Sat. 19 Sept.2015] - I have heard his name pronounced Mark Su*kerberg on the radio.
The design and criminal NWO activities on Facebook are disgusting. Language alone kills normal civilized communications between people.
I now have one Tatiana Gettun (looks whorish) from St. Petersburg under FRIENDS REQUEST and a single button Confirm friend. There was an Ignore button there some time ago.

Don't like his FACE, don't like his BOOK.
For so-called ordinary women, watch 1956 (?) Soviet film "Delo nomer 607" if I am not mistaken about the number 607, as I could not find it online just now.
A woman working in a pharmacy (medical+retail !) turns out to be a leader of a gang of hard criminals, but her deepest secret is that she was in the spy-sabotage network, and all goes back to WW2 secret projects.
Who wants to destroy GOOD MEN and take their wives and THEIR CHILDREN ? Kay Griggs says: they take sons of the generals and 'turn' them.
My post nr 213:
It's 306 ! The name of 1956 Soviet film is "Delo No 306".
As I stopped trying to remember the figure, I did remember.
Same when looking for smth. Same experiences confirmed by Leonid Timochouk, as discussed years ago. Isn't it a give-away ?
[ Mon. 21 Sept. 2015] - Too stupid for words ... . Last week in Fareham Aldi supermarket a staff (an African man, who looked very untidy) asked to check my bag as I was on my way out. Well, I did not buy anything. Today in Portsmouth in Primark shop upstairs one Aaron (till 030) at 13:33 gave me six pounds change from ten pounds, while I was buying two items priced four pounds each. I decided to ask if there was a half-price/discount for my purchase. It turned out Aaron simply "ignored" the second item (!). A similar 'mistake' was made by a young man in M&S some time ago.
 I paid for the second item (at till 028)  at 13:36. Next followed additional theatrics with four or five Africans involved.
Young man Aaron belongs to category I call Vovochka or Lobotomik.
There was a scandal in South Africa, when it became known that DE KLERK sent opponents of ANC for training to ISRAEL.
I also read that early in 1990s so-called Mountain Jews from Caucasus were flown by Mossad to Israel for training.
Sergey Lavrov arranged with Tsipi Livni a NO-VISA regime between Russia and Israel:
Waiting for Gosport Ferry, I had a chat with a man who spoke with a "Godfather accent". Must be a professional actor.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Jewish Goat Syndrome and IT.

(  nr 342 ) Popular jokes in the Soviet Union were called anekdotes. One was about a poor jew who came to his Rabbi and complained about how overcrowded his small house/room was with all his family members. The Rabbi then instructed the man to take a goat in as an addition to his family. After a couple of weeks the man was back pleading with rabbi to take the goat back. He then thanked his Rabbi and expressed happiness with his (original) living conditions.
Many things psychological are not satisfactorily explained, incl. so-called Stockholm Syndrome.
The victim becomes 'grateful' to the torturer because he/she stops/interrupts the torture (as the author of "The Righteous Men" wrote).
Additional aspects of this Jewish Goat Syndrome methodology are: during the punishment for complaining, the 'prisoner' stops thinking clearly, the torturer or controller has time to carry on with his/her program, and the 'prisoner' likely forgets where he was, what he was about to do, just before the attack - he was wrong-footed and knocked-out. Examples: abduction, unprovoked assault, which may be psychological, and all things going wrong, e. g. traffic jam, delay and cancellation of flights, and generally, things going contrary to expectation. There may be a preventive psychopathic control, where harassment (general and individual), threats and general worsening of services, products and conditions engender despair and apathy, leading to people getting used to abnormal situations.
In one old Soviet film there is an unseen torture (?) of a sailor (Far East?) going on, where smb. says/repeats: A togda Re-Pe-Te ! It must have been the English RPT for Repeat.
There is still a question of how submitting to an abductor, for example, is combined with a new negative attitude to friends and family, or change of loyalties.
Relevant: Psychopolitics by Lavrenty Beria, undeground communist training in America.
In "The Righteous Men" the author makes a full flip or turn: becomes a friend of his torturer and sees his father as a villain  ( note dormant father/mather issues).
Naval wife Kay Griggs mentions 'no father, weak father'. The role of mother also comes in.
I noticed this week that occasional irritation caused by overloaded trollies in a supermarket (ASDA) is a phenomenon similar to traffic congestion, which sometimes inexplicably builds  up or traffic slowing down. Badly designed traffic lights. All destroying routine situations, which should be logical, standard and safe. Example: a pedestrian seeing a green light where he pressed the knob, suddenly has the green light out of his sight ( behind him, 90 degrees to traffic ) as soon as he begins crossing the road. The dark camera in front on the opposite side of the road, which does face the pedestrian, seems diabolical. If the camera is off, or, as someone suggested, is actually a scanner, does not matter. The crossing in question is near Lidle in Gosport, near Samaritans (?) building.
The traffic may be cars or humans.
UBER communications invest billion dollars in INDIA.  
Former Nigerian president Yakubu Gowon has a Nigerian and INDIAN passport.
In his name a dangerous cult is being run here in UK.
[ Tuesday 18 August 2015 ] - Interestingly, Stockholm Syndrome is also called Oslo and Helsinki syndrome. It was on a FINNISH wikipedia entry for Stockholm Syndrome that I noticed words PROSTITUTION and INCEST as factors relevant to BONDING with the ABUSER/CRIMINAL.
[ Wed. 19 August 2015] - Today is 19 August. In 1991 two events happened on 19th August in Moscow - attempted coup against Gorbachev (?) and in America - Fighting between black and Jewish communities in BROOKLYN area of New York - read my post "1991 plus Star Wars." of 9 January 2015:
The author of the book "The Righteous Men" ( mentioned above) is Sam Bourne - pseudonym of the journalist Jonathan Freedland.
INDIA : steel, metals, scrap metal .... Some points: the brother in law of my ex-husband, Mr. Tunder Enigbokan, was a legal consultant for The Nigerian Metal Workers Union. When he went to Moscow to attend a congress, I sent my daughter with him to my mother in Moscow as an accompanied minor for sommer holidays. There is a photo somewhere of him in Moscow with Raisa Buzovskaya (Fac. of Chemistry, Moscow State University) and her son Malik (father from Mali or Cameroun ?).
A Russian woman in The Hague (year 2000?) who was married to a Nigerian talked about the business of shipping second-hand cars from St. Petersburg (?) to Nigeria.
In 1975 There was an Ajeokuta Steel Plant Soviet Project. I was quite astonished a few years ago to learn, that it was abandoned (!) and moved to INDIA. I remember Victor Udom telling me how embarrasing it was to see Soviets (only Soviet workers were on site) collectively shopping in the local Nigerian markets. They all (?) lived in tents. I wonder if some underground/foundation (?) works were left/abandoned and may be used for smth else.
The S-Theater gone vitriol and more stupid than ever. Apparently Red Pope Mafia in the Catholic Church (High Street, Gosport) is the same crowd as Young Satanic Priests in Alverstoke Church with Satanic Grannies. Too much correlation and interference ( letters, e-mails, street theater) with my family - here in UK and in Moscow. "Polish drivers" ? Polish neighbours ? ....
I did not recognize the website yesterday. They (?) changed the quotation from The Protocols on their front page, etc. I particularly disliked their openly hostile posts (saw only the headings) about American Presidential candidate David Walker from Wisconsin. Any links to University of Portsmouth?
Torture with remote control using radio frequencies:
The Dutch Jewish Mason Fritz ( name?) who lived near Saffierhorst street in Mariahoeve) when I was there, has a long Dutch Navy family history. He went to RIGA on business and has a son or sons in the Navy (links to Russian Navy).
Remembered the name: Fritz de Ruiter de Wildt. Street - Opaalhorst, Amethysthorst or Granaathorst.
He used to walk his two (young) Doberman dogs.
And yes, that strange experience in Rijswijk, when my Dutch hosts had an amateur radio call from a Russian (?) ship or submarine. Plus a couple of lessons of English I gave to a wife of a Russian Naval(?) attache. That is in addition to Russian lessons I gave to British Diplomat   ... Noble (forgot his first name). British man( named BURGESS!) running an AIRPLANE design/repair (?) company.
Plus the KGB+MOSSAD rat named Oleg Gordievsky coming to Holland.
[ Friday, 21 August 2015] - Sorry to have made quite a few spelling mistakes. Adam Noble has opened my eyes to Russian as a second language. Fritz de Router de Wildt told me he was a retired bank manager. Later I saw online (a joke?) that he (?) was a naval engineer. Secondary metals in family Cohn business? There was a big international MARSHALL AID /Scrap Metal invesigation after WW2. I think PACEPA or another writer wrote that much of military equipment was left/abandoned in Europe because US pulled out so quickly.
[ Thurs. 29 Oct. 2015] - Sent e-mail about My E-mail Password. (to cont. tomorrow).

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

PACEPA plus.

( nr 341) Nathan Sharansky lookalike in Morrisons supermarket this week. I made a loud enough comment. Another typical Irina+ network theatrics.
My post KGB=MOSSAD, written as MO-K-SS-GB-AD was 'violently' crashed in Portsmouth Central Library a few years ago. His dress and make-up (construction worker) reminded me of a Perestroika Russia film, where a Jewish Working Class man talked about viagra type pills without naming it and some nuclear radiation discovered next to NII (sci. res. inst.), which had an adverse effect on men. The story may have been borrowed from a book or vice versa ( I may have combined the two stories). The 'Nathan Sharansky' actor has been been quite active and 'prominent' in Gosport T. Shows - High Street and beyond.
I also remember N. Sharansky (?) on an international flight many years ago. I got talking to an American Minister and  N. Sharansky(?) sort of butted in speaking Russian and not acknowledging the American. Not knowing English was a sham.
I wondered if the "Disinformation" book by I.M. Pacepa I am reading now is a genuine copy, or the 'genuine' copy uses disinformation to 'smuggle' the truth, encode it.
Time and Place.
[ Thurs. 23 July, 2015] - corrected acronym above: MO-K-SS-GB-AD. It reads in Russian as well, with MO standing for Ministry of Defence and AD meaning Hell.
"Time and Space" were censored (!) in my original draft/abstract for a presentation in Moscow at an International conference "Languages and Cultures" (Russia, Netherlands and Belgium).
By now, it's obvious that scientific and analytical methods in areas of human sciences were a tabu, as those were the mathematical methods and models used in Mind and Body Control (robotisation, enslavement, behaviour modification). The intercultural studies, despite their tremendous popularity and usefulness were subverted and quietly squashed.
I have read the two Pacepa books and now read the Disinformation.
Somewhere he writes about strategic (!) importance of spy/agents locations. Hence, spies and agents, as well as unsuspecting people, who KGBMOSSAD want to make 'useful' in future are 'distributed' near military bases, etc. Simple manipulation of family and work circumstances does the trick.
As a result, there are webs/cobwebs or networks which have been being built over generations. People 'planted' for future use and usefulness.
What I called IRINA+ network is a spionage and organised criminal organisation. It stretches to the North of England, among other places. By the way, a visual trick from Gosport Ferry made an  F81 ship look like FBI. I now wonder if 81 was also a coincidence.
Wikipedia entry 'Suitcase Nuke' (of yesterday) is only in English,German, Italian, Dutch and Polish.
General Alexander LEBED spoke not only about missing mini-nukes, but, as he pointed out, the more important issue of PEOPLE, who developed and produced them.
He also spoke about PSYCHO-SEMANTIC programming. The Star War satellites have a lot to do with global mind programming.
I remember using multilingual computer programmes in Holland and wondering how one OS (was it DOS 7 ?) excluded (in application?) two languages: Russian and Hebrew.
[ Friday 24 July, 2015] - JAMES FORRESTAL  has wikipedia entry in 17 languages.
English - page 8/13 ( date 25 June 2015, at 18:00) :"...  code name of the Ukranian Nazi ... Kim Philby's failed ABN (Anti Bolshevik Nationals), an MI6 Soviet emigre fascist group."
The above fact not mentioned in Russian 4-page entry (date 07:07, 9 April 2015) , his job loss (dismissal)  is stated as a result of "psychiatric crisis", etc.
NO ENTRY in Ukranian.
Who is What ? ...
[ Sat. 25 July, 2015] - Who killed James Forrestal ? -
[Tue.28 July,2015] - Communist Agents? Names Morow, Rogow can be Jewish, Polish, Russian. They are geographical names in Poland. Could be written as Morov and Rogov. Golda Meir is jewess from Ukraine. Polish/Lithuanian Jews have or had a sinagogue in ... Bradford (?).
From the DVD "A decade to remember - the 1950s" (The Universal Newsreels Collection):
1. Major Floods in North East - Industrial/High-Tech region ?
2. Visits by Kruschev, Mikoyan, Agriculturalists (incl. one Moscowitch).
3. Issue of 200 000 German POWs still in USSR. All Germans from Germany? How many Balts, Italians, Romanians, Ukranians, etc. ?
4. FBI Hoover is said to have been an orphan, brought up by his uncle. Wikipedia mentions only that he had no birth certificate written untill he was over forty. Also, that many thought he was a mulatto.
Japan, Manjuria are next to SOVIET (COMMUNIST) JEWISH REPUBLIC in Southern Siberia (Israel number One?), with capital Birobidjan.
Etymology with humor? - Roosevelt vs Krasnopolsky, Truman vs Pravdin, etc.
[ Wed. 29 July, 2015 ] - I have made one mistake ref. HOOVER yesterday (see above).
In the DVD documentary it was former US president Herbert HOOVER,  who was celebrating his 81-st birthday at his family home, where, as an orphan, he was brought up by his uncle.
American POWs from Korean War were also unaccounted for.
There were black/afro-americans among American Communists and in the US military.
Back in 1920s (?) a NEGRO VILLAGE was discovered in Soviet GEORGIA.
There were questions about German unification in the 1950s.
Masonic dedication of Truman Library. Masonic run of East and West, war and peace.... .
My post ( nr 245 ) of 18 Jan. 2010:
Russian spionage in Holland and Germany:
Ivan A., 28 year-old physicist  - - german article . -
dutch article.
Isn't it interesting, that it was RALPH COHN who suggested that my daughter look for Victor A.Udom online. My suspicions about COHN family members (their identity and background) are still there.
[ Friday, 31 July, 2015] - EUREKA!
Pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Recent weeks, this week and yesterday: veritable crescendo in S-Theater, complete with a smirking jew and support from 'the masses' in Portsmouth. New ALDI (corr. from ASDA) made yet another fool of itself, with Russian women and African men, crying babies and the puppet masters (often women - young and old) , right there pretending noble attitudes etc.
VOTER REGISTER FORMS were in my post box yesterday, cover letter dated 17 July 2015.
Raphael Cohn, David Cohn, mother Elaine and other family members (incl. Iran, USA, here in London and Chelmsford) are very prominent in current events, which touch upon criminality and hostile military presence.
Some key-word notes: very fake letters and phone calls (synthesised voices?) , emotional blackmail, property fraud, massive drug supply/distribution network. All this on- and off-line.
The 'packages' of course, may contain not only drugs, but plastic explosives, software. apps, etc. Moreover, at some crucial point, drugs or toxins may be fed into centralised water supply or central air-conditioning. What with theatrics (which I described in a letter to my daughter) around Leader and Beals estate agents advertising flats for rent in St. Mathews Court in Gosport.
Yesterday a man ( 'solidny muschina') entering ELECTRO-TRADE shop (across Fox Pub) in Gosport spoke Russian to my hearing. Even ASDA sent a new ALDI-style magazine.
By the way, when I was moving from Woolston Court to St. Matthews, there was a last minute attempt to change my mind. The 'agents' (smile!) Philip and wife (forgot her name) were the first people who asked me if I knew Russian woman Irina. Those questions came often with a recommendation of sorts. I had a distinct sense that a precise location (among other things) is important to some people in Gosport. Someone posted NB! message online soon afterwords, noting that registration of computer programmes was made not in the name of the buyer/person, but the residential address(!).
Corrected above: ALDI, not ASDA. Around ALDI quite a bit of kitch type of internationalism, also some good-looking ( righteous people from Mediterranean? ), smiling Tusk (EU, Poland) and recent overloaded trolleys (which cashier will you go to?).
I met Philip and wife via Friends of the Earth and National Trust meetings. The wife went to Alverstoke St. Mary's church and Philip, whom I met one Sunday near Gosport Ferry, told me he was on his way to a Church in Portsmouth, which was an old, 'real thing' church. I did not ask which church it was. Oh! Friends of the Earth ... Strange and hostile behaviour of old Mary ( who had  a granddaughter). Mary's outburst at a reception in Gosport Library. Many memories there: Russian and Greek Church in Portsmouth, etc.
[ WED. 5 August, 2015] - Shared space near Gosport Ferry with Jehova Witnesses this morning.  Very amicable. Stood with two small posters: Punch 1876 caricature of Queen Victoria with  Benjamin Disraeli and the WW2 concentration camp poster with Classification Badges for inmates.
 The man in the Gosport Library now - terminal 19 by the copying machine upstares, is the one I  named  "Rediskogolovy - GEBESHNIK" since I recognized him soon after moving to UK, as a man who very much looked like a provincial Russian, with a PORTFEL and a tell-tale ZHENSKI YAPONSKI ZONTIK (tsvetasty), traveling often on bus 4 (or tram) from CS in the Hague towards Mariahoeve (and further).
I wrote already about scandalous absence of what is/was known as REGISTERED MAIL. The so-called Special Delivery I used on Monday (3 Aug.) to send letter and 70 pounds cash ( to buy tickets) to my daughter was the only way, I was told, to send money. No money transfer. The special silver plastic envelope has sticker "to" next to space with "Address" in the top left corner and "Postcode" below. Sticker "from" is below in the smaller space with "Sender's name and address" top left and "Postcode" below. I did write my daughter's name, 20 Sawley Street, etc. The so-called garantee is about delivery the following day by 1pm. Special delivery incl. compensation. The woman clerk saw me putting letters and cash inside the envelope. The receipt names "DESTINATION ADDRESS" only. No tel numbers were asked for - of the recipient or sender. Interesting.
Alas, familiar tel. /communication disruption (just like the one six years ago, when Job Center lost my file, etc.).
NAZI concentration camp badges.
Kennzeichen fur Schutzhaftlinge in den Konzentrationlagern.
The YELLOW DAVID STAR badge is missing ! Actually, when the colours are listed on Wikipedia entries, color yellow is missing from the the list of SEVEN colors: red, black, brown, green, blue, violet, pink ( for example, in Russian entry of 2 June, 2015).
Yellow triangles are all combined with other categories (homosexual, political, criminal, etc.). For a couple of years people were seen wearing diabolical cancer charity badges: yellow six-petal flowers (daffodils), which looked from a distance like stars of david. To obfuscate/erase collective memory of history or lies about history?
WW2 questions not answered.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Polish Drivers.

( nr 340 ) Before I travelled to Skipton on June 10th, I noticed that the Dutch News report about the arrest of 68 illegal immigrants in Harwich on June 4 listed the passengers, but did not mention the FOUR POLISH DRIVERS. I did write and spoke about The News local paper announcing (in 2005?) arrival of POLISH BUS DRIVERS in GOSPORT, as British Bus Drivers could not be found at this British Naval Base, which also trains MI6(?).
Returning to Gosport, I noticed the change in shop window arrangements in two Electro/Appliances shops in North Cross Street. Polish owner? Quite a bit of theatrics or S-theater as I call it in that area.
Yesterday I could not find even that original report on  . Even Harwich and Hook van Holland did not work as search words.
WASHING MACHINES were also not mentioned in Dutch reports.
Any links with Polish Plumbers ? .... . (NB: beeps in electric cupboards started again ).
Communists ? -
Yesterday I received 'unavailable' notification about my request in the Central Portsmouth Library to borrow or buy:

"DISINFORMATION: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion and Promoting Terrorism" by Mihai Pacepa, Ion (Romanian General).

Quote: The British Library are unable to supply this title. It may not be available for retail in this country. Private copies may be available for purchase through online retail outlets.
I wrote about a man who asked me about "Russian woman Irina" a year or two ago. Last Sunday the same man (?) by the same newspaper display in Morrison supermarket talked to me again.
It was a "hard talk" chat on my part. He remained 'stoic' as budda and did not react to what I had said about IRINA+ network. Called himself John Bull. Gave me an URL of a website that his wife had helped him with. As I said before, a Romanian woman ( Health food shop) is part of the IRINA+ network, in whichever capacity. Romanian/English dictionary is laid out to be seen in Gosport Library.
[ Friday 26 June, 2015] - From today's presentation: Parker and Torrington residential company manager (John Parker?) pointed his finger at the word DRUGS in my letter (report plus proposals)  ref.  events at the St. Matthews Court (21-32) on Sunday 6 May, 2012 and said to me:
 We can't have this in writing.
Another man (owner of flat 26) was also critical of my letter/allegation in a more round-about manner, not so direct.
[ MONDAY 29 JUNE 2015] -

 Instead, ad hoc and posters (small and medium) for July and August.

[ Tue.7 July, 2015, 18:10] - After another refusal in the Portsmouth Central Library and 'no good luck' in the Blackwell bookshop by the University Library, I finally succeeded in ordering "DISINFORMATION" book by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai PACEPA { ISBN-13: 9781936488988 publisher: Midpoint Trade Books, Inc.} in the WATERSTONES bookshop in Portsmouth.
Order number 40291, twenty pounds, up to one month waiting time.
On the Bus 3 from Portsmouth to Fareham in the Kingston/London Road area, an old man made a short ride. I didn't see him very well, but he resembled/reminded me of another passenger at the time of Diamond Theft (heist?) a few months ago. The old man ( bold) then had a heavy gold ring with a stone and a younger 'bouncer' man nearby. They were artistically 'underworld' types. They looked Polish. Right now, behind me, at the terminal 7, sits a woman, who at that time gave an impression of "Miss Maple". There was quite a lot of theatrics then, not least a "MosGas" analogy. I also wondered if smth. important was happening elsewhere.
And not to forget, elaborate and misguided approach of the same man (?) in Morrisons by the newspaper stand, who earlier had asked me about IRINA (!) The website is Chaplin Books in Gosport, and it's a giveaway. [ sp. diamond corrected ].

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Scouting for Girls not in Gosport ?

( nr 339 ) "The News" local paper has SHAMBLES headline: No firm venue, no licence and now headliners Scouting for Girls and James Arthur pull out ... Gosfest (Gosport Festival) is becoming a SHAMBLES. ( by Gosport reporter Ellie Pilmoor). James Arthur and Scouting for Girls are now booked for other festivals over the same weekend of August 1 and 2.
Quotes/reactions follow from Modest Management, Chloe Palmer, director of Eventures Int Ltd., local activists Dean Keating and Ade Jupe.
Global Mind Programming ( aka Mind Control, MK, Brainwashing, etc.) was mentioned by General Alexander Lebed as Psycho-Semantic mind programming, very dangerous phenomena, that encompass Personality Change, Zombi-like behaviour (scientific term is AUTONOME), psychosis, neurosis, so-called radicalisation, etc.
Around year 2002 I brought a proposal/subject of Neuro VISUAL Programming on a Russian ( lang.) Forum, as in addition to NLP (Neuro-Lingual Programming), visual and other senses are used/exploited in MK.
How interesting, that even NLP, so widely known, is obscured/displaced by Natural Language Processing.
MASS BRAINWASHING is what is happenning around us.
Some word-play:

Ignite! - educ. company, incl. COW - Cow on Wheels product.
Explosion! - name of a Naval Museum.
Tourist sign depicts a man walking fast ...TOWARDS Explosion!
A printout of Portsmouth Ignite Trading Ltd address in Portsmouth depicts "Mun+" next to their office, accidentally, of course.
The two words get introduced to newspapers: explosive topic, ignite price smth. etc.

[ Sat. 6 June, 2015 ] - The D-Day anniversary is almost lost today among other topics/exhibitions.

As I said yesterday (for the first time) I see some links, connections between two major cases -
Relevant topics:
- Russian/Soviet+ emigration
- White Army/ Russian aristocrats organizations
- Masonic Lodges of Russian Empire
- Polish (Women ?) Masonic Lodge
- December 1825 events in Russia.
- General anti-Christian, anti-Family (men, women and children) nature of Communism during periods  " before and after Stalin government ".
Next Speaker's Corner presentation in TWO WEEKS - 19 June 2015.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Brainwashing and Radicalisation.

( nr 338) I think both terms - brainwashing and radicalisation, do not convey the meaning behind those words very well. Shall say more about it coming Friday.
My story, my understanding of Anorexia case of British actress Cylia Imry (sp?) as told in a newspaper article.While still a child, she secretly read the letter, sent to her mother informing her, that Cylia was refused admission to Ballet School, because Cylia was "too big".
Stage One: The bad news put a young girl into a state of SHOCK, state of TRANCE.
Stage Two: The first message, impression, communication, that comes to her, is that SHE IS TOO BIG. That message enters her consciousness/SUBconsciousness, while usual filters, barriers, critical thinking are down. The doors are wide open, and YOU ARE TOO BIG message enters her mind and lodges (corr.) itself like a stone or boulder. Young girl stops eating.
Eating and not eating.
Eating too much vs Eating too little.
Not eating food. Eating or 'eating' what is not food (a stage with babies, before they learn to differentiate).
There is an American State of Georgia. There is a (formerly Soviet) Republic of Georgia.
There is an American General SAAKASHVILI. There was a recent young Georgian president named SAAKASHVILI, who had a Dutch wife. In one youtube video he ... chews his tie, trying to push it into his mouth, while sitting at his official presidential desk.
European and American folklore has stories of witches (or their victims) rolling on the ground and 'vomitting' objects, which they should not have 'eaten'.
British politician (Galloway?) disgraced himself on TV, when he went down on 'all four' and behaved like a cat, owned by a Polish (aristocrat?) woman. Did she hypnotise him?
Today's News: Six FIFA officials arrested in Switserland.
[ Thurs. 28 May, 2015 ] - Fourteen FIFA arrests.
 Huge issues out there, beyond football as a game.
ORWELL+ HUXLEY: high-tech SCREENS on football pitches: scanning, filing, analysing, etc.
Obnoxious screens everywhere fast multiplying. The worst incursion of this high-tech is into schools and churches. Boris Berezovsky and Educational Software company Ignite ! -
Charlotte Iserbyt gave one example harmful education: Torch - Porch in word/picture, that was giving a dangerous association. True to the Psychopathic Methodology, when found out, they do it again and again, with glee .... Two exemptions I found are: Communism and Spionage.
Women and Sin. Old prostitutes in Orwell's "Burmese Days" ( old, Jewish, ugly like crocodiles) are "exonerated" by a Russian woman translator. Shall mention another curious case in Amsterdam tomorrow. "The Men Who Hate Women" of Millenium Trilogy mistranslated in English, perhaps by women who hate men (?).
Bang! Explosion ! Ignite ! (more tomorrow).
Two posts from 2008: 107 ( Feb. 11) and 168 ( 27 Sept.).
Communist SUBVERSION, Anti-War, PEACE ..... .
Can the Nobel Peace Prize be a clandestine communist project? ...
Published on Former Soviet spy: We created Liberation Theology.
John F.Kennedy was born on 29 May, 1917. He was the first Roman Catholic American President.
Tomorrow - 3 Irish stories:  Moscow, Masonic Widows and Irish Policeman.
1987 May 28: German  Cessna pilot Mathias Rust landed on Red Square.
1902 May 31: Concentration Camps for Afrikaner Women and Children ( Lord Kitchener's idea)  decided the Boer-British war outcome.
NLP, Mind Control, Stockholm Syndrome.
[  Tue. 2 June, 2015 ] - Horror Theatrics yesterday in Aldi suprmarket in Fareham: small boy falling out of the trolley and ... vile women.
I think there were some links to Gosport ref. Helicopter Pilot Captain Max Radford who died with British Attorney Stephen Curtis ... . Was it around same time, that I read about Hampshire Top Policeman marrying a young Ukranian woman, who sought protection from Ukranian Mafia ?
By the way, Gosport Police, if linked to Masons, would also have 'proximity' to British Royal Family.
Prince of Wales Masonic Lodge in Gosport.

 Those parties for girls organised by Princess Ann ! ...

.... South African-Israeli who was shipping NUCLEAR TRIGGERS from the US to Pakistan:

...When one phone call mentioned his wife and 13-year-old daughter ...

"Ring of Death" - from a Telegraph article of 12 Dec.2014 by Nicola Harley and Victoria Ward - [ to compllete url ]

General LEBED :

ECHELON in Yorkshire :