Monday, 29 November 2010

( nr 282 ) Biological field/personal space depicted: (a) - a normal person - protrusion in front, (b) - field of a violent prison inmate - protrusion behind. The scan above are two pages from 1973 publication (in Dutch) "Personal Space" by Dr. Anthonie Stolk.
- 1974 Silent Sound (hypnotic) device diagram - reproduced in "Microwave Ray Gun Controls Crowds with Noise" article by David Hambling (ABC news 2008)
Lev Sadovnik and Vladimir Manasson developing MEDUSA - Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio.
Tel-Aviv - Birobidzhan ( Capital of the Soviet Jewish Republic ) AXIS actually has the North-East direction.
Nord-Ost theater play in Moscow (in which year?) ended in spectacular real terrorist event (?) with the audience (included British VIP Jack Straw, his wife and son) kept hostage by so-called Black Widows (moslem women) from Chechen Republic.
S-theater indeed.
- CONSPIRACY: nice art taken from rmn post (not attributed), with a link, that did not work. Shall check my records.
OIL COMPANIES (or geological survey and exploration branch) have the perfect dual-purpose technology for construction of secret underground bases, i.e. 3-D survey equipment, drilling machines, etc.
VACCINATIONS for girls in Russia same as given to girls in Mexico and Iraq ? see previous post scan about Alexander Goncharov.
Top 4 Human Traffic Buyers
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Monday, 22 November 2010

( nr 281 ) Dear Lynn, I miss you. Gone too soon! 2 photos above: myself, Lynn and Elspeth in Unilag and a group photo of American women party. Shall look up wordsbody blogspot again.
Going up: Vaccinations in Russia - Alexander Goncharov's statement.
Dutch NOS news about criminal computer ring. The leader escaped arrest.
Hampshire IT blocking websites - the last two examples.
Jos Creese - the IT hampshire boss. I have had some rather disappointing communications with him (ref. missing e-mails).
History: Soviet Lingo. Some examples. The disappearance of "Nationality" from post-Soviet passports was a matter of great concern. Soviet citizens did choose between nationalities of their parents, if different.
Many politicians are of mixed origin, e.g. British Lib-Dem. leader Nick Clegg's father is "half-Russian", so is Russian Lib-Dem. Vladimir Zhirinovski.
Roman Abramovich is (by birth) half-Ukranian (?).
In my post (nr. 213) I have a scan of "It's a Wonderful Life" film brochure, in which somebody inserted a face of Roman Abramovich's look-alike.
Kofi Annan's first wife is Nigerian, his second wife - Swedish (?).
One aspect of KGB/Mossad working together or being 'one' ( MO-K-SS-GB-AD ) is that very many (?) agents are children from mixed marriages.
GOOGLE ! I shall try to post a comment to rmn ... 186876 post. Rontgen ?... Nasty Art, if you ask me. Very unpleasant. The second "logo" popped up when I tried to print out the misleading "theresa may homophobic" search option. She (Head of MI5, home affairs) is in favour of adoption of children by homosexuals (!), which I wrote about in the last two posts.
PETER MOORING blames the Dutch Security Services, who are out of control
His other site is where you can find CBS News video "The Ray Gun In Action".
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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

( nr 280 ) Scans going up:- We used to read atheistic lierature ( in the Soviet Union) in order to glimpse knowledge about RELIGION.
Now I read a book critical of 'witchcraft persecution' in order to learn about christianity vs witchcraft history. Strasbourg ! ...
(cont. wed.17 Nov.)
CHECHOSLOVAKIA Secret Services were behind the ban on film "The Ear" in 1970. The film depicted in detail some methods of psychological terror, threat and intimidation used by the communist regime.
PUGWASH ! Pugwash Conferences united 'eminent scientists' in the struggle for peace, disarmament, international security (safety) and international scientific cooperation. The first conference was in Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1957 and was supported by Canadian banker and industrialist Cyrus S. Eaton. By 1985 - 34 conferences, in 1960 and 1969 - held in the Soviet Union. .....
AANGIRFAN blogspot post Mon. 15 Nov. mentions Herbert 'Pug' Winokur (Winokur is a Ukranian name) - Enron, etc.
Two articles from The News 15 Nov. - one about the attempted abduction of a 12 year old boy, another - about Portsmouth MP Mike Hancock.
- IT Hampshire bans 9 min. video by Brian Gerrish: What is Common Purpose and Why You Should Care.
Common Purpose:
CP for Communist Party, Second Family UK writes it is Freemasonry , Boris Berezovski sponsored controversial youth movement IV (Iduschie Vmeste - marching Together) a few years ago, Our Course (Nashe Delo) - name of the revolutionary underground organisation in Tsarist Russia and Common Cause (sp?) is mentioned on the - 8-Morton Halperin -leading executive at Common Cause.
- two events from Gosport Library (renamed Discovery Centre) this month. Tomorrow's one is cancelled.
The Daily Echo paper of yesterday reported the stench in Southampton (my usual note on the margin is not seen as it did not fit the scanner width). I don't know about the Southampton, but the recent trouble with rotten fish smell over Gosport Lake (photo above), which I wrote and have spoken about, in my opinion, was all a SCAM - part of the so-called GAMES.
ASIA physical geograpical map. Tel-Aviv to Birobidjan AXIS is an obvious geostrategic line cutting a huge land mass in two parts. Rocks and mountains .... Safe from floods and earthquakes. Safest (underground) from all sorts of weapon, incl. radiation and cosmic weapons.
Underground drilling/construction plus infrastructure take many years ... .
Manchuria, Korea, Soviet Jewish Republic happens to be just near the Chinese border and an area where Chinese Jews lived (I bought a book "Jews in Ancient China" in Holland a few years ago). More on SOVIET Lingo ref. nationality, citizenship and history in my next post.
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Monday, 1 November 2010

( nr 279 ) Theresa May, the MI5 head, the British Home Secretary (ref. Police) thinks it's OK for homosexuals to adopt children. And she is the Conservative Part member. ................ ??????
Four scans going up:
- RMN forum post .... 185178 about lesbians kissing in public cannot be commented on, because there is no send an e-mail link in that post. My comments:
1. Listen to Charlotte Izerbyt talking about so called sensitivity training.
2. It's a good example how they do almost everything for more than one reason : youngsters kissing in public ( part of S-theater) - not just an exhibitionism, but preparing the ground for the kind of logic/arguments that Carl Levin (sp.?) came up with during Congressional (?) hearings with Gen. John Sheehan (ref. homosexuals in the military).
- my post nr 261 displaying a russian forum post from 2000 - about false KGB/FSB/SVR recruitment of 'fake agents', patsies, also of criminals, so that REAL AGENTS could work undisturbed. Perhaps that was the practice of other alphabet agencies too, and long before 1995.
- World Atlases ( Bartholomew, Collins, Philip's, ....) fail to mention on the map/index the existence of REAL ISRAEL - the Jewish Republic of the Soviet Union/Russia with the capital city of Birobidjan. Happens to be near Manchuria/Chinese border in the Far East. Roman Abramovich is from those parts.
Another dimension of my letter/word play: MO-K-SS-GB-AD ....
- KAY GRIGGS talks about Psychological Operations NATO .... Psychological or Psychopathic Degenerate ? S-theater at its worst.
Three major components listed: Space, Air, Ground. Hmm ... May be three, but aren't they ground, above ground and underground ?
Could there be some HAARP constructions going on along Tel-Aviv/Birobidjan ( rough) axis that would include otherwise inexplicable obsession with Afganistan, Iran, North and South Korea, etc. ?
During the war in Yougoslavia there were reports of a huge secret underground base being built there. Was there smth. to the Korean airliner disaster that remained secret? In Soviet times there was a mad project (luckily not approved) of reversing the three Siberian rivers to flow southwards.
I still haven't heard from Jenny Oduko. It worries me.