Monday, 18 January 2010

( nr 245 ) The scan above of a letter ( two pages) to David A. Larson in California from the CIA Information and Privacy Coordinator Scott Koch ref. Alfred Mann, Joseph Schulman, Robert Greenberg, Gerald Loeb and Yitzhak Zilberman.

The story about Torture by remote control - activating microstimulators in human body -

MK-ULTRA/MK-DELTA+ TODAY: David A. Larson's website


From rmn posts: by Aphrodite in 2006 ... Brain Zapped?


Psychopathic Torture Experiments - the first on a long list of technological harassment:

Microwaves in the hands of Criminals and Terrorists (2003) -
The top scan above is from 2003 Russian Forum discussions : the url link may or may not be valid, which is
"Leonid" (from Korea?) does not see what is really wrong with sexual promiscuity, prostitution and narcotics. His post is to me - "Galina" (- in Cyrrilic!).
Around the same time one prolific member "K" engaged in discussion with me AS IF I WAS another member - Galina (in English font).
{"K" gave me a dubious apology only after repeated reminders.}
That member 'Galina' was a Russian Jewish emigrant from Israel, who went on and on about how she was missing Russia and how she was planning a return to Russia. That was 6-7 years before Lavrov-Livni extraordinary Russia-Israel No-Visa Regime.
Rixon Stewart - the editor (?) of , judging from his childhood picture on the website, is the man on a photograph ( 2 yrs. ago?) which was only titled uploading material for the truthseeker in a St.Petersbourg Internet cafe.