Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Yougoslavia Plus.

( nr 322 ) Since yesterday, I cannot print out the Wikipedia entry for GERMAN SPEAKING COMMUNITY in BELGIUM .... in Fareham and in Gosport.
One Serge Brammertz from that area ordered the destruction of Srebrenica (massacre?) evidence !
Most unfortunately, he was (still is ?) on the honors list of the Belgian King Filip, as I found out yesterday on the Dutch News website .
Two days ago, during my Monday 'Speakers Corner Presentation' in Portsmouth Guildhall square, I complained about extremely dark photo of the opening ceremony of the new, additional Russian Consulate in Maastricht, Holland. I also recalled what seemed like a ( an instant or asap) real time censorship/cover-up in two other cases: Mobster Malnik and Prof. (Senior Engineer) Rubinstein of Lukoil. It would have been funny, if it wasn't so sad, as the Russian saying goes.
Sometime in early nineties there was an article in Dutch magazine (?) about opening of the Russian Cultural centre RUSSKI DOM (Russian House/Home), the location being 'strategically' international: in the Maastricht area, near border(s) with two countries.
The European continental borders are almost invisible. I remember driving from Eerde, Ommen in Holland, across into Germany to do shopping.
SREBRENICA ... Alleged massacre of Bosnian Muslims by Serbs remained under-investigated. I remember a statement from ...smb. at the top of Dutch Government, saying, that the blame that went to the Dutch-Bat was not totally justified, as the order (?) came from the French General ...Couzy (?).
There were also online forum stories about some super-secret US (?) military base somewhere in the south-east of the Former Yougoslavia.
There was an extraordinary/subtle lookalike theatrics in the past two weeks (in addition to the usual ones): Tsilia Markovna, Raisa Byzovskaya, Lena (nee) Lozhikova and ... pitiful profile of ...Khodorkovski !
Please read my update on Mafia International (or Cabal International) on my website about October Four events:
11: 57 (To cont. next week or earlier).
[ Sat. 19 April, 2014] : Eclipse buses 'surprises' include Eclipse airplanes and lots of other businesses plus some graphic and digital displays ... Male torso ... Torso only? ... First World War casualties ref. to as 'basket cases' were soldiers, who lost both arms and legs and were carried in baskets. Ballet/ dance schools exercises called 'baskets'? I noticed a new (?) picture of a 'Mediterrainean' (sp?) couple on Eclipse bus some time ago, soon after I read about 'Mediterrainean' looking couple who were seen visiting Gareth Williams, the assasinated MI6/GCHQ computer specialist, who was writing a software to track illegal money flows. MEDI TERRA ? Middle Earth ? Very large area.
The Russian Ambassador in Holland looks ...Southern. The picture on Eclipse bus contrasted strongly with earlier images of a young man (with earphones) and a blond woman (both looking sick or unwell).
Crimean Greeks! I met them in Lagos, Nigeria in about 1980. Never heard of Greeks in the Soviet Union before then. The outgoing head of GCHQ (Lobban ?) was born in Nigeria.
What a small world!
[ Monday 28 April, 2014] -
After Speaker's Corner today, I shall have the next one IN A FEW WEEKS' TIME.