Wednesday, 15 April 2009

( nr 209) Please see a scan of PIE Logo I posted as PS on yesterday's post nr 208 - after the image was removed from Wiki page last Sunday.

Above is a scan with a portrait of Arthur James BALFOUR (1848-1930),
British PM in 1902-1905, "Conservative", signed Atlantic Treaty with France in 1904, Foreign Minister in 1916-1919.
Famous for his ISRAEL project in Palestine in 1917.
From the text above: ...his 'secret service' papers for the period were partially released ... in 2001 ... the rest still remain closed after a century and a quarter.
In Russian SED (enc. 1986) the entry on 26 Baku Commissars misses Mikoyan (!).
From a search a few days ago :
Communist Party of Israel - Black Panthers (Israeli) - Angela Davies visit.
I noticed what looked like a Black Panther image on a white/green/red banner of Dudaev in Chechnia (doc. film about Budennovsk).
Black Panther was, indeed a popular notion in sixties/seventies.
Back to the PIE entry on Wkipedia: -
" 1984 - extinction" is a gross overstatement! 22 years later a Model European Country Holland registered a POLITICAL PARTY of PAEDOPHILES.
That year in 2006 I had made an A5 leaflet "Why is Media Silent?"on this issue ( about 120 copies ) which I distributed mostly in Gosport plus some sent by e-mail. I think I have the scan of the leaflet posted on this site already (shall check).