Saturday, 16 October 2010

( nr 278 ) Sham Abram-Mad Tom-Ivan the Fool .... K -kosher. The Dictionary of Underworld gives some insights, such as: K- Homosexual, House - a brothel, X (factor), Mad Tom.
Solar energy poster featuring a T-shirt: similar to the Russian song of the 1960s: Let there always be sun, let there always be mother, let there always be me ... sung by a little boy.
A strange photo with arrows ( anti-Obama demo) made me wonder if my KGB/MOSSAD "formula" angered some people.
Segway boss had a fatal accident (?).
Barclays Bank cares for prisoners.
Kay Griggs - Rauni Kilde - Charlotte Izerbyt ...

- " ...they trained us how to identify resistors ".
3 extracts from the four-page (or less if compact print) long, a very well written article (2000)
that everybody must read:

"Microchip Implants, Mind Control & Cybernetics" by Rauni Kilde, MD.
From : Jan. 2010 Google bans judicial inc
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SOVIET JEWISH EMIGRATION and MIXED MARRIAGES - to cont. from yesterday's post:
three SCANS posted - from nr 277 yesterday plus some content ( some lost), that was crashed in the original nr 276 (with some repeats).
The foreign Soviet passport for "permanent residence in Nigeria" required the holder TO APPLY for a VISA to USSR to visit parents in Moscow, for example.
Te anti-social engineering in the NWO break-up of a (Christian) marriage was applied in many cases with a particular or specific "success". Many expatriate families know the difficulties of trying to concour and adapt to different cultures and sustain family unity with great geo-distances, that is even without the establishment playing a negative role.
The alphabet agencies were agog - as Kay Griggs said, "they love mixed marriages ! ...".
Many people however DO NOT love alphabet agencies and detest them.
As the breakup of a mixed marriage was in many cases "predicted", hinted at, "helped" with psyops/high-tech in some cases, not to mention an ordinary intrigue, amazingly consistent "advice" on where next to move followed. Amazing efforts to keep Soviet women abroad and .... distanced from their children at the same time.
And it's easy to predict, that a wife will follow her husband, parents - their children, unemployed will move to a place, where suddenly, they want your expertise very much.
Just how specific and strategic the resultant pattern is, becomes apparent to people involved (if they do not allow the bonds, ties and communications to break).
And it's a generational game. They think no one sees the big picture and correlations and patterns, that defeat probabilities and 'normal' distribution.
More in later posts.
The top scan is of the "Microchip Implants ..." quotes again - repeated with intent.
For the first FOUR YEARS Mitrokhin was LOCKED AWAY in silence by MI6.
Whistleblower of RMN forum is still a puzzle to me, I have not followed his posts, nor the money issues. I will probably write some explanation to my short comment, that was posted 25th Sept. by hobie:
Tue. 19 Oct. - Thurs. 28 Oct. - in Skipton, Nort Yorkshire.