Friday, 19 December 2014

Year 1991.

( nr 330 )  Strange death of American journalist Danny Casolaro on 10 August 1991 was linked to his investigation of Global Computer/IT Espionage and other High-Tech Organised crimes. 
Gorbachev/Yeltsin political change in Russia - August 1991. On December 20 in 1991 Yeltsin  government announced it wanted to join NATO.
Spanish wikipedia entry states Casolaro's cause of death as suicide.
PROMIS software ( Prosecutor's Management Information System ) created for Police and Courts was 'corrupted' with a secret back door and sold privatly/illegaly to Police and Intelligence agencies all over the world.
"Promis" by Michael C. Ruppert is on .
Pug Winokur ... Vinokur ? ... DynCorp was investigated for pedophilia and sex slave trafficking in partnership with local mafia in Eastern Europe.
Pug .. Pugwash in Nova Scotia, Canada was where Pugwash Conferences started in 1957  -
(Einstein +).
Pug Winokur - Enron, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. Did Berezovsky also have Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics ?
Alex Jones/Prison Planet does not mention PROMIS/Inslaw affair on Danny Casolaro:
Housekeeper Olga also received threatening calls? She must know smth.
December 1991 and 1992: creation of new Russian Center of Criminal Expert Investigations (Ministry of Internal Affairs), where the staff numbered 10 000 in year 2002.

STAR WARS for Global Mind/Body Control :

International network of Astronomy/Astrophysics/Cosmology departments and institutes is poorly disguised GROUND based part of Space Based Satellites and Weapons.

The wikipedia entry (English and Dutch) as of 18 December 2014 for Peter R. de Vries, famous independent criminal investigator and journalist in HOLLAND, has no mention of Koos H. case,
sadistic murderer of three girls, who got a life sentence.
Former Judge and Vice-President of the Court in the Hague, Cornelis Stolk had a homosexual relationship with Koos H. ( Koos Hertogs). There are (2010) videos online and a Dutch entry on wikipedia for Cornelis Stolk, giving a link to article of 19 April 2010:
After my presentation today in Portsmouth there shall be a two weeks break for Christmass and New Year, the next presentation planned for Friday, 9 January 2015.

PS: French and Russian Revolutions ... French journalist Henri Beraud travelled to Soviet Russia and wrote a report (1925). There is a link in my post here, I think in "Complaint number three".
[ Wed. 24 Dec.2014 ]  : Chapter 6 part 3 of The Last Circle shows up as SUSPICIOUS (!).
[ Sat. 27 Dec. 2014 ] - The link to online version (short) of  'The Last Circle'  by  Carol Marshall is found ( via - long link ) on :  - from there to Content page.
The link to Henri Beraud report:
[  Friday 2 Jan. 2015 ] - I have read the Chapter 6 part 3 of the Old online version of  The Last Circle in Portsmouth Central Library, although their printer did not work that day - 31 December.
Gosport Library still blocks Chapter 6 part 3 as "suspicious". It is mostly about TECHNICAL and BANKING details of Promis software. There was also mention of Hamilton transfering investigation in that area to Casolaro (?).
Early 1950's .... We were for a short time tenants in the house of Alexander Ludvigovich Tyminski and his family in Kuntsevo, Moscow, opposite Pravda houses. Just read about Party X of a Polish Canadian Stanislav Tyminski.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Russian and Dutch diplomats.

(  nr 329 ) Kevin Annett: Pope Bergoglio meets secretly at EU Parliament capital with Russian, Dutch diplomats on BRICS bank & Dutch Queen coverup - by Alfred Lambremont Webre. The article is dated 26 Nov. 2014 and published on  ( ? )
" ... Pope Francis Bergoglio on Nov. 25, 2014 met secretly in Strasbourg, France, the seat of the European Parliament, with Russian and Dutch diplomats. The Alitalia plane on which the Pope traveled, returned to Rome within four hours of its departure.
.....Deutche Bank ... BRICS central bank ... Argentine Maxima Zorreguita Cerruti ... an associate of then Jesuit Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio ..."
Here comes Calvi (sp.?) Vatican banker murder mystery (?) in the City of London.
300 pages long report on HOMOSEXUAL MAFIA in Vatican was submitted by Three Cardinals in December 2012.
I have not seen "la Repubblica" in Waitrose supermarket in Gosport for some time now.
The photo of the new Pope visiting CALABRIA said smth. about what he stands for.
A few years ago there was a Business Conference in Cosham, Portsmouth. Thornton Publishers (?) talked about financial problems affecting newspapers. I pointed out that freely distributed Metro newspaper surely does not help sales of British papers. I asked who finances Metro. The man did not answer and changed the topic. He also praised Lebedev (ex-KGB) for business acumen (he bought newspaper for one pound).
Woman named LEBEDEVA was representing Russia on Bilderberger conference years ago.
That conference had some "colourful" people there: a Russian Jew (familiar face), heineous "leadership trainer" from Central Asia (?) who said he'd train children of ...any age.
There were Dalek-like young men (many looked Russian/East-European) who demonstrated "business activity" etc.
KGB Lebedev's party is ...RODINA.
Gosport S-theater: as I pointed out yesterday, one of the "local cabal" (Irina+ network) a KGB Kriuchkov lookalike was in a small group (smirking?) carrying long FISHING RODS near Morrisons, shortly after I spoke about CRIMEA pioneer camp in Evpatoria (linked to Russian Ministry of Defence and Lena Lozhikova). The photo is posted on my blogspot site (002?).
The wife of the director of the camp, a Russian woman, fondled indecently her son (in public view). The son was seen later molesting a younger boy. The woman used to joke: her husband went to (in Russian)  * balku (fishing/****ing).
[ Sat. 29 Nov. 2014 ] - I noticed some changes on Exopolitics website. I don't like disappearance of some important stuff. Smells of Mossad-KGB interference.
I have added a question sign after  . Perhaps my reference should be to .
[ Thurs. 4 Dec. 2014] - 5 December 1484 - Summis desiderantes affectibus is published by Pope Innocent VIII - inquisition/war on witches and heretics.
[ Friday 12 December 2014 ] - The burial of Belgian Queen Fabiola  (86) took place today. Arrests of nuclear smugglers in Moldova.
The websites mentioned in the beginning of this post are an eye-opener. Shall discuss those among other things today at 13:00 in Portsmouth Guildhall area.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

TV licence.

( nr 328 )  Scanning in Gosport Library presents some difficulties : instructions mislaid, but I shall try to do it again - posting scans of my letter and the latest TV licence letter signed by   Jane Powell, Southampton Enforcement Manager.

My letter is addressed to: British Broadcasting Corporation, Room 2252, White City, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TS.

Date: Thurs. 13 Nov. 2014.

 Dear Sirs,
Re: Gross Mismanagement: TV licencing.
The behaviour of your TV licencing contractor (see letter ref. 6194132320 attached here ) amounts to illegal intimidation and harassment, based on presumption of guilt.
Your letter is Kafka and Orwell in one, an example of how not to write letters, both in form and content.
I stopped watching TV back in Holland, had TV licence briefly in UK many years ago and stopped watching TV before that licence expired.
All my letters ( answers to your letters ) were ignored.
I am not your client.
Stop this designer spam.
I am sending this letter by so-called Special Delivery, as Royal Mail has abolished (?) Registered Mail.
Thank You,
Sinc. Yours.
[ signature ]
( Mrs. G.A. Anikeeva )
COPY: ...................
[Thurs. 20 Nov. 2014] Sorry for the two fuzzy scans.
What happenned in Holland ?
Around 2001/2 one Thursday afternoon I saw "snow" on my TV and decided it was on-going repairs
at CASEMA in Rijswijk. The following day, however, I realized my TV cable is disconnected, as I neglected to renew/pay for my TV licence. On the letter it was stated, that the connection shall be restored ... in 24 hrs upon my payment of the amount due in their office. That meant I was to be "TVless" till Tuesday following week. On Saturday I experienced ...anxiety, restlesness, of a kind I did not experience before. I never took drugs, but junkies probably feel similar.
On Sunday (around early afternoon) I felt some relief, serenity, as if a load was off me.
I probably did myself a favour by cutting any subliminals+ from TV, although the effects are forced on public via Big Screens, etc. There was a tragic case of a Dutch whistleblower - a retired engineer, who fell to his death from a PHILIPS office building in Amsterdam. His message was not reported in detail, but there was at the time controversy about new broad screen TV sets ref. real time infra-red scanning and mind-control. He did come to the offices of AD newspaper, but perhaps was not taken seriously.
The Dutch TV offered dozens of channels incl. foreign ones and for a fraction of a price, compared to British licence. They never bothered me again! TV cable is connected (from their end) upon payment and disconnected when that payment expires.

Is this not simple ?


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Boy six, in a van with man.

( nr 327 ) Yesterday's newspaper "The News" (its online version is: ) had an article by Ben Fishwick "Schools warned after Gosport dad finds missing son, six, in a van with man". Had great difficulty printing it today in Fareham library. The father called police (Sat. 27 Sept.), who arrested a 49-year-old man "on suspicion of detaining a child so as to keep him from a person having lawful control". The man has been bailed and is due to report back to police on December 5.
In my Junk box of hotmail I found e-mails, which were harmless, as it turned out (addressed to me).
So, why was an e-mail not blocked, which is addressed To: ......(void) coming from Gerhard Harms
 gerhard.harms (at) sent 06 oct. 2014 09:29:18 ,
" I have a Project of 5.2M For You For details Contact me ONLY On: mmit234 (at) "
[ Thurs. 9 oct. 2014 ] - I have added some info to my Profile on this website.
Boris Yeltsin and Bill Clinton era : Gore-Chernomyrdin Deal and Penn State Pedophilia Scandal could have some links. The wife of Adamov registered company in Pennsylvania to launder the money. In my post ( nr 300) of 1 December 2011 you will find the video and articles from
District Judge Leslie Dutchcot taken off the case. Baroness Scotland declining to consider tougher sentences in Baby P. case : my post ( nr 218 ) of 17 June 2009.
British Depleted Uranium and Torture Camp in Poland - in my post ( nr 162 ) of 8 September 2008.
A woman named Lebedeva represented Russia on Bilderberger conference:  in my post ( nr 268 ) of 15 July 2010.
[ Monday 13 october, 2014 ] - I spoke about Bill Cosby last Friday. Are 'fake death' announcements online a form of threat to the old man ? Who sent them ? What about timing? I noted very short entries in Russian and Ukranian for Bill Cosby on Wikipedia. The longest entry is in English, but the 'friend' Bill Cosby's only son Ennis Cosby was going to visit the night he was murdered, is not named ( ...telephoned his friend ... his friend ... her ... her ...her ... she ...she...). The names galore:
Mikhail Markhasev, Ukranian immigrant (name not obviously Ukranian), Stephany Crane (49) - "struggling screenwriter who twice married the same rich elderly eccentric", Deputy District Attorney Ms Anne Ingalls, Markhasev's friend Eli Zakaria with his friend Sarah Peters, inmate David Gomez, etc.
I have resigned from the Committee of Physics Society of Portsmouth University last May. Still a member.
RODINA - ORDINA - Russkiy Dom - Home Rus Flat:
I remember seeing Emporium or Emporis on the site(s) of Russian Tea Rooms in Skipton, next to the Italian restaurant.
Rodina Property Lettings Ltd. -
HOMERUSFLAT in Heerlen, Holland, unsafe:
MARGO KAPLAN  "Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime" article Oct. 5 , 2014, New York Times.
[Thurs. 16 October, 2014] - I remember one Israeli woman Kaplan as active author published in the Journal of Clarity International Society (Law and Language), of which I was a member for a couple of years. Do not remember her first name. Name Kaplan stood out, as it was a young woman Kaplan who shot at Lenin. Reportedly, there was some 'schism' between foreign/emigrant Jews and the local/native Jews of Russian Empire (from RuNet and post-Soviet literature).
On another occasion, Israeli Jewish scientist presenting his paper at SIETAR conference, said: " Our brains are wired differently! ". I remember supporting one Norwegian member of SIETAR proposing stronger scientific/anthropological research, but to no avail. (SIETAR - int. soc. for study of culture in educ. and research - French acronym ?).
Reading two books:
1. Torture Taxi ( 2006, 2007) by A.C. Thomson and Trevor Paglen. Wikipedia entry on Trevor Paglen in German strangely omits this work ( unlike the English entry) and/but refers to him as Linken (Left). Strange.
Opposite Asda in Gosport there is a strange building TLM - accountants and auditors (?!) grim, behind a barbed wire. I remember constant job adverts in Gosport Job Center from TML. My letters were never acknowledged or replied to. Plus some theatrics.
2. Puppet on a Chain (1969) by Alistair MacLean . On the cover there is a girl/young woman in a national Dutch dress, hung/hanging on a chain. Online the DVD of this book has a different picture.
Around 2006 (?) arrival of POLISH bus drivers was announced in Gosport newspaper. Around the same time under 'Diversity and Equality' propaganda, child-abusive and pro-homosexual theatrics
 ( S-theater as I called it) would take place, often on a bus. I remember it was local older women and young (American or Canadian) women. Also male prisoners in different roles.
About a year ago, in Victoria bus station, a woman (Romanian?) with a boy of about 2 years old in her arms, seeing the child eating a sweet, thanked smb. (she did not even look who it was behind her back) for giving her child a sweet .... .
[ Monday 20 October 2014: CANCELLATION of SPEAKER'S CORNER PRESENTATIONS for  about THREE WEEKS ( family visits). 
[ Tue. 21 October, 2014 ]  - IRA, Ireland ...  Daily Mirror of yesterday headline: British Spies recruited Paedo IRA Chief (by Nick Sommerlad). IRA chief of staff  Joe Cahill was photographed and blackmailed/turned/recruited  in the 1970s. He was never prosecuted, Adams and McGuiness were.
Hmm ... Remember my story/stories about Russian Spectacular (Sodom-theater) in Portsmouth ? The
Masonic Widows rep. said they "did a lot of work with Irish girls". Masonic Widows, Scottish Widows, .... Some work during WW2 ? I had a chat with (forgot his name) the man, who took Portsmouth City Council to court, during Hathaway-Noon trial. I wondered about the two women
who, as he wrote, helped him write his book. Some people blush easily (?), some never blush.
Gosport MP Peter Viggers during his last campain walked on the 'podium' of the St.Mary's Church in Alverstoke without facing his constituents. At the time he fully supported Cheryl Heron (lesbian headmistress of Bridgemary school) with her ideas: age does not matter, 24/7 education, etc. Ofsted supported her too. Peter Viggers story: in the middle of the night (2am?) he had to pick up an
8-year-old boy near police station; the child was stranded, because his parents were arrested.
Misterious Submarine ? Is it Russian, Dutch, smth. else ?
My stories: recent one about a man by the lake, who asked me if I knew Anthony Churchill, who "was doing smth. for Russian sailors in Isle of Wight", earlier story about two Dutch Good Samaritans, in whose appartement in Rijswijk, I heard amateur radio communication with a Russian Sailor. He was a Russian Speaker, not necessarily Russian, just like an English Speaker is not always English.
Jewish Mason Fritz de Ruiter de Wildt, his family, Riga, Baltic Fleet, ....
Robert Mikelsons was born in Riga, Latvia. (From Memory) - his father owns/owned bus touring company, his Dutch 'husband' was a bus or a truck driver, The Hague inter-city buses Connexxions (sp?) company has/had similarly named agency in Southhampton, that was interested in working with valnerable youths/children ? Smb. from Hampshire Police HQ has worked there (to do with diversity and equality).
Zhenia Skoblikov saying: my sotrudnichaem.
And the brave Russian/Estonian woman wistleblower in Delft University, who had said about her (gay) son Ivan Aquino: Ivan budet rabotat s detmi, a potom oni vernutsa k svoim zhonam. Her father was ordered by KGB/military intelligence not to go to the front.
There is a readable scan in my post nr 218 of 17 June, 2009 about Anatoly Golitsyn's story: Lenin/Trotsky against Stalin.
[ Wed. 22 October, 2014 ] - Was Tatiana Tichonova brave and/or brainwashed ? She spoke with devotion about Dutch Working Class. Her earlier phrase in English: Ivan will work with children, and afterwards, they will return to their wives.
Anatoly Golitsyn's books are hard to read. Did he write the book in Russian ? Where is the original text? Was he born in Ukraine? The major difference between Leiba Bronshtein (aka Trotski) and Stalin was their ideas of Family. Stalin's 1936 Constitution banned Sodomy. Trotski also advocated global communism (internationalism). Perhaps his books can/should be decoded and interpreted.
In 1957 there was a Congress of Communist Parties. In November 1960 - Manifesto of 81 Communist Parties. Some issues are either censored or only partially understood/misunderstood by
Golitsyn himself.
Construction Industry : in Lagos I heard about Polish Construction workers being favored for contracts in Arab countries, because thery were .... ' heat resistant '. There was a name of Louis Berger (sp?) mentioned as a major Bridge/Highway builder.
In Gosport, there is a Norwegian Company HARDING just across from St.Matthews Court. I also saw years ago Liberian company in a busness register. Mumby Road is named after Mumbai.
After S-theater in Trinity Church Gosport and the block of flats in St. Matthews Court where I live on Sunday, 6 May 2012, I wrote to Torrington and Parker Ltd - the residential maintanance company. That day was the tenth anniversary of Pim Fortuin's assasination and the Second Jewish Passover plus some Gay/Pink Parades day. Pim Fortuin was a Dutch politicus, Jewish and openly homosexual (incouraged into politics by FPM Ruud Lubbers) who aimed at radically changing relationships between men, women and children.
I was surprised when Mr Torrington (?) pointed his finger at the word 'drugs' in my letter and told me: We can't have this in writing. The owner of flat 26, who said he was an engineer, seemed to have misgivings about my letter as well (I distributed copies). He was in and out of flat 26 on Saturday almost a year ago, when, a washing machine I bought, was delivered but could not be tested, because the PLUMBING suddenly got blocked. Although workers said it could be caused by problems in my neighbours plumbing, nobody seems to have any complaints.
When I checked Torrington and Parker online, I was surprised, for example, that Mr. Torrington had his Nationality marked as Unknown. They were members of RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Their President was scheduled for Public Lecture in University of Portsmouth. I sent some e-mails (Fake Royal Institution ?)  and eventually wrote to Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Graham Galbraith with printouts of my e-mails attached.
On Monday, 9 December 2013, he replied to my letter on official letter-head, without, however any filing/reference number or citing my 'Fake Royal Institution ?'  heading. Quote:

" Dear Ms Anikeeva

Thank you for your letter of 4 December which is noted. I suggest that if you have concerns on the validity and standing of RICS and the authenticity of its website then you should address that directly with RICS.

RICS is an independent organisation set up by Royal Charter and our only interface with the organisation is through its role in validating programmes of study.

Yours sincerely
( signed )
 Graham Galbraith
Vice -Chancellor   "
When "Philip" from flat 24 moved out two months ago, the new tenants refered to him as "Anthony" - typical Gosport, I thought, people lying through their teeth and 'acting' all the time .... Philip played major part that day (S-theater on 6 May 2012) and often refered to Southampton. He however, strangely avoided the issue of illegality (?) of monster recycling bins construction close to St. Matthews (21-32) Court, although it affected him personally.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Nelson and Lloyds ?

(  nr 326 ) Sent my third e-mail to Dutch Consulate yesterday ref. renewal of Dutch Passport. Going to Hythe, Southampton on Monday for 12:00 appointment.
History links Admiral Nelson, Lloyds Insurance, Anglo-Soviet Lloyds Shipping Company, Rothschild and Perugia families. More recent events: Nelsons Pub on Gosport High Street is owned
by flamboyant Arthur Caraccio, who had asked: "Is this some kind of a joke?" ( the headline of local paper "The News" yesterday) on hearing that former Gosport Mayor Wayne Ronayne is coming to sit on Gosport Borough Licencing Board.
Since I 'switched' (?) my bank account from Barclays to Lloyds, the money from Dept. of Works and Pensions comes to my account two days ( 48 hours ) later. Time is money.
The so-called Scottish Minority moved South and renamed itself  PIE - Pedophile Information Exchange :
Keesing's Archives show a map of West Africa in June 1957: French Overseas Territories.
Smth interesting and linked to Biafra Civil War, I believe.
L.I. Brezjnev's Biography (in Dutch AO'82) mentions Dnjepr-mafia. River Dnepr is missing from the index of World Atlas (John Bartholomew & Sons Ltd. Edinburgh , MCMLXXXIV ). River Don is mentioed once - as a river in Scotland.
[ 12:01} to cont. next week.
[ Wed. 1 October, 2014 ] -
I submitted my application for renewal of my Dutch passport two days ago. The Consulate confirmed, that they accept cash only, and passport 'costen' are 120 pounds and not 104, as their website indicates. They pointed out to me, that it includes Special Delivery by Royal Mail, and the number, which I can trace online is ZI 2049 7028 9GB.
Hythe near Southampton is just a few miles from Lyndhurst and Beaulieu in New Forest, places of ancient piracy, contraband and Rothschild-led Secret Operations during WW2 ( BlackOps ? ).
Mussolini declared war on Mafia, and Italian mafia got involved in Resistance/Allied efforts.
Read my post LEEDS to ITALY  nr 314 on this website:  During WW2 there were foreign pilots fighting Germany with the Soviet Air Forces. From the Soviet school history books: Italian pilot/team Castello and French Normandia-Neman. There was a Soviet hero pilot Maresiev, who, despite amputation of his legs, continued his active service.
This Saturday, October 4, there will be ww1 commemorations in Gosport: 10am to 2pm.
Oleg Rakito is mentioned 3 times on this site. He is also mentioned in online story about fathers of American POWs visiting Russia as a Russian quide, who spoke very good English.  (nr 136)  (nr 202)
Oleg Rakito on my wedding pictures - another blogspot website of mine :
Manchuria, Korea, Nigeria, USSR, USA ...  (nr 313)
"The News" today writes about American Coast Guard engineers asked to help British Navy in Portsmouth. Somewhere on this site I wrote years ago about an independent candidate for Gosport elections, a retired engineer. I scanned and posted his letter/leaflet. Don't remember his name.
[ Thurs.2 October, 2014] - International New York Times of yesterday reported on its front page "Europe vows tougher laws to foil jihadi recruitment" by Steven Erlanger from Birmingham, England. " Already this year, Ms. May said, she has stripped the passports of 25 Britons who have traveled or plan to travel to Syria, and the police have arrested more than 100 people for 'offenses relating to terrorism in Syria' ". 
Hmm ... Just how do you strip a passport ? The spionage cases of Gary McKinnon and Anna Chapman (her maiden name is Ukranian) come to mind. Ms May personally took charge and sabotaged (as I called it on this website) both cases. No investigation and no defence was allowed.
The leader of the Russian Spy Network was arrested ( in Greece/Cyprus/Hungary area ? ) and allowed to escape. Same week in Southampton a young Hungarian woman was murdered by a man she lived with.
By the way, the Dutch Consulate officer left his desk and came to my side of the counter (into the corridor) to take the 120 pounds cash and give me a photocopy of the Special Delivery plastic envelope. He was calm and polite Monday morning. I had to go and get money from Lloyds in Hythe, as I was unsure what the answer to my e-mail was (about amount/cheque/cash). I had the impression that the man did not know, that my e-mail was in fact answered early that morning, perhaps by his female colleague in the next room.
Legalese and procedures are very important for Law and Justice. As I remember, REGISTERED POST is very important. The British Royal (?) Mail does not have this category any more. WHY ?
[ 4 october 2014 ] - events in Holland and Russia in 1992 and 1993:
 As I wrote earlier, Bilitis is an anagram of Tbilisi. From Soviet school history: queen (Tsarina ) Tamara had a long line of suitors. After a night spent with tsaritsa Tamara, many were beheaded in the morning, until she found the right man.
Russian films Brat and Brat-2 (I don't have further series) are full of symbols, roles and scenarios.
In that film with variety of 'types' of men and women, there is not one positive role of a Russian woman. One nice young woman appears on the scene, but our hero has a blind spot for her, going after older women, other men's wifes, prostitutes and drug addicts.
Ordina  ( Ordina is an anagram of Rodina - motherland in Russian ) company in Holland is under investigation for cases of fraud in construction industry, military and industrial spionage, etc.
The update of my website  two days ago is called
 'Abused by his mother' .
Yesterday I mentioned the story of Dr. Michail Stern ( Ukrainian Soviet Jewish dissident, Amsterdam,  early nineties) who spent some time in University of Madrid and attended a conference with his wife, where, unknown to many people, ALL participants were homosexual, although they did not look that way. He was involved with  Friends of Nobel Laureats ( Stichting/ Vereniging ?)
[ Mon. 6 oct. 15:54 ]  - made minor corrections in the last sentence above and corrected the number of this post from 236 to 326 ! )

Thursday, 21 August 2014

South Africa plus.

( nr 325 ) I resume my weekly Speaker's Corner presentations next  Friday 29 August 2014.
Same venue: Guildhall area in Portsmouth. Time: 1pm.
I continue reading about South African and Nigerian history.
From 'South African Communist Party' Wikipedia entry: ... the CPSA supported the white miners in their call to preserve wages and the colour bar with the slogan "Workers of the world, unite and fight for a white South Africa!".
Biafran War in Nigeria .... Who suggested the name Biafra ? Searching for answers.
News of the World paper published the figures of emigrant surge from Latvia, etc. under the heading
Slovo Run. Slovo ? Joe Slovo, longtime leader  of the South African Communist Party, is found on the list of  " Liberal activists " in the "History of the Jews in South Africa" wikipedia entry.
From my post nr 300 of December 2011: Hilary Clinton in Lithuania;  proclaiming 'rights'  of homosexuals in Switzerland.
Is she a LESBIAN ? -

In 2009 in my post nr 213 "another man" on the The Wonderful Life scan looks amazingly like Roman Abramovich.

The Lavrov-Livni cooperation in arranging NO VISA Israel/Russia regime is reported (from the main media online) in my post nr 240 of 9 December 2009.
EBOLA controversy: ...the involvement of Soros and Gates in bioweapons lab ...Tulane University  infamous for weaponizing the polio vaccine .... - from the "The Long Planned Ebola HOAX by Will Knott ..." on the website ----------------------------
Another SPY CATCHER : a book written by Lieutenant-Colonel Oreste Pinto after the ww2, - from Operation Market Garden on Wikipedia.
Return from Pune in India is tomorrow.
When I dialled Victoria's mobile number recently, the call was ... diverted (?) to another mobile number (which stayed in my tel. as dialled) - 07756117599, which I was told is the wrong number.
Online search for that number produced two results: one ref. (Chinese?) and another ref. ......../olga3.doc (which reminded me of 'our chinese comrades' in Delft University). Coincidences !
[ Thurs. 28 August 2014 ] - After my Speaker's Corner presentation tomorrow, there shall be no presentations for two weeks ( travel to Skipton in North Yorkshire).
[ Mon. 1 September 2014 ] - Yesterday a man by the Lake (Gosport Lake) asked me if I knew one
Antony Churchill on the Isle of Wight, who is doing smth. for Russian Sailors. No, I never heard of Anthony Churchill.  I told him ( the man who was conducting boat races on the lake), that lake area is actually being taken over by swans, - big and aggressive birds. Not nice for children and their parents or grandparents.
Attended a nice service at the Church of St. Francis ( Church of England).
Yasmina Haifi expressed her view on Twitter that IS are not Muslims, because they do not behave like Muslims. She thinks IS is the Zionist Conspiracy. She works in the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, in the Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum -

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer 2014 cont.

( nr 324 ) ECHELON in Yorkshire, Menwith Hill, which I was not supposed to know about, although someone wanted me to get involved in engineering calculations for deep underground project .... in Bradley Village, North Yorkshire. Read my posts 186 and 187, which I made in 2009 on January 26 and 27:
Quotes and scans from "Psychology - the science of mental life" by George A.Miller 1962 are to be found in my post 221 dated 24 June 2009.
Dutch F16 pilot Chris Vaneker is in prison for spying for Belorussian KGB.
Dutch singer, writer and journalist Mylene de la Haye wrote an article and took pictures of Chris Vaneker and friends in Britain, at Newcastle/Sunderland Airshow:
Is her website/page taken down? The link is at the end of my post 291 of 4 May 2011:
UNITED KINGDOM. - Nov. 1968 - Defence Secrets Trial.
(from Keesing's Cont. Archives) :

Douglas Ronald Britten (36), an R.A.F. chief technician, was sentenced to 21 years' imprisonment .... He had pleaded guilty to spying for the Russians over a period of six years and passing on to them "highly sensitive information" about his work in the R.A.F. ... Britten, a married man with four children and 19 years' service in the R.A.F., had admitted selling secrets to the Russians "to buy a house" ....
... his first meeting with a Russian contact during a visit to the Science Museum in London in 1962, ....another Russian contact in Cyprus ...[who] asked him not only for details of R.A.F. communications and signals but also for "harmless information" about whether any of the officers he knew had mistresses or engaged in "wife-swapping" parties, and if any airmen's wives had prostituted themselves with other Britons or local males.
.... In his statement Britten said that he had been threatened several times, and on one occasion punched ...
On the same day (Nov.4) the Lord Chief Justice also passed sentence of five years' imprisonment on a naval rating, Robin Douglas Cloude (29) ...
....Soviet Agencies in London - eg the Moscow Narodny Bank, Tass news agency, Aeroflot, the Black Sea and Baltic General Assurance Company, the Anglo-Soviet Shipping Company, the Baltic Shipping Company, Nafta (?) and Soviet Film agencies.
I shall look for a link to my post: RAF document planted. At a glance it was a financial document ....
[Thurs. 17 July 2014] - The search results for RAF - in addition to post nr 291 (link above):
NB: speakers corner (regular) suspended till further notice.
[Wed.23 July, 2014] - Malaysian Airplanes crashes controversies continue. The first airplane from Harkov with dead bodies (103 ? - to check) lands in Eindhoven in Holland this afternoon (16.00 ?).
The black boxes were first given to Malaysian Airlines and now are reported to be analysed in London.
1 in 3 Americans have been implanted with RFID chips: most unaware -
MH17 sabotaged by Israeli Security ? -
MH-17 and NATO Exercise "Breeze 2014" -

Ihor Kolomoyskyi  - Ukranian/Jewish/Cypriot/Israeli 'oligarch with Benya nickname (wikipedia).
Post 911: Russian speaking forums had a post with humorous remark about Ben (laden) being like 'nash Benya' - implying Benjamin/jewish rather than arab persona. There was a report about Ukranian engineer working in the building before the tragedy.
Russian entry on Ihor Kolomoyskyi has a long list of his businesses.
More from Wikipedia: Peretz Smolenskin (1842-1885) was interested in schemes for the colonozation of Palestine.
The Russian diplomat who British spy Douglas Ronald Britten met in 1966 (see story above) was Alexander Ivanovich Borisenko.
What about SPACE BASED weapons ? Space satellites, stations and space weapons are all up there,
above our heads - The Star Wars.
The article: MH-17 and NATO Exercise "Breeze 2014" is by Wayne Madsen. The subtitle is Beware of the Chameleon. US Vice President Joe Biden's son. Hunter Biden, is a newly-named director of the Ukranian natural gas and oil company Burisma Holdings, Ltd., owned by Ihor Kolomoisky (sp?), the Ukranian-Israeli mafia oligarch, who is known as Chameleon.
[ Tue. 5 Aug. 2014] - Read Scotland Plus 'update' I made yesterday on one of my other blogspot websites:
[ Thurs. 7 Aug. 2014 ] - The link above is to my 002- ...  website, which I kept for my own private notes. It has been so depleted over time  (by the Cabal, of course) that I now decided to make much more  information much less private, laying emphasis on what they don't want us to know. One post ( among many) on that website that was quietly deleted is "David Cohn dissapointment ..." dated
1 September 2010. I also have been using a lot of understatement and that may need to be also clarified.
A couple of times during posting I noticed I was not on the blogspot site, which I logged into. I re-logged on those occasions, but it's much more difficult to correct if they do 'scrambling' later on.
[ Wed. 13 Aug. 2014 ] - History of South Africa  in  Keesing's Archives  - May-June 1959 discussions of University Apartheid legislation: Dr. Hendrik F. Verwoerd, the Prime Minister, pointed out that non-White students were excluded from social, sporting, and other non-academic facilities in the "open" universities, and alleged that the Opposition wanted to make "second-class students" of the non-Whites, which would create hatred towards the Whites.
 14:44. Thurs. 14 August, 2014.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Summer 2014.

( nr 323 ) Weekly Speaker's Corner presentations at noon Mondays in Portsmouth Guildhall Square stop till further notice, as I announced [corr.] five days ago; wearing Name+URL badge - on/off.
Russian Women's Fascist Movement photo 1934:
Sicilian mafioso Francesco Corallo finances Curacao polititian Gerrit Schotte:
Michael Todd, Britain's top Chief Constable was investigating 'extraordinary rendition' flights by CIA in UK on behalf of ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) :
Julian Castro:
[ Friday, 27 June 2014] - I wonder if The Star pub in Gosport (recently in local news), Eclipse buses and Constellation (Sozvezdie) defence company are related so to speak.
[ Tue.1 July 2014] - Constellis Holdings is the new name of Blackwater security business.
The Dutch connection: Gosport Ferry had some renovation made  a couple of years ago with some Dutch contractors - one firm with 'Ster' and another with Ravenstein (?) in their names. On the Portsmouth Hard side one can see an old and rusty plate of long ago with an address in Holland.
The Blackwater founder has Dutch roots, name Prins changed to Prince... Very UnDutch, I would say, as people in the Netherlands are very proud to be who and what they are, have very healthy and strong sense of identity and 'have nothing to hide' as the saying goes. Near The Star pub I noticed a few years ago some very unpleasant people (earrings, tattoes...) One day right behind  The Star pub, a lorry of theirs with an angry looking driver was coming out. A second later I had an awkward fall and an unfortunate association was formed.
BLACKWATER most senior manager in Iraq Daniel Carroll threatened to kill a US State Department investigator Jean Richter for examining their performance - from online reports of British Telegraph, IB times ( by Gianluca Mezzofiore ) and  AFP, which reproduces the link given in the New York Times report:
As for Russian (?) high-tech military company (corporation?) Sozvezdie (constellation), I could not find their website last time I tried to.
American Ministry of Justice secretly 'investigate(d)' AP journalists, which the White House knows nothing about:
[Friday, 4 July, 2014] - From my letter dated Sat. 21 June, 2014: PS: History of Medicine is of interest to me as an Independent Researcher, especially Soviet medicine and Medical Profession in Russian Empire.
Some names/links: Olga Patta, Ada Akpan, Georgian (?) wife of Prof. Charles Alade, Lagos Military Hospital, Yaba Orthopaedic Hospital, Moscow Institute of Space Medicine, Dentists Cooperating (Moscow-Amsterdam-The Hague), Saakyan family in Lagos University, G.E. Izmailovskaya in Moscow, family of Lena (nee) Lozhikova.
Is there a medical body interested in Soviet Medicine? Thanks in advance. .....
PPS! -Georgian medical team in Southampton + Beslan, Chernobyl.
The Dutch construction firm :
About ten years ago in Gosport there was a tragic death of a Dutch sailor or yachtsman who fell from a motorboat. The media reported that he was ' the only one on board, who was married with child '.
Russian publishers FERY- IV (?) in Moscow could not tell me what FERY in Russian letters stood for. I pointed out that Russian transliteration of English words Fairy and Ferry should turn out differently. Later I read (wikipedia) that Fery (?) is the name of some modern (?) witchcraft, which includes homosexuals. Privatisation of Gosport Ferry was controversial and controversy included the then Gosport MP Peter Viggers.
Dutch internet providers file the case against GCHQ with the special Tribunal for Security Services in London:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Yougoslavia Plus.

( nr 322 ) Since yesterday, I cannot print out the Wikipedia entry for GERMAN SPEAKING COMMUNITY in BELGIUM .... in Fareham and in Gosport.
One Serge Brammertz from that area ordered the destruction of Srebrenica (massacre?) evidence !
Most unfortunately, he was (still is ?) on the honors list of the Belgian King Filip, as I found out yesterday on the Dutch News website .
Two days ago, during my Monday 'Speakers Corner Presentation' in Portsmouth Guildhall square, I complained about extremely dark photo of the opening ceremony of the new, additional Russian Consulate in Maastricht, Holland. I also recalled what seemed like a ( an instant or asap) real time censorship/cover-up in two other cases: Mobster Malnik and Prof. (Senior Engineer) Rubinstein of Lukoil. It would have been funny, if it wasn't so sad, as the Russian saying goes.
Sometime in early nineties there was an article in Dutch magazine (?) about opening of the Russian Cultural centre RUSSKI DOM (Russian House/Home), the location being 'strategically' international: in the Maastricht area, near border(s) with two countries.
The European continental borders are almost invisible. I remember driving from Eerde, Ommen in Holland, across into Germany to do shopping.
SREBRENICA ... Alleged massacre of Bosnian Muslims by Serbs remained under-investigated. I remember a statement from ...smb. at the top of Dutch Government, saying, that the blame that went to the Dutch-Bat was not totally justified, as the order (?) came from the French General ...Couzy (?).
There were also online forum stories about some super-secret US (?) military base somewhere in the south-east of the Former Yougoslavia.
There was an extraordinary/subtle lookalike theatrics in the past two weeks (in addition to the usual ones): Tsilia Markovna, Raisa Byzovskaya, Lena (nee) Lozhikova and ... pitiful profile of ...Khodorkovski !
Please read my update on Mafia International (or Cabal International) on my website about October Four events:
11: 57 (To cont. next week or earlier).
[ Sat. 19 April, 2014] : Eclipse buses 'surprises' include Eclipse airplanes and lots of other businesses plus some graphic and digital displays ... Male torso ... Torso only? ... First World War casualties ref. to as 'basket cases' were soldiers, who lost both arms and legs and were carried in baskets. Ballet/ dance schools exercises called 'baskets'? I noticed a new (?) picture of a 'Mediterrainean' (sp?) couple on Eclipse bus some time ago, soon after I read about 'Mediterrainean' looking couple who were seen visiting Gareth Williams, the assasinated MI6/GCHQ computer specialist, who was writing a software to track illegal money flows. MEDI TERRA ? Middle Earth ? Very large area.
The Russian Ambassador in Holland looks ...Southern. The picture on Eclipse bus contrasted strongly with earlier images of a young man (with earphones) and a blond woman (both looking sick or unwell).
Crimean Greeks! I met them in Lagos, Nigeria in about 1980. Never heard of Greeks in the Soviet Union before then. The outgoing head of GCHQ (Lobban ?) was born in Nigeria.
What a small world!
[ Monday 28 April, 2014] -
After Speaker's Corner today, I shall have the next one IN A FEW WEEKS' TIME.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Speaker's Corner Engagements:

(  nr 321 ) Today at 2 o'clock in Portsmouth Guildhall, as I said on Jan. 25. I shall move the time to Mondays 12:00 ( noon)  still in Portsmouth Guildhall area, as from this Monday 24 February. Weekly, if not travelling or otherwise engaged. My 'speeches' are eclectic: thinking aloud. Hearing one's voice helps to jog memory and come up with new ideas.
General Alexander LEBED.
S-theater in Gosport .... The last time I saw General Lebed's lookalike (a younger version) was about two years ago. As I posted a letter to my daughter in Gosport High Street, he came over with two envelopes in his hand and dropped them in the Post Box.
( to cont. ) [21 March, 2014] : There is a Frankenstein Establishment in Gosport, behind a barbed wire and a narrow winding road, near the sea coast - Medical Naval Laboratories.  The maps of Gosport show it (?) in different places and under different names -
see .
General Alexander Lebed spoke in his HARDTALK interview on British Television about the people, who designed and made mini-nukes (he also named the model in numbers+letters name) as being potentially more dangerous than the missing mini-nukes. It seems that point has been censored online. Lebed also spoke about dangers of PSYCHO-SEMANTIC programming of people on a global scale. The menace of false environmental projects and so-called recycling has produced offensive, unsafe and ugly WASTE BINS ( wake-up and smell the garbage!) which are exceptionally useful to ORGANIZED CRIME, including nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism. International news reported cases of dead bodies and change of clothing found in those waste-bins, just like Russian Mafia film BRAT (Brother) demonstrates. When positioned close to residential buildings, those batteries of "bins" block sunlight, eat up space, present fire hazard and provide a cover for vandalism and assaults (as recently reported in "The News" re: St.Matthews Court in Gosport).
The space as refered to here (also directly under those bins) is a perfect location for mini-nukes that General Lebed warned about.
Russian Journalist DMITRY KHOLODOV , 27 was assasinated in 1994 on 17 October. At present the wikipedia entry in Russian gives more accurate and detailed information about him.
See events in Russia and Holland on 4-10 (in October 1993 and 1992) on my website . Committee to Protect Journalists website article Justice on Trial: Dmitry Kholodov
After US President Obama announced that no military action shall be taken against Russia, Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Jaalon announced, that USA is demonstrating its 'weakness'. Wikipedia reports that he has Ukranian roots and was born Smilanski or Smolinski. REUTERS article:
I just finished reading about Houdini the 'magician' - "The secret life of Houdini" by William Kalush and Larry Sloman (2006). The unpublished (?) American Senate hearings fielded a question about possible links (of fortune tellers, spiritualists, entertainment industry) with Alaska and Russia. The famous actor Yul Brynner was born in Sakhalin, Russia in 1915 - the son of Swiss and Mongolian parents.
British newspaper "Sunday People" of March 2, 2014 published photos and biographical information on people ref. PIE - Paedophile Information Exchange. In that lot is one
 GEOFFREY PRIME: The PIE member and Russian-speaking traitor, worked for the RAF and Britain's spy nerve centre, GCHQ. ....police ...found his spy gear and PIE magazines. ... He hooded one of his victims, who was only 11. Jailed for 38 years in 1982 for espionage and sex assaults on three girls. Now 76, he was released early in 2001.
The book about Houdini mentioned a secret database of personal information about people, including top polititians, etc. It was used by fortune tellers and spiritualists and was published (secretly, of course, as BLUE BOOK. The blue book and light blue colour are the logo of the Dutch Party of Paedophiles PNVD, who registered under EUROPEAN Union legislation in 2006.
This weekend an International Conference on Nuclear Safety and Security ( NSS: Nuclear Security Summit ) opens in the Hague.
PS: As my letters and e-mails to Russian and Israeli Ambassadors remain unanswered, I contemplate my next step(s).
[ 9:37] Sat. 22 March,2014.