Friday, 14 August 2015

Jewish Goat Syndrome and IT.

(  nr 342 ) Popular jokes in the Soviet Union were called anekdotes. One was about a poor jew who came to his Rabbi and complained about how overcrowded his small house/room was with all his family members. The Rabbi then instructed the man to take a goat in as an addition to his family. After a couple of weeks the man was back pleading with rabbi to take the goat back. He then thanked his Rabbi and expressed happiness with his (original) living conditions.
Many things psychological are not satisfactorily explained, incl. so-called Stockholm Syndrome.
The victim becomes 'grateful' to the torturer because he/she stops/interrupts the torture (as the author of "The Righteous Men" wrote).
Additional aspects of this Jewish Goat Syndrome methodology are: during the punishment for complaining, the 'prisoner' stops thinking clearly, the torturer or controller has time to carry on with his/her program, and the 'prisoner' likely forgets where he was, what he was about to do, just before the attack - he was wrong-footed and knocked-out. Examples: abduction, unprovoked assault, which may be psychological, and all things going wrong, e. g. traffic jam, delay and cancellation of flights, and generally, things going contrary to expectation. There may be a preventive psychopathic control, where harassment (general and individual), threats and general worsening of services, products and conditions engender despair and apathy, leading to people getting used to abnormal situations.
In one old Soviet film there is an unseen torture (?) of a sailor (Far East?) going on, where smb. says/repeats: A togda Re-Pe-Te ! It must have been the English RPT for Repeat.
There is still a question of how submitting to an abductor, for example, is combined with a new negative attitude to friends and family, or change of loyalties.
Relevant: Psychopolitics by Lavrenty Beria, undeground communist training in America.
In "The Righteous Men" the author makes a full flip or turn: becomes a friend of his torturer and sees his father as a villain  ( note dormant father/mather issues).
Naval wife Kay Griggs mentions 'no father, weak father'. The role of mother also comes in.
I noticed this week that occasional irritation caused by overloaded trollies in a supermarket (ASDA) is a phenomenon similar to traffic congestion, which sometimes inexplicably builds  up or traffic slowing down. Badly designed traffic lights. All destroying routine situations, which should be logical, standard and safe. Example: a pedestrian seeing a green light where he pressed the knob, suddenly has the green light out of his sight ( behind him, 90 degrees to traffic ) as soon as he begins crossing the road. The dark camera in front on the opposite side of the road, which does face the pedestrian, seems diabolical. If the camera is off, or, as someone suggested, is actually a scanner, does not matter. The crossing in question is near Lidle in Gosport, near Samaritans (?) building.
The traffic may be cars or humans.
UBER communications invest billion dollars in INDIA.  
Former Nigerian president Yakubu Gowon has a Nigerian and INDIAN passport.
In his name a dangerous cult is being run here in UK.
[ Tuesday 18 August 2015 ] - Interestingly, Stockholm Syndrome is also called Oslo and Helsinki syndrome. It was on a FINNISH wikipedia entry for Stockholm Syndrome that I noticed words PROSTITUTION and INCEST as factors relevant to BONDING with the ABUSER/CRIMINAL.
[ Wed. 19 August 2015] - Today is 19 August. In 1991 two events happened on 19th August in Moscow - attempted coup against Gorbachev (?) and in America - Fighting between black and Jewish communities in BROOKLYN area of New York - read my post "1991 plus Star Wars." of 9 January 2015:
The author of the book "The Righteous Men" ( mentioned above) is Sam Bourne - pseudonym of the journalist Jonathan Freedland.
INDIA : steel, metals, scrap metal .... Some points: the brother in law of my ex-husband, Mr. Tunder Enigbokan, was a legal consultant for The Nigerian Metal Workers Union. When he went to Moscow to attend a congress, I sent my daughter with him to my mother in Moscow as an accompanied minor for sommer holidays. There is a photo somewhere of him in Moscow with Raisa Buzovskaya (Fac. of Chemistry, Moscow State University) and her son Malik (father from Mali or Cameroun ?).
A Russian woman in The Hague (year 2000?) who was married to a Nigerian talked about the business of shipping second-hand cars from St. Petersburg (?) to Nigeria.
In 1975 There was an Ajeokuta Steel Plant Soviet Project. I was quite astonished a few years ago to learn, that it was abandoned (!) and moved to INDIA. I remember Victor Udom telling me how embarrasing it was to see Soviets (only Soviet workers were on site) collectively shopping in the local Nigerian markets. They all (?) lived in tents. I wonder if some underground/foundation (?) works were left/abandoned and may be used for smth else.
The S-Theater gone vitriol and more stupid than ever. Apparently Red Pope Mafia in the Catholic Church (High Street, Gosport) is the same crowd as Young Satanic Priests in Alverstoke Church with Satanic Grannies. Too much correlation and interference ( letters, e-mails, street theater) with my family - here in UK and in Moscow. "Polish drivers" ? Polish neighbours ? ....
I did not recognize the website yesterday. They (?) changed the quotation from The Protocols on their front page, etc. I particularly disliked their openly hostile posts (saw only the headings) about American Presidential candidate David Walker from Wisconsin. Any links to University of Portsmouth?
Torture with remote control using radio frequencies:
The Dutch Jewish Mason Fritz ( name?) who lived near Saffierhorst street in Mariahoeve) when I was there, has a long Dutch Navy family history. He went to RIGA on business and has a son or sons in the Navy (links to Russian Navy).
Remembered the name: Fritz de Ruiter de Wildt. Street - Opaalhorst, Amethysthorst or Granaathorst.
He used to walk his two (young) Doberman dogs.
And yes, that strange experience in Rijswijk, when my Dutch hosts had an amateur radio call from a Russian (?) ship or submarine. Plus a couple of lessons of English I gave to a wife of a Russian Naval(?) attache. That is in addition to Russian lessons I gave to British Diplomat   ... Noble (forgot his first name). British man( named BURGESS!) running an AIRPLANE design/repair (?) company.
Plus the KGB+MOSSAD rat named Oleg Gordievsky coming to Holland.
[ Friday, 21 August 2015] - Sorry to have made quite a few spelling mistakes. Adam Noble has opened my eyes to Russian as a second language. Fritz de Router de Wildt told me he was a retired bank manager. Later I saw online (a joke?) that he (?) was a naval engineer. Secondary metals in family Cohn business? There was a big international MARSHALL AID /Scrap Metal invesigation after WW2. I think PACEPA or another writer wrote that much of military equipment was left/abandoned in Europe because US pulled out so quickly.
[ Thurs. 29 Oct. 2015] - Sent e-mail about My E-mail Password. (to cont. tomorrow).