Tuesday, 26 May 2009

( nr 212 ) The scans above are from 3 newspapers: Our local paper The News of 22,23 May re: Millionaire Viggers - The editorial and the PJV initialled grate well covering.
"News of the World" of May 24 devoted several pages to their investigators' report:
Queen Terror Bombshell - about security outrage (and a hooker) at Palace. The prostitute is one Victoria Voronova - 21 year old Lithuanian.
Daily Mail today writes about thugettes: QUATER of ALL violent assaults in Britain now carried out by women (!).
Gosport MP is just one of the 'victims' of a "British Revolution" - uprooting of a huge segment of senior government servants ( ru: slugi naroda) following revelations of financial misconduct by Daily Telegraph first, and followed by almost all other papers. It has been going on for weeks now. DT revealed the source - one former SAS officer, John Wicks. Some controversy started about his persona (by Daily Mail).
The Pension Saga website http://www.what-not-023.blogspot.com/ or, rather the saga, takes my full time attention.
After Summary-18, I shall continue on a "...-023cont.blogspot ..." in a blog-like manner, consolidating and expanding what is already recorded on this site ( and elsewhere) about Gosport Job Centre experiences, Citizens Advice Buro, etc.