Monday, 4 April 2011

( nr 290 ) SCANS going up :

- Boys 4 and 7 sexually assaulted in McDonald's toilet - Daily Mail 29.3.2011 article by Tamara Cohen.


- A former Hampshire charity boss unmasked as a convicted paedophile has launched a legal bid to claim cash for being "unfairly" sacked - Daily Echo, 28.3.2011 by Jon Reeve.


- Portsmouth: I took a photo of a destroyed fountain with gorgeous "Queen's Beasts" statues around it in Central Portsmouth. Where did the Beasts go?... .


- ... three Palestinian militants killed in air strikes were planning to kidnap people - Sunday Mail, 3 April, 2011 article by Bruce Walker.


- cont. from my previous post 289 : I am still reading and 'processing' website. Two scans here - of the KGB pass (KGB LSSR) of Boris Karpichkov and the front page graphics, where subliminal (visibility changing) photo of the missing British girl Madeleine was quite a shock to me.

Not least because my name is mentioned there plus the news (to me) about Russian (?) espionage scandals in Skipton, Yorkshire, I tried to guess and find out about who owns the site and who is (or are) the BLACKWATCH. First search on whois ( incl IP) produced zero result, then some ref. to dnslive ( but no result either, except a big international presence of an Israeli webhost: and

It reminded me of some detective online work ( by participants) on a Russian forum years ago, when some very active Russian speaking participants (spammers) were traced to Israel and Korea, which was a great surprise to people like myself.

The first association with the black square on their logo (?) was the famous painting by Malevich.

The red cross (Maltese?) is vertically compressed.

- Two top scans of photos I took in Gosport of a Madeleine Pub on a St. John's Square with a play-ground for children. The Church of England (CoE) " St. John the Baptist" is facing it across the Forton Road in Gosport. Two bits are literally pasted on my photos: the pub sign and my drawing/sketch of the sculptured sign of St.John's Square - I haven't developed the photo of it yet.


1925 Moscow - French visitor Henri Beraud ....


MoS (The Mail on Sunday) 3 April, 2011: Review (Part 1) by Calendar Girls star Celia Imrie:

My electric shock nightmare at the hands of the CIA's evil doctor [ psychiatrist William Sargant].

Her book "The Happy Hoofer" to be published April 14.


My comment on rmn forum was actually to the main post(s) by Steve, rather than "VERY REAL method" by another reader.

I shall try to post another comment there today or tomorrow.


PS: Internet is ver-very slow for some weeks now. I also noticed that editing of this site has become more difficult and url for separate posts is sometimes impossible - url line almost endless. Perhaps my 'updates' interfere with filing?


Next week - in Skipton, family visit.


[Thursday 7 April 2011]: a photo of Red Cross St. John's Square sign added on top (Gosport - Forton Road - Madeleine Pub - St. John's Square playground - St. John the Evangelist Forton CoE, Diocese of Portsmouth).


[ Sat. 9 April 2011] - I have sent my third post - as a comment to this morning. The original post is by Steve - (Another) Reporter makes nonsensical comments on air (Friday 25 March 2011).

My Own Experience: on this website, in posts 186, 187 in January 2009 I described seeing smth. online, printing it and not seeing it when reading the printout. May habit of highlighting words when reading provided the clue: I 'blanked out' the paragraph. As I marked the 'lost' sentence, I made a copy of the original printout - an evidence of my own mis-reading.

Looking and not finding smth. may have the same 'mechanism': looking and not seeng n times.

Imagine somebody looking at and not seeing his laptop - being left behind on the train.

My proposed models of MK/brainwashing on simple and practical lines:

1) Mathematically, a+2b-c changes to scramble (later to opposite) by incremental adding and subtracting elements, e.g. 2a+b-3c.

2) From a prank of one student on another: the wires (contacts) on a calculator reversed.


Boris Karpichkov would know (?) why the case of Robert M. from Latvia is such a 'terrible secret'( ?) here in UK.


Local papers Daily Echo, The News and Daily Mail today report on a major incident in the control room of a submarine.