Friday, 6 February 2009

( nr 190 ) There is a saying in Russian "U nih na lbu napisano"( it's written on their foreheads), i.e. the 'agents', informers, snitchers, or stukachi (in Russian) aka street theater actors are all too visible for what they are.
What is supposed to signify change of fortune (???....) with a splash of theatrics in recent days comes from the same pathetic crowd.
There is no doubt about WHO is feeling very uncomfortable now and WHO is being checkmated.
The Club of Budapest ....
I remember going to a Hungarian MENSA children performance in Voorburg, near The Hague.
There was a ... lookalike or rather a woman who, I thought at the time, might have been a younger sister of Raisa Gorbachev(a) in the audience. [added 17:11 - I think the programme was organized by the Dutch Esperanto society].
I have finally read the book about the murder of Rasputin by Prince Felix Yousupov (in Dutch), which I bought long time ago. Shall make some scans soon.
Should look for COW - Curriculum On Wheels firm on the Internet.
Next post Thursday February 12 or sooner.