Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Boy six, in a van with man.

( nr 327 ) Yesterday's newspaper "The News" (its online version is: ) had an article by Ben Fishwick "Schools warned after Gosport dad finds missing son, six, in a van with man". Had great difficulty printing it today in Fareham library. The father called police (Sat. 27 Sept.), who arrested a 49-year-old man "on suspicion of detaining a child so as to keep him from a person having lawful control". The man has been bailed and is due to report back to police on December 5.
In my Junk box of hotmail I found e-mails, which were harmless, as it turned out (addressed to me).
So, why was an e-mail not blocked, which is addressed To: ......(void) coming from Gerhard Harms
 gerhard.harms (at) sent 06 oct. 2014 09:29:18 ,
" I have a Project of 5.2M For You For details Contact me ONLY On: mmit234 (at) "
[ Thurs. 9 oct. 2014 ] - I have added some info to my Profile on this website.
Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton era : Gore-Chernomyrdin Deal and Penn State Pedophilia Scandal could have some links. The wife of Adamov registered company in Pennsylvania to launder the money. In my post ( nr 300) of 1 December 2011 you will find the video and articles from
District Judge Leslie Dutchcot taken off the case. Baroness Scotland declining to consider tougher sentences in Baby P. case : my post ( nr 218 ) of 17 June 2009.
British Depleted Uranium and Torture Camp in Poland - in my post ( nr 162 ) of 8 September 2008.
A woman named Lebedeva represented Russia on Bilderberger conference:  in my post ( nr 268 ) of 15 July 2010.
[ Monday 13 october, 2014 ] - I spoke about Bill Cosby last Friday. Are 'fake death' announcements online a form of threat to the old man ? Who sent them ? What about timing? I noted very short entries in Russian and Ukranian for Bill Cosby on Wikipedia. The longest entry is in English, but the 'friend' Bill Cosby's only son Ennis Cosby was going to visit the night he was murdered, is not named ( ...telephoned his friend ... his friend ... her ... her ...her ... she ...she...). The names galore:
Mikhail Markhasev, Ukranian immigrant (name not obviously Ukranian), Stephany Crane (49) - "struggling screenwriter who twice married the same rich elderly eccentric", Deputy District Attorney Ms Anne Ingalls, Markhasev's friend Eli Zakaria with his friend Sarah Peters, inmate David Gomez, etc.
I have resigned from the Committee of Physics Society of Portsmouth University last May. Still a member.
RODINA - ORDINA - Russkiy Dom - Home Rus Flat:
I remember seeing Emporium or Emporis on the site(s) of Russian Tea Rooms in Skipton, next to the Italian restaurant.
Rodina Property Lettings Ltd. -
HOMERUSFLAT in Heerlen, Holland, unsafe:
MARGO KAPLAN  "Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime" article Oct. 5 , 2014, New York Times.
[Thurs. 16 October, 2014] - I remember one Israeli woman Kaplan as active author published in the Journal of Clarity International Society (Law and Language), of which I was a member for a couple of years. Do not remember her first name. Name Kaplan stood out, as it was a young woman Kaplan who shot at Lenin. Reportedly, there was some 'schism' between foreign/emigrant Jews and the local/native Jews of Russian Empire (from RuNet and post-Soviet literature).
On another occasion, Israeli Jewish scientist presenting his paper at SIETAR conference, said: " Our brains are wired differently! ". I remember supporting one Norwegian member of SIETAR proposing stronger scientific/anthropological research, but to no avail. (SIETAR - int. soc. for study of culture in educ. and research - French acronym ?).
Reading two books:
1. Torture Taxi ( 2006, 2007) by A.C. Thomson and Trevor Paglen. Wikipedia entry on Trevor Paglen in German strangely omits this work ( unlike the English entry) and/but refers to him as Linken (Left). Strange.
Opposite Asda in Gosport there is a strange building TLM - accountants and auditors (?!) grim, behind a barbed wire. I remember constant job adverts in Gosport Job Center from TML. My letters were never acknowledged or replied to. Plus some theatrics.
2. Puppet on a Chain (1969) by Alistair MacLean . On the cover there is a girl/young woman in a national Dutch dress, hung/hanging on a chain. Online the DVD of this book has a different picture.
Around 2006 (?) arrival of POLISH bus drivers was announced in Gosport newspaper. Around the same time under 'Diversity and Equality' propaganda, child-abusive and pro-homosexual theatrics
 ( S-theater as I called it) would take place, often on a bus. I remember it was local older women and young (American or Canadian) women. Also male prisoners in different roles.
About a year ago, in Victoria bus station, a woman (Romanian?) with a boy of about 2 years old in her arms, seeing the child eating a sweet, thanked smb. (she did not even look who it was behind her back) for giving her child a sweet .... .
[ Monday 20 October 2014: CANCELLATION of SPEAKER'S CORNER PRESENTATIONS for  about THREE WEEKS ( family visits). 
[ Tue. 21 October, 2014 ]  - IRA, Ireland ...  Daily Mirror of yesterday headline: British Spies recruited Paedo IRA Chief (by Nick Sommerlad). IRA chief of staff  Joe Cahill was photographed and blackmailed/turned/recruited  in the 1970s. He was never prosecuted, Adams and McGuiness were.
Hmm ... Remember my story/stories about Russian Spectacular (Sodom-theater) in Portsmouth ? The
Masonic Widows rep. said they "did a lot of work with Irish girls". Masonic Widows, Scottish Widows, .... Some work during WW2 ? I had a chat with (forgot his name) the man, who took Portsmouth City Council to court, during Hathaway-Noon trial. I wondered about the two women
who, as he wrote, helped him write his book. Some people blush easily (?), some never blush.
Gosport MP Peter Viggers during his last campain walked on the 'podium' of the St.Mary's Church in Alverstoke without facing his constituents. At the time he fully supported Cheryl Heron (lesbian headmistress of Bridgemary school) with her ideas: age does not matter, 24/7 education, etc. Ofsted supported her too. Peter Viggers story: in the middle of the night (2am?) he had to pick up an
8-year-old boy near police station; the child was stranded, because his parents were arrested.
Misterious Submarine ? Is it Russian, Dutch, smth. else ?
My stories: recent one about a man by the lake, who asked me if I knew Anthony Churchill, who "was doing smth. for Russian sailors in Isle of Wight", earlier story about two Dutch Good Samaritans, in whose appartement in Rijswijk, I heard amateur radio communication with a Russian Sailor. He was a Russian Speaker, not necessarily Russian, just like an English Speaker is not always English.
Jewish Mason Fritz de Ruiter de Wildt, his family, Riga, Baltic Fleet, ....
Robert Mikelsons was born in Riga, Latvia. (From Memory) - his father owns/owned bus touring company, his Dutch 'husband' was a bus or a truck driver, The Hague inter-city buses Connexxions (sp?) company has/had similarly named agency in Southhampton, that was interested in working with valnerable youths/children ? Smb. from Hampshire Police HQ has worked there (to do with diversity and equality).
Zhenia Skoblikov saying: my sotrudnichaem.
And the brave Russian/Estonian woman wistleblower in Delft University, who had said about her (gay) son Ivan Aquino: Ivan budet rabotat s detmi, a potom oni vernutsa k svoim zhonam. Her father was ordered by KGB/military intelligence not to go to the front.
There is a readable scan in my post nr 218 of 17 June, 2009 about Anatoly Golitsyn's story: Lenin/Trotsky against Stalin.
[ Wed. 22 October, 2014 ] - Was Tatiana Tichonova brave and/or brainwashed ? She spoke with devotion about Dutch Working Class. Her earlier phrase in English: Ivan will work with children, and afterwards, they will return to their wives.
Anatoly Golitsyn's books are hard to read. Did he write the book in Russian ? Where is the original text? Was he born in Ukraine? The major difference between Leiba Bronshtein (aka Trotski) and Stalin was their ideas of Family. Stalin's 1936 Constitution banned Sodomy. Trotski also advocated global communism (internationalism). Perhaps his books can/should be decoded and interpreted.
In 1957 there was a Congress of Communist Parties. In November 1960 - Manifesto of 81 Communist Parties. Some issues are either censored or only partially understood/misunderstood by
Golitsyn himself.
Construction Industry : in Lagos I heard about Polish Construction workers being favored for contracts in Arab countries, because thery were .... ' heat resistant '. There was a name of Louis Berger (sp?) mentioned as a major Bridge/Highway builder.
In Gosport, there is a Norwegian Company HARDING just across from St.Matthews Court. I also saw years ago Liberian company in a busness register. Mumby Road is named after Mumbai.
After S-theater in Trinity Church Gosport and the block of flats in St. Matthews Court where I live on Sunday, 6 May 2012, I wrote to Torrington and Parker Ltd - the residential maintanance company. That day was the tenth anniversary of Pim Fortuin's assasination and the Second Jewish Passover plus some Gay/Pink Parades day. Pim Fortuin was a Dutch politicus, Jewish and openly homosexual (incouraged into politics by FPM Ruud Lubbers) who aimed at radically changing relationships between men, women and children.
I was surprised when Mr Torrington (?) pointed his finger at the word 'drugs' in my letter and told me: We can't have this in writing. The owner of flat 26, who said he was an engineer, seemed to have misgivings about my letter as well (I distributed copies). He was in and out of flat 26 on Saturday almost a year ago, when, a washing machine I bought, was delivered but could not be tested, because the PLUMBING suddenly got blocked. Although workers said it could be caused by problems in my neighbours plumbing, nobody seems to have any complaints.
When I checked Torrington and Parker online, I was surprised, for example, that Mr. Torrington had his Nationality marked as Unknown. They were members of RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Their President was scheduled for Public Lecture in University of Portsmouth. I sent some e-mails (Fake Royal Institution ?)  and eventually wrote to Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Graham Galbraith with printouts of my e-mails attached.
On Monday, 9 December 2013, he replied to my letter on official letter-head, without, however any filing/reference number or citing my 'Fake Royal Institution ?'  heading. Quote:

" Dear Ms Anikeeva

Thank you for your letter of 4 December which is noted. I suggest that if you have concerns on the validity and standing of RICS and the authenticity of its website then you should address that directly with RICS.

RICS is an independent organisation set up by Royal Charter and our only interface with the organisation is through its role in validating programmes of study.

Yours sincerely
( signed )
 Graham Galbraith
Vice -Chancellor   "
When "Philip" from flat 24 moved out two months ago, the new tenants refered to him as "Anthony" - typical Gosport, I thought, people lying through their teeth and 'acting' all the time .... Philip played major part that day (S-theater on 6 May 2012) and often refered to Southampton. He however, strangely avoided the issue of illegality (?) of monster recycling bins construction close to St. Matthews (21-32) Court, although it affected him personally.