Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Submarines and People.

( nr 372 ) - Poison Gas "Celery Gas" was discovered/invented in 1933 by two French scientists: M. Leonce Bert and M.Dorier while working on artificial perfumes.
The Celery Gas smells like celery and is super deadly, gas mask no help.
The gas is a vapour arising at normal temperature from a colorless liquid, resembling water. A dog killed in a few hours after a tiny drop was placed on its skin.
Can't find info online. One Leonce Bert worked during WW2 with Vsevolod Blinoff in France.
Blin in Russian is a pancake.
Agent Orange, Mustard Gas, Celery Gas ... .
Difficulty printing Eng. version for Mustard Gas.
By the way, Leonid Timochouk told me ( in Kent) that smell of fish comes with use of hydrogen bombs/weapons. I was not really listening.
PHANTOM smells abound, just like visual, auditory and other 'hallucinations'.
Is Tech-Mafia behind current BIS (British Institute of Standards), similarly to RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers) ?
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[ Wed. 22 March, 2017] - The man at the comp. terminal 14 right now (9:58 am), has been at certain places/spots at certain times. Perhaps, unwittingly 'coincidentral'. Local? ...
Hungarian former Secret Service agent's interview ... Is it not printable? Any Hungarian journalists or Hungarians around? What I did read is most interesting.
[ Thurs. 23 March, 2017] -
Ferenc Katrein is a former senior Hungarian Secret Service officer. Links to the articles on two Hungarian websites are in a RMN post:
Can't print any of it - in Hungarian or in English: internet "stalls" and I had to log out several times.
Some articles are on the printer job list (one 15 pages about KGBella - Kovac and his marriage to a Russian woman Svetlana Istos(h)ina ) but the printer stalls ( receiving to processing) and had to be switched off.
Russian Submarines: a few days ago I watched a video where retired Russian/Soviet military officer of high rank BARANETS (surname) complained about high American military budget and NATO building bases around Russia and said two things:
1. Russian submarines moving along US coast lines actually are/have been "seeding" nuclear charges or warheads, which could be activated with remote control if necessary.
2. Russia has an assymetric method of warfare - computer technologies.
He then stopped, saying he might have said too much already. I found that video just after I read about strange communications "between servers" of Trump org. and Alfa Bank in Moscow (Friedman and Co.).
[ Friday 24 March, 2017 ] - On my way to the library this morning another 'event' or situation caught my attention. A workman standing on the ladder by the bus stop Royal Arms pub told me, when I retraced my steps to ask him some questions, that he was using glue to erect plastic spikes against peageons. Pedestrians had a space to use as a passage, where right above their heads hang what looked to me like a .... weight on a rope used to check vertical lines. It turned out to be a big tube with a strong glue. I asked the worker if the glue tube presented a greater risk/danger than birds' droppings. He told me the glue was very viscous. " Health and Safety " standards ?
A short video on Dutch news website reports a man left to 'hang' for an hour ( on a wall of a tall building in US Florida ) before he was rescued, after a work platform
collapsed under him.
Another image (photo from Reuters) shows Trump in truck which reminds me a moment from Russian film BRAT when the senior brother of Danila discovered ... WW1 gun (?) and got excited.


clock goes forward One Hour in the midnight of Sat. to Sunday 26 March, 2017.

[ Monday, 27 March, 2017] - Local newspaper The News books a desk in the Gosport Library on 
TUESDAY mornings - ground floor next to cafeteria.
Smell of gas followed by huge explosion near LIVERPOOL - The Times reports today.
HUNGARIAN website index.hu ( 2 articles in English translation) :
Secret Agent gives interview:
KGBella, Russian wife and Fake Far Right:
Just posted scan of The Times report about the blast, which was heard across Liverpool and in north Wales. People complained and reported strong smell of gas a day before the explosion. An inspector from National Grid told Jonathan Coxell, 36, that the stench was "the smell of the River Mersey" and that officials could find no evidence of a leak.
Rising Sewage ? -
Addenda Five. -
Natasha K+
Women and Crime.
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[ Friday, 31 March, 2017 ] - Post of yesterday from RMN forum  -
A "small nuclear weapon attributed to Israel" reminds me about Russian Gen. Alexander Lebed interview with warnings about small nuclear suitcases, Neuro-Semantic Programming, etc. There was also a report about arrest of an Israeli/South African (?) citizen near Pakistan (?) with a cache of nuclear trigger devices. Smth. like that.
RUSSIA is such a good friend of Israel !
By the wayI remember ROSS PEROT complained (in 1992?) about Soviet Jewish Lobby in US. He mentioned some (Soviet) Georgian names.
HUNGARIAN media published some good material, but I have been having great difficulties printing it. Some hacking and censorship is apparent.
During so-called Russian Spies Network in US news (2010?) an e-mail came from MEXICO from a friend with some beautiful artistic Mex. landscapes. I asked N. who made those digital slides and she told me it was sent from HUNGARY. I remember she talked about her Hungarian friends "Moi Vengerskie podruzhki" long time ago. The reason why I found those pictures ... too special is that they contained similar vibrating red color which was used long time ago by Henry Makow on his website. And am sceptical about Henry Makow.
There was also abundant theatrics or S-theatre as I call it here ( in Fareham, etc.) during that time, actors being a wider Irina+ network. Almost the same day a young HUNGARIAN woman was murdered in Southampton by a man she lived with (rep. in Daily Echo newspaper).
A music I found extraordinary (hypnotic) was, as Colin C. told me, written by a Hungarian composer.
A small A-4 poster I drafted last Tuesday and displayed on "The News desk" about HUNGARY had a High-Tech Torture (?) among other notes. Talk about Communist equivalent of MK-Ultra type of experiments.  KGB=Mossad= Mafia.
[ Sat. 1 April, 2017] - SOROS BERENC - ??? Person, business, logo ? still a mystery online. On search, only scant info and only in Hungarian ! Ref. interview on index.hu.
[ Mon. 3 April, 2017] - As I read, Hungarians put their surname/family name first and their first name - second. So, it must be: SOROS George. Can't read Hungarian anyway!
So, Soros Berenc under discussion in the article of 27 March, 2017 by Miklosi Gabor and Janecsko Kata : " Megszolalt a Satan magyarorszagi helytartoja".