Saturday, 9 January 2010

( nr 242 ) To continue, the five scans are:
- Roger Day's 21 medals ... . Is this not a clear evidence of Trauma/Mind Control/So-called Training?
- Many interesting articles on The has not included the subtitle "COULD TERROR WAR BE RESPONSE BY GOP AND ISRAEL AGAINST THREATS TO THEIR GLOBAL PLANS?" when they published Gordon Duff's article on their site:
- British Trade Union Chief Jack Jones was a KGB spy. The so-called secrets is not all what alphabet agencies are about.
- Two articles from the Dutch News Agency NOS about police matters: an American policeman 28 year old Timothy Carson robbed a bank on his way to work. He hid his robber attire in a dustbin - another clip from a "BRAT" blockbuster film.
Years ago Moscow police came to Ryazan(?) with live explosives for 'training' and were observed by a vigilant citizen unloading truck. The local police knew nothing about it.
Slowak police as part of their training ("training" again) planted live explosives on unsuspecting passengers of an air flight from Poprad to Dublin. They were training dogs... .
They forgot to remove the 90 grams of explosive from the baggage of one electrician.
An interesting post from Watchman on Sadistic Degenerates' Modus Operandi:
World Health (?!) Organisation RE-DEFINED pandemics ...
Talking of definitions: may be in 1997, I translated from Russian, but did not get back to the Clarity-International legal discussion forum (distracted by trivia), a definition of Terrorism. It was a long legalese sentense and it was verbatim the international definition.
One interesting thing about modern terrorism is that it does not challenge the status quo, unlike bloody assasinations of leaders in the past or some political ultimatum from some organisation A or B.