Monday, 20 April 2009

( nr 211 ) Above is the scan of a leaflet I made and distributed - paper and electronically in the year of 2006.
1997/8 talk by Jon Rappoport " The CIA, Mind Control & Children" :
Did I write somewhere recently that the evil I see is "75 to 98% female" ? What comes from the 'male' side is of a secondary nature and would not have been allowed to continue or get out of control without their direct and indirect lead.
Pity we don't have as much expose about other agencies: MI6, KGB, etc.
CIA stands for the cabal international, becomes a scapegoat of sorts.
America does have European roots.

Friday, 17 April 2009

( nr 210 ) I have updated (1-11) the SUMMARY about Pension Credit "saga" on my special case website -

See the Dutch NRC paper headline (scan above) - The British Do Not Want Banking Oversight (ref. Larouche Report).


The remaining scans above continue KEY WORDS in recent posts: Peter Viggers is Gosport MP since 1974, his wife is a Medical Doctor, Joint Medical+ Blockhouse in Gosport was visited by Commodore-in-Chief of Royal Naval Medical Services (The Dutchess of Cornwall), 2006: Radical Education Methods (24/7 + Ability Not Age) Innovative Headteacher invited to China, The Red cover of a Dutch Book about Russian Culture "Russian Wisdom" and the history of the Scotland Yard name is on


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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

( nr 209) Please see a scan of PIE Logo I posted as PS on yesterday's post nr 208 - after the image was removed from Wiki page last Sunday.

Above is a scan with a portrait of Arthur James BALFOUR (1848-1930),
British PM in 1902-1905, "Conservative", signed Atlantic Treaty with France in 1904, Foreign Minister in 1916-1919.
Famous for his ISRAEL project in Palestine in 1917.
From the text above: ...his 'secret service' papers for the period were partially released ... in 2001 ... the rest still remain closed after a century and a quarter.
In Russian SED (enc. 1986) the entry on 26 Baku Commissars misses Mikoyan (!).
From a search a few days ago :
Communist Party of Israel - Black Panthers (Israeli) - Angela Davies visit.
I noticed what looked like a Black Panther image on a white/green/red banner of Dudaev in Chechnia (doc. film about Budennovsk).
Black Panther was, indeed a popular notion in sixties/seventies.
Back to the PIE entry on Wkipedia: -
" 1984 - extinction" is a gross overstatement! 22 years later a Model European Country Holland registered a POLITICAL PARTY of PAEDOPHILES.
That year in 2006 I had made an A5 leaflet "Why is Media Silent?"on this issue ( about 120 copies ) which I distributed mostly in Gosport plus some sent by e-mail. I think I have the scan of the leaflet posted on this site already (shall check).

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

( nr 208 ) The scans of three newspaper articles above.
I did not know about the FORT BLOCKHOUSE where JOINT MEDICAL etc. is based (see the small article). Must be an 'affiliate' of SHAPE in the Hague.
From the last post: I could not find any trace of Steven Adrian Smith, chair PIE 1979-1985, who fled to HOLLAND before the trial. Did he change his name?
And what a logo they've got! Did female PIE members keep a low profile?
PS [16:08] - I was surprised to see the PIE logo removed from the wikipedia entry!
So, I scanned my printout - the 4th scan above.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

( nr 207) Wonderful EASTER ENERGY! ...
And so, you find 1975 in the beginning of "About Me" on this page with a few photos from that era on another blogsite of mine. "1975" topic on Expatica Forum ... hidden? Today exactly a month before MAY 11. I had another Expatica topic "Read before May 11 ..." started in 2006, the year PNVD - a party of Paedophiles (!!!) registered in Holland, a European Union country ... .

Scottish Minorities Group accomodated PIE - Paedophile
Information Exchange in October 1974. Relocated to London in 1975.
" ... it emerged that there had been a cover-up: Mr "Henderson" had worked for MI6 and had been a high commisioner in Canada."

Moscow mid-seventies .... The current MI6 head Mr. John Scarlett was there.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

( nr 206) Expatica forum topic "1975" may be lost in archives, but the seventies generation is alive and kicking.

Netherlands Ambassador His Excellency Mr. P.W. Waldeck : " In 1975 he began his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working in Moscow ...." -

The Pension Credit problematics to be found on my temporary website:

Easter 2009 coming!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

( nr 205 ) Scotland cont. The scan above indicates Scottish and Latvian connections for the writers of another bestseller " The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries" - William Dick and Henry Gris (1980, 1979, 1978).

As for "The Russians" by Hedrick Smith (Pulitzer Prize-winner), the book should be added to the two books ( only) in "Books mentioning Goldfarb" on the Wikipedia entry:

Dr.A.Goldfarb has not been heard much from/about since the Litvinenko case.


Another DELPHI TECHNIQUE experience today in the Gosport CAB office.

Had sent them an e-mail this afternoon for record purposes.

Princess Anne is The Patron.



Friday, 3 April 2009

( nr 204 ) Scott - Scotland - Scottish ... As I read article about G20 protests yesterday mentioning Royal Bank of Scotland and Sir Fred Goodwin, I thought that the Scottish Connection is yet to be highlighted.
The first Britons I met in UK were Scottish: Annette Wild/Adefuye and a nice old gentleman from Glasgow Donald (?) Fife. Annette was my very good friend as well as Elspeth Hunponu-Wusu, also Scottish. I hope they are both doing well, wherever they are. Olga Patta had her children educated, brought up in Scotland. My student summer work in Moscow, which was an opportunity to practice English was with an Intourist and at a MASHINOSTROENIE industrial exhibition in Moscow VDNH. If I am not mistaken, I worked for the firm from Scotland. Hedrick Smith (Pulitzer Prize-winner) it turns out, was born in Scotland. Was his wife also Scottish-born?
Anglo-Americans, Irish-Americans, SCOTTISH -AMERICANS include Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson, Theodor Roosevelt and Barack Obama.
I was rather .... shocked(?) to read the biography of ANDREW CARNEGIE, another Scottish American. Poor boy made rich?...
And the president of Carnegie Foundation (est. in 1911) had an Armenian name - Vartan Gregorian.
Doctors' Plot material: I read (released under Freedom of Information ) the pdf document (no url by hand) CAESAR (report by CIA) dated 14 July 1953 and Pravda Article on . Then I clicked on Mikhail Ryumin and there was a reference to someone developing a HERNIA as a result of brutal beatings and torture.
With crime and violence, torture, rape and sadistic methods (L.P.Beria and Co) of turning a human being into an obedient robot/slave, I wondered how it will be described in medical texts. I did not find this on
What else is missing in public space that we should know about ?
Sport injuries and war injuries and traumas also deserve more space.
PSYCHOLOGY ! The Soviet ideological lingo defined INTELLIGENTSIA in rather humiliating terms as prosloika, i.e. interface, layer between the two major classes - workers and farmers. I discovered the real amazing history of it which may be very significant.
According to G.A.Miller ("Psychology"), Russia had two social classes: the gentry/aristocracy and peasantry (90%). The clergy served the peasantry and were closer to them. "During the 19th century, however, a third, intermediate class, the intelligentsia, began to emerge from the educational system fostered by Alexander I. It consisted of members of the aristocracy who had fallen upon hard times and members of the peasantry whose talent and energy had lifted them above their class into an intellectual life centred around the universities. The intelligentia was a uniquely Russian institution, a social class united solely by bonds of education and moral passion." I.P.Pavlov was a son of a priest, whose father was a peasant.
RACISM is a product of the cabal's manipulation and satanic engineering.
I was once again confronted with the evidence of this when I tried to find original material on "Nazi" ideology on
It smacks of tavistok+. A blueprint for failure.
I shall post more photos later today (if scanner is available) on
No date for my next post - I shall update my websites more or less regularly.
PS [16:28] I have just posted some photos. The wedding picture where we are coming down the staircase had appeared in RED CROSS magazine.
Should look for Salt & Air (or Aire?) - ref. Elaine Cohn.
1970s ... I heard about "Scottish nannies" - in a negative sense. By the way, some words have an unfortunate meaning in other languages, such as SLAV - slave, Dutch "Good Morning" is a swearing in Russian and SCOT in Russian is brute/beast.
On Monday a message on my mobile tel. was actually a 5 min. conversation (in a car?) between my daughter and Raphael on their way to Yorkshire. Was the tel. switched on accidentally or from a distance ? Not a good sound quality.
What I wrote about Tavistok+ earlier in this post actually reminds me of a dismay at "sham Brian Gerrish" performance. As if there is a footprint or style/formula for a deception. It also echoes sham patriots in Russia, such as Mr.Zhirinovsky. By the way, Mr.Zhirinovsky was in charge of a volunteer force sent to Yougoslavia. His bodygard had those 'clear' eyes. Very good looking.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

( nr 203) My daughter is now in YORKSHIRE - Bradley/Skipton.
As I scan and post on my , I realize that I may have to number and repost, as it gets bigger.
Some topics, started on Expatica, such as about 1975+/- and Lenin,Stalin, etc. do not go away. I may try and consolidate the info, as so much belongs to one 'basket'.
Reading "The Russians" by Hedrick Smith.
Well, I may have to explain this later, but much of THE CHAOS and menace of nwo is actually very carefully structered and programmed. Example: a website gets uglier and has less and less information. The info is NEVER lost, but is hidden away, becomes invisible. A huge generic form is meddled with by ... lets say, a psychopath and it becomes 'ugly', changes for the worse, incrementally. Much or very little info can be thought of as a harmonica, open or closed. Only those who know the url, or accidentally stumble on a page, discover that nothing is lost, but stashed away. It was discovered by someone on Expatica. Something similar (but not quite!) happens with paper bureacrazy. The worst part is that they automate nonsense and destroy feedback. Everything becoming big, centralised and stupid. And that is what made the Soviet System crumble.
PS [12:25] It looks like Internet Search on OLEG RAKITO gives very little information, excluding what I wrote, for example. My profile counter also malfunctions (?).
Next post next Wednesday, 8 April.