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PACEPA plus.

( nr 341) Nathan Sharansky lookalike in Morrisons supermarket this week. I made a loud enough comment. Another typical Irina+ network theatrics.
My post KGB=MOSSAD, written as MO-K-SS-GB-AD was 'violently' crashed in Portsmouth Central Library a few years ago. His dress and make-up (construction worker) reminded me of a Perestroika Russia film, where a Jewish Working Class man talked about viagra type pills without naming it and some nuclear radiation discovered next to NII (sci. res. inst.), which had an adverse effect on men. The story may have been borrowed from a book or vice versa ( I may have combined the two stories). The 'Nathan Sharansky' actor has been been quite active and 'prominent' in Gosport T. Shows - High Street and beyond.
I also remember N. Sharansky (?) on an international flight many years ago. I got talking to an American Minister and  N. Sharansky(?) sort of butted in speaking Russian and not acknowledging the American. Not knowing English was a sham.
I wondered if the "Disinformation" book by I.M. Pacepa I am reading now is a genuine copy, or the 'genuine' copy uses disinformation to 'smuggle' the truth, encode it.
Time and Place.
[ Thurs. 23 July, 2015] - corrected acronym above: MO-K-SS-GB-AD. It reads in Russian as well, with MO standing for Ministry of Defence and AD meaning Hell.
"Time and Space" were censored (!) in my original draft/abstract for a presentation in Moscow at an International conference "Languages and Cultures" (Russia, Netherlands and Belgium).
By now, it's obvious that scientific and analytical methods in areas of human sciences were a tabu, as those were the mathematical methods and models used in Mind and Body Control (robotisation, enslavement, behaviour modification). The intercultural studies, despite their tremendous popularity and usefulness were subverted and quietly squashed.
I have read the two Pacepa books and now read the Disinformation.
Somewhere he writes about strategic (!) importance of spy/agents locations. Hence, spies and agents, as well as unsuspecting people, who KGBMOSSAD want to make 'useful' in future are 'distributed' near military bases, etc. Simple manipulation of family and work circumstances does the trick.
As a result, there are webs/cobwebs or networks which have been being built over generations. People 'planted' for future use and usefulness.
What I called IRINA+ network is a spionage and organised criminal organisation. It stretches to the North of England, among other places. By the way, a visual trick from Gosport Ferry made an  F81 ship look like FBI. I now wonder if 81 was also a coincidence.
Wikipedia entry 'Suitcase Nuke' (of yesterday) is only in English,German, Italian, Dutch and Polish.
General Alexander LEBED spoke not only about missing mini-nukes, but, as he pointed out, the more important issue of PEOPLE, who developed and produced them.
He also spoke about PSYCHO-SEMANTIC programming. The Star War satellites have a lot to do with global mind programming.
I remember using multilingual computer programmes in Holland and wondering how one OS (was it DOS 7 ?) excluded (in application?) two languages: Russian and Hebrew.
[ Friday 24 July, 2015] - JAMES FORRESTAL  has wikipedia entry in 17 languages.
English - page 8/13 ( date 25 June 2015, at 18:00) :"...  code name of the Ukranian Nazi ... Kim Philby's failed ABN (Anti Bolshevik Nationals), an MI6 Soviet emigre fascist group."
The above fact not mentioned in Russian 4-page entry (date 07:07, 9 April 2015) , his job loss (dismissal)  is stated as a result of "psychiatric crisis", etc.
NO ENTRY in Ukranian.
Who is What ? ...
[ Sat. 25 July, 2015] - Who killed James Forrestal ? -
[Tue.28 July,2015] - Communist Agents? Names Morow, Rogow can be Jewish, Polish, Russian. They are geographical names in Poland. Could be written as Morov and Rogov. Golda Meir is jewess from Ukraine. Polish/Lithuanian Jews have or had a sinagogue in ... Bradford (?).
From the DVD "A decade to remember - the 1950s" (The Universal Newsreels Collection):
1. Major Floods in North East - Industrial/High-Tech region ?
2. Visits by Kruschev, Mikoyan, Agriculturalists (incl. one Moscowitch).
3. Issue of 200 000 German POWs still in USSR. All Germans from Germany? How many Balts, Italians, Romanians, Ukranians, etc. ?
4. FBI Hoover is said to have been an orphan, brought up by his uncle. Wikipedia mentions only that he had no birth certificate written untill he was over forty. Also, that many thought he was a mulatto.
Japan, Manjuria are next to SOVIET (COMMUNIST) JEWISH REPUBLIC in Southern Siberia (Israel number One?), with capital Birobidjan.
Etymology with humor? - Roosevelt vs Krasnopolsky, Truman vs Pravdin, etc.
[ Wed. 29 July, 2015 ] - I have made one mistake ref. HOOVER yesterday (see above).
In the DVD documentary it was former US president Herbert HOOVER,  who was celebrating his 81-st birthday at his family home, where, as an orphan, he was brought up by his uncle.
American POWs from Korean War were also unaccounted for.
There were black/afro-americans among American Communists and in the US military.
Back in 1920s (?) a NEGRO VILLAGE was discovered in Soviet GEORGIA.
There were questions about German unification in the 1950s.
Masonic dedication of Truman Library. Masonic run of East and West, war and peace.... .
My post ( nr 245 ) of 18 Jan. 2010:
Russian spionage in Holland and Germany:
Ivan A., 28 year-old physicist  - - german article . -
dutch article.
Isn't it interesting, that it was RALPH COHN who suggested that my daughter look for Victor A.Udom online. My suspicions about COHN family members (their identity and background) are still there.
[ Friday, 31 July, 2015] - EUREKA!
Pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Recent weeks, this week and yesterday: veritable crescendo in S-Theater, complete with a smirking jew and support from 'the masses' in Portsmouth. New ALDI (corr. from ASDA) made yet another fool of itself, with Russian women and African men, crying babies and the puppet masters (often women - young and old) , right there pretending noble attitudes etc.
VOTER REGISTER FORMS were in my post box yesterday, cover letter dated 17 July 2015.
Raphael Cohn, David Cohn, mother Elaine and other family members (incl. Iran, USA, here in London and Chelmsford) are very prominent in current events, which touch upon criminality and hostile military presence.
Some key-word notes: very fake letters and phone calls (synthesised voices?) , emotional blackmail, property fraud, massive drug supply/distribution network. All this on- and off-line.
The 'packages' of course, may contain not only drugs, but plastic explosives, software. apps, etc. Moreover, at some crucial point, drugs or toxins may be fed into centralised water supply or central air-conditioning. What with theatrics (which I described in a letter to my daughter) around Leader and Beals estate agents advertising flats for rent in St. Mathews Court in Gosport.
Yesterday a man ( 'solidny muschina') entering ELECTRO-TRADE shop (across Fox Pub) in Gosport spoke Russian to my hearing. Even ASDA sent a new ALDI-style magazine.
By the way, when I was moving from Woolston Court to St. Matthews, there was a last minute attempt to change my mind. The 'agents' (smile!) Philip and wife (forgot her name) were the first people who asked me if I knew Russian woman Irina. Those questions came often with a recommendation of sorts. I had a distinct sense that a precise location (among other things) is important to some people in Gosport. Someone posted NB! message online soon afterwords, noting that registration of computer programmes was made not in the name of the buyer/person, but the residential address(!).
Corrected above: ALDI, not ASDA. Around ALDI quite a bit of kitch type of internationalism, also some good-looking ( righteous people from Mediterranean? ), smiling Tusk (EU, Poland) and recent overloaded trolleys (which cashier will you go to?).
I met Philip and wife via Friends of the Earth and National Trust meetings. The wife went to Alverstoke St. Mary's church and Philip, whom I met one Sunday near Gosport Ferry, told me he was on his way to a Church in Portsmouth, which was an old, 'real thing' church. I did not ask which church it was. Oh! Friends of the Earth ... Strange and hostile behaviour of old Mary ( who had  a granddaughter). Mary's outburst at a reception in Gosport Library. Many memories there: Russian and Greek Church in Portsmouth, etc.
[ WED. 5 August, 2015] - Shared space near Gosport Ferry with Jehova Witnesses this morning.  Very amicable. Stood with two small posters: Punch 1876 caricature of Queen Victoria with  Benjamin Disraeli and the WW2 concentration camp poster with Classification Badges for inmates.
 The man in the Gosport Library now - terminal 19 by the copying machine upstares, is the one I  named  "Rediskogolovy - GEBESHNIK" since I recognized him soon after moving to UK, as a man who very much looked like a provincial Russian, with a PORTFEL and a tell-tale ZHENSKI YAPONSKI ZONTIK (tsvetasty), traveling often on bus 4 (or tram) from CS in the Hague towards Mariahoeve (and further).
I wrote already about scandalous absence of what is/was known as REGISTERED MAIL. The so-called Special Delivery I used on Monday (3 Aug.) to send letter and 70 pounds cash ( to buy tickets) to my daughter was the only way, I was told, to send money. No money transfer. The special silver plastic envelope has sticker "to" next to space with "Address" in the top left corner and "Postcode" below. Sticker "from" is below in the smaller space with "Sender's name and address" top left and "Postcode" below. I did write my daughter's name, 20 Sawley Street, etc. The so-called garantee is about delivery the following day by 1pm. Special delivery incl. compensation. The woman clerk saw me putting letters and cash inside the envelope. The receipt names "DESTINATION ADDRESS" only. No tel numbers were asked for - of the recipient or sender. Interesting.
Alas, familiar tel. /communication disruption (just like the one six years ago, when Job Center lost my file, etc.).
NAZI concentration camp badges.
Kennzeichen fur Schutzhaftlinge in den Konzentrationlagern.
The YELLOW DAVID STAR badge is missing ! Actually, when the colours are listed on Wikipedia entries, color yellow is missing from the the list of SEVEN colors: red, black, brown, green, blue, violet, pink ( for example, in Russian entry of 2 June, 2015).
Yellow triangles are all combined with other categories (homosexual, political, criminal, etc.). For a couple of years people were seen wearing diabolical cancer charity badges: yellow six-petal flowers (daffodils), which looked from a distance like stars of david. To obfuscate/erase collective memory of history or lies about history?
WW2 questions not answered.

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