Monday, 20 October 2008

( nr 177 ) cont. from the last post: eight scans of the open letter - a memoir and a cv from Dr. George Rouschias. Sorry for the surprising sequence ( upwards ) : 2-1-7-6-5-4-3-8.
Read about ....
Experimental Production of Neuroses (!) and more in the 1961 article about 1959 visit of Prof. Joseph Wortis, MD and his wife to the USSR in the so-called cold war period.
I have heard about 2 yrs. ago on the radio an audio 'clip' from the McCartney hearings. It sounded so flat and unreal.
Could it have been staged/pre-emptied?
The pdf file (38 pages) of the British Journal of Psychiatry is "A PSYCHIATRIC STUDY TOUR OF THE U.S.S.R." by Joseph Wortis, M.D. Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, New York State University, Downstate Medical Centre, Brooklin, N.Y.
Talk of "production of neurose" or neurological damage so scientifically designed in the immoral, ugly and unpleasant in our environment.
NVP (neuro-visual programming) in the Broken Britain Olympic Logo.
New pedestrian traffic signs ( see Crossways/Forton Road in Gosport), where people do not see green or red during their crossing, sure will help to 'produce neurosis' in such a pure laboratory manner.
With so much talk and mention of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, so little is said about how the TRAUMA comes about, where malice, bullying, harassment, obuse, torment,humiliation and torture (physical and psychological) are paramount.
There is a science and technology to it all: old evil enhanced by hightech.
Wrong parking: Y-122-YBK on Sat. 18 Oct.
Next post next Monday, 27 October.
PS [11:30] Any difficulty with the downloading of the pdf file?...
I have the printout. We'll see.

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