Friday, 3 April 2009

( nr 204 ) Scott - Scotland - Scottish ... As I read article about G20 protests yesterday mentioning Royal Bank of Scotland and Sir Fred Goodwin, I thought that the Scottish Connection is yet to be highlighted.
The first Britons I met in UK were Scottish: Annette Wild/Adefuye and a nice old gentleman from Glasgow Donald (?) Fife. Annette was my very good friend as well as Elspeth Hunponu-Wusu, also Scottish. I hope they are both doing well, wherever they are. Olga Patta had her children educated, brought up in Scotland. My student summer work in Moscow, which was an opportunity to practice English was with an Intourist and at a MASHINOSTROENIE industrial exhibition in Moscow VDNH. If I am not mistaken, I worked for the firm from Scotland. Hedrick Smith (Pulitzer Prize-winner) it turns out, was born in Scotland. Was his wife also Scottish-born?
Anglo-Americans, Irish-Americans, SCOTTISH -AMERICANS include Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson, Theodor Roosevelt and Barack Obama.
I was rather .... shocked(?) to read the biography of ANDREW CARNEGIE, another Scottish American. Poor boy made rich?...
And the president of Carnegie Foundation (est. in 1911) had an Armenian name - Vartan Gregorian.
Doctors' Plot material: I read (released under Freedom of Information ) the pdf document (no url by hand) CAESAR (report by CIA) dated 14 July 1953 and Pravda Article on . Then I clicked on Mikhail Ryumin and there was a reference to someone developing a HERNIA as a result of brutal beatings and torture.
With crime and violence, torture, rape and sadistic methods (L.P.Beria and Co) of turning a human being into an obedient robot/slave, I wondered how it will be described in medical texts. I did not find this on
What else is missing in public space that we should know about ?
Sport injuries and war injuries and traumas also deserve more space.
PSYCHOLOGY ! The Soviet ideological lingo defined INTELLIGENTSIA in rather humiliating terms as prosloika, i.e. interface, layer between the two major classes - workers and farmers. I discovered the real amazing history of it which may be very significant.
According to G.A.Miller ("Psychology"), Russia had two social classes: the gentry/aristocracy and peasantry (90%). The clergy served the peasantry and were closer to them. "During the 19th century, however, a third, intermediate class, the intelligentsia, began to emerge from the educational system fostered by Alexander I. It consisted of members of the aristocracy who had fallen upon hard times and members of the peasantry whose talent and energy had lifted them above their class into an intellectual life centred around the universities. The intelligentia was a uniquely Russian institution, a social class united solely by bonds of education and moral passion." I.P.Pavlov was a son of a priest, whose father was a peasant.
RACISM is a product of the cabal's manipulation and satanic engineering.
I was once again confronted with the evidence of this when I tried to find original material on "Nazi" ideology on
It smacks of tavistok+. A blueprint for failure.
I shall post more photos later today (if scanner is available) on
No date for my next post - I shall update my websites more or less regularly.
PS [16:28] I have just posted some photos. The wedding picture where we are coming down the staircase had appeared in RED CROSS magazine.
Should look for Salt & Air (or Aire?) - ref. Elaine Cohn.
1970s ... I heard about "Scottish nannies" - in a negative sense. By the way, some words have an unfortunate meaning in other languages, such as SLAV - slave, Dutch "Good Morning" is a swearing in Russian and SCOT in Russian is brute/beast.
On Monday a message on my mobile tel. was actually a 5 min. conversation (in a car?) between my daughter and Raphael on their way to Yorkshire. Was the tel. switched on accidentally or from a distance ? Not a good sound quality.
What I wrote about Tavistok+ earlier in this post actually reminds me of a dismay at "sham Brian Gerrish" performance. As if there is a footprint or style/formula for a deception. It also echoes sham patriots in Russia, such as Mr.Zhirinovsky. By the way, Mr.Zhirinovsky was in charge of a volunteer force sent to Yougoslavia. His bodygard had those 'clear' eyes. Very good looking.

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