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Year 1991.

( nr 330 )  Strange death of American journalist Danny Casolaro on 10 August 1991 was linked to his investigation of Global Computer/IT Espionage and other High-Tech Organised crimes. 
Gorbachev/Yeltsin political change in Russia - August 1991. On December 20 in 1991 Yeltsin  government announced it wanted to join NATO.
Spanish wikipedia entry states Casolaro's cause of death as suicide.
PROMIS software ( Prosecutor's Management Information System ) created for Police and Courts was 'corrupted' with a secret back door and sold privatly/illegaly to Police and Intelligence agencies all over the world.
"Promis" by Michael C. Ruppert is on .
Pug Winokur ... Vinokur ? ... DynCorp was investigated for pedophilia and sex slave trafficking in partnership with local mafia in Eastern Europe.
Pug .. Pugwash in Nova Scotia, Canada was where Pugwash Conferences started in 1957  -
(Einstein +).
Pug Winokur - Enron, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. Did Berezovsky also have Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics ?
Alex Jones/Prison Planet does not mention PROMIS/Inslaw affair on Danny Casolaro:
Housekeeper Olga also received threatening calls? She must know smth.
December 1991 and 1992: creation of new Russian Center of Criminal Expert Investigations (Ministry of Internal Affairs), where the staff numbered 10 000 in year 2002.

STAR WARS for Global Mind/Body Control :

International network of Astronomy/Astrophysics/Cosmology departments and institutes is poorly disguised GROUND based part of Space Based Satellites and Weapons.

The wikipedia entry (English and Dutch) as of 18 December 2014 for Peter R. de Vries, famous independent criminal investigator and journalist in HOLLAND, has no mention of Koos H. case,
sadistic murderer of three girls, who got a life sentence.
Former Judge and Vice-President of the Court in the Hague, Cornelis Stolk had a homosexual relationship with Koos H. ( Koos Hertogs). There are (2010) videos online and a Dutch entry on wikipedia for Cornelis Stolk, giving a link to article of 19 April 2010:
After my presentation today in Portsmouth there shall be a two weeks break for Christmass and New Year, the next presentation planned for Friday, 9 January 2015.

PS: French and Russian Revolutions ... French journalist Henri Beraud travelled to Soviet Russia and wrote a report (1925). There is a link in my post here, I think in "Complaint number three".
[ Wed. 24 Dec.2014 ]  : Chapter 6 part 3 of The Last Circle shows up as SUSPICIOUS (!).
[ Sat. 27 Dec. 2014 ] - The link to online version (short) of  'The Last Circle'  by  Carol Marshall is found ( via - long link ) on :  - from there to Content page.
The link to Henri Beraud report:
[  Friday 2 Jan. 2015 ] - I have read the Chapter 6 part 3 of the Old online version of  The Last Circle in Portsmouth Central Library, although their printer did not work that day - 31 December.
Gosport Library still blocks Chapter 6 part 3 as "suspicious". It is mostly about TECHNICAL and BANKING details of Promis software. There was also mention of Hamilton transfering investigation in that area to Casolaro (?).
Early 1950's .... We were for a short time tenants in the house of Alexander Ludvigovich Tyminski and his family in Kuntsevo, Moscow, opposite Pravda houses. Just read about Party X of a Polish Canadian Stanislav Tyminski.

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