Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Addenda Four.

( nr 350 )  LATUSHKIN ....  Russian  criminal Latushkin appeared online yesterday as
residing and/or having his company registered in Moscow at Tallinskaya Ulitsa 18.
His company listed on BLOOMBERG site. The English seemed odd to me: consumer staples, agricultural sector, etc.
As I wrote already, my father, lived at Tallinskaya ul. in a privatised flat number ( three digits ... 1 and 8 and ... should ask my brother).
One day police came wanting to search the flat for illegal weapons ! It turned out one Latushkin has
fraudulently had himself written in my father's appartment as owner and resident.
My father told me about the experience, and we had some discussions/ correspondence about it.
I remember searching for info about Latushkin and finding links to Belorussia/MINSK and some dog-breeding interests. Dutch Jewish Mason Fritz De Ruiter De Wildt (links to Russian Navy) had two Doberman dogs. He went to RIGA, Latvia for business contacts. I helped him with a bit of translation/consultancy (informal).
Leonid Timochouk married a 'Latvian lady', a beautician. She lived near Brighton in UK for some time. I later noticed their leading positions in Paris based French-Latvian Agricultural Bank.
Two sodomites on Nat. Express bus ( my journey back from Skipton on Monday 18 Jan.) , who sat just in front of me, were too close, as I there was no place for me to escape.
They discussed ... FOOTBALL (Pompey, etc.)
My daughter taught English as a foreign language in Moscow at BKC.
One day her so-called friend (also teacher at BKC) Sue, who is Irish, Jewish and Communist, ran away, leaving my daughter alone with Moscow Police, who wanted to see her ID documents. As she did not have her passport with her, she had to spend the night at a Police Station. There, just behind the wall, she heard (unavoidably), two Russian Sodomite Police officers ... groaning.
The Russian acronym OMON reads in reverse HOMO in English.
Sue went to Milan (BKC in Italy).
Just posted scan from Eerde International School.
I hope Frank McGrath will see Herma (?) who taught Dutch and who I thought to be from South Africa (ref. our chat on Facebook about Prinses Irene ( "Rode" or "Red" Irene ) and her son Carlos.
A Norvegian boy Lars was a roommate of Carlos at some time, I think.
Just added 2 scans : Eerde staff ( Rimmington, etc.) and my 2005 letter :

" ...  Having refused to become an informer for a couple of secret services, ...." 

KGB=Mossad degenerates are behind their western partners.
The Bloomberg entry of Latushkin firm Tripoli Ooo : private company, address - 18 Tallinskaya Ul., Moscow, 123458, Russian Federation Phone: 7-4957712462 , Fax: same.
From: RU-tripoli-ooo
I actually brushed (extensively) the subject in my e-male to my brother "Vot [not Bot] vspomnila:" sent 02 May 2015 at 13:39:44. I hope he received it.
MI6 boss was assasinated ( fell into coma ) in year .... 2007 (?). 
British Police Chief was found dead ( heart attack ) on top of a Scottish mountain, where he (a married man) went for a date with a black woman police officer (?). Which year ?
We now have Theresa May (whom I accused of sabotaging prosecution of spionage cases, such as Anna Chapman and Garry McKinnon, etc. etc.) and her husband ..... Mayski (?).
Has Theresa May with her husband created a so-called precedent for people with ASPERGE syndrome not to stand trial/avoid prosecution for SPIONAGE ? Some psychiatrists from King's College London and others were very "helpful".
SWEDEN : The Head of the Swedish Secret Service and Prosecutor-General of Sweden
Klas Bergenstrand died of a heart attack at the age of 61 on 22 Jan. 2007.
Still can't find the name of an Israeli Ambassador to the Netherlands during "Dutch 911" and the identity of an American Ambassador at the time is not clear.
Putin and Co. : Have Brothers ROTHENBERG (?) entrenched themselves in Scandinavia ?
[ Friday 22 Jan. 2016 ] - Putin and Co. names: brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg , Roman Abramovich , etc.
On October 4 in 1992 and 1993 tragic events happened in Holland and Russia.
Dutch 911 -
Tripoli ..... ? Could the company name have been chosen to 'hint' at Tripoli, Libya ?
I pondered over LY letters, also in Russian and in surprising places.
Three of my posts ( 309, 316 and 343) ref. LY:
Another detail: my father told me that when he decided to tell one woman, a neighbour, to stop phoning/visiting, his heart trouble/pain stopped. There is a Serebriany Bor (Silver Forest) near Tallinskaya Ulitsa. There I took picture of him near dacha of SOLZHENITSYN. Next to it was dacha of BARKASHOV. Some of them were around and had those strange sparkly eyes.
He also took me to the Moscow White House Memorial, where I took photographs of ( some of) those who died during October 1993. Some pictures are on:
Hmm, do I have to post the scan of my 2005 letter again? Shall do that. It is howerever posted in earlier posts.
[Fareham: scanner not working] - RAF doc. planted !
[Sat. 23 Jan.2016] - the 2005 letter (e-mail) is scanned and posted (itself) on top (13:05).

The next scan is below: "NEW CROWNS FOR OLD ONES!" -
Benjamin Disraeli is depicted as sorcerer with Queen Victoria in Punch 1876.
Theatrics today: vnuchek Lenina, Dymov, military mob, jewish blonds, Putin, maloletnie bliadi, Furtseva, Charles Church (!), etc. Latushkin for LATVIAN ? Polsko-Litovsko, etc. Similar sets included Leonid Timochouk look-alike earlier (in Gosport).
LATVIAN degenerate pederast Mikelson (sp?) who sexually abused up to a hundred babies and toddlers ( boys and girls, but preferred boys), was a trained computer specialist and used different names. He and his Dutch 'husband' ( a lorry or bus driver) planned opening a private nursery school.
HIS FATHER ran/runs international/tourist bus business. Links to National Express ? ... . Teamsters?
American Ambassador in Holland Timothy Broas has resigned. Since 2005 not one American Ambassador completed required 4 years in the post. Are they targeted? Some ex-Soviet emigrants are in a similar way. Mossad European HQ are in Amsterdam (?).
[ Mon. 25 Jan. 2016] - By "similar" way above (amb. Timothy Broas story), I meant a certain Soviet Era pecularity in 1970/1980s whereby on a visit to Moscow I and some other women would experience an almost sudden, strong (precisely Two Weeks after arrival (just when you get 'ajusted') impulse to flee, go back. It felt artificial, induced. With time, the rationale became clear.
Whatever the circumstances in American Embassy ( are they announced ?), I suspect it's about ... not staying longer, not staying long enough. I may be mistaken, of course.
FOOTBALL / SPORT ... 90% criminal ? British Media in Communist hands?
35 (!) pages in today's Sun newspaper are taken by FOOTBALL/other sport.
Who pays? How much? Money laundering?
Search for the Dutch Charity I worked for (old network of 'charities') specializing in under-aged or child categories of refugees seems to be blocked online. Or, is that special 'service' called cookies at work ? SHAM - AMA stands for Stichting Hulp Azielzoekende Minderjarigen, etc.
I spoke about it yesterday. Today I remembered the young manager Ilona, a mixed race woman. Once I watched, how her two daughters (8-9?) pleaded with her, that they did not want to go to/with their father. She kept saying, that they must go.
A so-called MOLE (criminal infiltrant) Mark M. in Dutch Police/Justice is estimated to have damaged about ten cases:
The entry " theatrics today" of Sat. 23 Jan. above (i.e. Furze Farm/Court visit) tied in, connected past theatrics in Fareham, including two boys, prostitutes, standing beside a Russian Ballet poster on Fareham Library building. The poster was de facto pornographic due to ....print defect (?). Call them Vovochka type or (ru) maloletnie bliadi. The Jewish woman a script writer ?
On the Skipton town committee there is one Stefan Bodnarczuk (sp?). I just searched for that name and found S.B. - actor, musician. His face on his website: resembles (very much!) the face of a man in Gosport High Street Newspaper Agent yesterday morning, who, upon hearing my caustic comment about links between child refugees and mafia, immediately defended the "Big Brother". I thought he was 'overdressed' in his ginger leather coat and the style of arguing was ... suspect.
 Hmm, that would 'fit the bill' ! There is definitely some  "artistic" dimention to
Communist Military Aggression/Spionage/Sodom, such as Russian Spectacular concerts in Portsmouth and Russian Tea Rooms in Skipton ( now closed).
Any links with (ex-) Soviet Military?
[ Thurs. 28 Jan. 2016 ] - Yesterday even the 'metal' rod/'stem' of the large and strong umbrella got broken. So what ? Of course, finding and hitting the weakest link/spot is only one of the ways to inflict damage. The target/location can be chosen, then available 'power' used.

 So, some houses/residents, for example, may be more damaged than physics laws could explain, unless the hidden factor (X) is known. A psychopath conducting experiments in a nearby university could just  make the difference (tong in cheek).
1970s  Lagos : insurance companies were known to make 600 per cent profit.
A big theme here: quality, standards, guaranties, insurance, assurance, etc.
Another theme: use of so-called insurance to cover up separation of property owner and property plus many other of cabal's aims.
Stefan BODNARCZUK is on the Skipton Town Council website as " the Market Officer and looks after the day-to-day operation of Skipton Market." The Council's Chief Officer is Dave Parker.
Gosport Business and Employment Fair is today at
Gosport Leisure Centre, from 1:00 pm till 7:00 pm.
Central Theater of the Soviet Army, founded in 1919.
Central Military ( ru: vooruzhennyh sil) Museum of USSR in Moscow,
founded in 1919.
Central House (Dom) of Soviet Army (Ts DSA) in Moscow opened in 1928.
Leiba Bronstein (sp?) aka Trotski and the Red Army.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Addenda Three.

( nr 349) - Have umbrella making industries invested in some research? ... . Blusts of rain and wind seem to target umbrellas or their percieved weakest spots. The Cabal surveilance contains sabotage and so-called strategy of tension, tension being psychological or mechanical.
Yesterday, having this idea in mind, I tried to combine moving my umbrella and use hand to support what was the 'weaker' segment. It seemed to have helped a little.
The paraphenalia of Orwellian high-tech on land includes multidude of screens, monitors, sensors - all part of routine gadgets, which do more than many people think.
 I discovered one day that bank automat did not work when I had a thin glove on. The staff told me the touch screen responded to ... heat (!)
The feedback and ... self-learning (sorry for the sarcasm) IT/AI  then swing into action.
Money for flood defences? Star wars tech. can accidentally tamper with those barriers.
Canadian airplane Boeing 777 flying from Shanghai to Toronto made an emergency landing near Calgary International Airport due to strong air turbulence. Passengers (21) got injuries.

My daughter was in Calgary as a member of the Dutch team (St.Aloisius College in The Hague) for the STUDENT WORLD DEBATING Competition. She was briefly interviewed by Canadian TV or Radio. As part of the Cultural Programe youngsters were taken to a local attraction - Medicine Hat (or Hut?) - an Indian reservation/ Museum near Calgary.

WHO is "Mrs. Williams" in Canada ...? As I wrote earlier, I consider those calls to my daughter and letters from my ex-husband as SUSPECT.
The most interesting thing is it was ... RAPHAEL COHN who suggested that my daughter should search for Mr. Udom online.
Some Coincidences : Diana's husband Van (Dutch roots) lived in Chelmsford in Essex, before moving up North, just like Raphael Cohn and his parents David and Elaine.
In my letter to CARL LES (Leader of North Yorkshire Council ) dated 9 July 2015 I wrote:
"I have expressed my concerns in the past for the safety and wellbeing of my daughter and my granddaughters in earlier correspondence and online."
One of my online notes is in post ( nr 268 ) in July 2010, where I wrote:
 By the way ! Who said to me not so long ago in a 'loaded' tone that "Chelmsford is a high-tech city ?
(DC). There DC stands for David Cohn. I later discovered that MARCONI industries and some Star War scientists were there.
[ Tue. 5 Jan. 2016 ] - Five scans just posted:
1. Roman Abramovich - art collector Dasha Zhukova - Eclipse mega-yacht - Jen Meyer, wife of actor Tobey Maguire.
2. Israel - Soviet Union : 7 OCTOBER 1964 - property, owned before 1917 by Russian Orthodox Society ( ref. pilgrims to Holy Land ) sold by Soviet Union to Israel.  Soviet supplies of oil to Israel,  oil drilling equipment and training of Israelis by the Soviets.
3. The Times: MAUD DAVIES, her "Life in an English Village" book republished by Hobnob Press.
She did research in LSE encouraged by Sidney and Beatrice Webb. It was condemned as "slander of the poor". Maud Davies wanted to better the lot of the poor by exposing and analysing their povetry.
Her father was ostracised, and partly blamed for her mother's suicide.
In February 1913 her body was found 21 meters inside a train tunnel leading from High Street Kensington Underground station. She had been decapitated.
She was just back from Jamaica and New York where she investigated the white slave trade.
4. Gobi China was the name of Shotokan Karate coach, who came to Unilag campus to run Karate Club for staff and students. Krishna monks were there as well, in their orange robes. The letter dated 22 July 1985 names him as Gopis (?). I was about to go to CANADA to attend World Solar Energy Congress in MONTREAL. Odd exhibit there was a book "Light is a living spirit " by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (born in 1900 in Bulgaria). Scan of an interesting letter from British MP is on my other site.
5. William Pawelec ( computer aviation expert ) says in his video that there are Four Factions between US and Soviets, but I did not hear them named in the video I watched.
[ Wed. 6 Jan. 2016 ] - my posts 340, 341 and 342 of last year:
[ Thurs. 7 Jan. 2016 ]
- just posted scan SIX, below William Pawelec. There was a strange 'forbidding' female face on the left side of monitor a minute ago. And a couple of days ago - a black square on the right side.
Ancient Chinese (!) pictography from ritual bronze vessels (2 000 BC).
Tuva Soviet Republic was originally in China.
Krasnoyarsk krai (Gen. Lebed !) is nearby,  surname of Russian Minister of Defence is SHOIGU, makes me think of SHOGUN - there was an epic film Shogun in the 1970s (?).
Page 1002 entry in the 1986 Soviet Encycl. Dictionary.
10:43. (cont.)
The Times of March 14, 2013  features article about ALMA telescopes in CHILI.
I remembered a color contrast on a map of Chili ( Pacific Coast ): combination of very high mountains and a very deep ocean basin. I know only one person from Chili - Mariam Diacartez (sp?), who taught Spanish at International School Eerde to Carlos de Bourbon, the son of  Princess Irene. He decided to drop Physics to my surprise, and his mother was not happy about it. I think he is now ... Hertzog of Parma (?).
By the way, there was a very remarkable spiritual/moral aspect to Shotokan Karate, as was taught by Gobi China (he was from a neighbouring Francophone country), which was missing in some other types of martial arts and with some 'outsider' trainers. Purely physical, aggressive fighting is a world apart.
[ Sat.9 Jan. 2016 ] - Yesterday in Portsmouth: clear and simplistic confirmation of Nat. Express involvement and the 'base' of the Raphael Cohn's lookalike/lookalikes.
Israel Epstein and Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution ... .
Victoria Wang, cyber-crime specialist (?) was not in her office at St. George's Building and, as Dean Bradbourne(sp?)  informed me, was away for the whole day.
Carluccio's restaurant ( Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth PO1 3 TZ) which I looked in again is very much the same inside, when a Chinese (modern) restaurant was there (before Pizzeria ... Fire Stone?). OLGA PATTA  took me there (saying she knew the people) and, when I detected a very strong smell in a glass of water, she took it smelled it and ... promptly poured it into the sink behind (just a step distance). She favoured Chinese restaurant in Lagos as well. Is Triade Chinese mafia run by Communists ? Olga Patta sent her children for training to ISRAEL, said it was a "great honour".
Correction: Mr Dean Blackbourn: 
Dr Victoria Wang :
Slave shipping, banana/tea shipping ... .
FYFFE ... some ships carried only a handful of passengers .
That reminds of what Gen. Pacepa wrote about Kennedy's assasination: Russian emigre (worked for several secret agencies?) George de MORENSCHILDT arranged for Lee Oswald to travel on a cargo ship, that could carry only a few passengers to Switzerland for a course, that Oswald would not have known about on his own. The was also ... Col. LYNCH (?) known for some cruel 'treatment' of captives or slaves. There is a Stone (remnant of) near St. Mary's Church, Alverstoke here in Gosport, which was used to chain 'captured' unwilling/unwitting navy recruits, who were picked up drunk from local pubs. They were chained (family would bring water/food) for some days, pending arrival of 'their' ship.
 Pubs were often built near Christian Churches, so as to divert/subvert church goers.
Lee Oswald, by the way, was found to have travelled via Southampton, UK - a mystery.
South African/UK (?)  cargo ships transporting bananas of some special quality, not to be found in 'ordinary' shops or anywhere. 'Banana' (?) business sponsorship in Portsmouth.
Technical and Banking details (!) - in Year 1991:
By the way,
The Dutch Church in London is next to The Bank of England and Royal Bank of Scotland.
New Forest, South Coast of England was at one time known for extensive contraband.
General Alexander LEBED :
[ Mon. 11Jan. 2016] - travelling to Skipton today by Nat. Express.

ALAS ! Was late for the bus, which has never happened before.
Bought new ticket for tomorrow, same time.
Added scan number seven - BLANK RUSSIAN DIPLOM, which I bought in Central Moscow as
a souvineer.
An example of a STANDARD brainwashing, as I see it: a young bright scientist 
 instantly retorted:  But it is not valid without a stamp!
Anglican World Congress and an International Security Forum held today.
Looking for a book I bought in Holland " Jews in Ancient China ".
[ 14:20 ] - Anglican Conference UNDER-REPORTED.
The African Diaspora Day in British Museum  in 2010 was BOYCOTTED by  British Africans and African Diaspora.
There  and elsewhere I have heard Nigerians and other Africans refer to Arch. of Yorkshire
SENTAMU as a Satanist. Same about Church of Tabernacle.
Why did Sentamu and wife have to flee their country? ... .
Satanic Communist International ? The "touching" outrages are predated by many instances: gay men touching children in ...Dome ? Recent: a man with an ear-ring on Gosport Ferry has become notorious by standing in the way and touching passengers (supposed to be "help") - mostly women and children. Once I had to shout: Keep your hands OFF !
Other examples abound.
Some recordings of KGB men ( Russian spies in US ?) talking incl. their "task": how to get close.
FALSE Dutch passports ( first high-tech version, secure) were out on the black market, before real passports were printed. I remember Ukraine and Georgia mentioned as culprits (companies/people).
[ Tue.12 Jan. 2016] - of yesterday:
Security Forum:
Spanish Court: