Thursday, 21 August 2014

South Africa plus.

( nr 325 ) I resume my weekly Speaker's Corner presentations next  Friday 29 August 2014.
Same venue: Guildhall area in Portsmouth. Time: 1pm.
I continue reading about South African and Nigerian history.
From 'South African Communist Party' Wikipedia entry: ... the CPSA supported the white miners in their call to preserve wages and the colour bar with the slogan "Workers of the world, unite and fight for a white South Africa!".
Biafran War in Nigeria .... Who suggested the name Biafra ? Searching for answers.
News of the World paper published the figures of emigrant surge from Latvia, etc. under the heading
Slovo Run. Slovo ? Joe Slovo, longtime leader  of the South African Communist Party, is found on the list of  " Liberal activists " in the "History of the Jews in South Africa" wikipedia entry.
From my post nr 300 of December 2011: Hilary Clinton in Lithuania;  proclaiming 'rights'  of homosexuals in Switzerland.
Is she a LESBIAN ? -

In 2009 in my post nr 213 "another man" on the The Wonderful Life scan looks amazingly like Roman Abramovich.

The Lavrov-Livni cooperation in arranging NO VISA Israel/Russia regime is reported (from the main media online) in my post nr 240 of 9 December 2009.
EBOLA controversy: ...the involvement of Soros and Gates in bioweapons lab ...Tulane University  infamous for weaponizing the polio vaccine .... - from the "The Long Planned Ebola HOAX by Will Knott ..." on the website ----------------------------
Another SPY CATCHER : a book written by Lieutenant-Colonel Oreste Pinto after the ww2, - from Operation Market Garden on Wikipedia.
Return from Pune in India is tomorrow.
When I dialled Victoria's mobile number recently, the call was ... diverted (?) to another mobile number (which stayed in my tel. as dialled) - 07756117599, which I was told is the wrong number.
Online search for that number produced two results: one ref. (Chinese?) and another ref. ......../olga3.doc (which reminded me of 'our chinese comrades' in Delft University). Coincidences !
[ Thurs. 28 August 2014 ] - After my Speaker's Corner presentation tomorrow, there shall be no presentations for two weeks ( travel to Skipton in North Yorkshire).
[ Mon. 1 September 2014 ] - Yesterday a man by the Lake (Gosport Lake) asked me if I knew one
Antony Churchill on the Isle of Wight, who is doing smth. for Russian Sailors. No, I never heard of Anthony Churchill.  I told him ( the man who was conducting boat races on the lake), that lake area is actually being taken over by swans, - big and aggressive birds. Not nice for children and their parents or grandparents.
Attended a nice service at the Church of St. Francis ( Church of England).
Yasmina Haifi expressed her view on Twitter that IS are not Muslims, because they do not behave like Muslims. She thinks IS is the Zionist Conspiracy. She works in the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, in the Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum -