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( nr 284 ) Speaker's corner going well. I shall be there may be not daily, but often enough: writing and speaking out does help thinking.

VACCINATIONS worries again ?

I could not find any info about MMR allegedly no more available in three separate injections plus a suggestion that the last preceeding one ( 3rd booster shot ?) is to be included in a single MMR.
Back in October there was a post mentioning the US Supreme Court hearing a major vaccination case plus a video about BAYER ( a separate case from the vaccination one?):

SCANS going up:

Star Wars: HAARP, tasers, lasers, .... - my post to K on a Russian forum six years ago.

{13 Dec.}: I shall write a brief translation of the two scans in Russian tomorrow.

Plus: 2010 is the year of the 51 st Congress of the British Communist Party. Postbus 51 (in Holland), Area 51 .... Is there Agenda "51" ?

From a Documentary about the Vietnam AntiWar protests - a husband and wife protest against


Neither, nor American forum RMN report the horrible sex abuse of children - age cited as 0-4 years in Amsterdam nurseries by a man from the former Soviet Union, married ( or "married" ?) to a Dutch man. Reports to the police date back to 2008. American police traced sick abuse photos of a young boy to Netherlands. The photo of Robert M. from Riga can be found on site. Latvia lies between Estonia and Lithuania. Gorbachev's perestroika started in Baltics. Cold war was a major deception: the real war is not between nation states, but between normal people and the scum international, mobsters in high places, war-makers, medical and scientific mafia.

The so-called sex education for children after 1917 revolution was the dirtiest secret that Soviet establishment did hide. A Bolshevik woman Prof. Schmidt even designed special 'love houses' - hotels where children would learn sex/"love".

"The West" simply colluded: it was always about "lack of freedom" (freedom to travel, freedom to leave Russia, etc.)

The real problem is that people, whose freedoms were limited for very good reasons, now have all freedom to commit the worst crimes - against children.

Somewhere on my site there is a post about Pedophile Exchange org. ( with their logo) which was linked to MI6 and supposedly disbanded itself.

One of my posts here (after which I received threatening 'messages' ) has a scan of a diagram of microchip locations in human body , which include male and female genitalia.

{ 14 Dec.} Extra scans posted going up: 51st congress of the Communist Party of Britain - from and their aims from
Paedophile Exchange LOGO - acronym PIE posted on my website 14 April 2009. MI6 and Communists involved. 1984 extinction ? No.
HRODNA city or Grodno (in Russian) - Jewish Mafia boss and Mossad woman's father Livny are from Hrodna among other people. Russian UN envoy Sergei Lavrov and Tsipi Livni arranged a no-visa special regime between Israel and Russia two ( ?) years ago.
Photo of ROBERT M. - gay man originally from Riga, Latvia - confessed to sexually obusing babies and toddlers (ages 0-4 years) in a nursery in Amsterdam where he worked. He is married to a Dutch man, has a Dutch passport. The gay couple planned to adopt children and open their own nursery. The file of updating material on the Dutch news site, incl. videos:
The news blackout of this scandal can only be compared to a media panic after General John Sheehan made a statement over "homosexuals in the military" in the Congress (?).
Must be smth. very "hot" - near the real Satanic Communism, high-end/high-tech espionage and the world take-over. The most rotten and latest MKultra +
The remaining, posted Dec. 11 scans: photographs from a memorial near White House - the Russian Parlement in Moscow - Oct. 3-4 uprising.
Exactly a year later (?) there was a Dutch "9-11" in Bijlmermeer near Amsterdam when an Israeli El-Al plane crashed into a block of flats. The exact cargo remained a secret, despite a long parlementary enquiry. There was an interesting "semantic" editing over the years: the then PM Ruud Lubbers apparently went to an Israeli Embassy to meet the Ambassador (?), which was "not official". The question was if he summoned the Israeli Ambassador.
Later the report changed to - Q: Has there been an official meeting between Ruud Lubbers and Israeli Amb. A: No.
2000-2001 Membership booklet of the Dutch section of the European Journalists Society -ref.
AGM in Poland in 1998. (I mentioned it ref. Russian Spies in US).
Daily Mail journalist Tom Utley narrates his experience with NHS about a sudden problem with his vision in one eye. Many thanks to him. It must/might have smth to do with high-tech around us, which officially does not exist. Reminded me of an alarming item in British media a couple of years ago reporting a new(?) eye condition in children, whereby they do not see certain words ....
Mossad: Radio 4 interview.
Garry McKinnon ( British Assange) who broke into Pentagon computers and Theresa May (Tory woman, head of MI5/police, who thinks that adoption of children by homosexuals is OK)) - extradition case vs new medical evidence (?).
I shall post the translation from Russian of two texts here (HAARP, Star Wars, KGB recruitment) in the next post -
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