Friday, 9 January 2015

1991 plus Star Wars.

( nr 331 ) - My Speaker's Corner presentation today is cancelled. Sorry for such a short notice.
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[ Mon. 12 Jan. 2015] - I can't find the post on this website, where I posted a scan of a Soviet Encycl. Dictionary entry about ' ZINOVIEV (real name EPSTEIN ) '. Interesting pecularities/differences between entries for those names in Russian and English. At present there is NO entry in Russian for Jeffrey Epstein (ref. Prince Andrew, etc.), only in English, German, Dutch and Romanian.
(15:08) -  1991 : New York, BROOKLYN area. Fighting between black and Jewish communities. The trouble began on August 19 when a car from the motorcade of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson - the leader of the Orthodox Jewish Lubavitcher  sect - ran through a red traffic-light, went out of control and mounted the pavement. It killed Gavin Cato, a seven-year-old black child playing outside his home, and seriously injured his seven-year-old cousin. Members of the local black community were enraged by reports that the driver of the vehicle, Yoseph Lisef, 22, who had sustained only minor injuries, was quickly taken away from the scene of the accident by a private Jewish ambulance service, whilst the more seriously injured children were left to wait for attention from a city ambulance crew. A few hours after the accident, Yankel Rosenbaum, 29, an Australian Hasidic Jew, was stabbed to death by a black Brooklyn gang in what appeared to be a retaliatory attack. ( from Keesing's Record of World Events, 1991: 38383-38384 ).
[ Wed. 14 Jan. 2015 ] - Building in the Green Belt and leaving city underdeveloped ? One explanation for this paradox is the Star Wars technology, requiring 24/7 and near equi-distant/uniform geo-distribution of IT/human/sites, which also facilitates emergency low-tech commuting in case of some "blackout". Same applies to some suspect schemes of moving people into the middle of nowhere or strategic and unpopular areas, where, by the way, individual safety approaches zero.
PS: No presentations on Fridays in Portsmouth till further notice.
[  Sat. 24 Jan. 2015 ] - For the first time I see today a Wikipedia entry (for General David Petraeus in English) ending with obscure "This version of the page has been revised" . The link 'revised' leads to a general info page about 'revisions': Help: Page history. That info page ends with "This page was last modified on 17 January 2015 at 00:26.
When General David Petraeus name is entered in the wiki search window, the first option comes up with double t : Pettraeus, followed by Generals David McKiernan and Blackshear.
His bio seems to throw light on the idiocy (in my opinion, as I spoke before on several occasions) of the terror of Lesson Plans in British Schools.
My ex-husband was a man of the world, as they say. Among his girlfrieds before I appeared on stage, were: Lakshmi, daughter of an Indonesian diplomat (?), - they went to Amsterdam and Hong-Kong (?) together. In the Moscow University: a post-graduate Japanese woman and one Lida (?). I remember her loud enough phrase  to him: " Nu chto, yakshaeshsa?!...". I only guessed that 'yakshaeshsa' was Ukranian (?) slang, not exactly sure about it.
[ Tuesday 27 January 2015 ] - I have made a major mistake above: not Zinoviev, but Yakovlev is the man whose real name is Epstein. Zinoviev's real name is Radomsky. To narrow down the people:
Zinoviev, the first chairman of Communist International, formed in 1924 ( after Lenin died ), a triumvirate with Kamenev (real name Rosenfeld ) and Stalin.
Yakovlev (real name Epstein) Yak. Ark. (1896-1938) - Communist Party member (since 1913) and activist in Ukraine, etc. 
I had a classmate/friend Lena Yakovleva, whose father worked in Mongolia.
Communist Party member writer Alexander Zinoviev was in mid-1990s a subject of interest on Russian Internet forums. He was also a guest/fellow at the Dutch University in Nijmegen - formerly Catholic University, renamed Radboud (sp?). Dutch Investigative Journalist Louis Seveke (sp?) who investigated illegal activities of Dutch Police and Dutch Security, was gunned down in Nijmegen.
I posted the parcel back to The Violin Company in Heanor DE 75 7 QL yesterday and sent a COMPLAINT by e-mail today.
[ Thursday 29 January ] - Tomorrow I resume my Speaker's Corner Presentations in
Guildhall Portsmouth at 13:00 hrs.
Among topics and questions are:
1. Controversy about PARTIES for GIRLS org. by Princess Margareth (British Royal Family) in a remote Fort in Gosport.
What about the record of Adults and Children involved ?
2. Who is "Mrs. Williams" in Canada ? ... I don't like those telephone calls.  Calabar history.
3. Irina and Irina? ...
4. Polish pilots in WW2 ?
5. My trip to Nijmegen and Paris with Leonid Timoshouk.
6. Writing a letter to my ex-husband ? I do not recognize him !
[ Monday 2 February 2015 ] - I shall have an additional Speaker's Corner Presentation this afternoon in Giuldhall, Portsmouth - between 3 and 4 pm.
[ Wed. 4 February 2015 ] - HELRIC FREDOU, a French Police Commisioner,
" was in the middle of completing a report with the victim's family, when he shot himself in the head in his office." - from the report by Tina Nguyen on January 12, 2015, -
Another YAKOVLEV ! Anatoli  A. Yakovlev (real name Anatoliy Antonovich Yatskov) (31 May 1913 - March 1993 ) - leader of the Soviet Spy Network under a cover of a diplomat, in New York City in the 1940s. Links to industrial and military spies, scientific and technical intelligence, CPUSA (Communist Party of the United States).
Anatoli Yatskov (alias Yakovlev) supervised Feklisov (Aleksandr Semyonovich), who recruited Julius Rosenberg and Klaus Fuchs, among others.
FBI file on Anatoli Yakovlev online was impossible to print yesterday in Fareham, and contained
a great number of reductions, whole paragraphs and pages. There was a mention of Georgian looking individual there.
PIE - pedophile information exchange, British diplomat in Canada, etc. Someone escaped to Holland ? Peter Hayman .... Straw-man ? ... Numerous Russian and Ukranian emigre community in Canada. I attended Solar Energy Congress in Montreal in ...1982 (?).
KGB=MOSSAD post of mine, which was spectacularly crashed in Portsmouth Central Library, was reposted by me several times.
Some good information on
Canada, Canada ...

One Russian woman in Holland said/heard that local government officials in Canada happily take bribes, so housing is not a problem.

Canadian women (also Russian/Ukranian ?) feature in local history (WW2, Haslar Hospital).

Dr. Izmailova (Galina Edwardovna) visited me in Holland. She also visited (ex-Soviet?) emigrants in Canada. Dr. Izmailova works or worked in Space Medicine Institute in Moscow. I got the impression that her husband was KGB. Her photo is on my website (another one, I think).

One exponat on Solar Energy Congress was surprisingly non-technical: a book about some ....
Solar Cult (?) named Beloe Bratstvo (White Brotherhood) with links to Albania/Bulgaria if I am not mistaken.

MY LETTERS ("registered") and E-mails to RUSSIAN ambassador (Yakovenko) and ISRAELI (Taub) did not get a reply.

It was what I call "a freakout".

I wanted a reassurance about IDENTITIES and BACKGROUND of ELAINE and DAVID COHN in Yorkshire.

I expressed my concern about the SAFETY and WELLBEING of my daughter and her child/children.


[ Thurs. 5 Feb. 2015 ] - Found on conservapedia:
Jacob Epstein (spy) - also Jake Bermanen, born 1903 in BROOKLYN of Russian parents.
Israel Epstein - Chinese citizen (1915-2005), etc.
Jerry (or Jerrie?) Epstein is mentioned in my 'update' of the post "Mafia International" on my
other website:
[ Fri. 6 Feb. 2015 ] - We had a Physics (Solid State) lecturer GORSKAYA. She looked somewhat like the dame in Channel Islands (Model Occupation book about German occupation of Channel Islands in ww2). Also linked (?) names Hathaway and Ikonnikova - as I spoke today in Portsmouth.
[ Mon. 9 Feb. 2015] - To what extent the KGB=MOSSAD formula is true for British and German security services ? Karl Marx, Rosa Luxembourg, Wolf (Stazi), etc. Beitar was part of British Army, Kay Griggs says/heard that MI5 and MI6 represent 5-point star (Communist=Satanic) and MI6 star of David.
- One reason Cabal Spies ( mossad=kgb and their recruits) have such 'satanic' obsession with AVIATION (technology and people) is, perhaps .... its proximity to SPACE technology and weapons.