Wednesday, 29 October 2008

( nr 180 ) The 3 scans above are:
1. A somewhat better map of Gosport Center (than on Google), but still disappointing. By the way, there is an Indian Connection to Gosport history: buildings facing Crown Mews (which are on the wrong side of Ordnance Rd.) were built mistakingly to tropical design, meant for some place in India. Mumby Road: Mumby short for Mombasa. And there is a Turkish Cemetery within a (Naval ?) Cemetery in Gosport.
2. Another page from the same (see yesterday's post) "Mafia" book: Meyer Lansky and family in Havana in 1937. Is his original name Suhowlianski? Suhov-Lansky. PS. I haven't seen that book in the Crime section of the Library since I quoted from it first about 2 yrs.ago.
3. To cont. from the previous posts ( here and Expatica) about the Conference in the Hague:
" Gen. Johnson" does not exist, and Change of address letter ( 4 Woolston Court, Broadsands Drive, Gosport at the time) to Adam and Katrina Noble returned with silly labels covering the FCO address in London, which can be seen through the paper. The last (Christmass) card from them was from India.
NLP, NVP - both language and images can be manipulative and offensive. There is a certain trend that I see from following examples:
1. From one extreme/inconvenience to another:
a). A standard webpage design with content in the center (which is good) but with annoying perimeter of banners and flashes. A resultant 'training' of periferal vision to 'switch off' ?
b). A shocking and annoying new web design(s) with broken/non-existent center and content floating in chunks. Also London Olympic Logo.
2. Recurrent absurd (or obsene/sinister) details and elements, from absurd to symbolic, appearing in different contexts. Obsenities are glaring and of a global cabal design, but a sort of an abstract, accidental, without a meaning (?) element may be found in the 'thin' white triangles - in the Olympic Logo (the gaps) and a loose piece of a lapel/shirt in the Oxford Bullingdon Club photo with Nat. Rothschild, George Osbourne A sort of a subliminal insert, but in space, rather than in time.
And all of the above is the conditioning for chaos and disorder. Our common sense and higher reasoning rendered useless. Talk of psychic injury or neurological damage.
It seems my outdated photo cannot be simply removed, which I tried to do. I need to find another photo or some graphics to replace it.
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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

( nr 179 ) The 4 scans above (the order tends to be wrong, whichever way I do it ...) are:
1. the Dutch song corresponding to 'TOGETHER' or as a family/commune/we the people/age does not matter/ together we march on/ we shall save the planet, etc. An austerics marks the 'Kako Ti Je Sada' (I do not have the translation from Croatian).
2. The second from right musician [Giddy Music by Gen.Phot.Agency Hulton Archive/Getty Images] looks like Frank Sinatra to me. One of the popular stories I have heard long ago is about Polish construction workers being the best in the world when it comes to heights and extremely high temperatures.
3 Two pages from the TIMES series "MAFIA" book about the French luxery liner Normandie catching the fire on 11.2.1942, admirals 'rising to the bait' and Sicilian Mafia assisting Allied troops.
The WORLD WAR TWO still is a Huge Mystery.
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Monday, 27 October 2008

( nr 178 ) Must Read: "The worst child abuse perpetrator in Britain is the Government" by Gerald Warner and "Catholic bishops back sex education for primary school children" by Damian Thompson (both articles on Oct.23) on

The woman (!) behind this horror is the first (2001) Minister for Children Margaret Hodge, nee Oppenheimer, born in Cairo:
"Mandelson oligarch linked to mafia boss" by Steven Swinford and Jon Ungoed-Thomas in The Sunday Times, 26 Oct.2008.
Just how did a small boy Oleg Deripaska find himself on a steep international orbit? Any 'kingmakers' out there?
I just discovered that gives a rather inaccurate picture of Gosport Center, where so much of "s-theater" aka scum training takes place.

I decided to list two erratic driving incidents that took place on Clarence Road:
the second last Wednesday 22 October around 2 pm and the first, I think around noon on a Sunday in April this year.
Just unpleasant and stupid, clearly deliberate attempts to unnerve me, may be (I don't like an expression 'nearly run down') or their half-witted design to make me feel intimidated and threatened. Part of their SCUM TRAINING, the trainers foolishy exposing themselves and their
complexes and profiles, as well as the psycho-physical types of their trainees.

NB: I suspect, that such instances are used behind my back to perhaps influence/convince some people and suggest or make them feel that I 'need protection/help' - by the same so-called security agencies, who organise and run this s-theater ( Kay Griggs says the Military / MI/Intelligence is The Mob).

[corrected 28 Oct.] Don't they suggest that they can 'help/assist' and if you turn them down, they go and organise/make sure, that problems and unpleasantries do occur and they foollishly think that you'll go to them for PROTECTION, like some shop-owner after arson. Protection in Russia is krysha, i.e. roof/cover.
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Monday, 20 October 2008

( nr 177 ) cont. from the last post: eight scans of the open letter - a memoir and a cv from Dr. George Rouschias. Sorry for the surprising sequence ( upwards ) : 2-1-7-6-5-4-3-8.
Read about ....
Experimental Production of Neuroses (!) and more in the 1961 article about 1959 visit of Prof. Joseph Wortis, MD and his wife to the USSR in the so-called cold war period.
I have heard about 2 yrs. ago on the radio an audio 'clip' from the McCartney hearings. It sounded so flat and unreal.
Could it have been staged/pre-emptied?
The pdf file (38 pages) of the British Journal of Psychiatry is "A PSYCHIATRIC STUDY TOUR OF THE U.S.S.R." by Joseph Wortis, M.D. Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, New York State University, Downstate Medical Centre, Brooklin, N.Y.
Talk of "production of neurose" or neurological damage so scientifically designed in the immoral, ugly and unpleasant in our environment.
NVP (neuro-visual programming) in the Broken Britain Olympic Logo.
New pedestrian traffic signs ( see Crossways/Forton Road in Gosport), where people do not see green or red during their crossing, sure will help to 'produce neurosis' in such a pure laboratory manner.
With so much talk and mention of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, so little is said about how the TRAUMA comes about, where malice, bullying, harassment, obuse, torment,humiliation and torture (physical and psychological) are paramount.
There is a science and technology to it all: old evil enhanced by hightech.
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PS [11:30] Any difficulty with the downloading of the pdf file?...
I have the printout. We'll see.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

( nr 176 ) The scan above is part of an open letter I received in Holland year (about) 2000. Tens of thousands of 3 editions of letter plus attachments were sent by Dr. George Rouschias of Southampton, the one I have is dated February 1981. He writes about the harassment, an attempt on his life, allegations of him being mentally ill, that he was apparently unemployed (CV attached dated 1988) and that he had received only 2 unsatisfactory offers from abroad at the time.
One quote: "A Southampton professor of statistics, M.H. Quenouille, was apparently the victim of a very similar policy and is said to have committed suiside on 12 December 1973."
Where is Dr.George Rouschias now?
40 core values - ?! Having quoted from 3 Oct. Daily Mail article by Richard Pendlebury "Arrogance, lies and the downfall of a very PC police chief", I looked for the "40 values" copy of the TOGETHER "diversity" scheme document, saw it briefly, lost it and am still looking for it.
I came across smth. else - TRIZ 40 'principles' derived from Genrich Altshuller's work in Baku, Soviet Azerbijdjan in 1940s.
As for TOGETHER, the theme has been 'peddled' to the unsuspecting humanity for some time.
an interesting video of a 12-year old at the Earth Summit Rio in 1992:
Union-Unity-Together- Common Purpose/cause-....
I decided to check what sort of song is behind SAMEN GAAN WE VERDER Dutch song (Corry Konings) as 'Kako ti je sada' is indicated on the CD. Still don't know what it means, but found the (croatian?) song on a lesbian website.
The lesbian and rather conspiratory middle class poetry society 'Daughters of Bilitis' started in 1955 (ref. in USA.
What does Tbilisi mean?
Bilitis is an anagram of Tbilisi.
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Monday, 13 October 2008

( nr 175 ) Buro Jansen & Janssen in Amsterdam investigate, over decades, the bad behaviour of the Dutch Security Services as far as recruitment of refugees, asylum seekers (and others) is concerned. The scans of 3 newspaper articles are without date (1990?).


The documentary about Hanna Vasilyevna Mikhailenko - "Dame met het witte hoedje" (1997) is mentioned on the website of the forthcoming doc. film fesival in Amsterdam - , but the link to watch documentaries online does not work. Apparently, I have a recording of the end of the film only.


SMELLS (and odours) are experimented with, including simulations.

Ref: a strange story about a film star's young child having problem with his feet.


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Friday, 10 October 2008

( nr 174 ) Only yesterday found out about Bishop Diomid of Chukotka in Russia, who was recently excommunicated by Moscow Patriarchate. His published an open letter on the web on 22 Feb. 2007, but I could not find any trace of it, in English or Russian.
What are Oleg Gordievski's roots? Is his wife Leila from Baku, Azerbijdjan ?
Watched his Hard Talk interview by Tim Sebastian the other day. I could not believe one word of his story.

The photo of Neal Kashkari on The Truthseeker has reminded me of my own 'allegory' of .... people from a wide perimeter around the Black Sea, Georgia, Chicago...
By the way, there was a description of Mr. Boris Berezovski as Southerner - youzhny chelovek.
There was also a speculation about Andropov's Greek roots.
Greece, Turkey ...
By the way, Gosport has or had a nickname Turk Town.
Watched a Dutch documentary (1998/9) about a middle-aged Ukranian lady Hanna Mikhailenko, who was imprisoned 1980-1988 and tortured (!) by KGB for refusing to become an infiltrator. She spoke in Ukranian and there were Dutch subtitles. Shall watch it again.
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Thursday, 9 October 2008

( nr 173 ) "The Queen Mother was especially well known for liking her staff to be homosexual" - from the scan above.


Interesting ... The 'last modified' notices on wikipedia for Cressida Dick - 7 Oct.2008 at 15:54 and for Naomi Wolf - 8 Oct.2008 04:03. In printed literature one can trace what is missing and what has changed from edition to edition, with editorial board named fully.
Deeper Malaise. "Mr Gay UK ..." article by Nick Britten -
What are the details of the arrest of Dr.F.Toben ?
To continue my quote ( from yesterday) about Sir Ian Blair: " ... diversity scheme Together ... had 40 core values. 'Not one of them mentions catching criminals', complained one officer."
The Home Secretary, Miss Smith, got very upset on hearing about Sir Ian's resignation .
Another link to Gay sex for children scandal highlighted in the Daily Mail:
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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

( nr 172 ) My PS note in the post yesterday about Toben/Tobin is still lingering: now we know from the second article on The Truthseeker that Dr. Toben was arrested in the airplane in Heathrow, but the time is still not mentioned.

I bought 3 newspapers that day (Fri.3 Oct.) to read about the sudden resignation of the London Met.Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, who "became partly a political figure".

Daily Mail: "In March 2006, barely one year into Blair's reign, the Met's Police Federation chairman was calling for him to step down as he had lost the faith of the rank and file.

Meanwhile, Blair's flagship £2.5 million diversity scheme "Together" was under way."

"Together" echoes IV - Iduschie Vmeste. Must be some NWO concept or ideology.


The top Police woman in Britain (a lesbian, who was the head of the Diversity Directorate untill 2003) is currently giving (or has given) answers to questions about 22 July, 2005 tragedy (re: Jean Charles de Menezes) in her role of 'Gold Commander' in the control room during that operation. She is also one of the "Elders" - .

From memory of the radio news coverage, her answers included .... anti-terrorist operations being extreemly risky and ... the safety of innocent people (in the process) cannot be guaranteed to a perfect extent.


I have written before (here or on Expatica) about the conference in the Hague in 2002 just before my move to UK.
Looking at the Programme again and considering what followed (I was told: they are playing games, etc.) I wonder if such noble aims as stated in that document had meaning or significance, which was not obvious at the time. See the word buiten underlined on top of the second page. Could the concept(s) of outside formal or official framework be related to the 'acting beyond authority' in Common Purpose, as pointed out by Brian Gerrish. Charities like Soc. for prevention of cruelty to animals in UK are doing just that, judging from the recent radio File on 4 report. As for the De Burght Conference 2002, they should have listed the names of the interpreters, I think.
This morning on the radio: teachers should or would from now on be on the lookout for terrorist mind set among the schoolchildren and report their concerns to a teacher, specially appointed for that purpose.
Meanwhile women (!) who should not be near children, carry out sex education researches and projects unabashed (see my post and link to the Daily Mail article a couple of days ago).
I have seen Dr.Elizabeth Atkinson's post on the lesbian website ( I have searched for any info on her researches), where she comments on the Daily Mail article. No sight of her response outside that circle.
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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

( nr 171 ) The 3 scans of the original Daily Mail article and what they did to it digitally the same day ... . I actually had a closer look at it (the paper) when I noticed an over-emotional post from Mike James (???) on the, where I do find interesting info, but which I also check regularly for enemy tactics and for what they do not write about.
Another essential detail: the so-called update, which is a misnomer and a crude trick, hiding either a censorship by someone or a foxy trick to erase own inconsistencies and slips, e.g. Henry Makow, who started posting "updates" of his own articles.
PS. [15:29] It's TOBIN vs TOBEN which caught my attention in the first place. There are now 2 articles about Dr. Fredrick Toben on The
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Monday, 6 October 2008

( nr 170 ) Tomorrow is the United Nations birthday, formed on 7.10.1942 in New York City - see the website.
Last Thursday morning I had an interesting 'chat' with the Save The Children fundraiser on the Gosport High Street (near the Police Station). I hope all the recordings 'for training purposes' worked well that day.
It happens more often it seems, that the paper version and the digital archive versions of British newspapers vary. Can't find the "Bikers mob court for Hell's Angel gun murder trial" article by Andy Dolan with three photographs (Daily Mail, Friday Oct.3, 2008).
It's about the Outlaws biker gang and the murder of Gerry Tobin.
People testing positive for synthetic hair, breathing NANO-DUST, containing HEXAGONAL chips/crystals. Interesting photos and videos on the international website
The link is on
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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

( nr 169 ) The scan above of the article in the Dutch Journal 'Central and East Europe' June 1999, about Pavel Stanek and his grandmother.
" Children as young as five should be taught about gay sex ...." -
the link to the article in Daily Mail:
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