Tuesday, 2 June 2009

( nr 215 ) Above is a scan of an expose of harassment, threats and blackmail by MI5 in Britain.
From the 3rd case: ..."Katherine tried to threaten me .... If you do not want anything to happen to your family, you will co-operate". 'The Independent' newspaper of 21 May, 2009.
The current standoff between British Electorate and the Government is in some respect reminiscent of stories of police catching big criminals on traffic offences. The money aspect ( benefit fraud) is a tip of an iceberg. Indeed in some cases good people are caught in embarassment they do not deserve. But there are deeper issues, that of Anti-Christian and Anti-Family legislation, passed quite UNdemocratically ( by minority) by people whose credentials need to be checked. Who encouraged MPs to claim as much as possible? I even begin to wonder if the famous upheaval in Euro Parliament (re: Paul van Buitenen (sp.?) ) was not a tactical evasion of deeper issues. The Dutch MEP of course deserves our praise. The legislation, which is grossly anti-social and causing irreversable damage to people, family, best institutions of human civilisation needs to be "looked at again" (my apology for this sarcasm).
Below is another comment on Golitsyn's book, cont. from the previous post.
Anatoliy Golitsyn (is it his real name?) mentions 3 kinds of deception tactics or strategy: legal (!), revolutionary and activist. No portrait of Anatoliy Golitsyn can be found anywhere ... .
He contacted American and British officials back in 1968 ! "Owing to the length of manuscript, a substantial part of it has been held over [?] for publication at a later date." Hmm ... Where are his original writings in Russian?
RED SYMPHONY ! A model of the global subversion, destruction and takeover is described as a COMPREHENSIVE CENTRALISED SYSTEM of players and actors, all with different skills, tools and roles to play, contributing to the play/game/scenario/plot/programme/plan.
All taxonomy is there: individual vs group, age, class, profession; geographical, economic, political, scientific, cultural, linguistic, etc. parameters. A Total Matrix. Overall Coordination.
Sub-programs for Diplomatic service, local politics, false/controlled opposion - name it.
By the way, the HIGHEST ( in EU or worldwide ?) number of CCTV surveillance per persion in UK may be explained according to the Symphony (Satanic Symphony) Model as follows: British science/mechanical engineering/industry has been famous for a top quality PRECISION technology and products.
A dense network of CCTV (plus microchip interface) can be seen as a precision or butterfly effect system of surveillance, harassment and other effects.
The World Youth Festivals with one in 1957 held in Moscow, were definitely targeted by the conspiracists. Common Purpose - CP - Communist Party. Communism or Togetherness was 'born' outside Russia. The C. Plan was relying on close contacts with Extreme-Left in the West.
EIGHTY ONE commiunist parties had signed a Manifesto of coordinated long term plan of global action in 1960.
Youth, student exchanges do not highlight programmes which ran in the lower and middle, not higher educational establishments: technical schools, horeca training, factories and even prison (?) education.
In Jan.1959 Mikoyan went to America to ask for 2 bln. dollars for industrial modernisation.
By the way, SAVE THE MALES is a possible translation from Russian of "Beregite Mushchin" - Soviet film. A few years ago I sent a comment to Henri Makow which should have (by default) appeared on his website. It did not. There was no tech.error message. I criticised his views (after initial admiration) in that e-mail.