Tuesday, 13 October 2009

( nr 232 ) Continued from nr 231 of yesterday: corrected scan of page 364 from Soviet Encyclopedical Dictionary (SED) 1986 showing the absence of Movement of Left Radicals entry.
Four scans from a booklet KNIGA ZHALOB I PREDLOZHENIJ from 1973. The word ZHALOB is changed to OTZYVOV (opinion) on the cover and the first page. The original wording however can be seen everywhere on the Instructions pages (I outlined some).
I have seen a few posts on RMN and elsewhere about some Frankestein LRAD (?) acoustic devices which emit HIGH-pitched sound that can damage hearing. What about the really dangerous LOW-pitch? Infra-sound was recorded on some post-volcanic islands, where people or visitors quickly get depressed and do not stay long. It was blamed on post volcanic earth tremors. And they are beyond human hearing, while some birds and animals can hear them.
Last week The News reported the arrest of a French woman in Portsmouth in connection with the smuggling of Vitnamese refugees, and that as it turns out, the woman is a polititian, a local councillor in France.
Ref. nr 231: the radio programme I have written about was surprising to me in more than one aspect. I did not know, for example, that, as was stated by the participants, that South Africa was far ahead of other countries in terms of homo-emancipation (?).
Well, the tragic death of a teenager precipitated Winny Mandela's loss of her husband. In that case, the boy was accused (in the first instance?) of "sleeping with a white man" and being used as a "spy" .... . Was this allegation followed up? Who was "the white man"?....
I shall watch DVD "A decade to remember - the 1950s" again. There was an interesting report about "officially unofficial" visit of Anastas Mikoyan to America. He had a meeting with bankers and caused costernation of his bodyguards, when he entered a toy shop alone - to buy presents for his family. The DVD is from "The Universal Newsreels Collection".